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tv   Bangladesh Today  PBS  February 10, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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when i was visiting defence and security analyst on impact when using extensively on the england set that this outfit united liberation front of assembly fall on the group's influence inbound base and its links with the hype that the in islam the twenty ten release and discuss with him the costs but the team bounded is that i wouldn't get sentenced to fourteen men in town when
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finding the place by two up for an honest job updates here's a shot back down to boat before the discussion twenty two sons two thousand and twelve. basically he's acted in an anonymous tip offs and captured a large cache of arms and ammunition at the chittagong port the two cities from there the onslow college about knitting a government owned and subsequent investigations showed that top intelligence official competitions. i'm government servants were invalid and the opposition she went into default thousand nine hundred and fifty sophisticated tired arms. a diamond's looked into the contest scene and it dropped its twenty seven thousand and twenty minutes and more in us to date dominant diameter to your niche. and these would be used but said it is outfits in northeast india. now what to do the inspection unit. i still wanted to get sentenced to fourteen. i'm still in
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the skin and reduces history when you consider just the taste but oh well it was hiding. i've given him of art and now goes to the tendency of these to my bestie mit's what you do in my knees got weak. it's natural it's on dvd and put them on the boat and its intelligence of fishes. kitty hundred cases demonstrated that its ceo todd and stupidity. speaking with us. i'd like to begin asking that you in mind it's flashback to two thousand and fall. i've been lazing in the sentence writing on this team going on between other generous in northeast india and the is down this in bond with each other. what was the bag don't go all in the sand of the indian indian security agencies back down on them to fuss dying and wanted it to the chicken bones on school the history of the better nutrition front of us have a photo. it arose on the many. of all the many
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use you will grow and people for a nose into it. though did the shore of the room for system either jump in both the lesson ms writes that really is. did you. if ever you are the cubs the walk. whatever the wind was still limiting up the minnesota gophers you're joking with nineteen nineteen a little tomorrow nineteen ninety. welcome eighty nine ninety. i'm in the kingston was such a plus you know it's been a marvellous. world trade as in assam being targeted for extortion. all the weekend look nice. this is also being pinned up in britain for killing the government had decided to them for a
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president who confessed in and out. o lord. when the fit and they had already skipped school bottle of dish. why out of the home government limiting the little sticker from a ballot from that border with the of the medellin. but appeared window of the bottle was not blessed are the bottle was not change was not shown as much as it is today people and friends. the intermediate course. can you allow the fencing know that so many issues and problems that you all what if these are tender and sweet aunt amy did over the seas havens in the name of israel and their fund. i'm not the steam engine in groups will see up the isi i'm doing them that from the tiller of the bnp but in this match despite the depressed in your bed has been cut as the ultimate hits
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and walked into the audience in prison for many a scroll the pakistani divisions agency by which time i'm in the services intelligence isi of the events were pretty strong. the record though they're quite go far away and did the bidding went to bed other than in awhile he gets a video into an empty mind you it's a lovely night and the one which the fatal flaw in the weeks to get assistance from us to fight therefore the more of the venetian which adds its own and in the northeast have been dating and not the sad news debate and see if he wins in bound edition was there. jane and bounded the use of wood and providing them the access and the decadence of lebanese victims coming from. you see in the concrete of the wood for the future until the end of the motorway to the board offered to it before. one of the major limbs off i decided to make an entry into the movie has often been amenable to a full file. what i wonder when we were delivering from outside they did not remember to make an
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effective in treating with the militants. the people's liberation army had one of them would feel took that photo that sent him an nfp and above the orchestra. i end up in. the that you can lessen some of the socialist got to snuggle him or not adam had to climb mt then i said what about the missy and i said we're all i am not cool. the it was formed that the room than a verbal determination to reach a speedy boarding many school the men would these veterans coming from. the limit is reached it which we too have often made from chinese american and korean. and up and in some way. i mean was just being them. to make them a bit of oral with the word evil and bad. the mucus. but the cmc the fight for them
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and they are easily available it is inevitable nobody among the black market. this tightening shade which is going on. it was. i mean. so i give you both did well but the floor o o o the smaller fish and altered them the isi in the middle with a medium weapons and of god's servants asked me to crack down on these groups of reach into a good job at abc is done is and all union said it is was i think operation book build our dollar bill is mining operation. what a bad day and that happened in the burgeoning government backed down and it's that was new to me. the government to deliver that i don't think that the road from the same time. it's the email they had there been a big big tobacco use of this moving business in the oval. nixon said
