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cummings you live from d w hitler. coming up in the next half hour. sure love it so off to watch the stars. just what criticized as being childlike would like to you by us assistant secretary of state victoria mill the theaters are packed at the berlin film festival which is the least. don't get
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it. after much anticipation the winter olympic games have opened in the black sea resort of such a rush a few of the claim has just been led to the past few minutes after a marathon trip to all corners of russia and even suspects. the ceremony kicked off that the purpose built the stadium with the dazzling fireworks display the colorful spectacle including ballet music and of course thousands of athletes from all over the world will be competing for medals over the next three weeks. russia has invited fourteen was among the guests watching all the same. so what can we expect for more we're joined now in the studio by now our sports correspondent jefferson chicks just isn't what events are you looking for two special. while brian as a means for me to say
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the highlight is ice hockey men's ice hockey on one because it's the only really be changed and i'm more of a keen sports car the guy on an aisle so the kids be the interesting because as we saw the opening ceremony this is a very patriotic events and of course. then of course the russians going all the way back to the soviet union days or big powerhouse hockey said the beattie be the one on when this one and it's been really stressing to speed up the pressure. just as the new new england are of course eli cocky what my other fans enjoy these pics oh well i think one thing to death in the toy museum is the women's downhill skiing we got home i was going to nice on the beach. um she's normally up against. begins with the funds and forcing out. engine is eaten up and coming young american though coach different that can be a fascinating tool. the minute someone is getting a bit on in his book was looking for to see whether home with baby yet with the norwegian them by ashley to um. even going
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to pull off the wreckage of the most gold medals seven as can be really fun to watch jefferson has been of course the criticism and controversy specially in the west the run up to these games you think. it was all just talk well i think a lot of the criticism is. he is justified if i ran through all of the irregularities accusations of corruption environmental concerns would be here all night home all the sea all olympic team's color. the political that these are especially so they're being called the protein games. um and so i think that's what they're going to be home. unlike the moment. as a spectacular game v might be satisfying to me a sporting perspective but to going to be as controversial as the man who brought them to brush and beatrice places no getting around different gestures from sports desk thanks very much. move move will move on to a developing story turkish media reporting the hijack drama days to go
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airport is open to the special forces reportedly arrested a man who took control of the flight ukrainian city of car keys and demanded that fly too salty. the turkish transportation ministry says the man originally took control of a pegasus airlines flight bailey was a bomb on board. while it then notified istanbul authorities to put the airport there on high alert the plane landed safely and after negotiations with the os is taken police reportedly took control of that house. the very latest we're joined now by simply looking to go over toondent ons too is on the line in istanbul. can you tell us the latest was anyone in danger at any point in this it was. looking to add it they are sure to check it out over for cake that's
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the key to the right column taking place where a team that was harder to try it too so she had either that or older would apply the plane to it be cool now that they are making believe that wouldn't fly. what you want to work let me start over what the rest of article of gushing to stop it. what i do occur to me laughing for about an hour. after which it with you the rest of the many violent and told them it seems to have come off well for wilkinson is loose too much time in his most since the keating is today. here in german towns on the mantle has expressed how ready to roll each conversation in which the high ranking u s diplomat victorian who uses the f word as she dismisses the u and discusses how the sideline ukrainian opposition leader. italy
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coach to crystallize enjoyed berlin's back a unifying figure for the country's divided opposition groups poll comes as washington and brussels are locked in a standoff was given moscow over the country's ongoing mass texts. victorian ill and reacted coolly to the news that her explosive phone call over the situation in ukraine had been leaked. i'm obviously not in the comments i i on friday and i diplomatic conversations i i and other than to say. and it was pretty impressive and trigger and the audio was extremely clear. an audio recording uploaded to youtube lays there a phone conversation the event had last month with the us ambassador to kiev to tie it in its new line said she would welcome un involvement in resolving ukraine's political crisis and followed that with an expletive that disparaged the ease at all
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now on eu. not exactly an hour and has since apologized to the eu counterparts for the cause. and she's also tops and other metals office of the same the chancellor is not impressed by the leaks conversation to his spokeswoman meghan has backed he is handling of the situation in ukraine since i don't like to say that the chance to find these remarks completely unacceptable. it should also stress that ms ashton is doing an outstanding job hidden expenses for action and the european union will continue to intensify efforts to calm the situation in ukraine into six hits over the moon. he died in their costumes so we can. as assistant secretary of state's new lens brief is managing washington's relationship with your. but her job is difficult right now as another leaked telephone conversation shows in a top eu diplomat held this made his her complaining to the eu ambassador in
