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tv   RT News  PBS  February 13, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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the he knew we wanted one the eye. the star studded team were ushered into a solid win over slovenia and the first ice hockey match at the winter games but bitter disappointment to us or recurring in your injury forces figure skating superstar yet conclusion goes to withdraw from competition some media outlets here. i'm so far today the olympics and noxious smell like cold war or symbols old rhetoric of what white sun in the media seem to be on a crusade against the winter kit. also leave the uk leave sterling london says the board chair currency with stalin if it votes yes on independence. an
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hundred is moving grace declares war on german capital is fishing winning berlin for their country surge in poverty and unemployment. the i did not doubt my mattress. the cadet be with us during our teen day six of the sochi games and just wrapped up and we are keeping you up to date on the triumph defeats and drama of the twenty second winter limp the ad for details. live not too are so few studios for kevin owens standing by when i get to that of the show dr seconds he loves the credits as leave the big stadiums the full tonight's been a big day the day of extreme ups and downs and five from russia from july the victory the red machine to the side and the one the most outstanding figure
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skating to raise the mormon times article stall rest of today's polarizing events the house to twenties in the sport thirty one your gift any patient care has announced his retirement from figure skating and events in disappointing fashion. injury has forced into withdrawal from the men's individual competition has been so lucky now. he landed awkwardly during his warm up and aggravated a long time back complaints. the career on the ice has taken its toll on his physical health by dubya's he's undergone surgery no less than twelve times and even has a perspective disc in his back now he was looking to become the single most decorated think it's going to win to even think history will be needed was a third place finish to achieve top of the sun or not he now has to share. however he does have one gold medal to his name from these gangs often he helped russia to victory in the team events on the run of the course of the weekend but sadly the custom house come down on the career of one of russia's greatest ever
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sportsman but it wasn't all bad news for russia on thursday russia actually secure won a silver medal in the first day of a huge team relay events quality of getting the committee chair was bronze in the men's triathlon twenty k to stage a post by apple on tuesday a band that combines cross country skiing on sheet in the navy of the highlights of the day was on russia's men's hockey team they won their first match against the neophyte to what was fortune enough to be in the whole story my story despite the relativity of constable nature of the school and russia really wanting to watch that they treat people were expecting to read wishing to set the sweeps living your site is the first time they've entered a team into the men's ice hockey competition since they gained independence from russia really what makes a book with a good storm into a two nil lead in the us by quinnipiac mistake was that a trip to the point that the nation with resilience in the street is going to the final twenty minutes there were real not the tension inside the bone chilling high stud of russia's cost and quality shone through in the end. in those final twenty minutes to secure all the fight to
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victory. just in here like they are of how much of how much pressure is on this russian team we made a wager in the final period from the bowl choir's done to this life points we were walking through the and to top it was amazing to see how much quieter pm in the pop was i in comparison with a couple of hours early. everyone was trying to get a glimpse of this red machine in action trying to watch the russian ice hockey team because well like life really is something that does unite the nation for their up and running with the feisty victory the next match. it's an intriguing one against the usa is intriguing the site of many reasons america one that will mean much. seven won again slovakia. well off to russia's i need a victory of tea costs up with one of the defeat is living in lies that was read out in specially from the start they were. there are flying to the first period ahead of chances but star goalie was treated to the fiji tennis it is the first period. but then the second period to be the setting of our crew we have nothing to lose death to play our system is going to
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play them. and that's what it's a really great. may our system pretty well and i think it that's why we we got local sober opportunity since we we score a couple of them if it wasn't strong goals but that's for the gold maybe we would surprise me that the ending of the game. dance that well he found work with management of the day in figure skating favors bio dad taking is the wall back specially of trustee of depletion cruise double gold winning teammates who said that though confident they would win more medals but they also told us how hard it can be to handle the emotional pressure for fulham and to spend. never mind the physical injury. it was impossible to imagine the strength of emotions. i for some of the present myself to do and think only appropriate when korea was that opening. calmly finished the program hold the final post for several seconds then fell out. was suppose to come wait until the end of this
