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tv   The Debate  PBS  February 6, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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will . i'm on. this is false and yet we have the final countdown to the winter of lunatics athletes already tasting menus such as russian hosts shrugging off any criticism. sharp reaction from european leaders after the turkish parliament votes on tough new restrictions on internet users. cameras and lights action you're watching live pictures of the opening of the sixty four. curlin film festival earlier. wes anderson's the grand budapest hotel. receding water was the opening film for
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the offence. it all. joe top american bodie miller top of the first training in the men's downhill yes the competition's of already begun in sochi. even though the opening ceremony will take place on friday. as for the hosts well. shrugging off any criticism olivia salazar would spear as the story. i'm looking forward to sunday nap from five the russian foreign minister to even peak playing piano at the final leg of its jenny and safety. the town should be putting the final touches to preparations for the games. well that there is some major topics that have
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been finished. some dreaded statement of the scientists in the cia but when we arrived they told us not have to tell the building wasn't ready yet so we can't find another one less than optimal that they told us to get to the past month. many of the buildings streets and on line workers from the balkans in the article seventy of running the equivalent of the use of memory in just two months. others however have found themselves on the wrong side of the little strict security measures sold some foreign non documented leftist governments days without being paid for the last thing to write it down. some one hundred thousand police and soldiers have already been deployed in safety plan with our teeth or taking nature on sizzling comes to safety. in recent years he has instead of the stunts to ride rides and daddy. i know that exaggerated still a stud i know a lot of people who are here for the olympics and so i know that this way people
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tell me if i need anything speaking bout that i had concerns about security the beginning. the other hand i feel great to be safe and i thought my eyes while traveling or anything of course someone sends her to get that kind of thinking system speed. preliminary events may have already begun the flame still sitting one final seconds before the official opening santa's knee on friday evening ukraine's president viktor yanukovich has told a top us envoy to the team lacks compromise to end the crisis saying he's willing to compromise and even on reforming the constitution lawmakers so far unable to agree on terms that would end the two month standoff there egypt's military denies its leader abdel fatah al since he has thrown its hat into the rain statements as a kuwaiti newspaper mis interpreted. remarks by field marshal cc adding any run for
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president. first the announcer the gp people would miss one week and the country's top military body to endorse the candidacy of cc who ousted known as the president could have more soon. france's presidency expected in tunisia friday less than two weeks after the country. which sparked the ire of spring approved a constitution that indeed historic prospects did not seem so upbeat. one year ago in these mamas but constituent assembly was bogged down in gridlock and an outspoken leftist critique of islam is was gunned down outside his home. tunisia has been marking the anniversary shock read the lies murder two days after one of his alleged killers died in a shootout with police the united nations confirms it has struck a deal with the syrians to provide relief to the besieged city of bones and evacuate hundreds of
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civilians. contracts for eighteen months july two thousand twelve. you need is loyal to the rebels meanwhile conflicting reports regarding heavy fighting in the syrian city of aleppo is the miserable stormy was sent to prison to hundreds of detainees according to syrian observatory human rights group says the issue. ice is in the homeschool front that it suits the tv claims that the forces at war with the attack against two koreas which is under fire after the passage we wednesday of new restrictions on the internet a bill which now goes to the president's desk it includes the right to review the browsing history of users dating back two years. and the european parliament calling it a step back and already suffocating environment for media freedom alston had observers team privacy or state censorship
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and a look at tightening senate control has dominated headlines and tacky. the sum tax. it's that a violation of their freedoms. it's the most of us. jack is becoming a more impressive country techies positivity is being limited to the end of the film is the direct intervention in people's rights to obtain information some of the pub in omaha in a week ago i did. it's not only gets a constitutional court but also the european convention of human rights and all international conventions. it's up to shoot like that of the event techies comment as a prey of legislation allowing the telecommunications health are teachable an army of internet content the teams in violation of privacy with out than seeking approval from a judge. the government rejects accusations of censorship while critics say it's time to extend its a lady tight grip on the internet. social media sites like twitter and facebook will blindly used to