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ukraine what you should know which really enjoyed this americans are going out on signing the new chamber tucson an anonymous youtube users post and post that link and newman's remarks the us suspects or russia is behind the account. the latest on this was going out to our correspondent boss ian harding who joins us from kiev. boston's first off what are you hearing from opposition members in key at what they say the charges are being manipulated by the united states secondly you are being manipulated by and i think it would cause a problem for the opposition leader but much more that that recorded phone call make it a day or week and the inability to handle this type of enterprise it to the gym and it becomes clear
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that in the united states from two to push further him a call to any sort of compromise that makes them all the teeth look weaker all the hype of the ukrainian people. we asked to leave th sounds we heard that report both point to the differences in how the eu in the us are seeking to handle this political crisis. are they that far apart. i think when you look at their own they're pretty close together victorian london a press conference today demanded reform political and economic reforms and she said that the us was working towards ukraine which is democratic where human rights are being respected and put it in future with your open up so much with russia and the overall goal that you have a dwelling with some of the method of reaching that goal with different that become apparent in the head of the us eu foreign policy committee. they didn't get into but think it's much easier for the united states i'm kinda mad drastic action
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because they're not directly affected things you love that has direct neighbor ukraine at the bear off the competent dramatic developments of the local capital but any action that could possibly take to get bracelets just more pressure now the russian and ukrainian officials involved say the us is financing ultra nationalists in the opposition. what kind of role they play. oh well if they aren't the best and no evidence for that though the pain that comes from the ukrainian interior ministry and they have the motivation to make such things because they cannot but the responsibility for the current crisis. from time from their own government from them over to the even from the corrupt political duties and david on how important and the booklet make it a lot more convenient for them some yes. now to bosnia where anger over a lack of jobs and official corruption is boiling. police
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say the capitol sorry though use rubber bullets to disperse hundreds of anti government protesters who set fire to the president's residence the worst riots had been in the soviet bloc where protesters set fire to government building the third day of protests and dozens of people have been injured. syria know where the government says it's prepared to take part in another round of peace talks with western backed opposition groups those doses damascus allowed dozens of civilians to be evacuated from rebel held areas in the city of homes. it's the first humanitarian truce with the city after six hundred days of five. state tv showed the first buses carrying civilians out of harms women children and men over the age of fifty five and then the government thinks are young enough to be fighters are part of the deal the governor promised to two hundred people would be
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leaving on the first day. and that good progress was being made. the movie did to me she can stay in the operation is done well first and second operations have been successful. the delays as i say were due to logistical reasons on the grounds me this is the first time in over a year the boxes and visitors have managed to enter the old city. the meat holmes has been one of the main battleground to the syrian civil war. part of the city are controlled by rebels and has been under constant siege to the last year the activists say about two and half thousand people are trapped. lacking that food and medicine the evacuation is taking place thanks to a ceasefire that ended the need to force three d. planning sausages and uconn twenty pounds to the people who can't or won't be an allusion to the highest court has questioned the legality of the european central bank's rescue plan for the eurozone. the court
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has taken the unprecedented step of asking the european court of justice to rule on the ecb is on limited on time the court said there was reason to believe the program effectively one that eu governments which would violate eu treaties promised by the ecb to you caught whatever it takes for the euro is widely seen as having stabilize the single european cups. take a quick look at today's markets numbers starting in frankfurt with dax some investors worry about the decision of cuts would leave the decision to luxembourg because they are the cds we can now one of its measures might miss if the crisis state gets more significant but on the other hand the indices also say that as long as on buying programs are not forbidden phones can be bought if necessary. and this is something that keeps money
