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tv   RTE News Six One  PBS  February 13, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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and me i will do. it is six one. what she knew was with brian got some of the chevron bp last two movies try to get the domain of the shop before the war store with old wreck chords point for the four years ago but never seen it the full extent of the devastation becomes clear the government says it will reassess how much money is needed for that email. just
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leave me to push them to their communities. ten minutes of coverage. justice minister is to attend a ruckus can they see as the team's shock and awe go out and rumble of earning the right he said exchanges and that the lightest pressure meant for an independent inquiry. can you could've gone. no latency of its taste was on the rights to the trustees of dissertations. we met donald trump. from these new golf resorts in county clare. you do. welcome to six one. matt serra is forecasting more stormy weather for tomorrow with gale force winds on
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the risk of flooding in parts of the country. the warning comes as householders businesses and communities struggle to deal with the aftermath of yesterday's storm which caused millions of euro worth of damage. yes these are the cd it's still worth the five restore power to customers. the preston are for cbs from two of the worst affected areas. kilkenny and new ross. walking through what remains of the roof of the new apex court swimming pool complex in new ross sheets of roofing spread over a wide area. the nearby code council second to still have to be evacuated yesterday i was coast today the swimming pool and sports complex was only opened last year at a cost of over seven million euros. professor said this morning. the getting to know that how much it's going to cost to get it fixed yesterday was extremely powerful winds here in the woods with the group started going at all that is a matter of minutes reading
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and or roof was gone head to wind was coming from the waste their time said prevailing winds probably right appearance fees. opie on student council grounds to hear. although for the counties of the south east council espn eric on a cruise topping working to restore services. how busy are you all to early east aspect. absolutely desperate non stop since christmas analysts on the video just keep going until you know how bad is the team. my one turkey for years and a job i'd ever seen in his class in kilkenny city potentially dangerous as the stops being swept off by specialist team appointed by the gaa to clean up the dead tree on the rolls around norman park. some houses and gardens were also affected with residents advised not to touch it. his best sauce came from the roof of the old stands. that was badly damaged yesterday. we have two issues that don't park forces in relation to the safety of their off the sheets are on the roof know there'd be removed before the next song is
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tomorrow and then in relation to the cleanup of asbestos debris which is causing health concerns. officials say they don't believe his best os is airborne. the cost of fixing or removing the old son is not yet known but no a partisan of action until further notice. pitino meanwhile on the busy main road is continuing. then you can or seen use the can. cork and kerry had speakers to deal with stewart haas thousand volts which now has power to seventy eight thousand customers find marriage forced to keep the numbers in george becomes nothing. i'm now under further pressure because the evidence to electricity yesterday's storm gave way to freezing temperatures and this morning much of the country was covered by a blanket of snow. fortress on the core parody border grappled with icy road conditions as dawn broke. for some it was to launch. if the past few weeks represent the bathroom with
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the elements meet european he is having the upper hand right now. it's being particularly bad for farmers noted feelings mean animals being kept indoors for weeks fallen trees are only adding to the problems. story or dennis farming in china kenya mccomb in county cork. his one hundred and fifty collins happened to be nipped in to these. he's now withheld he licks the city and the situation is growing increasingly desperate. it's the boot of the best or two if the story to unfold. and to coast the hip with the crows have had walked over to get close. this initiative which would have to call to the human with an address to the aspiring pop them off of the poses in it and the atmosphere this it's this type of weather that we've never seen before this is typical meeting. i don't
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get the runs up the oven. esb networks cruel is more to restore power to thousands of customers in this area to be i just ego will appear this morning even accessing this website is very challenging we have the least we have snow on the rollers and that's really what is today in our access to the repair them. pretty much in the country fast and rows of time. unfortunately it could be shortlived. it's my turn has said that just a stroll was among the worst year on record the amount of money allocated for storm damage will be reassessed in the lives of more bout whether according to the minister for transport the trail of destruction after the most extreme weather events so far in montana winter of stories this is some of the damage caused by yesterday's hurricane force winds. these electricity poles in china
