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the twentieth anniversary of the youth of us take a day is celebrated this year the ballot and you see i'm a ph and submits its report. we get the force exhibition of
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russian poet alexander pushkin opens. welcome to the to the new slide from annoyed picture with it to be international in the next thirty minutes we're going to bring to you that the latest updates on stories happe session of the vietnam cambodia joint committee for economic co true scientific and technological cooperation opened in phnom penh on tuesday at the event and in the midst of a promise to cut meaning and his cambodian counterpart hor nam hong retreated their determination to quickly complete a land border demarcation. the two sides agreed to boost cooperation in education economics trade and investment with the aim of raising a two way trade turnover to five billion us dollars by two fifteen the leaders also agreed on for the corporation into such an appropriation of the remains of the volunteer soldiers who sacrificed their lives in cambodia. the two different from mr signed a memorandum of understanding
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the next section will take place in the next year. in other news the twenty fourteen marks the twentieth anniversary of vietnam us trade relations trade in between the two countries during the period has boomed and will continue to grow stronger. according to produce bins at a meeting to mark the occasion in washington dc. the full report to get this more teachers from dc the twentieth anniversary of being with us tribulation and all the behind the scene told a capitol hill with the participation is ever say yes to both democrats and republicans. oh and representative something they need us to peanuts you may notice me. meanwhile we just want to eat in peace and prosperity in asia pacific
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for myself. having grown up during the vietnam war which he called us well. we missed the post to a reconsideration and participated in the development of bilateral relations to the coffee and tea ice sheet. on sunday's opening speech. denise and back again to the u s marine corps current record president clinton at breaking the announcement by lifting the trade embargo citing it as a sequel to my art and history of the night to relations us to come to me and john kennedy and senator john mccain to one of a change to green and to prevent iran's efforts to force the us relations. i liked the historical significance of units in the street and bought go there's surely they should repent and after my father grandfather and not too long
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ago. visitors to the court of demand which shows that while not anything can happen the design senate in eighteen usc treachery of state john candy. another prominent seeking to mention the minister its relations with the cannery that that despite their political difference is keen to retain both wanted me to be known as the country not to walk although you. concerns about the stuff forever. and what is happening to the ecosystem and this is where we come top it all ended a relationship was now focused on the future of our country's future of the region and column inches i continued. you can see beneath that a comprehensive punishing financed by my mentor officials from both sides could provide the foundations for even more cruel to mention the eighteen twenties the time. nom and the united states celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the end of the m one and
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twenty years of diplomatic relations in twenty fifty. an agreement was signed on to state in vietnam's ministry of transport and japanese investors to start construction on them for like an expressway in the north of course idiot. apart from using japanese od a fund of about five hundred and sixty million years. those that didn't like the motorway is yet to be completed within three years. once completed the new six lane road with a total length of fifteen point six km will connect high phones being bored and have high investors owns two other key destinations along the north is economic corridor. in other news the gym a port in the center properties of that and we welcome to the multi celebrity millenium cruise ship with three thousand five hundred passengers. tourists visited culture and historical relics and scenic spots in who is sitting up
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there with the cruise ship will move onto a long day in the northern province of west main. this intra city of way welcome to more than twenty nine thousand foreign tourists from international cruise ships last year according to several economic experts and food businesses the rice exports will continue facing difficulties especially in terms of price. therefore the vietnam food association pfa has only set an export target of six point seven two seven million tonnes according to the front and apricots cut open and patience that competes in the mt will confuse and acts as a fall hundred and ninety one given tons of rides mexican care for them. many companies have implemented to listen to diversify its export market. you should look into it to record supporting and we found some
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long term testaments to stabilize our exports. and it did today that the accompanying many of them the last shift toward a body in the present site at twenty one million tons accounting for fifteen percent tip of the indie acts with a seven percent on the pdf here. he now will continue focusing on the fourteenth i can bribe as demand increases and the project had become more competitive in the town and buy him a chance. who could use to track when bryson standard anti own time to time and sells record rise to one thousand dollars a tonne we only sell from six hundred to seven hundred dollars so we have many opportunities to bruce fragrant rice exports. one man. in the last two years china remained the ninth largest export market accounting for clarity of tone arrive at school. two point one million tons in twenty fifty. however on