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easy and cheap. the market in general it focused on the job market of the year is a new blue winged to sleep isn't over yet. they are the number of newly created jobs has been far lower than expected this hand chance on a rollercoaster ride that in the end no one jumped out that helps to keep interest rates milk too. that was the fun posts in frankfurt and now look at the markets numbers starting in frankfurt with the dax. it was up by about half a percent to close at ninety three one. euro stocks the field by nearly a full percent to thirty thirty eight to close at the moment the euro was trading a bit up against the dollar. with just few minutes ago the olympic torch was ignited in the saatchi on the black sea coast in russia will be going live there to our correspondent to find out the opening ceremony came off and within a year about the medical breakthrough that
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my actually shocking. so don't go away will be back in one minute. here in tw. they were. i do. you decide you want to watch the images it's a whole package the future media center. dw tell you. i do. i do. the us. thus while
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the lead up to these olympic games certainly have been very political but is at work dealing pics are really all about tone and some rare opportunity for countries all over the world including rivals to come together that's not to create some tension. some leaders seem to have decided it's easier to steer clear. the new one in the video released by canada's institute for diversity calls them all inclusion of the limping games. a number of european politicians feel the same way they'll play causing the games because of russia's
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anti gay legislation. these demonstrators protesting outside russia's embassy in berlin. they don't live in to freeze political and cultural ties with moscow. makes politicians like jim and present and yucky guile of not getting back up with gav has canceled his trip to sochi us president barack obama is also unable to attend to. british prime minister david cameron and french president francois owned by the ltte to make the games. jim and sean's the anger that metcalfe says she doesn't make a habit of getting to deal in pics. so she set me with the guy to sochi. russian organizes have to downgrade western leaders' decisions to stay away russian limping committee chief alexander is soo close as the games are about old school politics. and some leaders have made the trip to sochi. un secretary general by entering the news his visit to speak out against
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russia's anti gay bill was when he takes it has no rights in the twenty first century he told an audience the meeting. it is also on the saatchi guest list for my gym and johnson again touch but that he once called gotten a treat in a few democrats. and jim and interior minister tom estimate cf will be getting to you be wearing the giant income as well. follow leaders have stayed home with our reporter a problem or is insulting. barbara tells took our response has been to the opening ceremony. what's the mood light. well i see the opening ceremony just came to an end to eye with his pitiful pirates right behind me. i'm so sorry you missed out on that one but you can see the shrinking lives here on my left thumb i might spend a sari and zealots of the stadium nights next it's on the left and this is where the kids chemist so actually took place and excel not the type of person thinks and so it actually started off with a very playful scenes without
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plenty of clouds and stars and the dreaming barrel until then the young national team sexy walks and i was interesting to see that when i let the rice this came in for the first time that he is tired of paying the special olympic atmosphere. spectators cheering to see them and they had actually been pretty quiet in the bus more than an office room. it started so i'm glad the many excellent sales targets with the basic you run through the russian history and said very colorful elements. probably not have a game that and then let the dumping everything have a hidden assets. but anyways it was a bit big in america emirates. you mentioned the olympic atmosphere. i wanna pick up on that a lot of folks been worried that all the security worries my time with them for a bit on that was that usually surrounds and one thing is that when you're on your experience so far. xd i would say that said the security concerns still are the big d c yes let's eat and then this is also
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the kids' people here running around waking driving and visiting the games they are confronted with a ten minute the cancer hits security mess and ends that i put in place by the national party's christmas around the olympic party in austin and anna brought an area that payments and security takes everywhere people are of the texts and then stops and by six checkpoints by mumbai attack points but sometimes i can take ages to get one one points to the other hand it and we journalists ahead of the sec's and who can sometimes use the offices couple boxes. they also expect and so this is actually very difficult. yes that's it's gonna be interesting to see how far this post influenced know at this given that the games and deed of the following day the mod therefore isn't sincere hope you enjoy yourself. any time or coverage of the sochi winter olympics in our website. that is the debut slush to give you diabetes class with each other. as those games get underway in so to brazil is looking forward to the soccer
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world cup later this year and like insulting developments in brazil or not to everyone's liking but the main issues they are not security. rather the cost of the event its effect on ordinary citizens. now those issues have come to head again. protesters in rio de janeiro matched police tear gas with molotov cocktails. a number of people were injured in the skirmishes including a cameraman who was hit in the head with an explosive he was a different story earlier in the day. hundreds had gathered to march through the streets to the central train station the other angry at what they call an overpriced sluggish. we connected and overcrowded transport system. it took to transport their son. we had good health services and education. they knew what we have this many people on
