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tv   Kazakh TV News  PBS  February 13, 2014 3:30am-4:01am PST

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the i have. its president sultan as a buyer sure that there's no reason to worry about that in the exchange rate economic situation in kazakhstan is under control the president received the prime minister in the chairman of the national bank in extracting to ensure that there are no spectator price increases and keep it a new tenant atomic war door pool the estimate made the decision to adjust the currency rate. i think there was a necessity to do so. we need to support exporters and small and medium businesses kitchen not in any way influence our
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citizens we must ensure that there are no spanking new prices and shops in exchange offices all mayors across the country should keep the situation under control we will monitor the situation and take necessary measures to regulate the species will have to withdraw licences in case of such violations of whom come from. i have repeatedly in which the acquittal of the muffin top was quickly these days many people are taking advantage of the situation they're increasing their prices. some analysts see the two will be another slight drop whitaker in explaining the situation to the people that this won't happen. there are no more fluctuations. we have a steady currency in sufficient reserves to keep it. i just adore. notable when he stands when you cook with both a medieval this new blog. one of the reasons for the currency correction dispatch list of the national bank have been analyzing global economic trends during the past six months. they concluded that exchange rate of one hundred and forty five yuan and fifty five seat was completely exhausted the final decision was taken on the many factors including
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the free flow of the russian ruble. club of which the beach at that school yesterday we took this decision i believe that we have done this in time we sold two point seven billion of our gold reserves in june through august in january sold two point two billion we're going to sell two billion in february. in fact with this particular trait of the situation could have got out of control and we took this decision to avoid the worst city for him to believe that the adjustment will create a micro economic indicators in several areas in economic growth this year will be stable. as for the price of food and fuel the government will commit all necessary support mechanisms. teach us the gospel of peace between them and the speech he will watch it but he's pitching and go in the market and its interest in it. now we must provide continuous supply of supermarkets and every day monitoring of prices and exchange offices at the two stations in markets where people buy consumer goods include them in the fuel prices to keep old prices during thirty to forty five days. i think that there are no reasons to raise the prices for these fuels the government has enough reserves to provide social
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bread across the country or two again. moscow the same stuff the stuff that goes with going to be executed so they need. in a dollar a will be kept over the next few years. this was announced by the head of the national make a briefing center communication service the debt. don't get though cause not the believers speculators and support the domestic economy. other attempts to destabilize array will be punished up to the license free vocation of exchange offices without the possibility of for the work in this area. prices for oil and food are taken in a special control the worst seats. new boss on those treatments. we intend to prevent unreasonable over pricing. just when the shops are closed for stock taking any wages rise the price of food but twenty percent or more taken advantage of the confusion among the population. the prime minister instructed to deal with all reasonable increase the prices. this match or strain all unscrupulous sellers. we have such an they're just there in two days the situation will settle down. of course there
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is a certain social or in a formal part of the population which will be provided with additional targeted assistance of the government and local authorities. yet the book when i am de la table that shows the independence of the gps both quickest way to achieve stable food prices depend not only on the dollar but also on the desire of people to develop domestic business is identical and said he predicted that the banks now will increase the financing of the real sector and is in protection of fluctuations in world markets. which as you go to a new poll question was initiation. very often people say that they don't care about importing substituting industry innovation programs but when the import covers the economy of the country would become even more dependent on changes in the global monetary system and today we realize that we shall produce the major of the goods especially social important part of the goods as oil products the better of me. therefore the government plans to construct the fourth oil refinery and support the dairy industry to extend you know that we have a tough competition with partners in the customs union during
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the last two to three years everyone can see the products from russia ball resort in his stead on the shelves. we need to protect their producers to create more jobs and in this regard monetary policy is considered to be the greatest support of the state agencies thanks to you by people of the muscles that can put into discussion of film and it is not only cuts than in russia to change the monetary policy according to the head of the national bank a number of developing countries will come to this decision soon the look of the stomach to keep it to you. instead you're working with other countries also making adjustments in the monetary policy this year we will witness many countries making such changes cause extent has witnessed the currency dropped twice. everyone remembers changes in nineteen ninety nine and in february two thousand i read the questions of journalist and people we saw the concerns in the situation that took place in two thousand i'm now we see the same situation. firstly people express their emotions and mores. then they become indifferent and finally everyone realize that this was the right decision. so you might only to teach