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ladies spoke be done. i love being a bit of power he added it's the little lost and in the book of the end of two culminated in the new coupe of make up body was in such a huge consignment which up which was at one place i mean it never happens like that day. i mean you get one box of state. i mean you get about twenty bucks is coming in from was not in the genders are many boxes from dove be a big lie. in the league of the house in boxes. i mean become a non stop bidding work with whatever that is exactly this is what happens when the government in dublin government panel has not been into legitimate and then you have the heart of this all means. bg is why the director general of the intelligence that the isi books that are on the same page some people must've been that but what does he want it to bing and that could happen doing the same elements. the day you all thought it would cover the zito would have been dormant for years if it
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doesn't help that she condones such a deal. such innovation and barked at me to do with it though. the big city. what a while ago. one of the missile was that a certain they will sell out of them got the job he provides an informative and from the get go. to the establishment was very much on the lord. yes that is just that i mean it's what could have happened had this being a success but all patient when e d looking at the history of northeast india would have been different had a seizure not happen had had that on this job not being up call. had these fourteen b button on being asked what could have happened or what ever happened when that moment we were to read more incidents more appealing than that it's just a mathematically what the nazis had beamed. i miss him in a situation that when that happened in the mid nineties in push me would i
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have no one will move back to the way home i cannot but garment care of it though the development of the day have not being as secular as they should be the government of india robbie has a second as they should be. in light of which an open lot of incidents being supported by parker's son or chinese. this gets on top is open to you. once bound edition of the question was what people believe in the regular catalog the only news will come back and that i did. that hike and it sounded a bit there with them then obama and then getting them from china. um what's the chittagong i'm stalking since taken place known and i in the end all up expects some kind of on field action on a new gt as of eight
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edition. but it has been all have had one glass of milk if one for whom the audience at the end of the blue optics of the garden. they have. didn't quite go the baby would have adopted the links between the vatican is now mrs invited to the east on in pakistan and said she does groups in india. how does one go about baking these links hotel husband and she's the pretty committee beazley is no real school opened with the bottom of this the omani government the left of school corporation with that big of actual quantity. because it's a bit into it i'm betting it's a bit in the beginning that it was made by the army wanted him back to pa from golden light on what and when you get what they are going to bring against him and this is one of the show. welcome all men should go over
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the festive with the bottom division. mimi out of an initiative by photo but that's the way back in the attic sold and in the opening. well you tell me what the fuss to go this time and obviously has deep and strong. then on tuesday and the army has gone back to the bad expects key up and then the army is on and on the same age as edition casinos and god knows what in tracking down a bit of groups that is the most but it will nominate thing that one is seen in this change and that did the army and the government of the beat together on cracking down on kiddo groups. he died as a way that it gets support from the list and blog on not i find that the more the better of the north fork in the terms of saying that what the bottom of this has done ever since. that the law when he came back to pa was a bit of something nobody. we must appreciate every last one for gifts for their gritty strongly with them. it was nice. particularly in the field of security and
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white cloak the request these groups are being supported by isi steely dan luckily my aunt said my chinese invented. the time of it all took time out to barca something to do this go one mini stroke. the center of attention to that of the animosity to india. when the dean of the demeaning to women. lol i'm being mean less demand on this and make it it must be a pretty strong in addition bricks. just imagine that the big eleven mark's copy of the nineteen seventy one. in the pockets of war and nobody's job under this bill when they have been forced to follow up office as the man who took part in that operation with the width of mr and the shakers in the top it all without any
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compunction. in the lord's body. the aged and praised the role also india and indonesia. is as though something cool from the middle of appreciate dead chicken no arms drop case. once this happens an incredible it's all in bed all and i would only yield of cooperation that we have made me a month on this issue isn't it dawned on security duty to match us with mcmahon were doing their bit of meat you the latest development was damaging for me. and book the middle and indian prime minister might be going for the mistake yes stick to them if the couple moved in with the boys and their feminist of all that off you go with a us delegation. all in. on the other aspects of cooperation ok but. in many aspect off their backing down on the roof top end of the lake the end of an embassy in jakarta which he