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though no match for the gala free to also making buildings damaged countries torn down thankfully despite its true arctic conditions. there's been no loss of life report to associate with the storm and a number of minor injuries and minnesota have our primary objective is to change is functioning again this week is possible to get power back to homes today and over coming days and then go to the infrastructure that has been effective to get the rolls hoping to get transport operating again this salad that dancing is all that remains of limerick on its clubs both has its roots with peels off yesterday. the incidents watched on line right across the war. i had rolling paper the four drawer didn't help bringing me from amsterdam and various faces debut with far right it's a shocking image but nobody in charge of tea and talked and sang and that we write again from the actions over one hundred and ten cars and homes are still without power this
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evening. esb crews will be dealing with customer is right up to nine o'clock tonight's tv episode makes you for days. we will see significant agreement the numbers coming back to in the course of today tonight's tomorrow. will we be greedy for just the ticket with the states that the worst is over because it's not. the thing is still a major concern and parts of the west. dozens of acres are under water inside to call a depression. the picture you should leave. but just doing my chores to do it too. it's so much. where were the teams green again. born richard blog is so austin wheeled onto a frozen him the patient goes back to normal. allow the funds to make their parents books but may ask. in some cases. that is about to re allocate funds from you know maybe new projects are things that we would like to come this year we might have to stare. karen has issued another and it's for tomorrow. between twenty and her team in the hands of
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rain are forecast in places and the money on cds. seven check criminal court is intelligible eligible to sixty million euro each to ten customers until irish bank didn't go to the normal procedures are being noticed by a non executive director the court hearing evidence from two more of the so called make attended our lives. the banks only ten announced two former directors tonight beating on low for lambs to sixteen people including tomato tend to buy items and sheds. jerry began in a free kick into present and eighteen was one of the biggest developers in the country from the boys and one the emu oil. he says the next former under chief executive david drama and hectic weekend in july that year he said they didn't tell him about the situation of the bank at the time. asks him if he contests in buying and the shares offered him a note of up to sixty million
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euro each week to buy the shares and a sherpa looks more himself. this is the only sad old people in kind though honest and truthful. another developer jerry maguire said mr drummond was depleted due to be scanned by me was on holiday in the swiss at the front of july two thousand and eight he said it's tasty and low share price was under attack from hedge funds. he was told they were looking for individuals to invest in shares. he said he was told that dr deakin advice and up and then to make it a chick knew and approved the deal he reads it says is the main motivation was to help the bank until there was a prophet to the mates he was tearing it down. both men said they had been approached by the time of the documents drawn up to the bank's credit committee said the developers has come to mind though. it was hard to know is that more than twenty five meeting your o was supposed to be noticed by and non executive director of mind though that could raise questions about the unknowns the former division of director oven to gas i know michael o'sullivan everything happens happens in the case of the matrix and owens said
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the team preparing the film documents the bikes as they seek. abby told the bank's board approved and authorized the transactions. mr o'sullivan agree to those that make that edward gibbon on commercial terms. this is a condition under which the borrowers would have to repay only twenty five percent it was reasonable the court was told about the top twenty five groups of noted that the right time to read it for sixteen percent of the bank's notebook. only five were liable to repay the entire event. when i was on the fourteen years dr circuit criminal court the minister for justice has agreed to appear before the le committee in relation to allegations of looking at the offices of the car bomb has been commissioned responding to calls for independent inquiry a spokesman for the minister also said that the commission and kind of investigation and teens no further action was necessary. slippery conditions at the cat the ombudsman commission spent four hours before until committee yesterday he told
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members the suspected they had been under surveillance but that was no evidence of garth them on a shrink to the hype set up an investigation to look at possible qaeda involvement on the back of this until today the opposition again criticized the minister for justice is tightening up of the church and again called for an independent investigation. giving yourself a pat on the times's on that somebody showed that from the minister for justice does nothing to see here that moment on we got a different person from but from the body at the center of it yesterday einstein's first of all. for that. confidence in the garden show called into a very good job for two peoples description of who or what number two. he stands for an independent garbo ombudsman's commission and the deputy egyptian pain do you like don't press the polish deferred their own allegations of surveillance can you couldn't science itself. no latency of this