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according to the top film that though the current exchange rate adjustment means to protect the interest not only for business but also the national currency itself. new stock. it's too cool to do so the pacific energy. of course you can say that some people have deposits and tangy and they were not warned about such changes but we always said that our economy depends on the dollar the russian economy depends on the dollar like twenty percent twenty two twenty five percent is considered to be i figure they can withstand this figure reaches forty percent we need to maintain our national currency and for this purpose is necessary to take certain decisions. any school. it is expected that the national bank together with the government will develop a separate program that will reduce the dependence of the domestic economy on the dollar. thus there will be no need to command prices of housing for cars to dollars. a special commission which is to prevent expected of prices increases was created in wisconsin region the branches of banks in exchange offices have sufficient reserves of foreign currency. the offices for monitoring are organized in regional centers in a row
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areas. will issue the phone we have sufficient food and consumer goods reserves in the region. the commission will be responsible for control over prices for essential commodities in food prices are under control a special office has been established in north essex then region which will monitor the prices for social import products. local authorities have already started monitoring the market the regional governor. some of these can be a tough took a look at the main products in shops. what the number of brutal too. then bought some products you are there good products and the prices are affordable and you can find everything you need him wear it but not compete in the pm needs to keep us up a lot of kids with nobody else seemed to love and healing of the most difficult of a sudden superman all essential commodities especially food products which are produced in the region are not found in are not subject to the dollar exchange rate this is why the office will moderate all the prices of all the outlets in our region tomorrow in the day after tomorrow the expected price increases are acceptable in the office will take
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the situation under control said the move was to lose the authorities of these topics than region have also ensured all prices of essential goods such as fuel medicines in utilities three working groups were created to control the situation the eastern province and producer supported the initiative to keep or to prices during the next month and a half more but authorities agreed with the millers the day when i raise the price of bread during the next quarter the government is taking measures to revive the region with grain products from the stabilization fund will be sold in retail outlets of the city have reduced prices the stabilization fund reserves stands at eight point five tonnes of dairy products i was in some stores do people work on the prices are stable. there are social divisions where prices remain the same time. use of cyanide you the team on the movie by cars and director johnnie to buy a book was shown at the berlin international film festival in the prestigious forum section. as the berlin film festival continues to remarkable situation films were shown in the framework of this prestigious award
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section. the sub i was the last film night he must be shown at the berlin now for the first time that some gay activists cheques week for me to be here at this festival is a big honor. it is a big chewy for me to know that my film was here is a festival that is attended by a real cinema experts by cinema lovers and critics alike by those people would define the trends in the world of cinema that the ending to the kikuyu money standing at the one condition. rich. umar is a heart rending look at the formal social position in a single woman in context and the protagonists are perilous and unmarried in the film depicts the struggle to love and to be loved in the face of rejection and other central asian graduation at this year's berlin outcomes from the junk was back to reconcile got the smile about with their first full length feature film. sheila forty days of silence. the main character of a chill in his bb chuck a young woman who takes a vow of silence in retreats to her grandmother's house for forty days to pass only the house in the leaves
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keep officers silence from the outside surroundings will carry out this ritual then it's back the smile of up to do their well crafted film we have the st school for a very deft married. also for the hubs is based on his base during the year so it's very widespread tradition but he doesn't float on the surface it's not something that people really speak a lot about but it's very second part of the night. not just a protagonist is under strain also three other women that surround her are her grandmother or aunt in her little cousin. four generations of women in complete absence of a man get all unmarked by the presence of similarity of the face blurring together differently with times and customs. i don't want to make a film about why i want to make a film about how how and why i would like to see that the audience does that to me if you own that these a lot of doors and windows open for the deputation. students into situations cinnamon is presently get this year's berlin now in the center of the variations of nike much
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into our among women. a topic of the two directors meetings to address any convincing way in the fact that their words are being shown here at this vessel needs a big recognition for the girls on a candle to the sun somewhere new is the cause us to the australian the latest news is that three doubt the dodge cars out that stevie got kate said according to the chairman of the national bank has extent that he didn't get the devaluation of the team to increase the competitiveness of the national currency and paused to rethink the position of producers of the country's this in turn will provide an opportunity to strengthen the position of the country the customs union and the single economic space may has been working here it was the victim and the thousands of people in real exchange rate of the team is good for
