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tv   European Journal  PBS  February 15, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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the marketplace today research makes the network roo and new moon. the is a very warm welcome to your team seattle coming to you from dw state is to brussels it said the witness is what we have to use edition stained white christmas hats and getting caught. ukranian how crimes unit of protests spread day. and romania on the hunt for smugglers. tax roll and is not a trivial offence. txdot is on criminals in the eyes of school. even if the same speed as simple as that. but of course we all take a very
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close look. one of the celebrities the court outlining their own pockets in spain the mauna kea has just been hit by another scandal because of the facts behind the princess is a formal suspect in a corruption inquiry. this is christina. the youngest daughter of king juan carlos has to appear in court on the lookout for its money don't drink and tax evasion in your keyword encountering is accused of embezzlement of funds and judges now have to decide whether they'll pass follow. it is against princess christina. andrea mason and approaches the stains not just any anti east to meet him around for hundreds of attendees only team to the commandments the rival on the inside to endorse its planning scheme one kindness. they want to know just how can i do love can be. and to now princess christine is consignment on the corruption scandal
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surrounding husband picking up the lead on me. now she's been called to testify in court on the line into for you. this is a historic moment for spain. never before has a member of the royal family had to testify in court like a normal citizen. i do not know not to worry. and we'll try to ease don't use of common and easy to accommodate east european court. the capital in the eye when spain's wheel family often stands and some honey taste. may your khakis course and when her husband keith and eckstein and run the operations he sensed my suspicions. mikey mean anything. hi nice to think it's in peace convention hotel to meet a trip to this test on tuesday on profit taking coming into racing and sports. as its president he continued his inherent in funding. leo the twenty theoretically it was the concept of heaven but experts say it wasn't worth
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one point two million euros therefore my hand full stockings the keys to finding time to identify me in unison copy contents to the false foundation into his and call it. as he's commented presents. also coffee cake she said to use the money to finance the state counties dots lessons under renovation of her apartment. none of those shots into the king's cousin d since the princess st is credible that she signed a contract without knowing what lay my hands in fact knew nothing of her husband's shady dealings. he cites he points out that the couple on my means and nine. you don't like the cabbie what it is but this has always been the main way of doing things instead countless friends in stone to the phone company because they take lexi and taxis today was a private citizen she said they would if it's
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proven that mr would end any use of this man that you have to pay for it. they're not once that we just need to nine to what was going on. it is to say that's nothing to do things i take. the two states that she's getting the royal treatment. she had a lady being subpoenaed wants prosecutors say stephen hawking to testify fortunately there's no justice. we're not all equal the princess is handled with kid gloves. there's no way to go to prison. if either of them are mature democracies just a facade. if you don't have any real means of controlling the workings of the state will roll out the front. spain's royal houses police each week on in future though. ideal conditions for corruption andrea monday psyche soul that is going to leave now
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yes he got his case has resulted in greater transparency with the cake. i think he's holding up his books and sources of income that way though and the royal family has excluded the princess from protocol old enough yet i find that we need a team each from beneath the royal family had little choice. in the jaunty against the news now because keeping the mauna kea. they don't like to see they can kill two hundred entries in africa while his country which is in a deep financial crisis the street name in your pack is one indication of how high and when found these in each has been hit. he was named after the prince and princess danny has changed in dallas tx. can the notion not commenced what he sees as the team to team did many stunning. he says can find kind enough to liberate its name from the franco dictatorship. among other things. with total ease
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the question is knows if we should abolish the mauna kea and establish a republic the question is if we afraid if we call democracy. you and i think we are offering and democrats are two keys from the mets know what problems with dealing with that one of seattle. this is an image the human race and as the case for the mauna kea stochastic and two new tv on changing head of state brings to the country. they can not also be called upon to be a crisis manager. he learned a new generation probably about half the population doesn't have these emotional ties to spain's road to democracy they say reality speaking of himself every single day rather than a bad idea recess me to stop asking if they don't use ofcom the media knew nothing of consequence teams. now it's up to the judge to decide whether to put the princess to trial. one of the hardest decisions he's in for ninety
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two. ukraine was a position against the government continues to grow. testers have been out on the street since november. especially in the capital kiev the movement hero mike dunn has been named after the capitals independence class which has been the focus of the biggest protests the erm i've done to this stuff hunting for a democrat take more european ukraine. and they want president and the culprits to resign. he's been taking a tough stance. several people have been killed in clashes on jeremiah done. provoking more anger and not so stinky and also in other cities like a bit in the west people that also strongly support what they call them resolutions protesters seen the ukrainian national anthem on the main square of disease in western ukraine you two demonstrations have been taking place every day since november demonstrations for a better
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future. people talk when you know anyone who doesn't hop kaczynski. a nasty word for a russian. they hosted the governor of the beach. a close ally of president victory and called each. they placed the letter of resignation in front of him and forced him to sign it leader he tried to take it back saying he only signed under duress. but it was no use the protesters would lead him back into the building the set up barricades. just when it was a little pushing and personal are enormous eventually he realized that we would just go away. and the governor signed his resignation. and from that time on he was no longer governor salo goodness or so saul's ago. the letter a camera team inside the building. the atmosphere is calm within and outside the opposition leader takes a few minutes to talk to us. it was the criminal community free one direct power for
