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tv   Journal  PBS  February 15, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo the it's silly. this is a journal the gordon chinese juan cole similar experience to build. the second officer in the soft edges with italy's president is to donate settler leaders looked over and see. was broke a red
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carpet with us the berlin film festival deceiving the ward ceremony reached its climax just a few minutes ago the great and good of the movie will be gathered in downtown berlin to see which of the twenty films in competition with for the coveted all the red carpet is still a role for all these on hand that put some up on the scroll straight over to him still. are you surprised by the winning film. well um maybe a little bit that this film of black coal thin ice of wine and not the other fantastic chinese movie here i'm in no man's land on my personal favorite of boyhood american summer richard link later. it didn't take the top prize we didn't win best director nominee and grant with a pesto doll another of my favorites from wes anderson took the runner up prize the grand jury prize sold my eye and i wasn't too far off but i think it was
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obvious quite early on. this is going to be a big night for chinese cinema. i mean like all the nice one that still won the golden bay eric he also took the best actor prize and then the other of the third film chinese film in competition a lot of applying to the store or blindside you should say one and for best cinematography we have three phenomenal chinese movies here. back to the old deservedly got recognition of some sort. and i think it's fitting that liberal inch be the place to really annoying to these said the skills because villains always been at the center of chinese cinema you can believe that it's always been the platform to introduce chinese cinema to the world of innocence. each of the v festival where angry won its first major prize with the wedding banquet back in nineteen eighty three and where jenny moved one game for red sorghum back in nineteen eighty eight. so really to just go back to the recent chinese filmmakers to the world and now with these prices but the critical one for blackpool thin ice
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when choosing a whole new generation of chinese filmmakers to wrestle worked to chinese filmmakers coming up very strong this year that you've covered many of these film festivals in berlin stock up on what's your overall assessment of this year's offerings. well every year so it is a mixed bag on the twenty films in competition and some four hundred across all the sections on so you gotta get the good and the bad this year i think we have a building. great selection of top films left me all the chinese films were excellent on the german films the unclean stations across which won the screenplay. it is a superb film very experimental but very very good. the american bills were excellent. i mean boyhood which is linked with the film i think will be a film will be watching for decades to come really amazing piece of work on but that we have a couple of real stinkers as well and had two films. out of competition and monuments men from george clooney which
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could've been a great movie but end up being a bit too preachy and a bit too ponderous on and the beauty the beast accused show blockbuster were the french homilies from its budget tellingly the classic french fairy tale on ended up just a complete mess sell out some good some bad but overall a really great festival. scott ross perot there at the berlin film festival thank you very much. in other news efforts to find a political solution to the conflict in syria have suffered another setback talks in geneva between the syrian government and opposition broke all saturday with no progress made another round of talks is expected but no date has been set. a ceasefire in the embattled city of homes rumsfeld today these people unable to escape with et nights. now that's the thing that going on. they were among the hundreds evacuated from the siege neighborhoods and homes at it this week the ceasefire that enable effective pots and without any tangible outcome of
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the un sponsored peace talks to syria. the geneva meeting for a coffee shop today. an un me dh and i got to see me didn't hide his disappointment in the way that is the utter joke. i apologize to the syrian people. their hopes. which weren't very many high that something would happen here we left. you want to delete a lot has been on tuesday homes. give them even more hope maybe these is the beginning itself the coming out to the explorer because this happened. hahas to the syrian opposition to president assad sites regime has refused to discuss the political condition. it pokes fun at variance with that. he said
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he would consult the un sec gen kind to me about finding a way for it. outside of any opposition support to demonstrate against csi real soon. that desperate for a residence in this country which has dragged on for almost three games to claim two hundred and fourteen thousand die the eye. italy's six prime ministers expect to be announced within the next few hours the country's president george on the poly tunnel has been holding consultations throughout the day to find a replacement for enrico lead to who was ousted by his own center left democratic party. but his party colleague with children see is widely expected to get the country's top job the thirty nine year old mayor of florence would be italy's youngest prime minister political leaders are meeting with italian president giorgio napolitano at the queen on palace. it's part of the process for deciding who will form the country's new government after the democratic party