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state's was authorized to post she signed on to serve the ends. despite the many or more of a pristine copy of the town's commission. upload your blog or something that yes i am. thank you the response to growing calls for an independent inquiry a spokesperson for the minister for justice said this evening that the minister had dealt with the issue. on tuesday when he pointed out that the guard the ombudsman commission has carried out an investigation is sad that no definitive evidence of one all to write technical or electronic surveillance and teams known for their actions necessary the minister has also agreed to appear before the committee of services oversight and petitions to answer questions on the issue if mr were to use answer hands. the health service executive has warned parents to be vigilant for the signs of meningitis in their children. two children who attended the same crash in county cabin were diagnosed with the potentially fatal infection infection chart overs in cabin that forces
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the people what more can you tell us around about the difference. well trying to deceive myself a serious case of meningitis is on the strength of the eighteen inning and then it happened on tuesday and then yesterday it became apparent the second sentence in france was suffering the same sentence. i don't see children are being the six nights as captain general hospital and was sorry to kate fifth in the same place it's quite rare for them to happen. that's considered and taken hence the warning from the heat to see two parents today. and don't teach it or not the set of btc cabin general hospital and the other people to christ or theories and their families and the other infants who would it be in contact with those chosen in christ are being treated with preventative antibiotics taylor's is a fine silk take to the matildas thousand parents suspected that their children cost engines of meningitis. asb to a dumpster and as soon as possible despite the state street typically carry around tonight we spoke to dr peter fit again he's a specialist
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in health medicine at the end its advice for parents. the symptoms of this stillness of a very big at first it could be just the type of phone has a slight temperature or a naughty thing but it usually comes on a very rough to get the equation. it may be carelessness. the scheme and the donkey. one of the characters says this brush which is the tiny red spots for them in the larger red blotches on the skin. and it told that disappear when you pressed on some local come under pressure and this is what characteristics of minto cup infection the babies and young adults are most susceptible to men in tights a third ranked ninety cases the year and is quite rare to get two cases together. however it is my sil it sounds funny when suspects appetizer for a young adult and if romney and may have symptoms of meningitis that they actually fit. and sooner rather than a spirit that can be thankful times sometimes if it isn't
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presented early enough to the doctor taking on some damaging effects on the present. it's about its soul is the american has been told from his visit is his father's latest purchase today to launch and golf resort in county clare the trump organization said the location of the cities of june bag to rival any of those appeal of fifteen golf resort to those across the world. thank god and god's resort showcase the west scarecrows has been in receivership for the past year. designed eleven years ago by the great white shark and south. greg norman the five star resort to attend and stop has been successful in attracting forty six cousins tourists the year. many of them wealthy us citizens in pursuit of top class links courses following him into national trauma potential buyers that run from the m ers to the new owners for a reported fifteen million euro investment. but donald trump jr said today he was won over by the location as far back as two years ago but went on a whirlwind tour of ireland with some friends of ours
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the ryerson help actually build our golf course of stalin just to see what was around in the and ten. so cry about two dozen different golf resort at facets of this was the last one on the way to relieving direct out of shannon. up to my gut here he said. this is cropped this is incredible this is also remembers calling my father said. i found one the purchase by a huge international brands like some group has been welcomed to oakley as it secures the tourism business so vital to the local economy out of the two hundred and fifty jobs here at peak season. we were upset tummy had been a disconnect receivership is her way to back in time and paying him about it and more tourists coming to the area now has been in business tourism is our business in the village and the reading these and more tourists begin around the area to cause has done is good for businesses in this era are absolutely delighted to hear the trumpets natural disaster proceed to make these. and when it snowed today life does that do chores and fifty jobs in the area is the biggest internal its tail
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lights up when on wood has a list and it still is in another post. and tourism is the way it too will fall under the moment it's one of the best things into a delight to the rear of the cheap dental resources into a happy heart rte news to me that can teach there it's too loud snap and symmetry in dublin will be able to climb to the top of the iconic o'connell tar for the first time more than forty years following the restoration program announced today. nobody's been to the top of the one hundred and sixty eight ft height are. since its winding staircase was destroyed by a bomb in nineteen seventy one forty three he is. to be in the room with adults of the year. even though the o'connell tyler cases settled in for the symmetry and six the deal the entrance to the tower leads you to this post to the two of daniel o'connell the irish patriots and politician. but he'll miss