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finished their performance. i didn't expect anything of the coins i also couldn't hold back my emotions tears of joy simply wilson me beyond my window. i was absolutely happy with silver and it's so well for us. it is. concerned about the weather is ok right now being to go to cal would need to be at gigs so file full of many the pessimistic on to the ghost of them takes steps to the media around the world that that does seem to finally given up looking for faults instead of simple than to enjoy the sport but not quite everyone. some media outlets recognizing the granting of a broken toe on all doesn't give them the racing is the native resort instead to tried and tested methods material in fact the release them into cold war propagandists been appearing in the front pages of some publications on seized on the kitchen cabinets put them side by side. the uk. some media outlets here have cried so hard to make the olympics and
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noxious smell like cold war their cover it some didn't even bother to come up with new tolls. new draft picks same old bear. this cover is from nineteen eighty one the us boycotted the summer games in the soviet union. of course there were calls to boycott the sochi olympics a small satellite images of this the handcuffs in all barbed wire. not new as you can see. in her crate wrote several books about news coverage in america is here with me to chat about all this sea of negativity. thank you so much for coming richard sprague. russia has come a long way since nineteen eighteen. it's a very different country now but it seems some of these outlets one you need to expand their audience to see what that as if it's still nineteen eighty. well these are very familiar themes both to the but also to the owners and of many of the old time reporters. so people fall into a comfortable pattern
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that actually sends back many decades and is a parent if you look for it as you've done and done. it's quite clear that people took the old magazine covers and said what's this updated for this one that spirit guides us wrong. exactly and a bit of a call if the news industry that in many ways people like the old industry but to the old things. but call with nukes. but sometimes you know in the middle of this sea of negativity you sometimes see you. reports like the one i saw in the new republic the author went to populate the bar in sochi and whites about how desperate for injured may start trying to find traces of a persecution there and beat the heat bills they talked to say it. no one is bothering them except tournaments the part of
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the issue is when people to self censor or they believe they know what the story is before they go to the screen and what you're describing somewhat plastic case that happens all over the place where reporters think they know what the story is that all are turning to do is find someone to attach a name and face to the story that almost britain and the reporter for editors. was i thinking. when questions were critical of the government found this old school smear campaign upsetting. but for most it's like in the old russian saying the dogs bark but the caravan moves on. let them park. enjoy the game some guy to shut down in washington are key. with one of the issue be a blessing you one of the standout personalities of the sochi games of the fifty five deal
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to buy this photo and lower the city is a german prince pipe mother the mexican citizen by both these on a friday six am in big games he's taken part in the love that. he also told us russia's biggest mistake the lethal regards thought she was in investing enough in the up the way the rest of the candidates they should have hired a pr person like me to make it a pr before. i mean you know it's a great criticism. i love the cool thing is wonderful. it's pretty cool. he suggests the positive life over to europe into my bed listening to soul is it's not that i'm out of the dead beat me to watch a film you so much just what yet and it's very important because the word of mouth and the presentation is
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important it was something that sits in the navy doesn't deserve to get tickets. was it was a difference almost be getting will fade but from the athletes but instead it's a serious option had they found in the big venue both the sportspeople costs but also the sense that the response has been overwhelmingly positive case of malta been telling us today. the singing the sun had set a price i paid a little put out a bottle of his friends. attention is time really has meant an increase in town and show some sign that i hit that night a great increase in the end. every boss and that was as good said the plane and its adherents insist that the things i've bought in reducing the one thing the kids and the rest of the knights at first but i didn't find that my job. i've been here like it's three days than it's been pretty asleep wake up i was here the last three years in a row. i heard the stories come and and and i didn't really understand the weight of the slots like a mark on the real vegas but it's just recently my car accommodation our food and other athletes or so. three spoiling us
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happy customers could see it someday six done and dusted in a mix of smiles and sadness to still make anything coming out from local or state of emotional mind that sulky twenty fourteen on day six the judge was at fourteen promise. they are. now i'm coming from an island on the west of ireland was taken to sochi twenty fourteen. all the arts. tremendous and the day's other stories now the upcoming independence referendum will be a high stakes gamble for scotland is london's says yes to sovereignty would automatically mean no to a shared currency. george osborne cancer of the exchequer says admiral would have to leave the pound if it leaves the union. our keys laura smith has more what tells the joys of this saying is if the us cotton wool away from the uk. it also will pray for the past
