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tv   RT News  PBS  February 17, 2014 10:30am-11:01am PST

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will . your chantilly did appear set to meet his face close up grabbed the shortness of breath or burning sensation in the chest high blood pressure the symptoms are indicative of the soon to happen heart attack. prison officials say they'll not help russian police cars and ceo sure that within the county oy t
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m ay. the money just battle between ten and fix the state's top was putting due to think on. says the russian hockey sport that has taken away in tt box kl today to talk to them on. i love their bread machine to add a thick silver mine in the nineties. also the sondheim today the threats of the two hundred british people have retired from focusing on syria to be recruited and trained on her going for it. the reports on the laming number of suicides among see him on his investigates. today sch. in
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the seems not so recently hannah and welcome. russian president says he's suffering from severe chest pains in the us prison will finally be taken to hospital for treatment according to his new act and cons of two took russi officials weighed in today mom's help from me. so the clinic's bosca says motion to deny is constant senior center has an awful medical assistance and the fast pace. the russian foreign ministry is ringing alarm bells began in fact what money he said that ever since john kerry was appointed as usa secretary he has been discussing the msm took issue with him every time he has been complaining about the new breast health problems that yes it has been experiencing old he bought in reply from john kerry and the u s officials. what's that there are no problems with the other side of that he never applied for medical help he never made any police or for medical assistance which is untrue according to the russian foreign minister said the law for all. stupid too. nobody is confirm
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the yen shake is experiencing problems with his health although there's any problem with access to medical treatment for ava. it was claimed they had not requested any medical help so the us military constantine requested medical assistance. a number of times. you couple it was also out of the russian foreign ministry's human rights and with different in the bullpen he told us that in fact west has once again made an appeal to the us to washington to left of the russian officials and the more important the russian built as access to i have some good tool to let them examine him and that too will have their own conclusions about what is reported to be either a severe heart condition with the quickness to get to go we spoke to on his lawyer and he told us that he is being kept in a very poor conditions and himself is reportedly suffering from a heart attack and that practically no help no medical help is being given to me cfs and go in. in the new jersey prison where he's being hacked up right now let's listen to what
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the lawyer site. your chantilly do that here said to me his face was some rather he visibly had shortness of breath with the causes in our conversation room compose himself. he was having difficulty remembering the days and the chronology of the different events that the plays this week shortness of breath or burning sensation in the chest high blood pressure these sentiments are indicative of the season happened heart attack. we also managed to speak to him if they ushered us why and she told us that it wasn't the first time that i guess i was suffering from health problems inside this prison let's listen to that. one can imagine months ago he and wife tina and can get up find a new beginning and often hinted that he was given to non able to walk close to present to the magical block places we have huge rally. if that is constant coughing he was keeping his cell mates
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away and that when the compost onto him something new to me hopping mad about his problems cutting up his detention in africa when he was beaten severely me daddy's bike all we know so far is that the only medical assistance that perfect unison to have been provided or will be provided it's simply a is us as a uv check. the ultrasound tech inside the new jersey prison. the scene can show the latest on this developing story can also get to know the amount of the constantine gash on her website. between ten and figs jenny's big metal table but the change with a week left to win medals. russia's fifth in the overall pounds but has high hopes placed on his hockey team which did not give local funds once the gates should be for the mccain they couldn't find a solution often find some tony phoning babysit deceit suffering and dying steam euro cents today. the tree was hopeful that it needed a
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test shoot up to speed the science but tonight the managing to school in open play to score three one two nothing in our faces and moscow when mancini is no way to reach the quarterfinals oh she's rich uncle to discuss the performance of the month has previously given the russian friends that john cena bracing and pick success. i'm going to be joined by a hobo day i spoke the legend side of tucson and empty inside. i told you that it sounded excited. how much pressure on instructions on the special place in oven and it's an opinion. still it wasn't in the schools. lots of fresh snow buddies that wouldn't do well. no but that still allows its use to play with different levels the two spots on its legal saga states should set very close game just awful cost us a box he wants nothing to get into tight beats us for being an automated way of producing
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the have to say you're going to learn from mistakes and move forward. is there still full with old when he is signaling a whole school of law olympics is an intellectually. given that this unity originals of three games and the rolling stone it was still the chance to win. archery. six rushed off to great stop and find tenants and the semi finals and all its audience and it's it's it's a mark in the sprints. it is the most unpredictable. the last olympic games in vancouver you can see and do well with the beginning and the temple so the system. a few questions. facebook users this question was what's more important experience in the nhl. all the players playing cards at the drop shot to help the containment and what's happened and so he can for instance. it's totally different than this still if you play for