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withdrew their support for the ruling coalition. that is likely to be replaced by the new leader of the center left democratic party the trio rinsing is a popular figure with the italian open up of the tunnel wants to know that the present era florence also has support in parliament. ramsay has long called for drastic measures to do with italy's economic problems. more reforms are needed to combat chronic high unemployment. he says strong action is the only way to shore up space in the country's future. i'm going to rome ga to get everything changes but it will all stay the same in that there's nothing no democracy. everything is finished and nobody gets nothing more than a power game that with god. tell us that sentiment any cities in the emergency email and even a minute to see you need to find alternative solution six on the best aunt and i don't think we have a choice. rinse he could be asked to form a new coalition on saturday
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he'd be even considered un elected leader in a row philip will enjoy just now from rome for the latest all the talks philip resident george on the poly tunnel has been meeting political leaders all day. what's come out of those talks so far with that. but there it you will like it the government it may take a little bit of it that people were expecting he had knowledge that will back a little but that is the day. love the fact is that three potential to every corner. but the event. i love a good gauge. they thought about this a quick chat the government to set up
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they take the paper to add a little bit too it got its season the two rinsing is the man who's expected to take the reins what can we expect from a government led by him. were it not guarantee it. they opened. but in the high rate. he has to move down the government to collect the day that he was ready to deliver that day to go with that too slow in reacting to the country to economic growth. to wit we definitely have. will it affect the uk. the government you know i have a couple at the livery with delivery on to some of it. that will be the real challenge will do it let's bring in soft addicts look political deadlock eleven all has formed a national unity government prime ministers come and sometimes leads the new twenty four member cabinet it seats are divided evenly among three groups the shiite movement hezbollah and its allies the sunni led all the former prime ministers of reading and a third group is considered neutral. salam
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said he hoped the new government would hold president elections by may when the term of the show sitting on the spot. turkey's parliament has passed a controversial new law all that could reduce the independence of the judiciary. during the debates this fall i broke out between the government and opposition lawmakers the mall gives the government of prime minister is to type out one more influence in the appointment of judges and prosecutors. and one's opponents say the new laws meant to stop investigations into government eruption authorities in ukraine say they released all the protesters detained during the course of mass protests in recent months. an amnesty law was passed by parliament in january. but authorities said the charges against detained across protesters will not be dropped. alas demonstrators and their occupations the square streets and government buildings. in response protest leaders signaled
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they're ready to end their occupation of city hall but some places will remain occupied. they will continue to demand the resignation of president viktor yanukovych in sch. the richness of this or snow and we start with the olympics and salty. we're at the halfway stage in the competition was another successful day for german athletes is a rundown of the days. gemini is an area of the rings is still there in the women's team. this has been maddening to see the sort of on call was received to come by. it was on cnn and fanning and keeping the lid in the cpt and ten teammate nick help us one runs. fancy a decision and women's team finished tenth in the fall by five for the next day cross country relay. after defined exchange
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denise and i was about time drivers from sweden and finland. the so i rested it on the soft times when ten thousand each. just ahead of compatriot gotten a big orange and sink next to in evidence to the front the when in sixteen hundred feet it still attracts high as you can successfully defended pet goat medal ahead of south korean citizen kane harry and went on a piece we are suffering now and here are the results of round twenty one so far no big surprises with powerhouse by a munich doing short work of five book in front of the home crowd of more than seventy thousand by and one for nail with goals from dante cloudy of sorrow and head on shot kiri who scored points dortmund tried to keep up the pace when a white doll frankfurt role of unqualified turn the tables on alert. but if raymond and mentioned
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about drew olson time shook off their erratic form by the fleeting struggling schtick. on friday mines boosted their hopes of a place in the europa league next season maybe mid table however by two goals to nil the sums up the mines coach two months to. the after a slow start his side to control in the second path use money shot but the hosts in front in the fifty first minute. i know his chances were stifled by mites. in that time some slack and over defending allowed months and chill two modes in to make it to mail. minds are on course to challenge for the euro could be we need the team with the worst away record in the woods. just two minutes left in the much anticipated ludicrous and child can catch more of a report on that in the later shows. the two games on sunday look forward to look forward to postpone coast norm back and helpful
