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tv   Newsline  PBS  February 12, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PST

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now on dvd. low long i knew you. the us. welcome to nhk world is love and you know tony and talk to which here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am. prime minister says it cannot hold his nineteen ninety five apology for its wartime aggression and colonial rule in asia reporters without borders has downgraded japan's press freedom rankings by six places. the announcement follows the passing of the state secrets evil. and that's left behind inside
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the team and their backers are still waiting for their owners to return nearly three years later. a former japanese prime minister has assured south koreans that japan up holds an apology he made for its colonial aggression. call me each and when i am on issued a statement in nineteen ninety five on the fiftieth anniversary of the end of world war two. he expressed deep remorse and heartfelt apology for japan's colonial rule in asia. what am i as the former leader of japan's social democratic party which is now part of the ruling camp. he is on a private visit to south korea invited by opposition lawmakers and soul when did happen to bump into things for my statement as national consensus but they are cool and i can assure you the designer shoes either. prime minister of japan. well tonight my
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apologies to do with it. what am i called on south koreans to work to improve relations with japan to have soured over historical and other issues. you can come to japan and south korea must maintain friendly ties. the financial benefit to the development of the whole asian region. lol peace. south korean president packer then reportedly considered meeting with grandma but decided not to the japanese government has filed a lawsuit against the captain of a chinese fishing boat that collided with japan coast guard vessels four years ago in the suit. officials are demanding the captain pay the repair costs for the patrol boats the incident occurred in japanese waters to the sense that while and then controls the highlands china and taiwan find them. he was arrested for obstructing official duties but was later released and sent back to china. in two thousand and eleven the coast guard them and that this gift will pay about one hundred forty thousand dollars and cents and eleven invoices over
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the past three years of the campaign hasn't paid the required cost the lawsuit was filed in a court in okinawa prefecture by filing the suit the statute of limitations will be suspended. the right to claim damages would expire otherwise. coast guard officials also decided to make the video of the collision . the footage was leaked on the internet by one of its employees about two months after the incident the japanese government maintains the senate the crew islands are an inherent part of japan's territory in terms of history and international law that says there's no issue of sovereignty to the results over the islands the chinese foreign ministry spokesperson criticize the lawsuit she had seen. e she's a little bit and intelligence home. officials in beijing claim any legal procedure in japan regarding the incident is invalid. us ambassador to japan caroline kennedy is now visiting the southern prefecture of okinawa she has told
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the governor. she will cooperate in efforts to reduce their burden of hosting u s military facilities. and chinese demonstrators met the us envoy of the prefectural office. she arrived there after visiting the keys to memorial park in you seen the protesters held up banners opposing construction of any new u s military facility in now. some called for the removal of the controversial asked for a transport aircraft and is meeting with kennedy governor he took us about pena said okie dallas hosting of more than seventy percent of the us military facility in japan has given rise to crimes accidents and environmental problems in the prefecture. you know what he did not go. i hope you will provide leadership in reducing alpine of hosting the basement. they don't leave us. primus submitted requests in december for a reduction in bases when he approved a landfill project
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that construction is needed to relocate the foot of the marine corps era station within the prefecture under the japan u s agreement seeing so many students have been easy and was really. i think is great and reminder of the importance of working together to reduce the burden of the of the american military presence here so that we can build the future for the students of okinawa tomato but dammit she will cooperate she said she wants to help build the future for children in okinawa the ambassador also refer to he startf jan us tks on a naty offer japan i think that is against that and his staff and hopefully we can work together to come. keep the momentum moving forward for progress. after the meeting that simon told reporters that is difficult t solvehese problems in the short term he said he wants to talk more with
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kennedy becomes a filipino people's sentiments. japan's ranking has fallen in the world press freedom index reporters without borders downgraded the country by six notches in its annual listing this follows the enactment of the controversial state secrecy law proposeby the ave administration the paris based media rights watchdog released as two thousand and fourteen world press freedom index covering one hundred eighty countries and territories. your best ranking fell from fifty third to fifty nine. the report says that since the focus human nuclear disaster in two thousand and eleven freelance in foreign journalists have often been denied access to news conference is in the information by the government and tesco the plant operator. the group warns that with the ave government's newly enacted state secrecy law the job of freelance reporters will become even more difficult other countries the fallen rankings include the united states which was downgraded from thirty second place to forty six as after edward