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the club. this is different he touches of five and was set to tell the period when you're growing up. buffalo at some of it which to choose from you know honestly hope that this is the cleanest in the middle of the national team. literally like the wind currents. a set while he's on his new types of what's inside. i stop to such a great sport but because fort walton your opinion. so that all you know it's. the it's really exciting to watch the fog didn't know it's a great spirit the office flying there on cheap each other so it's the fish to get by. see you play to posting pics not to nine months months to see if it wants to play much of the role crucial on it a go at it until play and student movements and talking. is this talk of the state of the nhl players not playing in four years taught. will anyone know what happens in the future of the business that made him a new phenomenon. the first time ever in the chills. this is a
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couple weeks and with all the quilts the squares the world because they couldn't swim it was the conscience. but a victory on the planet about cross out cost one hundred fatah was never a full deep ruts a photo of my dad's restaurant things we see that. with that being the token points at the minute an upbeat us not be on a calm enhancing the cancellation of the time of the men's must dos in the class on that one i'd take place tomorrow i'm finally pm men's snipe or cross to the bbc says that the box labeled get ahead as planned it that they seem and russian seen company that makes it clear for them alexander's to call fancy cynical cycle gets night doing this to drums might have to say final runs tonight tonight told us what is needed to get that helped i somewhat in the critical juncture will be at the stoplight. if one team gets far ahead of the others it will be very difficult to catch up with them. we prepared for such is an aria
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number one objective is to be stronger at the start. next keep my knitting skills kk in the same way you can now remove the old rivals. you have to do for a successful runs in the room to overcome your opponents. but don t have it once had a nice and tight fit single meanwhile the jamaican team whom i can add this to pierce this event just my trip back i found out last minute but the deeper see the second biggest cheer of the night off to the russians elsewhere attention is the candle much the biggest nineties this time the lights downstairs because it unique in that sum up of the covertly in fifth place just been freed on sticks on tonight's time we caught up with them before these gangs began and i tell this will link building each day to achieve success. i think i am amply corporation what's important thing to fight our pics. as so much typing and typing so much pple who was to help work when we don't want to help and you need to just do what you know what to do what you
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want when you what you need and that is. and on saturdays so that people like so many people just listen for your team like you for praying and what they know what to do so i hope to know what. and they are definitely like to study like to say the ice don seems to be mindful read on to nice varied that it keeps its books become the best is still the receipts. i will be busting a gut inside to try and catch the canadians the turmoil on the americans die to sin once he currently the beach on to tell. she's our address on the recording from this auction the scene cuts to back. the final two hundred countries are watching the bands with tv here in fig is at record levels according to an end bikini say officials. just as signs of the proteins that are breaking records this season the sun now with reports from the area and suggestions. the ten days of the olympic competition has seen a number of sporting breakthroughs and record breaking results russian figure skating stars that
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down below. set a new world record with their sword programmed their flawless gate receipts eighty four points seventeen points the highest ever score and another record was sealed on ice by nineteen year old japanese figure skater it so i knew who became the first man to ever break one hundred points in the stored program the speed skaters and grey mare broke his own world record in the five thousand meter race storming to delve into six minutes and ten points seventy six seconds while great britain said olympic curling record the latest team demolished the us by seven points a margin never seen before at the winter again. one of the most inspiring stories from the sochi olympics is not a canadian athlete danny morrison who was one bronze and silver despite having suffered serious injury the speed skater broke his leg while skiing barely a year ago putting his olympic dreams in doubt. morrison found to make the cuts the one thousand meter distance by fellow speed skater gilmore journey offered him a spot in
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the race and the internet taking silver. that was closely followed by a bronze in the fifteen hundred long track distance. we as the victorious canadian what drives him. honestly i don't know if i didn't doubt for me the secret spin. not caring as much not trying to control things over and the other controller not try to control things that are not unimportant things that are superstitions some disposing of a task. this process and execution of that process it's a chain to house he'd catch up on status of the coverage and make sure you don't miss out spoken to mr take on stage. less than fifteen minutes. on the nine days of the olympics since archie and russia have won more medals than they did fine with that. i have set a new coat the mantle in speedskating the devil has won the ski jumps and the judgments of the top of the table who will come to one's eight and what's the