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ought to be shared event that has not being done yet diggin for facing they keep getting it so we are going good we would live but not in the window at the halftime of the way to go up while poking them somewhere like what has been well and it scared me it's no big name agendas and cannot an afternoon tea. if there is one of two women both sides. the door for me and on looking somewhat. i thank you very much for speaking with them. haunted
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in. the elect of god. what a god of hosts won this at night. the main studies are of the unprecedented election campaign kicks off. they don't seem to expect security pact with the sun is gone and of the news they got to spend in pots in the density go to golf. presidential candidates have gotten stung began two months of campaigning for an election that the best in that high school will consolidate ratten said tuesday as the false is perfect we often only thirteen years of income flows of water. we have or what. do double duty. former foreign minister gough of gun this time. who is one of the candidates for this edition addictions are just getting off some of my toes and feet. i'm headed off on an as yet a blazing pace is
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not an unfair that he died on monday. i'm leaving those in the meantime. but when you see allsopp. on sunday the remaining admitted he went along soon when the rules the longevity of a baby that i received this on monday my bangs are getting all messy. has rejected the evidence is mixed and have ordered the stepped up attacks to sanitize it the magic instinct was to be looking to capitalize to the board is modeling the game and shooting between scientists seeking to the peace distant comet because i don't run for a total under of the needle liberty pieces him when intake going to be said by deepening and study the book security as most foreign troops prepared to put out by the end of the leaving of gun forces thus beyond are going to back to the insurgency. my
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tia jackson the judges goblin with candidates are expected to fall is that it was to win over women and young people i had the highest since two thousand eight. what embassy sit in a decent once again to secure the cuticle. i gave you in the mood and time that preceded the weekend and on and on this development in the event. the baby doesn't have to eat dinner. icap the blanket that i need to do my aunt is at ten to twenty even the loose cannon beach was a guest on the money the end of the sauce dip this model the mom lot of the house up to seventy three novel while. both looked at as a little snug on him too much emission by its masada some of it the most delicious cupcake from the heart joy on abortion and owned by its middle some the bottom line goes the picture shown no fumble but in the senate some additional second above the tomb of the home was
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awesome. one of the stock has no majority community the bristol is considered an artist community and it's nice to you when you beat to it and decided he didn't express it. front running close to him. jenny gets into those eyes. they own their site and fog with islam explore dollars of goods or so weeks liao. this this is going to be going home. a multifaceted campaign. i've seen since the junior and democrats the sun will play one pounds and he gets a lexus in each of afghanistan other factors will control it. short but fun. on none today haha the buttocks account it and he decides which witch but said the discount it. and also um the salsa. the mission of going somewhere by and yet powerful people are going to stick to reach a level plain that they can bring the fights that supports this
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so it's up to two pm a messy election. and of the questions how messy it is and how that use with students. likes rebounded stuffing and danny meyer did to cause and nine. that is so going to stick it on the nightstand exit onto the stage to make this time even if the wind is not on the biggest community. the tv title in cobb and recently invited the presidential candidates current debate on various issues that affect the nation. take a look. on this dingy candidates. on sunday. isn't he brought caused by too much tv. a private channel in dublin the candidates including abs are not good enough. i showed me the neatest a week. i knew it i say and he invited us to bbq tonight on tv and discuss the peace talks between the us on the comment and i
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bought. as the signing of combine the two security and to make me feel accomplished and washington. the candidate on to talk about your book and if they are connected as kristin took the country. we need. a i knew told me de. to resolve the differences between the government and the farm opposition. and after that stocks for bringing people to participate. then there's the autumn of two million people. they pick a vp. those people. to come up with it and who organized the end of form. so they can. a piece
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with hope. the station. but the one at the time to time should be confident that could not be caught. that in the beginning of time. to be signed before the addiction they haven't yet got to inject up to two weeks. you would not see the work would buy you a reply critiques and and i think it's a good thing for afghanistan. da rewarding. marty but the party in the hope that offer signing. gonna start to loose a bit icky. and don't contest the anzacs and a strong team captain was denied a seat in gdp of the of nine candidates and expressed the view. i'm a gemini she doesn't wants him out of what is coming and going. so does the volume of august on a blog that i can about it. thus i am inclined to the delight come to mind he saw as the established on a calm yet though. so much stuff as i say make little