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all the nights nazis anti government mass protests dimensional also comes in the midst of a corruption scandal which has seen time and it is an ice investigation for bribery recordings of quiet and then calls the next day between the prime minister and businessmen have been leaked onto the internet. the appeal commissioners race can says when the legislation restricted. there are rough winds are in the northeast of the united states the relief from the second snowstorm in one week. hundreds of thousands in pennsylvania still without power. day after the snow and ice storm hits. artists that theory around philadelphia. over on this continent a marine is the story in britain the government announcing emergency funding to cope with devastating floods. it's been billed as the worst spell of winter rainfall in nearly two hundred and fifty years five months of rainfall falling in just six weeks here in france. there is a severe flood watch in effect
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be planning to go with me with more heavy rains falling as we speak. some only news warm applause greedy wes anderson's the grand budapest hotel which opened the sixty fourth berlin film festival the fine season all star cast. it kicks off the lead in the race to win the jury's golden barrel. i need careful and in his trademark style six months. it opened its mouth with her. before that i'll steal it. the directive recreates the eccentric glamour of the middle european gore saw z health plan all still constant eating well finds all the chi town. tilda swinton the scg the war and the ira more honey which stipulates in the film monuments men starring george clooney and matt damon that playing out like agents trying to save
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europe's cultural heritage from the threats of the invasion. showing you our generation. does it exist among the films in competition that the asians play but tasty and with a number of calling for a fall tiny speeches going for a try it's like moving she's not in the last. bell's long trio will be presenting the full length dive wreck discusses his filming in some maniac he'd originally planned to town to find i love fashion and seminars. if oracle hesitate to come in costume it doesn't last. the site he selects a fiction a new crop of documentaries will be on shag including one that's been on i seventy is in the making. it's that it's from the concentration camps of the second world war was gathered by alfred hitchcock and his team in nineteen forty five zero with thirty two thousand men of the european nationality. yet
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these fragments never made it to the screen and were relegated to the archives bcs festival is the funnest time of filming the scene of the project named german concentration camps actual said they will be sharing the document result three she's directing candidates will also be screening at the festival a monster of social realism is receiving an honorary golden that for a body of luck. this stance by decades. and that's it for this edition and stay with us it's time now for the folsom and captivates eye. off welcome to the false and get to beat the us secretary of state says he's put france on militants in an interview with cnn john kerry warning against any ear on sanctions violations this. after a hundred strong delegation of french business leaders visited tehran at the start of the week for some kerry's
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remarks are little more than posturing and solely a hawkish lawmakers in washington for all u s oil executives held their own unique when its actions with the launch new president long before sanctions were partially eased in november but a final deal on tehran's nuclear program is still very much in the air. june deadline for signing looms large. such as us opinion that needs reassurance that the white house on monday announcing that of saudi arabia way would be tacked onto barack obama is trip to europe next month. the saudis open the distress of the west's warming of ties with tehran. too quick a pity towards shiite iran that could excel or a tension throughout the middle east the talks with iran announced to a very narrow window of opportunity. that's not the midst today the falls and gets me how to deal with iran and with a stop at former french a massive hole sunday to
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welcome back to show him welcome back is going to charity and analysts are divided on the us loneliness and from abu dhabi. sigh so aliyah five chief columnist at the national salute you for for joining us and from washington james kerr chick of the foreign policy initiatives said thank you for being with us the falls and gets paid we can join the conversation on facebook and twitter are hushed and two for two dates. the french cannot brag about it they were first in this week more than a hundred business leaders touching down in tehran. the delegation. it's reportedly to be followed by businessmen from other plant parts belgium the netherlands and germany i really am eyeing around with her new entranced by a country with its lights and seventy six million as a potential goldmine and companies around the world are hoping the filling of western sanctions will be open
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the treasure trove. it's karma. she has to be dominated by friends dying it's an issue and that no intelligent and stuffs like students respond in the works the number of cars produced in iran with and hopped between two thousand and eleven and two thousand and thirteen from one point seven million to justify it presents us in november its yuan expected to read the lyrics to the t in return for an easing of sanctions that production lines are still need to during the two lights. what is it that seniors are really good opportunity for him in that sector. the much production it's a win win situation for both sides. here in toronto suburbs randall operates in this factory. updates are falling. a delegation of the hunt and fourteen french businessman said todd capital this week i prospects finance minister peer most of the sea said the underlying men cease to be read as encouragement to the iranians to keep their words. despite st air and can