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snowdon a former national security contractor leaked documents about the country's data gathering programs the top eight places are all taken by european nations with finland placed first taiwan ranked fiftieth in south korea fifty seven china is one hundred seventy fifth slightly ahead of north korea in thailand the constitutional court has rejected a claim by the largest opposition party that the recent general election was invalid. but today not so long has the story and the latest from across the region. i'm boycotting the election and tidy the main opposition democrat party had been seeking to nullify the results. a seemingly intended to deal a blow to the administration of prime minister he got to watch and support as a fair process former prime minister talks seem to know what he has a pool is a defect to a cell in the train from last week the democrat party said the election was in doubt it's because the constitution stipulates that attention
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should be held on the same day across the country the constitutional court to its booming on wednesday acne is that the team didn't take place on the same day nationwide is on pace as it was not the case of the ruling party trying to create a favorable situation for it to win column on friday the anti government demonstrations ten thousand polling data in a bid to stop the election. the pond succeeded in around twenty percent of constituencies with the team was sold as a consequence the whole weekend in sufficient numbers to form a common and which would have had the authority to appoint a new prime minister at him to remain as acting head of the current skates that the government which is still hand picked by nancy control loop and making local alt ring policy and the election commission said on tuesday that it will hold a green vine in april. he is eager to complete the election to know when to a new administration
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as soon as possible. one face between pro and anti toxin forces has defined a tight end for the cost a case of trade talks in policies that strengthen the support base in the north and north eastern tip of his policies that appeal to the market will move them to pace back but opposition parties and anti government demonstrations supported by the entertainment of cars and he's not able to unseat the trade talks in administration. expectations are that they will try to disrupt any future election and ensuring more tough times for me and caucus on nine people were kild when andre has attacked the house of an anti pockets on each other on the nation's chief and his way to finance these primates to wash everything in an increasingly difficult situation. krishna is mounting on hand to take the strongest honest against terrorism and to restore security. about twenty five
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attackers used grenades and rifles in the attack on the house on the outskirts of the northwestern city of the show on wednesday the associated press says the men aged eighteen and eight of his relatives die no one has claimed responsibility for the attack security in the country continues to deteriorate as extremists to step up the tax hikes terror attacks in pakistan that killed more than fourteen thousand people cos decades. prime minister sharif thanks to improve the security situation when he took office the staff but he is on the mounting criticism about how to deal with abundance representatives of the pakistani government and the country's largest islamist insurgent group the caucus tiny tot i began to experience this mom. is he clung to me may have expanded at an astonishing pace in recent years that still have people placed on sat the cta is a growing health of
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infants and young today. he was upset. juliet tells us how should i do not sell side changing the shape of indiana he is a little soft voice but see that chicken kabobs this is the preferred the fight is a must for me there was no avoiding food this was the site of course vatican i die. i am new to me the new york. most of chili and biscuits as well as three square meals. these tips you may be changing. these outdated step up and show me what stipulate seek to be to
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prevent diabetes. stress has teamed up with the dark. well it's pretty hard on the team gets to clean it helps prevent the disease. india has achieved rapid economy grew. avoid the right key forward has become available and in people's life status of cheese. but that's cause so there's no diabetes today as many as sixty five million indians suffer from diabetes. the spread of disease among people in the prime of their bodies with the indian economy the government is trying to fight obesity. commission that the city needs to be a different thinking. no more and phone to call them and they live and own words the illustration program
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though. or the master program for the region in control of all. reduce your risk for diseases. and store. so the blood off the dirty that you are big business at the bottom edge of the grid on the streets i know. you can also measure your height fresh air and over sixty. oh but just thirty seconds. so the kids started two weeks and middle class people who are seen rising since before the items containing less buoyant consumer. officials with a market research from the day that the status of the food above two million