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the economy as accent the national bank will ensure the smooth functioning of the payment systems the exchange offices will be provided with a sufficient volume of foreign currency and catch both by banks and by the national bank exchange rate adjustments will help to improve competitiveness of domestic goods and local interference that he's alive it's also the mess of may two thousand and two he was the kazakh government is working to ensure that the level of inflation in two thousand for team remained stable in the range of sixty percent. particular attention is paid to the stability of the price is fixing the problem in love with you these notes it wouldn't be as usual are different kinds of speculators like to attempt to take advantage of the situation and would like to warn all those people who attend to these information about the team three strongly advise the population has spent the past primarily the statements of the national bank sitting on the seminal punk that is. it should be reminded that the head of the national bank also mentions the factors that influence adjusting to the new team three. they are
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uncertainties of exchange rate of the russian currency the balance of payments and has extended its despite all the positive indicators has been an increase in imports mainly consumer goods. in addition the national bank of kansas and less noise from the strict regulation of eighteen three. according to press can get that this will create conditions conducive to reduction of the fishery but three to four percent in the medium term. also it's the agency fitch ratings downgraded the credit rating of the cream from the minors to two posts before this news agency reports. political instability in the countryside it is the reason for the downgrade ongoing protests also a confidence in the ukraine beat him. fitch considers the cream to the end of the default position agency's decision to downgrade was also difference but the lack of confidence in the fact that rush who actually provide fifteen billion us dollars to ukraine but buying up the country's treasury bonds. as was noted earlier russia's loan payment was suspended until the return its ability to ukraine. russia is why the first part of ukrainian sovereign bonds where three
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billion dollars in late december of two thousand thirteen of those funds have already been spent. us employers hired fewer workers in january than it was expected number of jobs has increased slightly over the previous month. he became a weakening economy. despite the decline in the unemployment rate to six point six percent the reuters news agency has reported that according to the ministry of labour the number of jobs that said the agricultural sector increased a one hundred and thirty thousand. given the significant rise in employment in the construction sector the cold weather in gender is not a major factor behind the slowdown. the slow increase in employment levels the second month in a row may pose problems for the federal reserve system which is in the middle of curtailing its anti christ is to this program. number of new jobs in december was revised up by only one thousand amounted to seventy five thousand economists polled by reuters had expected the number of jobs increased by one hundred and eighty five thousand in january and unemployment remained at six point seven
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percent. experts predict that china's gdp will exceed ten trillion years dollars in two thousand fourteen. if it continues to grow the crew grief. thus china would become the second country with an annual gdp of over ten trillion us dollars after the united states. in two thousand thirteen tennis gdp grew by seven point seven percent compared with two thousand and twelve amounting to nine point three trillion us dollars. in accordance with the decision making persistent and economic growth rate for two thousand fourteen will be announced in march this year. however historical experience shows that the curfew of ten of sixteen seats that are good according to chinese economist this year the country's gdp will grow by seven point five percent and india's general report the world bank predicted that china's economic growth will reach seven point seven percent to two thousand and fourteen. however experts agree that china will still lag far behind developed countries in terms of gdp for captains and learning the largest developing country in the world. efforts of many generations yet to
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come will be required in order for china to achieve true mind the eye. around. it is . the it all. recent
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economic stimulus package the obama administration has pledged three point four billion dollars toward smart grid technology. this technology will help stabilize the power grid in the end of the failure to better incorporate alternative energies and vastly improve overall efficiency. smart grid delivers electricity from suppliers to consumers using digital technology to save
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energy costs. she thousand and seven sydney conducted by its youth centers that seize control. build on alarmingly high. it was to find tickets goes on. at approximately one to go down in eighteen eighty six east and one he was in the sixteen piece set to double that. in response to government in reaching its end she listens to the sides keep taking serious measures against phoenix. want to create. sierra tower. he has won the senior counsel as to costs continue to be chosen by children's rights. blacks and specifically designed the company states to get it
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at least she tries to get enough evidence to take a six x eps to return to the high court if they were unable to how unable to pay down debt and not to be because it cannot be saying so many of you. i found this from. we understand that day when this happened. it's hard not to be the talk will say whatever happened to them the bbq contests to do with it demonstrates to us what happened. his passion successful prosecutions are non typical proceeds the state strategy. lisa said that he needs to tackle a piece to be too spicy and sweet equal to the station their weight in cuts to the community based child protection and teens. q e d involvement is crucial children are denied their pieces. eighteen children in the sky chuckle and tradition bound kingdom remains a challenge. get these initiatives. make a difference. even in nineteen
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innings. she operations but a real strain on the environment. this picture because the fuel for the shelter laundromat was warm which is expensive and potentially destructive to the environment. now with cheap monday's stock can see the benefits to themselves and that it needed to properly manage the baby bargains. the sun changing environments execute its use is important and security organizations snakes encourages the nations that provide troops and equipment to comply with laws and environmental management cherries are the luckiest meagan of homeowners in any country. improving efficiency would have clear benefits saving the money on fuel reducing national carbon emissions and improving all the rains and effectiveness of all forces in the field