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the concrete each chamber well talk a lot actually and certainly no way of getting to the top of the tele. so this isn't a movie on our originate with the metal is there a dry here or there and the minute a mobile and that's about all the way overweight are more than sixty feet high exposing a card at exactly four am in the city beneath the morning. the styling is not the tower was destroyed by a home in nineteen seventy was an easy task to beat it into loyalist paramilitaries and such. today technology alone enables us to take the view from the top of the tele. two hundred thousand euro restoration program should change all blacks. then all lot of work here in boston and they never met the boat he said that they'd actually wind up
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the stairs so we know this is the unique opportunity for anyone that. what of the project starts this month the stats. i'm happy you should be accessible by october. liberal while auntie use to blog. she drinks six one use for the county and state takes a knife into his pocket. i am. i do. i know the rope. mm mm mm mm mm. i
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do the chiefs to watch. i am without summit on housing called a ghost fourth of december eighteen seventy one but it's extremists old elsa volunteer force. on the charts. aye aye aye aye now the all are. although the song. sam is a good lovin and intolerance bigotry and that just because something was in the rooms upstairs not only about it. so i
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decided to use that for the murder of children. not to leave the people that stayed off second best hannah the way. it all to foster a more intense the end thanks for all the sectarian politics of that. i got all of the believer who does. it is. we're enjoying a quiet drink was all strands ever concert in and then the part that makes. across the barn and me and a inch grandmother would have recognized every single one of customers to stop her and talking. our region up to par. robert spots with jim smith to give up their usual seats along the bar. so there are a lot of us who got done. almost see him. paint them still die in the midst of the city kept
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itself as a school crossing patrol month. a subplot thanks. amid a heavy frost probably do the milligan were last summer after every week along the docks. ever see emma said that in the fray and rubbed it for like an eighty year old leicester customer led the chops over for drinks forehead and will be shown so much. it also worsen the day search bar enjoy the crop thanks i'm reading the new skipper of stars about it a little poison to their friends were out in a raucous game of table football. it's a jaunty to mozart's problem though was getting ready to help but does well but on the bar below. false the littlest everybody misses the dark. so the daughter of maria returned home from infection and sent optics church. i know. mm mm i am one. more
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will do the state. the mosque the bikes. all it was a delicate light over the doorway of all. this is but that's all that's. when someone is just a corner they testified that they don't top seed is nice i know i know. i am. it was a delegate to the ball broke to race day on the look customers. with that. they think of it on the streets of west emergency services to
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all of the group and every of bricks and mortar. that's either neighbors. lunch with updates. on the littles with a diet so some incense color swatch sixteen innocent civilians. still god makes the day. the footage on this given his life. although all the members not funny or die to write. and. i like to see the looks of the us state of balance of evidence including witnesses saw the ball beyond that. before all of our family members being the image the police. steel security forces. the inside they said dobbs republican bowman town sits on the bliss g cool off elsewhere. but
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exploded prematurely. two people and saved for bob knight were totally spoiled with their legs but also to keep him. they totally innocent civilians. ormond and in eighteen seventy one wills with the hearts of local team but a top ten there was a concentration of fossil fools look north east west so on going conflict. a top ten single greatest loss of civilian life in any murder of soup pot. since the decibel fox and joe are some members of team got into the dirty war. because of the european the point its approach to wellness. then determines what the attendance of the major policy decision from the bulldogs were the pods to
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the rule that includes them a source of tension that is absolutely no police investigation. any leads appointed single pm. a toast its loyalists were simply not follow. even a car that the best folks buy. and the killers this gift nonetheless. getting caught was it disappears. yes. i can. in the she says it's good for two generations nine the family members. in the city of millions but for the trip. he likes the sound
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of a member's mother de france and possibly step in the british irish rights watch for sales source the most part a good sum of all patients kids with investigators. export sales hordes of the city collects critical step for me to. i moved in. i'm wrong. at the i did. today is steve's eyes. horsley said. in that continues to this very day. i am in. i am. the she just
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sticks. six weeks. by that name at the offer. watching one of our back. will. every
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year. you will will will will will. will you . or the starvation. gotta hit the top stories to talk to you on the state that hasn't affected me. the stunning audubon volunteers to help police men despite the stumps


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