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the pitch across what it's like having someone like me and can therefore be a pain in the nineteen fifties has to be more conscious and increase the provision of an export operations. i don't know yet what are you on a tissue grows barter trade a simpler day when looking at those numbers. we need to pay attention to the sustainability since we can control the quality. in fact it up. dc at the mount will focus on using the comedy of the culture produced instead of body in the sector has oh so sad that i get to ensuring outlets for its by helping to increase profits for farmers. i know he is and you don't know that sort of forced approach expo that popular annual food exhibition has started in moscow russia with the participation of two thousand and three hundred enterprises from sixty three countries including two from good now . school has placed
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itself as a major international unit and beverage industries that this nation operas and concerts opportunity to penetrate the bath brush repeated and that makes my head. i've heard only to be nice and prizes presented exclusively see it. john coffey and the empty street cop. a severe decline in number compared to previous occasions the dog. i wanted a new one. the oddly still don't want to be beautiful the exhibitions like this one will go and watch the video the enemy's owns the bed and go for these approaches the mall to trick the nation of people could buy. the dog that can be played at
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the time go. the nice coffee skein in my share of the russian market and its high quality and flavor famous trademarks like to read meat am i becoming like the russians and the daylight with the content in a new blog about. our current policy the parties in the cbd to our customers. so these are marketed to meet with potential storm the child is called the chen long gone. if the chemical. it is to get it i'm not a long time like he did company. the mascot. it's fine to become the official representative of me turned coffee. it's a great competitive advantage in the market tends to its beatable price and quality they have to cram the one on the market leader in them who wants to come at me the impression at the leash
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is natural and healthy to what it meant. it immediately he now has more than just half as much. time for teams to sixteen feet long in the nation's beaches employees. according to major well known species like trail though. i had to preach to predict when my kids to splash out. easton hero. he knew aussie and aviation summit opens in singapore on tuesday afternoon os jessica terry general in the mean and vice president of the european commission sin collis attended the events during this two day event which features the participation of allen's airports aerospace industries and service providers national governments and the european commission us get into discussing go aviation markets aviation safety regulations and potential for cooperation and traffic management and airports as well as prospects
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for both the eu artsy and cooperation. given its delegates would join in discussions on aviation safety on wednesday at traffic between the eu and us and has been growing steadily in recent years and nearly doubled over the last fifteen years to reach more than ten million passengers in twenty trial. moving on with the music of the intense cold spell that started yesterday cost temperatures in the most in mountain peak in mountain province to drop to a record low of negative two point five degrees oceans the frosting it did have was the mountain peak temperatures tumbled to two point two degrees so she is in such events as the dow and the book and to one point six degrees in mountainous areas to stop by and love guide night temperatures in the capital city of hanoi also fell to nine to ten degrees celsius. with the ex but say this minus two point five degrees is the lowest
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temperature ever recorded so far the most imminent. no concrete road to no electricity no water sanitation facilities. that is what four hundred among households in hendon can mean not in the streets in north and seven the province have to live with one year ago however the commune has announced the change drastically. let's find out why in the full report the entire team on to become use to handle is one of the most disadvantaged areas team back into shape. it used to be a hot spot at the fire stations and poppy protein powder you basically use to be more than ninety percent mr tang said two storey house has being demolished to pay to wait for the construction at the time using the net from anthro. now people joining to hop in the beer can house. we don't get a lot
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trying to rebuild my house elsewhere yet just the main road has been constructed as the nation has come when convenient. how are already a rock beat him to live a much better. allows its main pro people i no longer can keep up the phone and had tears in that time you ate it with a tutor for actors have tried growing cattle together we cultivated rice the common theme to put her toes in the province. now comes family had to keep papa t and i was ten at buffalo's npt has no income is estimated at eighteen years and kidneys down the camera. we're no longer planning man poppy were not climbing on the produce and cattle and much more to tell you that they will. the last ten years handled come you receive support from testament to how to keep reduction programs oh so benefited from the nationals new approval and tia program. to get rid