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the people you know the people who lost their rights. one always remains the right to rise up. if you didn't know what the poem is not passed him by helping in half. i'm staying teaching and into my brain. the ninety s and the truth will triumph multiple times the powers that be known on the heated seat. helping us take it again only strong. watch him only after this the steel grey. nearby the regional parliament is holding a special session. it is only one item in the chain did their own resignations handing the reins of power over to the protesters in the form of the council of the people we will make a few people cannot be stopped reaper is enough and we will not and must not give up there's no other way to defeat the criminals and government force can only be met by force but there's no other way. together with strong housing facilities hence in the evolution at
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all. shoring up in front of police headquarters and demanding that the police commissioners in ghana the tennessee he won't forget the victims include forget the henchmen three officers came down and talk to them and scott stevens for several hours in the cold. they reached no agreement soldiers' mothers what katie did these foreign military bases to keep their sons from being spent on capital. they set up barricades and were prepared to fight when the soldiers came out welcome to a new one. it may try to bring to the barricade we mothers stop them. we smashed the windows of their buses and punctured their tires. they threatened to shoot us if we came inside were staying in here and not letting them out in the kitchen and still are. on the outskirts of the beef in another building has been barricaded the home improvement store. it's part
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of the chain the protesters explain why they're here when was the gorgeous sun noses home improvement store it was she that is the only one in town. the man is a billionaire and age forty i'm working for decades and everything. particularly when those bandits. we don't want this president spoke at the show. two european union flags hang outside in a cafe in downtown that the sign says people can sign milk it for departures to the main protest camp in kiev. in other words register as new protesters. the region is trying to send its cold the stinson protesters to cuba every few days. most of them young men between the ages of twenty forty years old. the trip costs about eight euros. buses set out the capital after sunset
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it's a twelve hour drive the rise early the next morning. but why. we'll do this revolution or so. notice two tours in europe usa and russia. this is our job as well. he's old jeans to church. protesters click medicines of all kinds and cold remedies to painkillers in drugs for heart patients the mobile society for the preservation of money means is collecting one blankets sleeping bags bulletproof vests and shin guards. nobody will say when they got into it too steep for a new gas masks the helmets. wanting to protect demonstrators against the cons. one of the fatalities in kyiv was an intimacy. you hit the ski was abducted by the notorious there we will issue the city of the people and left in a fox. he froze to death emotions ran high at his
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funeral. the over ten thousand mourners had a message to the authorities they are going to accept proceeding in a cool beach is stalling tactics any longer energy is not giving up the cloth can be turned back protesters are prepared to fight. and i. it's low of six or so and reports east and europe respects he is still firmly in the grip of winter when your files across europe concrete for the days to finally become longer and i think. we thought this was a good time to take a look of tylenol and a life awakens on the continent after dusk the new series europe buying in this first instalment we take it to the border region between ukraine and romania what the police a particularly busy at night
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down and they carry out the cool gifts tutu and chase romanian border police have seized two thousand packets of ukrainian cigarettes. and it's not much of a catch. the besieged again in ukraine and continued through the romanian florence before the smugglers finally cut their losses in flames and tnt. it's just a regular night in the region between the two countries. this phenomenon. mobility is commonplace here the business model is took advantage of the darkness and the dense forests to get away. in an infinity she didn't own up to them but we stayed close since then we tried to identify them. he didn't because its ability to cause
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she's naughty. often i later on the other side of the mount in the police to kill one of the two men believed to have seen in the far east. he lives in the village on the romanian border. oh area is notorious for smuggling activity. local fog and was amazed. it was ideal kitchen. but i was with them. this time it was to make a new loyalty to go with him. you know what we're doing in the forest at this hour. nobody goes to cut down what it is a nineteen comes back empty handed. this woman was. the sniffer dog leaves no doubt that the young man was one of the team carrying his cigarettes. the other one goes away. using infra red
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camera is financed by the european union officials watch over the border by the east income making them since. the man teams like the boy the river that she said of becoming increasingly popular smuggling routes. and those doing the smuggling of even studied using done a visit and hang glide it's to ensure the safe passage advantage into romania. their activities coast european union countries an estimated ten billion euros in lost tax revenue to the investment in surveillance equipment quickly pays off but the frozen physician or two of these devices for thirty nine km stretch between good weather we can see as far as five kilometers. the really helpful because most smuggling activity takes place at night. the infra red cameras can be used everywhere particularly tough
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for the boulder police of the dense forest area switch smugglers know like the banks of ants. many of the ukrainian minority in romania and have relations on the other side of the bulletin. they also contend that aq is definitely understand. but then we do have the situation under control you. we don't even know when and where they will appear they really well organized even sane people and had to cross the border without any goods with a mofo some of the song. am i the only talking about take some money back on the game to guess how much his hand and the healing then we head to the romanian to st capitalists to get to mammoth ca. buying smuggled goods here is no time. dozens of people still the cigarettes in the border town. we film a transaction using to keep my camera i know. it's ignorance