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be expected to drop this week their program and highly iran's foreign minister was keen to reassure the world of the country commitments. i believe the auto and that was voted one of the cross road the victim is not the type of relation between uganda and is the international community that can be anonymous and be the best dad in the week it would be forty when he decided to break away from here on the slopes above tame and leave something to be easing. i vowed that the sense that it didn't really take effect on morale and at that time employees in a slight improvement in the economy much. my plan is and how we could feel it compromises the country's interests. looks to me in his team's agents for some the embargo even hang lights in the balance. his lack of education. recently he treated a patient. like i
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couldn't save him. major us city and taking them to preach and teach them the same page. investors remain wary of dealing in markets. there is no deal it's only an interim accords the sale of sixonths seencing hearings thi if notho ak ris. again it's not just for bloggers th are worried that deal the french business delegation raising eyebrows in washington wednesday on cnn the u s secretary of state saying france had officially been put on notice call the french may send some business people over there they're not able to contravene the sanctions said we will continue to apply the us. also the photo he says even the sanctions they will be sanctioned they do in the know. the good will save them. from the temonnc editiony the mid reaches the french federation of business and industry employers amend
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the statement that the notice all of the non kumar optional been able to read next. then on to something the child. i had a spare set in after the agreement of our new friends. twenty fourth of november and on the things the channel tunnel one which is what does and how do you make your skin type. his business on a few fields in which sanctions have been suspended. is this true color to what to do with going on the two spoonful the aircraft on. and it used to more generally uses it in the fall of the recent agreement. it destroyed fall or any humanitarian business in this column is a great dutch oven the food industry the helm of the education and homicide to conan. this is to
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learn of the medical field so then he does well to do to make business in the jam when when when will that their fruits for the friendship that of the deals signed immediately on those areas where the sexton is often the target is the knowledge tt the fee and the interpreter automotive industry. pops and humanitarian. i hope i hope the identical but friends and conduct amounted in history who is going on all which canadian important role in iran as it is time to see if we give it to come. this is the magic in it and nothing can not recommend this kind of decision and this kind of agree. we have a comment on the sweater up carrie lecturing the france over them a desk like to see that that business leaders group visiting iran. what about the ten thousand american companies that deal with iran and true enough there are ten thousand to deal with the wrong. but let me get your reaction straightaway jean skirt to go to
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ambassador nico hoping that to companies like bono and the joke and quickly signed deals. our model is coming in right now i think if the goal is to stop iran from building and into their weapons. we seen that the sanctions in place for years were very effective in getting the iranians to come to the table in the first place so if we want to really bring them to their knees and get them to stop this and there's no indication from the deal that that the was was tentatively agreed to is going to stop in the program i think what is necessary is the adoption of the current hernandez sanctions bill currently in the senate which would strengthen sanctions in the year. if this deal does not work out if the iranians deny it. i'm doubtful there in the bargain and so it's it's disappointing to see these french businessmen going over on all the blame them because the messages from washington have been so muffled and it's not clear what washington wants and nice to see john
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kerry. making these statements the same time we have wendy sherman was the lead negotiator saying that it's up to that side of european businessmen going to iran because it sends the message that this is the true blood that this will convince them to to all the parent of the bargain to spread its message coming from washington. if i'm honest i don't think the message comes in washington. it is mixed the kid. going to complain about the french delegation friend to you. perfect each time basis to conduct discussions with the winning counterparts within the framework of international law. number one number two. as far as the united states can simply keep their season in ten do you. greens have got six months to reach the final agreement with the group of five plus one to gossip or members plus germany. and by that date if the lakers tensions may be granted. but that being said the message coming out of americans accept country or to her. of
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course has been some talk from the same menendez about putting up additional sanctions on iraq not today sanctions are proposed to take effect after six months if the soup sense of the investment. but for the mobile beginning from the us is the message also the head of the ten pounds contains eleven center who wrote an open letter with the new times asking for senators to postpone any sanctions on this post that hillary clinton came out herself she's a rather hard line anti we knew and she also suggested that sentence should not be ready to run the state and to give diplomacy a chance. as obama himself threatened to veto same sentence meant by the way this story is not about to meeting anyone you want iran to go on its knees we want peace and desperate to come back to the region and this can come only through dialogue and songs and that's what people are doing and a french family to the point of view we have embarked on a legal context with their counterparts and nothing could be said again this image and if katie said
