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tv   Newsweek South Asia  PBS  February 8, 2014 12:30pm-1:01pm PST

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eyelids. right now. you knew no one will eye. fan. its the good news it's all they share in this week's episode she also added article with the getting off critics. i did well but it isn't yet known whether this on putting the homes of drone attacks
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continue. uploaded it to the thousands of focus on ease of taking part in centers across the country to protest against the killing off she up and ruins. in a bomb on the case twenty nine people died when a law student gone wild bus is causing want to catch fire in the month and a state of baluchistan province the clintons but a turning from our trip to sacred sites and a burning it on the studios have witnessed a scene of bloody attacks by sunni militants on poppies on shiite community. sunni militant group the stage only noticed one on skin bombings and attacks on shiite muslims have said it was behind tuesday's attack the us
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the us. and when. shiites continue to see them grow to put up with goodies that come even close to being a bus home moms in boston. some sixty km ways to quit capital by his sons received the moonstone province. i know. the boots noted the air boss chatting from the predicted up to their home city of put a hot spot the link but it's mostly accidents and incidents at least fifty of those difficult said. i'm a. he'll
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do it. since then. it took to the weak teams. braving freezing temperatures have been sitting in the open the coffins day and night this used to that the bodies on to the government acts against those responsible for the attack i saw but did not sit prettily it isn't there so long. don't you love. but then if they didn't do you do with medieval thinking of me so thoughtful. it was the evil one is the name to
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feel that they will fall give up he added though that buffeted the pumpkin. both the savior of the wind in the article. the body. i know the winter coats it looks great on the screen responsibility for the last set. that post was caused by susannah momo. his explosive laden vehicle into the bus. i am out. it's demonstrate. on and on wednesday against walking distance to quote the genocide by the sounds she on the twenty cent of the countries of the basin okok we took that ruled the day. she got old enough that i like it. do i focused on the dish of the donkey says i'm either that or she's a secret that helped him if he meant it when they bought
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the site to show that the city conducted a mighty force caused it to me but not at home i put him on the phone except india on the nearby that could be up to be that they had to rush out a couple of cute that although yelling pacifier can think. she was sentenced on the top dozen different locations under the banner of religion is a blend of whom was the end of the red sea at a sensitive organization. i knew. a quick touch it bloody joke they show the chocolate show that the angel of a shield to actually commit to you this that is what he did the get go but it gives up but some
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of the debate about to delete the month of the wing. but he didn't think i needed to catch it. should the goth teen edition enough yet. it's a protest is also not been made into tea which links the goddess town problem can be adapted to the slalom on causing huge traffic jams such sectarian attacks are becoming increasingly common in our song. the shiites make up twenty percent on the one hundred and eighteen million people. a g eight summit of the book says the deal monday with ticks off the bombings way to cap the bottle just gone to that on two hundred people mostly shiites the cia some of the assassinated beaumont prime minister has to go on pretending she's also the opposition of some
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people spotted gum and with those nutty express solidarity with the distance we did. this song the country. when you glue them onto the dead through tests because living see them regions. cysts. there is widespread theo and the religious order nor was it a sawn off to civilians not get into one attacks people in the nearby villages like vinyl off leaving us. it strikes continued to haunt them. most of the fleeing people off for the picture does a community centers and clinics. it's
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also nice to be two sets that their clothes in pockets on school has its own teaching getting beaten in the teal based on false is off to the city. dozens of people had been killed in airstrikes targeting strongest minute since early this month the government says. for those who did the script to generate twenty first of these religions the residents of the one that i've region bordering of stunned silence it. the death toll included many civilians sunny on the snorkel readers to comment on the possibility that saw the sms. missing the last cities has been under intense pressure from faults within his administration to take aggressive new tx and it is not to bump off to his efforts to engage them and talks. founded in recent months. it strikes must be
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the day off two hundred and six and momo did say to people. he trotted off to get a small block and two days off to the box on dvd the stillness minutes to get twenty troops in the north was stumped off buying them he notcetas on its forces christians in this region to the extent of spooks private thoughts and veterinary clinics in the normally more peaceful it is fun and did i smile cause i had to try those. a senior associate in london said to do three thousand people fled to the town. nineteen oh four with the woman who suffered
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from seed. since it's so cool that is my ode to the dying down. and it's time to underwrite in london. chill but it will not get above the edge implement plane and have them in the above manner that it can. bowen the damage the match but now an issue that stamina to day stuff. nothing good to put putted the new dora. it boasts some of the more the moma. seeking to hear that i know. it was the star rocky mountain sixteen nineties. this december the group's live in constant fear of being targeted by boat to target by government troops. jesus is. he spoke on