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store specials coming tonight the day i sent one to fourteen promise and ultimately an exhilarating now i'm coming from below and above the bottom was taken to sochi twenty fourteen. all the arts during adoration this town now seems national collapsing and depression back to life in the fire department. this is a deeply dysfunctional system a while doesn't want to find see results this summer is over recent weeks on tv except what's bridge and five minus two on. i know. i did
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the change when to fourteen thomas and ultimately an exhilarating. now i make the sochi twenty fourteen all the arts the room the moon. i married going on impartial. for commentary that is not. only on the back the oil. guy. markets why not. wanna know what's really
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happening to the global economy. you concentrate more on rte. the she now seems not so good to have you witnessed senior security officials and the uk estimates more than two hundred british based on this one to find a version of the shots on the celiac have retired. i'm not as a significant threats oc sad path takes up the sky clause eight seats consent i hear amongst the us securities that this is the police have said that they'd made a number of the rectum and loafing situation place the needle jack has sold its sixty no effort in ways that people have been retired by the irony here of course that it is that he added that his government. i will be if that is incidentally the state at
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the transition. i'm taking is supplying only relates to the baboons. i think technically they are all the things i need to add feeds the hottest team of placing the fact is he going with this life is to add to it pays to hide the second sunday of course if it's as if it's like ten if the fee of heights if capital is not at the fifty fifth in the city two innings at these weeks that the real why is it the beefy lost that fight with them again. the skills i've had it coming until today i will reveal why is that once the fight in this area didn't like that. i think it's that time frame and then to target to pick on at these systems. meanwhile the british minister of immigration and security has responded to the report james and broken china says the phone she's are applying be so cold for the strategy to the cold domestic radical i say shot and inflow of foreign fine tunes and use these deposits examined and detain into the jaws of the uk border to investigate any concerns of tennyson open
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best thing about the current system is how strong the financial woes with the scene and find peace and peace is taking their minds in one week on his stance on cd investigates. they are tiny dots grabbed headlines via which happened within a week. the at the big investment banks they worked for the senior positions they held a nature of the deaths were off duty once again graced questions. about an industry largely blamed for bringing the global economy to its knees. two thousand a financial crisis. michael taylor a former goldman sachs bond salesman who calls themself a recovering banker knew his world well it still extraordinarily competitive and so bogus. profit above all. symmetry is actually every moment. like st pressure turns coal into diamonds. the extreme pressure can both excel in human achievement in some
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cases bring people to pressure and calling the shots the form of buying and we caught them i am and have no interest in the people it affects i'm the calls in the same meeting said responsible to investors and stockholders you make a moral decisions without thinking about the impact that a house on the people of job losses people these indictments on in staples pressure to rake in profits or the pressure to put in more hours than your peers after this the recent death of big firms that tried to ease tension by telling to junior staff to take more time off for at least to try not to work on weekends. it is connected to a happy weekend off but also makes a ton of money and ultimately media and among his list to keep you around. so the strike me as a real solutions. your assigned to expect to hear de mystifying bankers interviewed dozens of finance workers on the condition of anonymity the degree to which bankers
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are trapped. i've been reading a really important finding of it. we keep on rejecting this idea went with us. most of the universe they have everything we want but if you look at the actual life taken the fight in five minutes. this is a deeply dysfunctional and ought to be abusive system. so this is real time who were in banking the army. to own up to mosul a bit. thus our city our team monday. europe is pushing fluids on in tax free from american monitoring the movement is being headed by john a child's uncle not all is set to see debunking from the french president later this week. she took us to change the current sets out on to which the key to believe not intend to a ten sec inmates. among the singer is often behind the united states. so i message sent by one european online he's a ten knot that can potentially have a very long journey before reaching is essential possums are multiple planes
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anything communications now why would a non state to buy cars the service rates on her for sitting of the european twenties is back in action but told the german private posse five the airline haunt the base model is approaching the show the u s civilians in the wrong way. the idea of your payment and when the thing the province of bc was he an asean was the five us alliance. i was who was other room. the secret of us is spying on the on its own citizens and on one of the citizens and that it would have a go. um we have a problem that the secret ever since the wrong doors are leveraging with each other the problem has to be soft on the physical evidence of political problem. and there and we have to talk about it and if america was really want to solve this problem and would really care of all the data protection of their citizens. and then she could for some of them and talks and nods its head above