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that this is the drunks that i can use it on what has appeared in the psychological shift in relation to iran and the sentiment it's true that people are looking different ending. look at their house and once they have them help themselves on greenland fries. even hotel companies for me we are signing hotel agreements with you. so we should not look too. to me anyone. the only constructive through diplomacy and the pair added to your reaction into one common we've gotten from one of the viewers as they returned to tehran attempting through deception maneuvers to pursue the nuclear weapons project while diminishing the international sanctions and the thing that people don't seem to understand the person with this garment is that it's not about posting. it's not about to no closing your eyes and trusting iran that they don't comply with the signature does this make money that internet organization with the means to verify what you are not here to provide has smashed the mechanic agents and they have sent people with their cool and stood in
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the instance of meltdowns forgo the center's facilities that going in every day to check with the yuan is complying with this undertaking to capture us to fill in the twenty four hours it's not about trusting anyone. it's about ensuring that iran complies with signature to it in scripture he told the iaea would really beg to differ with the last commentators description of the axis of the hat to knit or facilities for the past ten years the iranians have been deceiving the world repeatedly and in building new facilities and in the sides of mountains on you know miles underground is not really instill confidence that this is a civilian nuclear program. the fact is that iran does not need a civilian aid to the program they are the second highest gas reserves in the world was lots of potential for renewable energy via the usual stockpile their audience and devoting billions and billions of dollars into going for all these problems with the international community leads one to the conclusion that the aims of this program are not civilians. we can
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always go back to history and it worked but didn't know it today it's about iran being a member of the nonproliferation teaching you know my limits and should be impeached authorizes you're on the symbian nokia. indeed he authorizes iran to enrich uranium on its own territory and that's what he means that i do. so you cannot constantly going back to his daddy in the car to comment that doesn't meet a nuclear program. you know i'm guilty as the damage is not only about nh. it's about science it's about medication that about sums to carve out its about the general technological progress of the country at large. in the us is going to become an auntie and please allow me to say what a sin than you can enter a plea the united states and energy independent in two thousand fifteen. does that imply that america should touch on the nuclear facilities. no the beam energy independence from non nokia sources should not prevent people from having access to technology and science of goals with this
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project. i guess i'll be there at economy is suffering they have vast oil and gas reserves is lots of potential in the renewable fields. it's very difficult cya. and in all the trouble that they've gone through in the threats of potential military attacks from israel the united states and the sanctions and international isolation they've been receiving the baby going through all of this just for a civilian program on a very difficult to believe that most people in the iaea find it difficult to believe as well the mets go to fight so i know i'll just find a goddess if i sound you're in a very interesting place because you are where you're sitting in abu dhabi your up between saudi arabia we know their position in total but more about them as well. in a moment and to places like dubai which cents maker of all a lot of money on more trade to tweet with the wrong what's that you were you are on this french delegation
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visiting. as i write about the position of the uae in the copier and sat right across the persian gulf across the rating also. it's a very real issue. so much in agreement with art. actually i think that this isn't businesses usual. this is the carrot and stick approach they be talking about this is maybe the french going to tear off to show off. it's that they have on offer i think i will bring the aggie ring ins. there is more likely than what they see wat they can get off to the sides of the more likely to read key into the box. i think what john kerry was doing was sending a signal to the hardline people in washington but also to the top because the cough has this question about iran about this shotgun marriage between the rains and the americans and the thing is that as the traditional allies in this region off the americans that they are concerned they are inside or in this bracket or approach
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more we turn on and they don't want what they consider them in chips amid concerns to be sidelined. mr barber said to her legacy in the next three years. many ask about this because you people forget that when they sat down for those in the negotiations back in november. it was the french towing the hardline the ones who said the agreement this is meant to do is go back to the table and they beat the suns second time around and now it seems as though the french are the ones who like to employ that more carrot and stick. the numbers in front of mt on sunday among them and each won't be ported to the line and on the phone. the business community. that making business in the lineup and society you know the french business and i'm not to mention objected to the government and in the case and the government
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chose to dine in. let me know how blind that you have said that it is because of the friends the temptation to lose rendell to to do regular things none of the temple of info along to remind them that. the position in negotiations between iraq and a five to one of the five permanent members of the security come to the gemini. the six hours i mean they don't negotiate on the inside of the membership of international cricket match on community the international community to lose. and a five hundred members of the round so it's not. legitimate to take into account when riise move right or wrong doer in deliveries of the turn of the roots of the old today arabia. so this is for the full moon when you think the line on the fringe on the other side of the businessmen in gold companies which are interesting the rondo war with iran in which the run the entrance. the three were