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is very clear about that. he said it better for things that are necessary to have a current cv since it was called in to shed the pounds and then proceeded to demolish the possibility of this condition a bit lax with the state. he talked about was the banking union school this of course has a huge financial sector is what about twelve times its gdp. i heard that this new way to top it would be able to bail out and back to bed because it had a huge blow bank of scotland that i'm in the uk both corsets have any just nice to extricate itself from adobe addition to the european bank for one to which its outputs itself back into another patient if that's going to start the school corporation that osborne talk about a guy said agreement on taxation and spend day with a bag of stuff to take the rest of the uk and scoldings cd to sell twenty in terms of how much the text it says this was to spend money on. i was that the u k i d backs he said twice today to have to consult with a foreign country on taxation. then he
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talked about among the tea interval stand. i would be necessary to have the currency and did a great exchange rate policy. and as part of the uk he said scotland is instead a tip from any kind of foreign oil prices but it went on it. i ate an apple in oil prices would be to paint job losses in scotland. it was half the bed was spawned by cussing spending and raising taxes which would result in price if it wanted to give up the pounds. i'm in the fold i think he talked about was the continents of the currency unit must keep at it he said you know that and i encourage confidence from the markets. but the scottish national party has already said that if not commit is to a common currency unit steadfastness white paper in a bad bet that if he did say that i will be a temporary arrangement which are very damaging for the pound has huge political pressure now at least graceful announced according to katie to the snp to put it basically this is the state
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cost of a parent's estate tax it at david's comments made last week it is that's in baking this goal is to stay dead goat he said he really needs you. now we have george osborne this week said hey get at it that this is how i've been so confused you guys this is the two sides to say the plan because he may run into the hands of the yes campaign. in a desperate unstoppable twelve resents being fleeced by westminster in this way i forgot that may have shifted dramatically towards the end state. stay with us here on our team more to come after short break the i i i. like ttc any sort of calm to a revolution aimed at preserving traditional media even a charcoal gender roles. the islamic religion this is one very helpful
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from the force towards maintaining traditional murchison and died. just as they become more awful western liberalism. it becomes possible and we have to decide my future civilizations that are beyond exhibition cool. i was
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. seventeen minutes past the hour now. the writing may be of no fault for germany in greece is a radical group there's published a manifesto pinning all increases economic woes on berlin anti capitalist movement the responsibility for firing shots at the german ambassador's residence in december and threatening more attacks accuse me of an ocean reports. police and security force a solid high end it here in the crate cap to tell how great the riots police patrolling the streets in groups of five or six offices in the south to the evidence was discovered over the dangers to the table in my case extremist group known to increase eyes that they have popular fox news group on tuesday they claimed responsibility for december attack on ten and the ambassador's residence here in the great captains help out when a group of unknown gunmen fired at least fifty bullets at the end no one was hurt but many could
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easily have been and there or not and other attacks this time it happened in that jane your way out on the hunt for tears of sadness that is that in the outskirts of athens as well. the groups and a twenty page manifesto to have a weekly left wing satirical magazine titled the mouse in the greek explain that that was their reaction. there was corn state. grace is attractive financial crisis for which they believe germany is active blaine and declan it's because of the campaign against the german capital is a shame colin old two weeks of going to fight. so while. these generally being blamed as the country is the largest award of four races bailouts the country has been relying on and on since two thousand and ten which have forced into a stinking as hard as ten eighteen matches and eventually inquiries into elastic then implement in
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the country have me some high that many priests could get behind this hiding his true calling on i had the residents of this country to join the fight. he has been covering great that financial crisis since the beginning and we hurried many tragic stories and even based on more able to speak to pass in residence of athens and i can say that economist. the most common feeling sad day in the seat and people say that high and the no longer have power to give and take to the streets to protest. moreover they no longer believe that could change. anything that could harm our own souls but this situation but steel iron least remain very high. all that for patients and violent acts and this is why who apparently season to secure a team is here in the seat in another mixing things for him for some time. fresh fillets distribute huge amounts of energy to china after the queue. then a whopping