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condition of the dawn and he said. the people who think that he's in it disagrees with them on your face. he said the school basically gone. and the physical body your big and small. it is said that people seem to be afraid and wanted to see the full it was a state of emergency. the people in london said the government had made no arrangements to provide them with choked up to bring them to book the study guide that islam is sold in opposition was seen making the arrangements would dispute the rest of it's black it's a frequent sight in august on twist on this groups often step in to all could really do crises. some people who see the relatives and friends what's more more menacing. mcmaster. some analysts estimate that
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the globe. soon the cuttlebug or some of the senate sending love the vibrancy of the monogram or promotions to listen to what she imagined she did with him. she was twenty six. it's the excitement was stunned said. you can still see this house we bought the molding on the jets. nobody wanted to teach it to pay them but they got it. doherty. she proceeded to cut off the deep enough to live in. the i know gina said. you don't go to school. just to satisfy the bombings the stoush
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dunno what a great bible stay till this coming up off to the bay. the sentences and bought a bass box. focus on i know that and started we are gone national. welcome back to watching news bits off a shovel when on top the ticker forces with a pocket some of the made over the death sentence handed out to bomb the heoes along with a sheeple sentenced to death. the fruit including that is the most part he got up from a security agency chief and former deputy government is to play involvement in the country's biggest ever on flawed in case there is life and i'm done i'll preach among the puppy from the medical costs noon do you. it is it
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does is about to boost from me to stop me from the gym on the snow on the gi to the streets of pakistan's biggest city of ninety to protest against the death sentence given to obama bc islam is to be done. abundant least was sentenced to death fourteen people including in the snow despite the media of beaumont security agency chief on the full blow to the government is still full involvement in the country's biggest ally on smuggling case. he seized it and truckloads of weapons in a raid on the state owned giant tea in the southeastern port city of chicago in two thousand fold. the religion of the arts has never been established publicly but they will believe to have been
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involved foreign citizens in india. but it's going well leaders of the united liberation front of the sun set just to strong northeast india was among those who bought the death penalty. so sentenced to death. will the leader of the islamist group jemaah islamiah. more to them on the summit. a full month. deputy interior minister. look for some odd ball but enough of that attended the national security agency. todd age gender and recycled had the chills me. this is done as a gi flags. jr hugo's lashed out at bongo these government and among the release of a mom it is it is. local boy did i blog
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about yet get what you have that. he would get somewhat get the bottom get some good deals at the ra will give the odd given that the didgeridoo frogged item will get in on. the orders due to commit what does he not. but the beauty of the blade of the problem with that on the way to the dish of pasta. sentences were handed down like she did on metropolitan streets and try the new judge. as sam would you put them on to importance but they did it was one of the country's more sensational and he says slower. slumps as odd as wild to be. says thus was
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gobbling the ball toward diaper to post on this song this time. militants have targeted the of the national army. the attack is in significant as the message was dissolved in pl. of the national army with the king of jordan securing the country on foreign forces to top off the giordano consider for. the a she's like a blur. what is going to the seaside. john of gaunt last on the bus. bodie. i know. the top eight is a stoplight know about what
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they see am a democrat but that it be a mom and headed out about it you get lucky the cost of the book was just a bit to get them up but that's what it knew of the pitch at the pacifica idea what's this about what i know i've not been set up a seat in the top of the negev our all. a. beer. do you do it. she looks cute in the east hills gone nuts on me. two civilians the beaumont was killed on the spot. he's lost any investigation into the incident which took place st of god in all media in just a problem the last two
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diamonds which also reduced so since then. the list ideally he would honor the main dish and a plane to him may not sound of laughter that would teach me teach the stuttgart that the evidence does not add to that end up back in his advantage on that one that hit the shot more than i just have to do with them and the fun was it about us. so to improve standards so that you get to. seven attacks in which teamed at the octagon osmond. in since the beginning of the study getting tickets
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the response has been teaching kids aged six defeat all states to stop the proceedings. says there's additional music stopped they show we'll be back next week with more neil was released on analysis of the sub continent. we might not keep reading and the sec and other anc at the end i end up call. this is not about to sign off on the awful didn't die of production team of music south asia. so since the end of the week. i tell you about that. i'm not fine. and all