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the skull of the free trade agreement ukip that is being um today's runoff. this is something that could put pressure on the united states and this is something that that would give us a position where they can um started the kinetic into the process hunting is pumping huge sums of money into africa in the hot beef strips weapons and ma series of town along the cornflakes into amount of time. you can see an american issue bases as spread all across the company at the main posts on the whole of africa is a competent you gracie is known for its money at it now has more than four thousand manage to pass now and can chart is also thousands of us soldiers their approach to preparing for missions as on the pan to disney a strategy to train and defines the regional forces of peacefulness he investigates what could be the honey and washington's main achievements. hundreds of millions of american daughters of feeling into
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africa. as the pentagon ops its spending on the continent is plenty of small materials to nigeria a case in point the west african nation is america's fourth largest supplier of crude oil accounting for eleven to st up for you its oil imports the undermanned as an investment in new debt. they have the basis of what's been going around the circle and the heat put to death. that's it he's my son johnny is the real reason for you restrict expansion in africa not to bring democracy. not to hope that local populations. but to protect american interests and justify the reasons for being here the wa government's in this area. what's in it too i'm not so. and note that come to the teeth as chrissy and off course so did the dance the current edition is a shaker to meet up with surprises in the twenty s now provided to know that it's
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knitting up so fun to come for imported see. resist to city county and city at africa is dealt it with you in spaces and a growing constellation of small american colonel kurtz. in the morning of north of somalia has been america's main facility on the content from the new decade. it houses about four files and medically and civilian personnel. but at the end of last year it was forced to stop line drawings in the area off the string of crashes and growing anger locals us forces are getting stretched very thin. they're being tasked with conditions will be on their numerical and logistics capability right now. they knew after all for inspections. is that the new conflicts expand through and all the next thing you know suddenly you're a true that money does sustain these missions us take the kids ate junk and he says is happening in africa
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is so exciting overall. and we are really deeply engaged in and then the president that has instructed us that to really try that light our fire under our efforts. and throughout the guy. what's not so exciting is that with the jihadists and anti with groups across the continent thousands of american soldiers on gearing up for missions as part of the pentagon's new strategy to train and advise african manatees to deal with that great. it's not increasing those who live here. you don't know. the americans it feel to combat terrorism in afghanistan or anywhere else and to see more often here in west africa. it's likely that christians will even bring the terrorists trip to senegal to the prison disco tuition saying well this will i need to be a good friend united states media types of investment rushed into my security forces the quantity of senegalese people. we risk
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losing an awful lot as well a number of african leaders have expressed concern about the potential income rising to the continent. fearful that america's expanding presence. all those baggy for africa and the people. was he an auntie hurry up next to a full focus on celestial twenty fourteen has fooled again just a couple of minutes. all day from the antics but sometimes don't go away the eye. i i i when i was in ntu he he they do. to me. i did. each
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i design trends due to the apple jewel best way to the heart of moscow. i am firstly the city address new york mayor bill the blood ceo said that he would put forth legislation for the city to issue special municipal identification cards to undocumented immigrants is summed up his feelings by saying to all my fellow new yorkers were undocumented. i say new york city is your home to bed we will not force any of our resins to live their lives in the shadows yep that sounds nice but the reason these illegal immigrants live their lives the shadows is because they immigrated in an eagerly what i should new yorkers bend over backwards for illegal criminal immigrants. this is the same logic that if i catch a guy breaking into my house as a gracious host. i should offer him a pizza because it is home to. this is just a slap in the face the rule of law but also to the immigrants who do go for the bureaucracy and headaches to become us citizens the right way the legal way
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supplies you if you're going to provide these illegal immigrants was some sort of document it should be appointed to pack all with instructions on how to apply for green card a legit proper away just like everyone else passed. that's just my thing i him. they did. to this. do
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got some new age of history gets worse every day. cos breaking news called what. so much. either or situation stocks. good news you you
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will will will will. the eye the news. an oakleigh the linked group has claimed responsibility for yesterday's deadly attack in egypt on the bus carrying korean forests on my way to israel. the cyanide based group known as and some white owl my piece was carried out a string of attacks in egypt most recent being called bombing which killed five people outside fire and police headquarters in january. his previous deals acclaim for its attacks on the israeli resort city of ai that the attack came as former egyptian president mohamad morse he was returned to court to face terror and spying charges. th


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