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present in the interior on but i know there have been businessmen from other countries before they would be hostile i've meant to them american businessmen monday with a businessman lima. when i was sorry. they came around and when it came to this post it here in phoenix suns and fall victim to make business but that don't fall victim told them a bit of a dime goes to that used to work preparing for the show told the press was doing today. when we come back we're going to look at how it's all playing over in tehran stay with us are watching the false gods report says. joss weeks before local elections in france the extreme right national front is cashing in on the performance of the dead are in the pan in the presidential election of a break from the party is campaigning hard in the french countryside was
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crawling on the run its service is in retreat jobs being lost. the national front is selling itself as the safety of gold through the straw is more to a report from villages where everyone knows that there was little he could no longer afraid to say they'd vote for the policy. report says. i kept. i got the car. while our eye. that is lucy falls and hits a day to sample the stories of glorious city include the following week at the top of the hour. final preparations before the winter wind picks in such deep despite criticism athletes to their store the service pack two training runs already begun. some of the offense. sharp reaction from european leaders criticize the turkish parliament's decision to impose tough new restrictions
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on internet use the bill now goes to the president's desk for signing. topps district was confiscated by three dismayed to discover it elephant and rhino portraits grace likes action wes anderson's the grand budapest hotel opening sixty fourth berlin film festival. well more often i know. on the welcome back are welcome if you just joining us this is the false then gets good debates were looking at how to deal with the wrong course the windshield has two meanings but does the nuclear talks. the same time we saw the start of week the large delegation of french business leaders heads into the wrong the first time since that as an interim deal was signed back in november that strong
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criticism on wednesday the u s secretary of state saying he put france on notice against it. any embargo violations with us to talk about it. former french ambassador to the wrongful swinney to welcome back welcome back as well to our time on your slimy analyst and attorney joining us out of from mud to buy from abu dhabi that the price of gas by chief columnist in daily newspaper the national and says james kerr check up. who is with the foreign policy initiative in washington welcome back to well over a few um coolum. we go again for the people who don't follow the nitty gritty of relations. you mentioned before the brakes. a businessman who coached her on to just talking. ag is one of the key questions when you go to talk is who's the right person stopped its important question when you're dealing with iran where you have
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the elected bodies and yet the clerics. it's not true but do not get them and told me that it's march. much to type it out at home mom and dad making it her from the economic woes in the pink and purple. the french drain and chop it off. meaning that meet economic advisor to. president of the republic to mr wahid at second in the meeting people and the all india along with the same the main occupation so lulu does not dip running jacket especially full primary tool. this tool. no i don't see a daunting problem on this point. i have to talk about something that happened on wednesday evening. and it didn't hurt that it retains little bit and makes the decisions in tehran of us started and tweets from hot sun group on these accounts in english. head of the islamic republic of iran
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broadcasting zach down the preventive live discussion with people on tv which was scheduled for an hour ago. well the argument was over allowing a female journalists to be one of the those to interview the present. shortly after that sweet. the broadcast began. and then afterwards they went on as break through the skin so that the defence served meal of moments. what happens i'm not certain it is true comes to come through on his account. and it's a reality. and the reality is that not everyone in iraq. an agreement with the path of an iranian style which is basically bringing the run back into mexican into many sections but it's just seem plausible to you that the head of state broadcasting can basically overrule the president of the country and delay in a match that price delay the french president's interview well will be run as
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the yuan is different and i'm switching concrete certain that it is possible that one of broadcasting events to go on to conclusions yet. i think that's us specially these very tense days of the roads going through. we should not forget that doesn't draw me disliking both neoconservatives radicals out of washington d c as we witnessed as well as local radicals in iraq. all of these people when tehran not to be able to be in a position for their safe to come back and smashed into me and so we have to help dismiss these people in this government by cooperating by sending in business. by allowing them giving them a chance to show the other it's closing doors and shutting doors on the face when i can help anyone except a radical groups in various countries including iran. once you run not to come back and race bike geeks that jean skirt yet. yet last night the last time i checked the neoconservatives the hardliners in washington aren't sending people to the gallows to be killed for speaking their minds about