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in trying to put the bite on a resurgent forceful. and let's take a look at the standings now and we shall see by and look set to be early champions this season with an almost insurmountable sixteen point lead ahead of their nearest rival even cruise. in thirty hopefuls dortmund and a resurgent chop it in fourth in the lower half the table polish fighter still roll on them but a couple of more wins and a cold change second to last number are in total free fall. just one day after rejecting an offer to coach struggling bundesliga team hamburg first division soccer team of phoenix market has taken a job with an english club. but it will be coaching the full and the bottom team in the english premier league he's won three bundesliga titles as coach most recently with false wall. my dad says he rejected number to offer because he didn't have the club's full back. that's it for the journal and a to
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stay with us we'll be bringing you an update on every is having the berlin film festival to stay with us last one is to retrieve the name of this. you just drink it. for decades. to protect its nature center it's lucky he said. africa didn't get to it to be a bit of it. cedric jackson. what an uncertain future where
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special. w taunting the english spelling. you are we are. it's sth. in this mexican city unimaginable crime to be connected everyone who lives here knows about them. no one is doing anything to stop them except for desperate families who lives on the street lights. this searching for the torch has been kidnapped by human traffickers. i am. and there
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a day. cheeks was fourteen years though. doherty was some buried in the desert underneath the pile of rocks and rubbish. studio costs us money is going on a tuesday just that. you could be one of the children who's going to stop and pull a book might be near by. this time it's somebody else's child has been found dead. search continues. a lawyer working pro bono in these cases is santiago been silenced. he knows the situation while guys do with the twenty oh seven lovingly talking about more than one hundred sheep that goes into the platters in the last year alone he tells me it is becoming the most of them forced into prostitution. police have consulted one single case that not one of them being free. many of them stayed last time. without that
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blooms may come later. when designing some inputs the most common sentiment this is around to go climb this has become a graveyard abilities of compass goes and young women mexico's organized crime gangs have expanded operations beyond the drug trade. now they trade in people too. and its lucrative. in this whole region close to the us border there are plenty of customers. mothers of missing those two to win goodies have been found. searching for clues that could lead them to their own children. maria was eighteen when she was kidnapped. polo was sixteen oil is called the stale maria's mother tells me that the concubine and such for the children. even in terrible places like this perhaps we'll find out what she says that it will one of the many others who go missing in what is the sequel
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full moon yes the thirtieth of august with affected parties he appeared to be a child his mother tells me she hopes that this will go one day. she says the perpetrators don't really see in the justice system but maybe i'm just as cool stuff. the east is hope the service. they're about to leave the hillside. such is discovered something blood stained underwear beneath the rock. it could mean that the more quilts is nearby. sunday i will once i was informed the police initially they do nothing moon's u dun wan is is rife with kidnapping and forced prostitution and the ten mm and the reach of violent crime extends all the way to the tourist areas on the pacific and carribean coast down to the capital mexico city them. graves also televised debate bring you results. many of the police could picture it will make its my fault that the criminal underworld
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somebody say let's go bedok was a huge outcry mexican she was um up and find out who my daughter ruby. i was jailed. lake said judge released him. she protested outside the government building. that unfolds the loss of security cameras he shot and killed. that these kids. see mom to steal know how dangerous criminals can be. but that hasn't stopped them from trying to find that gold is not out they printed saying some fake banknotes to get people's attention. one day five years ago is now down to simply didn't come home from school. she was fourteen years old. i am not a father tells losses by which he was very young and pretty. he says somebody must've seen something. he's determined not to give up as such. you know what is the only one of the program tells us to go
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little help from the front seats and so they decided to suck so. most other parents too he says they put up pictures of that going in places like this class they are not authentic. but it's hard to make progress. there are hundreds of victims and she stops many people from talking about anything they seem not at the end that there are no surveillance cameras can sense this matter not one. the gang and rake in money from sell. reese the police just to be one finding out the truth once the doors of a politician went to see a policeman lots of girls from polling areas seems different the hymn of the concealed it in a pool area. as none of this law has