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of the day with government policy should do it too was looking for them but they should be translated into moment which i preached solution to become effective one family could be chosen as a how to do that again lying to them. people should be the main topic of the scalp and support policies of go is for the province to escape poverty. then the link. these children's lives off of school. now stay in these boarding facilities. besides studying in class if they can also watch tv. as to what the future is open up more for them and that each generation is at hand and commune in the northern province of sindh. no tours and industry of course it had a slogan and logo back in two thousand and one says the andean already has five logos and slogans for the industry while many of the oz in countries mostly maintained it was a brand identity for at least five
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years in a bid to develop its own tours of brent died auntie donna city has launched a tourism logo design contest starting last july. the full report takes a close look. tourism logo and slogan contest for dad and he withheld from july last year and will last until march this year. this is the first time the contest was held at checking five hundred and cheese from the science students will close and people from the indians and foreigners. he couldn't get enough people each one has to own the idea and i would give out many interesting ideas rather than having a brand building cavity. many professional bread toast and do things better in terms of my views. they might not have blatter wants. me mom instead of delta fix it. don't you these contents. we also would like to promote and raise awareness of the community in advertising for the cd two was an image
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that is why we all connect these contest. it is hiring an ad agency. until now that doesn't quite have a good twenty entries for the final round. however the most was the one to the catastrophe choice in the logo and slogan is not yet been found. don't get what they really stand it our deadline of submission to realize that when i embraced the price two hundred million in them don't do that by investing more in these contests would be able to select a local council can put the cd that was a brand identity. it says it will debut during a brand does not necessarily mean that just won't go to sleep in a labour list. we also need to focus on is to increase our product quality to maintain it well and that is really important in developing a brand identity for the city the local area. don't expect you know the answer of the engines for the contest for the next two months. bt
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its pioneering getting a tourism brand identity the movie is being considered. well one of the battered department of the mountain tourism industry gilmore thousand years a ceremony to receive unesco's to take it to recognizing the then got back to the south and folk music as an intangible kosher had dished to place on tuesday nights at new hall in reaching the city's district one premise in weapons and attended the event. the two hour ceremony features performances. recalling the gender of the debt that has haunted house artists from twenty one so far has been targeted at the event the tradition of using general was announced as one of the leopard and the inscriptions on you the scoop representative list of intangible coat or heritage of humanity as the fifth session of the nt government committee for the safeguarding of intense for her dish it out. ash by jobs in december last year
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the hanoi based pushed in russian language institute opens an exhibition showcasing masterpieces by russian poet alexander pushkin on tuesday morning let's take a close look in the full report. east affairs at the execution of the priest did not appreciation to see his work use the trip home to occupy me to the ranch and polished we have presented all of the three treasures of pushkin temple. will the truth is the deviation you will gain a greater understanding of foreign literature and make donations so we can expand the collection. yet i was just sworn in to introduce to the amount of friends. since
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it opened its doors in my condition now. the way to get away with the bike rationally three terrorists or cheers the hallways and translators. starting afresh in and people would oppression concert and the duration and eat that the light. that i wanted to study poetry. they stress or did he tell you. and kind to you. i expected most of my heart because they showed the hallways characteristics get. the coach said i know bbc when the stench of that great for teens. eastern creek chance we'll need to heat and gradually research on to tell richer life of the non giving the last century. next let's take a look at some online articles about the noun . road. with
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the team vietnam alive with music from the number to come cut into vietnam to consummate a deal that could have three ties between vietnam and india are developing fast approaching it i get off thousand billion us dollars the sea witch with a twenty ft team had noted that she retrieved our heroes from over one point five billion us dollars in two thousand and seven. she more than five billion us dollars in twenty thirteen at bats in the non peace the fourth watch a street corner on the dvd of some staging a summary of asian nations are five pm. both nations spike lee upper queen does not deplete the auntie at the end it with eager to clean making it easier for beginners and to