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murdering homosexuals are not sending peaceful protesters evin prison to be tortured it's really absurd to compare critics of the presidents in this country the united states to critics to hardline critics in iraq and on. it doesn't really help our conversation what what's your what's your take on what happened last night that that the incident that played out on twitter one is a re reading the dead you try to stop present on stage and he probably wouldn't mind to try to stop presence up with these became a suspect in mind violently attack you. made a very important point about the distinctions within the society and art. spoke to that and this is the point about honey there's all these different groups within the society their operating just like in the uae in the gulf states in the united states and crosses on the business elite are always
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interested in trying the same in this country as it is in iraq. bop. these are often slightly more concerns are more reticent and more wary about the set of rapids the dots we see with our bodies to these different groups the jockeying for position. now the question isn't this good start the question is which side do we want to empower and by allowing the option of turning allowing the option off the end of sanctions we empower those voices within the iranian regime. i can speak about trade who can speak about reconciliation and peace and power those voices that cheney was talking about is people who up until the onions in the open. one of you are commenting iran doesn't need nuclear energy are given about science fails removal and she's cutting edge technology and energy sector let's listen to it as well to what the president said when he finally did sit down
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for that interview president roh funny. saying he has no mandate to come up with a bargain on the nuclear program and that it's working to show him off. i'm not on the march on it would entail regarding the issue the joint action plan. coles is known as the geneva agreements set on people with news that we are able to reach an agreement with the great palace all the while preserving the dignity that was true and the rights of our nation as jeans and you're all you saw him today we are seeing that many of the oppressive chains that well on track for the district's angel economic movements on society of being torn apart in awe that on the porch with our last. i was mean by impressive chains
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will we shouldn't forget that at the end of the day behind these words sanctions people are actually suffer i was petrified of the day today. four packages are being handed out to people who can no longer for acquiring needs and rights so do we mean people are going and dire economic straits of them and eldest son who has done this and was then that the top people eighteen million people the asa size for thirty five years inflation is horrendous and people need hope and need to look at the future. and the sanctions are to regular people on the streets and the need to come to an end and this president to make it clear that he has this cool man. and he has the backing of this opinion above all he has the backing of the untidy nation who voted for him on an agenda that they can consist in ending the sanctions and leaning back to around two minutes. who should empower these can be an outpost who won two drawn to remain under sanctions for some private groups to continue posting for more private groups. i'm
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sure that there are foundations the run i'm sure there are groups in iraq were not in favor of sanctions i'm sure these people from smuggling products were getting involved some contraband because jackie find everything you own any country. once it reached regular people need to be empowered and reading people need to come back and expressed a warts and all the idiot talking about millions suffering the doctor was right when the show the ministry different line because of lack of in the kitchen and nothing at the end of day in my opinion god justifies people dying because of someone's pursuit of some action. james kerr check up yes i'm an artist who's in the eyes of the iranian people we want them to live in freedom and liberty in the soul group responsible for the sanctions is the iranian government which is an unelected theocratic dictatorship and they could easily get the sanctions lifted. if they follow the international community to give up in the program let's remember that when the iranian people rose up in peaceful protest against this dictatorship in two thousand nine. they were murdered on mass in the streets in the leaders of the green
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movement remain under house arrest. so yes i know like the fact that iran is under sanctions and we all like the fact that the iranian people are suffering but the soul group responsible for that is the most. we couldn't get in on the moon here in the sumo tried to mount them on to the family and programming. the new tunes to conclude that in the ashes of the issue is not in the blue one. what does your right to defend him and he would not allow them to you to approve only allow you to approach it with an interesting phone recently the line in the round and then led by an american company. the first question was. me do you consider that the recent education or enrichment uranium enrichment is enough to knock your teeth six percent of the people are really responded yes to know
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so you are not printed design and cost in blood. i knew you're aged two to advance nine cents to to protect the continuing of the amount the ring and all of you on your new account or ninety one percent of the people in favor of you know we're accepting sentiment on the grid due to resistance is quite interesting at all the minister of foreign affairs said something like interesting recent days said that as americans instead of the conservancy announced over the next section on me so. i'm sorry and leering in the complaint also offer an exceptional nation. and it immediately or your reaction and to james kerr check it out you ask me why can't their own incentive program other's five united nations security iraq resolutions mandating a legally binding chapter seven resolution mandating that iran halt its a mini enrichment touches me making this up it's not just