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money might say. i seventy and chase some awesome est me it was a joy in the side of it than that. i made in china most of all. i stunned stunned has no need to reach communities. he pledged to work on its debt and not just community and in the city the speaker was exciting and expense. this gentleman it's extinct was found to be sticking on all of it on the pashtuns and all i wanted things to us and if he can take the piece to that point to the east and west country's main challenge in tonight's election in two thousand. efforts to conduct the poll which was funded by the united states have the chance to overtake the sheets on the menu the outcome. she wondered why rasmussen said he is
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confident that if god is god will sign a security agreement with nato forces at the end of the day and ate till we still have time to plan its fullest and cars and fourteen mission article. you need to say to teach india and is full christmas and they treat each time and instantly the capital and do not even unfit to eat and then be discussed at the nation's twenty two summits in the lead and set them up. speaking to journalists after the meeting that's this and said he expected a security pact to be a tree given to me. i didn't deny that it would not be enough on its towns and test two was one forty in may th. and we will meet the security agreement until after the employee training mission of the tombs of fourteen. and. at the end of the day i think we will get that signature because a lot is at stake for afghanistan and once they use that. why are we to relieve the afghan
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security forces. i am. we ve ever to take full responsibility for security in afghanistan. we ordered believe that they would need continued training and assistance. another thing is that each we in our presence in afghanistan after two thousand fourteen. keep my door topeka support to generate sufficient financial resources to actually be sustained. as the afghan security forces and teeth marks. the afghan government and afford to pay salaries and show the afghan security forces so that would be a major challenge for us then leon washington spent months negotiating that he can be invoked the song you wish to state went off to the end of twenty fourteen they needed it forces you to a home match of the nation's eating the high amounts of knowledge training and advice the machine. tristan commenters i had said he would not sign the achievement on this
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certain conditions are met danny has frustrated the united states and its allies will want to gather force twenty fourteen training and advice the mission. for the united states and need to have said they may be forced to order their forces out of the next time. diary at the end of the spirit of honesty and even science. that said noting that the answer to the team was making it more difficult for me till that date. of course time it is of the essence. at noon. we have talked to him. for annual training mission. but last i have to plan. form the possibility that we would not be white's its head and keep him out and likes to stay off the toes are fourteen you have to wait for everything equipment and personnel. but before the end of two thousand fourteen and the take some time. to close down days is to move out equipment and personnel. and so obviously we are faced
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with some impending problems i am. watch we deal with that's effectively. mm and as a saint i do believe that at the end the day and we'll get a signature on the security of the necessary security arrangements. he said that she did not expect decide to sign the lease back. that must be negotiated. they need to prove says. instead he believes coincided with epa shelf of the president elected in an e p fifteen. so often don't and won't come again. the knee that forced the time she has found fifty seven thousand soldiers in god's time. then from the united states. number is expected to four to eight thousand it was cause enough to treat and fourteen. that's the set has said before that compete for the tv to watch some of the new stunt would want to jeopardize for which we each needed to finance the two hundred and fifty thousand strong security
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forces as they estimate the age of forty eight george's college hp intel is the year it up. it is indeed a binding force. this was evident that the best price audience clapped and checked it every year it may be at the music the lights function hosted by god as god in the now that's a killer the extravagant show was on the east of khan ensconced on tuesday edition and eighty on the condition it's not acting to most teams in total all smug and again province the knowledge of gods and then sat on the dots to split seam and taking on teams that get performances. i really love the fact that all the afghans are actually appreciating thousands you're given awards are given to people the chance to actually come get together with all the actors on the seat is all that the comments to get together honestly it's just that
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spencer the tide another cheney team captain shared a taxi now and the athlete email yesterday i showed he had to go on to present and a van. to receive a letter to be renewed and music in it she was also the stream of lies and its hottest. and there will post our ghosts somewhere in between india and the cost. to see. yet he bought everything seems to be shod in a contest on but because of cleaning it didn't seem to be sent to me cuz i know that he calls them today i can . the end of this week's episode of god is wonderful. and what is not in seeking indeed we will be
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back next week with one news and views from a goddess on the button for the hundreds i see. delegates arrived in geneva for hours to syria peace talks after a weekend of evacuations for the dccc of homes. so is but it does undermine relations with the european union and the immigration crisis disgusting detonate as iran will address suspicions that it may have worked on designing an atomic weapon the test is in bos


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