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after that. i'm not caught the ball up. one. watch out the cats mean it's it's not so cute d i'm still says but the cross of christ to craft a bit of teaching this deed is going to athletes and the nazis and the nasty got in the teens. so when the state takes him when it's me and i think since that is to make the society how the media village of me. they didn't close the site and someone into humanity in documentation for the next up for what's in it and it got to stop india the weak and dying sun is austin's and the dis ease and promoting had been hit on the anemic and coming eighteenth the one in ts of the society of a change in his austin
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month went into hiding. apart from providing relief to the time is asked of the society of the sets up the many gaps especially due to the knesset committee that the cds on scott's society has meant many existing medicines are binding on subsidized rates. their logo and two thousand and ten. a young afghan businessman deterrence afghanistan from the uk with a mission to create afghanistan's first ever rugby federation. i saw the pope american in the inerrancy and that physical activity in this the big game. i have really liked it and the wii that the sun and a bit of physics is involved in this game. i say i thought that this the image in a handful of physical game would be a part that makes fun of gas on people. often the key issues of the situation they faced the challenge of stopping players in the complete with rugby haven't even been made oliver afghan athletes learn
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the look of the few sports that means is that i'd be down on the difference then was that like five people and then then then peep bo than forty people and that in this talk about this one month down. he had and that in and a few selected national team. the majority of players from afghanistan is nice but the team state that even before death the duration was created to feel all that interested in what beach and watch games on tv. well take a moment to moment and how big of a ghost in the minimal but not without some small naked. then i met them in a mosque led to the stomach bug commit to an immortal to the fullest that i can make a name. the bucket of bolts almost did. you know madonna also do it. now afghanistan is correct the situation is firm established the arm or dictated by affect the clubs and two hundred and fifty b pearson global afghanistan's national rugby team has competed in national and
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international cities where guests have everything i sprayed at home loans will go along with the muffins will do the monthly with the shuttle tsonga the shuttle was with the law but to bomb the village of guys dolls at the most talkative of the moment all was still up. didn't love them so the more tournament the pigeon was going beyond mails unless we allow financial officer though they go by the zamora i suffer devotion does with a gentle motion best of it the dubai deal with what they do the village along the fence who insulted the song without words. he was going to. so although he's now a new offshoot sport in afghanistan. then the judge of the national teams to state the face of tough challenges like suitable grounds equipments this issue the coach to train them but they face of all these problems that lead up to the state defender for
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defeat in afghanistan. loose all of us so who will implement a similar promise of summer was no less. one reason is no good busy women into me when will listen yet done but for most of the contest. let me know. in light of the social phobia installers along the fence enjoy the little slip into a day using as much as the so called hidden that will have to say the store i connected to the bubble afghanistan wushu and is one of the most morally wrong countries in the world wrongly you're going to be march two thousand. this week. and you'd soon tsunami. you been currently working is under way to combat future and wings and tsunami which hit
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her clothes off. it creates inhalation. they can help lessen the damage caused by his peers. chart of the action is a national agency called the japan agency for helping her site to tackle. what chance researchers here works in which the earthquakes and tsunami. in an attempt to limit damage when disasters strike. before that both were four cents to one helping us to visualize what can happen we're hoping that the simulations will allow was to save more lives the largest earthquakes in japan from college because this can take its place to live on the ocean floor has begun taking measurements you seem to enhance system much like a giant tesco
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researchers can detect the slightest robbers. in it all of the data collected from the ocean floor is constantly sent to the research facility. using data gathered from the system and from past earthquakes in various simulations are generated i for one on the leash and analyzing the data is one of the most powerful computers in the world. kay. with its impressive number crunching power it processes the data to create a simulation. this research are putting their highest priority on protecting people from when a
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tsunami strikes. knowing which way a tsunami will not allow researchers to predict which st of the sentence is all about waiting and the audit of all cases due to his mostly hardware. but it's the software computers such as kate that lets us fully used to take a bike training simulations. we hope to use both hardware and software it to save as many lines as possible. a statement entries are aided by having a super good. we are paying attention to japan's efforts and have begun their own research. japan's health
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the new. i've been caught up in town. each cage. the free world has something to me. i am. we are the knee. i mean
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the you a. he knew me in i have. the tv and thank you but to me me to a brand new edition of the car while but the program presents the different faces and they take it that if the voices on taiwan. onost great wall. you see linda and tom one has always had a very close relationship. following


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