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the respective markets. songs can be a repeat post that as the demand for high quality chocolate rice locally particularly in emerging markets. the industry is fighting in vietnam as the new supply. when chuckle its producers such as eminem company. mary took on the spirit of effective means to supply company for the four new products which are present in vietnam and all the law. it now appears that they provide matching with the teachings of the code development million hectares to that land in southeast and spent a hot kitchen and western port it's something we choose which they used to in gospel crops. traded to the sip a cup of coca cultivation regis on the great dot com is down to see the force of will promote the use of bicycles these here as part of the plan to get the cd into the first eco city in vietnam. the city has brought
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us the release of pro plan zoning board member protection to be used after is a much watch it. but the device could have been selected as the favorite the poor creature is the same destination in the city servants and beaches in two thousand and two the city as the fleet upgrade of its students read in the ahl for it and hold it in a cheap date with the past four years. according to the seat natural resources and employment topics. was it goes and now use but most remain and children in the city to go to markets and schools. needles pasta for speed or total foreign direct investment on empty after both knew the ninth and an existing projects in vietnam went down twenty two percent year on year to reach three hundred and ninety seven million us dollars in the first month of twenty fourteen that if the council
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ministries of planning and investment of the nine major sectors that promote investment in the first month processing and manufacturing appear to be held captive for investors with twenty five new license projects. in january. actually i just bursting to get not one of the twenty percent year on year to four hundred and sixty five during my style dave reports that the announcement of the eight more us dollars in the first month of twenty fourteen to buy something as an honor to be asked about the ideal ten percent by dividing the meat and wool which has competed with the same period last year compared to december twenty thirteen automobile imports plunged twenty five percent in fighting and thirty percent in that he said that the announced attendance to sit on this monday. according to your feet at the end to special consumption tax levied on being quiet and tobacco to blow in truth i tend to fifteen percent hours from ten fifteen a noted that
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the government to reduce consumption of these products include twenty three announced by the finance ministry's a lot with the amendments to the lock on the special consumption tax protest on the oak wine and tobacco products will hit a record high of seventy five percent it is likely to feel up to eighty five percent in two and two. it's almost a prequel to today's weather forecast. aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye. the and this
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is the end of it in use for this hour think you very much for spending it on your post simply go to website that had been to before dhabi and to re watch any of our programs online. one of the bar from noah. i knew. i just sit donuts that maintain the samurai warrior spirit and muscle techniques. also
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present some unique weapons instruments and equipment these items are often still many unused exactly is that when hundreds of years ago. i do. windows some early solo training. instead of real soon. kindle uses this unit the bamboo intimate that makes a loud noise when it strikes it. waugh. when using bamboo souls protective clothing is essential reflecting kendo samurai heritage. this resembles the warriors on. it depends and bought the lease security protected. we don't become quite the feat. europe doesn't get senior next. and oh you must learn to read
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your comments sections and tired. standing calmly on guard you watch freddy left to my concentration the instant you spot a weakness you strike. silicon go to school by striking thrusting with the chimera and you must attack the nice as before and there is a bit cold so you can. the room. so wanted to know if everything depends on mental concentration and acting instantly the moment when dishonest. the blue blue don't want that traces its roots from becky japanese history the efficiency and to those notes into the ability to hit the target movements must be executed with bricks falling to those rules a bit
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vera is made using methods and materials and training others. the main material. i rose on each continent and sitting with three cents the eye using street and has been chosen to tour england in. the it is. she said concentration is the key. it isn't unusual for an auction to spend ten minutes or more with releasing amount. in the distance of the target is twenty eight. using these priests once the current events. a place to learn to can hit the target even with
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all its quirks. additional improvements and the news in the various forms of crime focus concentration and string. oh noo noo known. eye the show significant progress in implementing continent to continent for bronte road pp. the ocean down to the most appropriate for him. our amps up troops on foreign currency benefit to stand up. it's


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