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dollars the auto companies are making in boots into the sport into the used market. i should just think it's gotten quite good over there than in india the students met at a nice fall see that the business or fortunately. yet offering free blood pressure gets to the. the pitch. when your blood pressure improving lifestyle who leaked the disease. details of such a close fourth company in december and the farms was tasting event in india. and hardly breathe. all my products. it's said to be effective in preventing diabetes. but most indians aren't familiar with it rice's us a clue what unions
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the japanese company makes tools to guide them. you see a football against his body i met with this unending ago we have always been a lot from my neighbor does. he's a good thing. i kissed by that great but it still shows are pretty. so the markets and hospitals are showing interest. in hebrew school i have become comfortable and feeling. for some people spend all of the skin has become part of getting his routine. diaz fight the spread is just beginning she will be up and its people and wounded. it will wrap up our place and encrypt any attacks that will mean prank call. and i mitsubishi
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heavy industries plans to build new production facilities for domestically developed small passenger jet he'll be the first such aircraft produced in japan in about fifty years. and involvement is the mitsubishi regional jet or m r j with government backing mitsubishi heavy industries has been working on a prototype of the aircraft the firm is now preparing it for mass production assembly of the wings and fuselage will be done at plants in the nietzsche prefecture the company plans to build new production lines and a plan to me dupree picture in a shipyard in kovan for the wings and tails system will also construct a new plant next to the clinic airport for the aircraft's final assembly. the company is book three hundred to twenty five orders for the jets to first m r j will be ready from people two thousand and seventeen the mayor of hardcore that this city in hokkaido says he will file a lawsuit to stop the planned construction of
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the form of plants on the northern tip of the issue look how good that there will be the first to local governments to become a plaintiff seeking an injunction against a nuclear plant. he could go says after obtaining the city assembly's approval he will file a suit with a token district court next month he said the city will demand the central government and the plant's operator j power poles construction work the mayor said if an accident were to occur at the plan all my plants. it would re read havoc on the city. the facility is being built across the narrow strait in neighboring i'll bloody prefecture. twenty three km from hype about the regulations require local governments within a thirty kilometer radius of a nuclear plant to have plans in place to thank the residents in the event of a major accident construction work and pull out was suspended after the two thousand and eleven accident at the free grisham and i need to plan but resumed in it over two thousand and twelve. jay
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powell is preparing applications for safety checks required under the government's new safety guidelines. cotto said the city has asked the central government and the power on four occasions to halt construction work indefinitely but the request of all been rejected. what town hosts the nuclear plant and says it will continue to support the construction plan people who fled their towns and villages after the nuclear accident in for cushy might have spent nearly three years dreaming of going back for many it's not just their homes they missed. they had to leave their pets behind and those animals are struggling to survive another bitter winter. each of the village is in the evacuation zone. high radiation levels forced six thousand residents to leave and since then and there had to be going it alone around
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two hundred down to four hundred cats will spend most of the time living without their owners the eco cycle is one of those owners she's living in superhuman city temporarily. because her apartment there doesn't allow pets. he had to leave redundant i knew in the cockpit. yule is a japanese word meaning son sancho chose the name according to dunn who might share its warmth with others i feel like it's been separated from my child. i missed i know i talk to to go to everyday seen things like can i go i'm going now evacuees are allowed to visit their former homes during the late hours southall goes twice a week to take care of her dogs it's about an hour's drive
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from focusing the city the neil was waiting eagerly for her though the boat. she fed him some homemade food she also took the dog for a walk she realized that i knew who had lost weight this winter. on every visit she a leaves a lot of fruit to keep the dogs going until next time still she wondered why he was losing weight any tv crew was set up an infrared camera to investigate. in the middle of the night rats showed up the tomb of the food and took more away with that amazingly the meal for two hundred raids across the night. by morning half of
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the food was gone. clearly the ideal wasn't eating enough. they are evacuees were not allowed to stay in the village overnight. they all. so when tying your senses it's time for santa to leave. he hides his face. so is heartbroken about leaving the gun behind. especially with the rat problem. most like in a can of beer and i feel so sorry for it i heal them. i was eager to be unseen places where people can live with their families as well as with their cats and dogs. my name. this is the third winter since the accident that to conceal and that he she hence in the village are surviving with only intermittent business donors and volunteers. with no hope of