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really selling it the church your text. i definitely do it well play so two years sixty yet though. a cost less than cost the price of illegally sold cigarettes in western europe the pack is six times more expensive even when smuggled goods to discover that not much happens because most of them are pretty skinny guinea china russia and ukraine the brand zero the food stores simply made up. we should ditch the tank is clean abortion that is to capital to the boulder police that is on the scope of it than that to them i'm with you and i think that semantic on every brand has a colonial theme today. who say we know from telephone calls that greg packets like this one be
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found on the paper known as red paprika is it that funny just on advice to those who sent home and focused on the coach store. your storage is it doing what they can to stop the smuggling and that includes tracking suspected smugglers phones. or listen up when you know the delivery of red paprika is going on around you can earn twenty two hundred heroes in a single night. eu is planning to take further action and to teach you a free packet of cigarettes with an inspection can make it possible to trace the cost of goods from production to say. two romanian police officers are not convinced they expect to be spending their nights chasing those involved in one of europe's most profitable smoking businesses. some time to come the debate on freedom of movement is in full swing
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here and here. in these times of economic crisis many people for competition on the labor market in switzerland added fuel to the fire. her friends and to cut the number of eu citizens allowed to walk in the country won the majority other european countries like britain and some parts of gemini would also like to limit immigration. but they are bound by eu rules on mike smithson and that is not the european union them. but pressure is growing with in the eu and the lonsdale belt and expelled small eu citizens than ever before name the round and nine these are images from happier times for sushi at quetta. here the italian musician and actress was performing to entertain a piece that expresses her zest for life. not too long ago things were going well. linda
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had a full time job that was partly funded by the department of social services. as is often the case for artists in belgium. it's only that became a problem. at the end of last year belgian authorities informed quetta cheese to be extradited back to the lethal unjustly drawing social benefits. this facility. man does she know whom to move the nineteen nineties came out to the team i have no idea that could happen and has just one monster react. i can do something like these can happen. i don t have been able to come out with a better response. i'm moving with a cane to build june three years ago to participate in art project and decided to stay. no she feels like an outcast. she always assumed that all eu citizens were tied to the good work anywhere in the european union. and that's true. what in the due
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diligence foreigners office not the expense of the bill to taxpayers. two years ago the country social services department began sharing data with the interior ministry since then the number of expeditions has risen sharply the taxis to get this. in prices is scary. it's important to note that even seen you don't foresee social assistance of the team provided in said casey not everyone has the automatic right to social benefits to society. i was really going downhill was. which is now being close to losing it gets too much. last year some two hundred thousand new citizens lost their pillaging residency permits. they were told to leave the country his hardline approach is popular in belgium. monday to block the secretary of state for asylum and immigration is no wonder the country's most popular politicians. she will give interviews about
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the expulsions put in positions are clear in europe was the victim in the game i apply the rules and lives in people like that. bill james politicians are also responding to see this as fears about beneath the tourism which has become a hot topic within the eu will the member states worry they'll be overrun with what immigrants from eastern europe. right populist skype steering the fears of mass migration. but that's simply not the case. silly giggling his lawyer feels that bill jones extradition policies go too far. the units in the uk's them. we are encountering increasingly restrictive policies towards foreigners. it's very regrettable. slowly but surely it's assuming the traits of a witch hunt against foreigners who the new. but bill james the interior ministry denied such allegations. it says no one is being expelled automatically careful checks are made and favorable
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consideration taken. in this room sets the scene of the policy is to view each case individually. that means we look at the social situation the family situation and the number of years. this person has been in belgium. this went on and in its trunk open. the court will decide whether that really happen in subiaco in this case until then her expulsion has been deferred to the gig when it feels too little is said about health building benefits from the many eu citizens who settled in. some seventy eighty thousand in total and she doesn't want to be part of the zero point three percent who would know to be expelled. handing them. i noticed a team by making a cake and the european citizenship. one of the mainstream in the knees
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i came to mind. been busy instead it's about what it means knock on the nights and eu citizens. minutes into the pan the warriors suited with no wouldn't qualify for permanent residency in belgium. in our status is up in the air. but instead of singing the blues she says she's ready to fight the new new new new. or something see the sin of beer peanuts and all from us here in brussels so what to do done this again next week. if you can until the end of the dancing hands on them. since. poor i
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knew the answer. it's evident that all men are created all that bad. boy don't generate enough about billion on monday he not the pd. rich is the most powerful country woo hoo. i eye eye in the two. roar. eye. i do. a
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he. will the two. i eye. do you. heehee. which he said that he said. i knew that
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fine with that. i was. we immediately ordered that. but military effort. each. in two months ago. use. no productivity. the devil to get into a new design. tsk tsk tsk. nm. dvds rule
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wounding ruling will . the us the thompson are welcome to after ten. in these rapidly changing times korean students aren't the only ones trying to keep up. korean universities are also promoting new ideas new programs to remain competitive. on today's actors and we take a look at how that's being done with the president of june state university.


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