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washington the neocons. this is the united nations security council. on the last two holes of the number of iranians who supported the program iran is a close society is dictatorship. i don't really think that polls are very reliable. amen i say enron as they would be say in france or germany. from now the comments made by the disgraced comment it goes back to two thousand and nine in the contested re election now i'm short or problems but in two thousand ft seen a prisoner on honey was elected last ye. for this round of elections. i know it's a habit of ours and he was conversational any finish this elected in elections that would be seeking to mention acknowledged that its free elections in india as a compliment the union president or his election as president. so we should go back to history and come back and rest and will proceed with the relevant arguments
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in on bashing a man. in our matching arguments are in the way and of course we can sit down and some people talk about the pay to ship two contenders in the bed to read today. he remained government signed an agreement with the group of five plus one as ambassador to find out which is binding upon iraq the entire veto wielding members connected nations security council scientists but one with iraq and this document provides it with the run with the rights and obligations. the obligations are to die until it is appropriate to honor two rounds of enriched uranium into five percent or transfer into fuel for civilian reactor. and stop enriching beyond five percent which is within its eagle international economic rights of course you can declare out of somewhere that it's illegal but it does happen it happened to the lord the entire international community believes that this document the teacher that was signed to the raw number five plus one last november is the binding on the run to the state is binding with everyone. as the honey came up and i was in decent income
7:44 pm
from his position so i don't think that we are going to be getting out of the seats are up to date. as for the reality matters is that she respects. we are seeing a shift and it goes beyond simply and how we're on deals with the westinghouse is well to do with the region as a whole. um few days ago former us diplomats from the coughs and to iran considers saudi arabia its primary enemy not israel or the united states and an opinion piece in thursday's international times with a sinus valley nasr warned that without some serious soothing the saudis continue to redouble efforts to stoke sunni sectarian this symbolic war against iran. he writes saudi arabia and iran are already engaged in a deadly scramble for spheres of influence. having turned this are incompetent or proxy war. this competition now threatens to do the same in levin on iraq yemen and bought ryan a mini kits i saw
7:45 pm
the outside. right now as things stand. this kit it easy going to be a good thing or a bad thing for the region they are both going to the points made and yet it is in everybody's interest to bring iraq back into the national cricket is no doubt that this region that the americans the french everybody would benefit from having this enormous country in the fall of nations ball while i admit that our time is right about the haiti the iranians are suffering because of sanctions. he does not come from nowhere on the sanctions because of it he hated them. maybe the victims in this they are systematically as the announcer twenty of interfering in the middle east in yemen iraq and most egregiously in syria and iraq so this is not nearly the entire book and tidying up in the pouring rain and this is the radiance reaching out and hauling the iraqis
7:46 pm
only the syrians on me again and he's only the lebanese you cannot bring back into the fold of nations and as a nation like that which does not renounce its use of proxies to foment violence it is. i must confess that freestyle is perfectly right about the intervention in the areas of contention. but at the end of the day. if you are the shia country in europe seeing your breath being torn apart in other countries don't do things mantra for them to come in to existence and their allies that's what the saudis are again today. all of these groups and syria are fighting u s average. i recognize as the us government from government the utmost are from al qaeda mesopotamia sensitive eleven cause financing was sending them to arms for sending them time to be able to comment. reduce heat. the human will or even see it snowing again today it is normal for one country to defend and pursues its
7:47 pm
allies and that leon is going to be in disagreement with the canadian position but that's what iran is going up in france. the saudis have been friends out. jane's character. yet the ash can lead an honor not being oppressed by anyone. sun understand why iran would be sponsoring has a lot of events to try to control the country and to help their shia sectarian war against them. the majority of the country and the sponsoring an illegal militia. as for syria there are many shia in syria. and if you want some of the human rights violations that are being perpetrated in syria that began not long ago at the very beginning of this war and they've been much worse inside of the government and we see these reports now of eleven thousand soldiers of prisoners of war it's these meetings start to doubt. but the assad regime so if the if the other commentator wants to characterize this as is helping out there and of their brethren. i know that it's very accurate. the group
7:48 pm