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life returning to normal soon the animals and the people who care for them. little else to keep going and hope for the best. you know me and min. japanese ace pitcher most ideal tanaka has tried on his new uniform for reporters in new york to not to sign a seven year contract with the yankees. the deal has made him the fifth most expensive pitcher in major league history. the manager joe girardi help him try on his pinstripes. he said that his new japanese acquisition will be a big piece of the puzzle in the yankees' campaign for another world series title. i roll. my baby is not healed. i'm very happy
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to be happy. says he looks forward to pitching in these matters were mostly new to him. replica jerseys in williston aka t shirts when on sale at a midtown new york sporting goods shop. i'm getting this our nephew and california. a navy probably get a few more as well for my three sons. so there continue to be that the pentagon funded spent the weekend joins the team for the start of training camp this weekend in florida. this lighting in the uk our meteorologist roberts pet is here with more proper. yes so we haven't seen as one storm after another in the most recent quite strong out here. will the onshore across western portions of the breakouts is packing winds gusty of possibly two hundred sixty kilometers per hour rate near the coastline in the biggest problem is more rainfall topped with artie didn't fall unless awesome video coming of a southern portions of the uk out here where the river thames. he
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continues to rise today on its people and forced to eat that late. numerous flood warnings still on the facts of these being severe flood warnings which means the same place as a threat to life but also railways and roadways continuing to be impacted travel deftly at a standstill flights of stilts emerging homes out here as well unfortunately the forecast looks rather grim because once the system was off another one soon becoming re in on its heels and i have been the case for like that for about the past months now actually most of january i it's been on record for one in what is to january's out a record out here. meanwhile we are still seeing these gusty winds up about a hundred forty hundred sixty climber probably got that supporting weighs about fifteen meters high. snow also accumulating in summer the higher elevations about and seven meters of total accumulation in them i guess that another storm system coming break in on the heels of this last one that's adding yet more rainfall so the british isles you are still being impacted the civilian add insult to
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injury. all that rain is falling on already saturated grounds that means going the speed will be going directly into some of the reverse out here western europe that was unpacking here in italy in over towards the balkans jostled into some heavy rainfall and gusty winds with a separate low pressure system that's moving through your area that will continue to track east moving over towards parts of russia not for talking about with the sochi olympics bring out thursday actually seen some pretty beautiful weather out here seventeen degrees every hike same by friday and saturday still to the double digits now there will be changed by sunday that was going to be tracking east. we knew some rainfall for the temperatures still staying relatively warm at least for the city the higher elevations will be colder. about some real winter weather out here though for south eastern portions of the us a significant snow storms last ice storm actually developing out here what's going to be happening. this is going the reason was pretty up damaging the all weather for most of you actually some of the national weather service meteorologist out here. i've
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seen this could be rather catastrophic as the system does develop some years conceive of ten millimeters of ice accumulation at forty c during the peak. there's the risk of significant power outages. along with the girls look of heavy snow fall so roads out here just going to be absolutely dangerous dimension atlantic f likely in santa not appear to be careful because this is going to be seeing some significant delays and cancellations with the storm system the pacific northwest also a separate system coming onshore breeze and gusty winds heavy rain off all day for you seattle live tennis dollars in your forecast on wednesday denver at twelve in oklahoma city just getting up to six quickly want to touch it on its system developing here in the eastern china. this will continue to develop going through the next twenty four hours and actually pushing off with ease and quiet boring. a wintry mix of priests petition up and down the pacific coastline of japan. by friday and saturday's stay tuned for that definitely keep you updated on that the building storm system. his accent
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forecasts. ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay. i know. it is
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this is like the seller and you know tommy into your children's. the us. cheers
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and you need to teach you to use. reasons for indecency we'll show you too. who trampled on. see this in his speech with the co chair where traditions in people's everyday lives. he seems. no
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and. rule. new new. this means in this interview. and the deceased. it's doing its own deceased institute routers. i went to cheers santa came to me. in japan and germany


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