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of course it's a difficult task that comes to priorities against protect our the saree eight. mason when he forces to pretend that these goals can give hundred pounds. it isn't what it will be an all around and uses the two seats short of what i wanted to go to the eight week check the state level are the ones that can fit into one so we didn't answer my prayer that we hear so when it became a nation when again the bench to make sure that our working lives. when it's eight pm for an open area that was about to make sure that the bar but the bio students. just such a psychic disposing of talks materials preventing oil leaks and ensuring that
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the place was the system is able to pick the population all the proper environment management of such centers the couple said of supplies many of its supplies from local sources as possible born. bring on the prada store because when you bite it that he was wide open the carbonation. why did care about it. bro. he started the cost of producing this is the cost of the day vividly. so this weekend for one one globally of the city's two but if you bought a post from i couldn't get wide open. you says martin. you tuesday's change in just a shame then and it's a win win situation. so this was the center of sorry i was a perfect example that gets me environmental management rights. the summit city. so was handed over to make thai forces at the end of hostilities in boston and it often. at that time it has an affinity for states to be heavily due to the plate hitting the wall. from nineteen ninety seven inmates and i play for multinational force. use these buildings is
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the headquarters. tonight the three units set about cleaning up the area. now it's being handed to local authorities pretending to its former role as a pup with families can enjoy themselves on a sunday afternoon. it should be doing. you mean i'd made the kids go. you know it'll be the end. the recent environmental security matters is that it's about winning the respect of the local population whenever a military base such as this has established an operational area what are the possible loss or afghanistan. everybody realizes it's not forever once we create the platform of security we headed over to civilian authorities completely. we are guests in the country. ultimately we
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will be charged. not just on how well we do our military mission. but her response please limit your presence that's what's important environmental concerns are at the heart of her wee manager presence in this country. us bases across posts you'd have to go camping and the fact the city authorities. these policies ensuring that was offering an example the construction operations across the flooded. norway in indonesia agreed to enter into a partnership to support indonesia's efforts to reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation forests and pea plants. norway will contribute one billion us dollars over the next few years for this effort i guess i just demonstrated the need to be. it uses and the scales tipped to create two d three
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d items and start to its smallest fifty nine the meat is to create the reduced cost and complexity. he's cutting technique. these new prospects. after taking an unsigned electronics and objects in fields ranging from pizza to techno to see all tectonics ten minutes and i'm not science it's nice out this fall. scientists from idea to me sections unique experience for me. we cannot use. was it. the upgrade when you go. the test. we had to give a reason. also it is the buttonholes. he gets that what we are approaching to get this straight. he eats it too. with this more often i'm
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for it but that does this this is likely to be precise a body called top. all of us the team great seats to what nots will and distinct three d happens. using different campuses or materials that the us. the first complete three d map of the wells measuring only twenty two by american michael meets this was written on the poem he signs a thousand well that's it. it's been great so it would be one thousand meters out to correspond to the eight men in the test. it is composed of five hundred thousand troops each measuring twenty nine in a test plan. it was create it in only ten minutes and twenty three seconds the second twenty five man in the high street even occur to them at will. they missed this mountain that sold twelve thousand four hundred and seventy eight weeks this was created in the direction of dots represent instead of
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one time gideon. these achievements were wilted in the scientific journals advanced materials and science respectively. ibm scientists old story explains that aha moment. well one day sitting in my adult students here are the socks to bed buderus who were still fun the sabine and a ski trip the intense look much different from what to expect it hurts me while i suggested she start. it was the best suspense. so i asked him to avoid the storm. this concoction which he read the thoughts that fits right in the scrapbooks. they often take the met office has reduced price that is to be semantics. this was quite a while i'm off on effect
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still it is a house being treated with lots of great information in touch with the ancient extinct was out to slp. they're stopping to stop it. he'll be out. i will go home. since the development of the scanning tunneling microscope in nineteen ninety one. itn has been economy is enormous. i was in the world also we went to the dw anything works. i mean. i know the eye. sells. says
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you knew wing ruling will rule . findings that the chunk o' scientists in polyclinic county seems young seemed to indicate the presence of the settlement of the highlands. but new archaeological evidence found to number one. when snow they overturn this hypothesis. the archaeologist trying to reveal more secrets behind new discovery. a lunch is seen lead an archaeological team from north west university. on a day at home show and co in polyclinic in june twenty


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