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led the traffic is when the trust of the tunes. this one is a dvd on easy credit i am many victims was sold into slavery in mexico city for the united states. i went because it tells me a man once rang him saying he was in mexico city. sitting opposite ago pictured on the ninth. she said she needed help. it costs a hundred screens. the sound of someone being eaten. he drove it straight away such deadly weapon. pinter. in the last part of the capital. compass goes and women are held as slaves and kept for as long as they bring in money and forced prostitution. you have the nerve to try to flee says twenty four year old mother and one honest the kidnappers threatened to kill somebody achieve that but she escaped from captivity with the help of a stranger. the most and sheltered by naval command station. the saudi that game
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when i drive along here she goes i use to stand next to success. police often tries by the media. they like to call them say. they don't have the looks of it goes up on the nh. so i find that so sad. in this bill will not be speaking with it the irony for shelters in the whole country to escape to victims this one is for children the youngest he is sick it's not uncommon for boys and go to be kidnapped and sold that day. they used as slaves until they become too unhealthy. fold into addiction and company money anymore. the unlucky ones then they end up in the desert. even those who manage to escape face serious problems. they need psychological help and education. children traumatized. parents
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overwhelms not knowing how to deal with the central trauma that children have been through. nba two. rossi lost to the president of the mexican commission against the trafficking of women or for what she says it's important not to make the mistake of holding the women prostitutes because they don't sell them going swimmingly. criminals force them into prostitution she says the decline in the great eight thirty to forty times a day. what about you as soon as we get it. my peace of mind. what do you know she has with a friend who's been through the same experience the starting role and wants to use the skills to fight the traffic is the kidnappers would be twenty years. days of prosecutions office before anyone would listen to a story. in the form that has to be made clear to men than women on two contracts he
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says. there is for sale or lease sign on us. i don't know when we lost our bodies when he became an occasion and to illness and treat us like we belong to them. a month ago. i also was responding to kentucky. isn't that the question. i know but as a group of parents are protesting against deal so it is stated to act don't even any statistics about how many women amazing in mexico the organizations estimate there are three new cases every day. city analysts estimate the total number of schemes to give up. they pay regular visits to the state prosecutor. and anyone else in this state is now the child back says maria all those declined to hold them. with india hasn't given up hope that we will get
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outdoors is back online. but since three years. even the smallest hint about what happened to my child. they don't know me yet. he usually the mother she's angry at them when they arrived the officials say that track record in finding and returning the scene when it is going. but they could to get some cases of domestic abuse. let women who run away from home and taken back by police. i know. he didn't get in. chief prosecutor of the state of chihuahua seems helpless mistakes of the reality. aaron jr. are you going. he too bad his call me on a journey down this insidious with millions of inhabitants like to go class he says any crimes like these always take place in the shadows. one in the men's team down. yes the limousine he was coming even if one looks. it's hard to get hold of those responsible. most
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we headed to happen to find them they will of course face justice. we filmed some of those asked him what to be done about the bloody dumb to where they found in the desert. nothing so far the next day when trying to distill the police action just chilled and taking decisive action. even the chief prosecutor is that aye aye the aa it's no wonder that parents take matters into their own hands and look for the children themselves. even though they are risking their own lives corsica steel takes places like this red light district he comes help them. he believes it's his best chance of finding is not out of being one of the day. i'll keep looking he says. because i have this feeling that my tortillas here in the city
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and a homey feel. big eleven very beginning of two such who would turn up dead. well he asked. he is not to call home the tv. it's saddening carry it around the mature trees popcorn all right yours are. but what was
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before the activity. what a witch changing one's mind is the world's first jewish interest. it's about the peace process was for many years. twenty oh eight and its brightness of this trial. what i'm talking to him. i know. i might add with a white woman. heat about. i should sneak into which the agency. saturdays. in the city. why am i. i got one we immediately ordered that are strictly military. each
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are you. cz you will will will will will the eye. i know. i did. sinbad legend of king of peace in the band's dynamic economy. i think the best honey bee destinations. i was out. we ended up less duty of


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