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the street. but instead you see all that standing on the world cup. stephen downie the situation came to a head inside the central train station. a number of masked demonstrators smashed toll gates. spurred by a heavy police presence. chaos broke out. getting caught in the bush including journalists accused police of using excessive sports. today is the last day before a new transportation price hike comes into sports and more protests are expected. it's now in berlin has rolled out the red carpet for some of the world's biggest stars it is used daily in all the world from there the world three of them was in mrs grant budapest hotel kicked off the event on thursday. jack made his screen debut on friday the story and outlines of the young boy growing up in a troubled family. the topic for this year's golden bear is to win in town. in its
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former bank robber tries to navigate life out of prison for an overview of some of the action let's get down to our correspondent scott ross perot standing by at the red carpet. it's got to see it first off it looks like it was a fantastic year for german films four of them in the competition including jack which is just as good yes yes it's actually know the most the films of the german films screened at the bell island park for a couple of decades i can id is long before my time that this many top german films are screening trip competing for the golden bay or other first up is jacked up really really tough story about that too and neglected kids. and who tried on our own in many ways on the streets of berlin it's a social dramas have reflected thirty and dad and brothers theory grade the very heart of the actors are our two nd on professional kids practiced and i'm not really my favor as to say i've seen this sort of thing done better elsewhere. um it's a very
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decent and respectable effort but it's not really my choice the cold and much more looking forward to another german film it's to be coming up later this week he called the stations of the cross to check for great things. now there are also plenty of press conferences today one of them is closely watched was by the bosnian roma nazis new jewish book he tells about that. yes religious and i was at the press conference he was the chomsky also in on professionally a salvage the picture aren't picked her up from last the us on and his story his life story was told. in the film an episode in the light of a tyrant picker which won two silver paris last year with the silver bear for him for best actor on we went back to bosnia though he was ostracized by his own people and forced to leave the country in his words forced to leave the country on the team that has applied for asylum here in germany that has been the first refused bail in allah his back and got him a lawyer and is trying to get that
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appealed so that he can stay here but today he told a story on and said that he will do whatever they can they can't even get top is golden. is this overt they are to be allowed to stay here for lent. scott rock strewn covering the valley knowledge for scott thanks very much for that. malcolm and losses had a fireworks accident a decade ago has been the first to test a medical breakthrough which could help people with artificial limbs to regain their sense of touch. a team of researchers from across europe have created a robotic hand allows an npt to grasp and identify objects even when blindfold. it's a biopic and made of cold steel and plastic but it can feel them live again in seven seven is probably the first person with a prosthesis. who can sense what he's holding in his hand. specifically whether carter soft and in that moment on them and if you have the sensitivity of
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course have the feeling that it's your own hands in the meantime i can steal the stands and hand it feels like i'm the one controlling it into one of the biggest meal. it's all made possible by this electorate the result of ten years of research like tomas contents of the university of freiburg it is implanted in the body to transmit sensations through the nerves to the brain. these electrodes were connected to the nerves and seven sins upper arm in an eight hour operation and rome. its body accepted the implant. volatility was sufficient to try our perspective the biggest technical challenges making the implant so small that the body hardly notices them but robust enough that the surgeon can implant and that they can withstand the body and its movements to help us to stop you. sensing is a highly complex process your offending non thinkers prevent us from dropping heart crushing objects. in order for the chance to
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succeed the hand pressed the system developed in pisa italy had to have similar movements can be just too sensitive and i on the five bracket with two telecommunications satellites board has lifted off from french guiana. rocket blasted off from europe overnight bags i like going to the french and italian wines forces for the military and civilian security agencies in both rounds ago. second satellites designed to improve vacations and multimedia access across europe asia and africa as well. it's always time for right now what was in the lead thanks to our next journals atop the al. thanks for being with us and stick around on tv which statistics
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you know. you know the too much the us. now on dvd. low low the third. err. kay
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been told it's not like it unless something. right now you knew you wouldn't want you will will. i am. the row it is six one. what she knew was with brian got some of the chevron bp a lot. another wea


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