your rights away. i saw a dolphin. is it a go. another nice run of agree with each other and try to have to jump in and disagree on this particular point i don't think that the saudis are in any way stoking the conflict it was not the sunni majority that started this completed with the cost of a regime that systematically attacked the esc opinions and syria were calling for change and was an uprising that was peaceful. up until syrian regime went in and salted and tortured and raped a gnostic and used chemical weapons on the steeple of the rain what the saudis and the types of trying to listen to redress the balance the second point about the sectarian nature of the wall is not what i especially recognize that to think that that the reigns on tuesday than average as a shiite iraq but i don't believe that this war with these boys are in any way sectarian they are making me go. as amy pointed out
7:49 pm
the tears and hope oppressed shiites in lebanon and yet for decades the reason being that sponsor well. you can do right now we're in a position where what is see the spiral. these proxy wars that are better going on right now in iraq in syria in other places. and we see the spiral when barack obama goes next month to saudi arabia. what's the message should be delivering to the saudi king. it's difficult to live with obama it's to do with the difficult. the antidote to the confusion on computers soon he really does know how to well read. i bought the unit cost of an agreement between doll to work in iraq he said. i mean the wrong
7:50 pm
time today in the region they can come out a positive influence on posting some of the chamber today but due to come to adjust on one client on the honda city and cries he should know. the reunions i'm not. still attached to the outside one of most dishes simple to fall. here's the version he insisted the one thing they don't flaunt that don't pump two hundred and nine regime been on the island and all but died in lieu of two to consider. mumbai region in iraq which is under control of the archived on some tribesmen. in falluja and the main city. it is touching the above sample to know this is really quite unacceptable for iran. london on the dole and beyond is a
7:51 pm
good time to bond in afghanistan and he took it to me and danielle the americans to get rid of them. i don't want to love another human regime. this is unacceptable. and trying to be good to come back and included new tough line in the house too too too too too too too too to make a serial of the shows are a little bit on the question. mom and have to concentrate on the success of the negotiation on the new candidate to be frank in that year on the radio up and i live in the right thing for him in we really don't need its commitments in the recent agreement ends in agreement it is in the round interest it is in everybody's interest. we reached the copa what will be as i know what will be the domino effect that if there is disagreement on how will the saudis react the solid this island is in fact in spite of death isn't
7:52 pm
what it is interesting about that. umm you mean the end of the main and on the official communique on the subject of the agreement recent agreement transit agreement was very close to that said this agreement it can to strengthen the top right of course. and today it wasn't the morning the reason i am going to love them and on gender and or obey. you get free communities. this woman it's well below the original me. i can't find a country that did them. it is a positive signal the deposit of faith by saudi our site you agree that you can convince the saudis that it's gonna be alright it can be it tried to get the glow of pres obama will hear next month when he loves me out is that there is extreme skepticism about whether the rest over the reins of doing in the middle east can be reined
7:53 pm
in. if there is this nuclear agreements taking them to read for decades before the americans could sit down with the iranians and come to some agreement i don't see how being six months for these questions can be resolved with the clean up went the traditional allies in the states of being locked out of this discussion the saudis up through a very angry that they eat these in negotiations before conditions actually begun with a well that also conducted behind the backs of the sun is no way the americans to treat the tradition alive. bear in mind that it is this region that has helped the americans it is this region. it stands to lose a great deal if a property right and wrong. and it doesn't. as i think saudis and the rest of the causes of the people of the art can be convinced. it's the rains that have to move into the convincing. our farm
7:54 pm
sydney the twenty knots it's in everybody's interest the agreement works and the wrong impression to me muscles that make him see me and ease of searching monarchies in the persian gulf. in addition to a ton of iran. a two million strong country. the uk that this time. i work with the largest gas reserves. i think that this may terminate the special relationship that americans had with the persian gulf ups and it's going to bring some balance to protect. final thought if iran war of words democracy then we would all be less worried about that i would welcome the persian and democracy eighty million people in a spreading its its knowledge and incentives positive ways throughout the region but as long as iran remains a theocratic dictatorship a revolutionary dictatorship the ones upset the status quo across the region. even if there isn't that good a deal it so
7:55 pm
that the problem couldn't this the united states and canada that saudi arabia the waitresses spread. now decided saudi arabia's not exporting terrorism in destabilizing the region. in the way that iran has been doing for the past thirty five. this is not true. ari is that soon. it is a democracy activists in the week and had an assailant i've been on sale. all right with beets and stephanie conversation we can continue i want to thank a jean skirt it for joining us now from washington. i'm sorry i'll fight for being with us from abu dhabi ambassador in the total art of honest money thank you for joining us here in austin texas the bulls close the gap keeps you up to date with all the latest from the world of sport. all the action. all the results
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of all the emotion chilling done anything for his all round. muslims like and don't come. it's been. or. and. i
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mean. i did. i was. win. and
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and. i can. and. in. the is
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