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twenty four billion dollars plan to build the world's largest thermal power plant son archie website plus. us set to lift its debt ceiling once again. when it will be able to borrow more than seventeen trillion dollars you can buy nobody tells art he got out the old currency to going to watch some of its luster lately at least three of its main exchanges have been brought to a halt biomass been sustained online attack. azhar to tease our lives our teaser lucy katherine up reports from berlin users of the digital currency are digging in for the long haul the ensuite to main land to promote the vision of an alternative financial system. investors businessmen and scariest of all gathered here in atlanta what he called the point of
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arrival has sent its first digital currency. it's not owned or operated by any sort of thing. it can sneak in and out of many goodbye with a realtor in seattle my kids she says. a financial system people see how pauline is used on lying and they see the advantages the instant transfer of funds the security of not having to stand your personal data to make these transactions. i think a lot of people see these advantages though. they tell their friends they tell the coworkers they want. and they tell the merchants that they they do business with an a. expand the spear of the coin. it seems to be growing more popular. nowhere is that more evident than right here in berlin in fact this neighborhood boasts the highest concentration of businesses to sell the currency in the world is growing list of the claims of this month includes a record shot up when stuart of the teeth. and this bar. here getting your hands on some big plans by digitally speaking it was easier than
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ever. barring them from an online exchange you can use as a bit corny santa tree during heroes into big clients and use that to find your happy hour drink and therefore of course the pickling isn't what our wits and the past few weeks haven't been to clients to the crypto currency. apple move the last needed to bake when the wall an application from its app store and the currency saw its third manned aircraft in the past few months when the lord is good corn exchange stopped customer withdrawals because of a glitch in the software of course that led the currency to lose value by a stunning twenty percent just for a day with a sign that they claim they have a long way to go before it's a safe bet. reporting in berlin for our team and the seychelles now. to now to some other stories making global headlines a car bomb exploded near a heavily fortified airport and somalis in somalia's capital mogadishu killing three and wounding five police say the device was detonated remotely quarters of a new
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fire in the city over the last week sparking fears of a return to violence. in venezuela pro government protester into student activist one of them senior and video were killed after massive protests in the capital caracas unidentified men on motorcycles reportedly carried out the killings eighty people arrested as thousands marched to the city calling for the government to resign over a high levels of corruption and crime. he's a winter storm is swept across the southern us moving northeast delaying thousands of flights in forcing drivers to abandon their vehicles some thirty centimeters of snow dumped on the capital washington dc before heading north to new york. the storm system previously struck the poorly prepared southern states were fifteen people died. and cabo swept aside us concerns freeing more than sixty prisoners from notorious bought from prison in afghanistan us military when the bill i can go back to fighting coalition forces
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hurley's will again raise tension between the afghan government in the us had a deadline for the withdrawal of international troops by the end of. the o so far with its unavoidable coming up next. stay with us on our dinner now. new new ai ai ai ai ai . i did. when i was in ntu he. they do. in each teams. i design trends due to the poll. this twenty two
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the halls of moscow. i don't i. room. the seat in a group wants to erect a statue to the lord of darkness in oklahoma city which is a large painting couple of oklahoma. the sickness want to build the monument of a cold headed to double your despite the money with the ten commandments those put up in twenty twelve and the mediation of put up our mind to ten commands of property. does that mean that sickness nazis other wackos have the right to put their own twisted monuments while but it depends on how you look at things technically in western liberalism everyone's beliefs by law article the midnight young people are christian and they cannot impose on that one course a nest which sounds nice but the reality that means that those ninety anchorage is off to tolerate a monument to the infernal master and the finder of the innocent underweight work every
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morning. and the call to meet a new group of people common beliefs and values can use to cook anything into the call to the new longer have a culture all the remains are scattered individuals all and try to say is that it's ok to get the double guys. passion is lacking. room knew. the he won the lions will choose just three days. it was for many years. in twenty oh eight and its brightness of this trial. what i'm talking of it. i know. i might add with a white woman. think about. little. it is. little
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it is. little. it is. ch ch
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ch one one eye. eye. coming
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to live. brian thomas returned to santa and jerry kelly is coming up next half hour. while in italy prime minister and regal scientists at his rival looked poised to move it you're in the united states as of yet to release dozens of suspected bomb auditor's troublesome students. i'm glad aaron said it had nothing to do with gold we'll take a look at the lesbian and gay scene of the russian


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