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will will will will. the eye the news. an oakleigh the linked group has claimed responsibility for yesterday's deadly attack in egypt on the bus carrying korean forests on my way to israel. the cyanide based group known as and some white owl my piece was carried out a string of attacks in egypt most recent being called bombing which killed five people outside fire and police headquarters in january. his previous deals acclaim for its attacks on the israeli resort city of ai that the attack came as former egyptian president mohamad morse he was returned to court to face terror and spying charges. the chips interim government says there is a direct link between will
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seize muslim brotherhood puffy and soft white owl much to spend on this basis blacklisted the brotherhood as the terror organization israeli government officials have reportedly told the hungarian ambassador to israel the jewish state as doubts of the country's willingness to objectively confront its costs amid fears that budapest was trying to rewrite the country's dark history of collaboration and going onto was summoned to israel's foreign ministry on the thirteenth question about the stones on several issues including health the state intended to commemorate the seventieth anniversary of the hopefuls. jewish groups non reporting from point to the memorial plans which include the statue shows an angel representing hungry being attacked by an ego trip cent in the third reich the plans also been attacked by a twenty six of country's leading historians two minutes left to states that the memorial plans would whitewash country's world war two history . i knew
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the routine. and more. i know at. the as you. is our
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the eu seventy iranian parliamentarians have reportedly been angered by comments made by iranian foreign minister job at taree on german television where he sat at the holocaust was a horrible tragedy that should never occur again. iran's semi official news channel press tv reported that the lawmakers want to question the foreign minister for the past that he and his views against what they called the illegitimate israeli regime and the holocaust. the attitude of the amp's reflects the underlying hardline that many in there and still fold in their opinions towards israel despite the charm offensive recently undertaken by the country's current president assad honey to win over the last visited by minister benjamin netanyahu has always maintained or honey is a wolf in sheep's clothing of former leader
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mahmoud othman is that it was a wolf in wolf's clothing. i knew dad was steadfast in his opposition to israel often calling for its destruction he also hoped that holocaust denial conference is and has called the genocide against the a man the cabinet meeting israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has given his backing to police working against organized crime off the two governments is michael kill the man as he drew me attended the speech front on saturday the latest in a wave of candyland mothers and attacks. the drive by shooting took place in broad daylight as families and forced troops nearby leo nunez jewish sabbath. he said the men killed since may was known to police without going into the details. these operations have increased both in terms of on the cover is what is intelligence in
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order to crack down on a rest and deal with these types of incidents as well as prevent further incidents from taking place in any future making sure that the streets would be safer. amid innocent people in semis won't get into it. despite the upsurge of gangrene to fund its residents of the coastal city of ten in phoenix said they did not feel any less safe dumping different pizza and the knowledge haven't post last month. things do happen from time to time and it doesn't make me feel any less safe. i've been at the same thing that enough country with votes from lawn or like israel to sin. things like this happen. my bottle that affects me personally i think it's only in those small crime family but that happens three teeth. this week police said explosives which were widely available and ready to be cheap anonymously sourced from on the stockpiles of fuelling the rise in gang land pundits in november devices detonated in the vehicle of
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israeli prosecute to the delicate high level criminals . cheetah chart gruesome murder of forty two year old man has claimed that she killed more than twenty two people across the country a starter for involvement in a satanic cult. nineteen year old miranda barbara and her twenty two year old husband were married in north carolina and moved to pennsylvania about three weeks before they killed stranger troy my career i mentioned it to the website craigslist for companionship miranda barbara allegedly stabbed the prayer in the front seat of a car while her husband held the cord around his neck the pennsylvania teenager has told journalists that she stopped counting how many people she killed after a three second victim blaming her involvement in a satanic cult which she joined in alaska when she was thirteen years old. authorities are seeking the death penalty for miranda who has said that if she's released from prison
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she will kill again fan israeli officials have blasted the decision by denmark's been kosher slaughter. the embargo comes following a similar move taken last year and poland which has led to many becoming concerned for the future or jewish community an appeal to the european union is expected of the danish band deputy minister of religious services rabbi he lived and died. since european anti semitism is showing its true colors. chief rabbi david lau says he will speak danish officials to demand the cancellation of what the cause is serious and severe blow to the jewish state. mr religious services in diaspora affairs to tell them it's as offered in march jewish community in the possible instructed his ministry to monitor the queue and come up with solutions last week the danish government had effectively outlawed kosher slaughter citing the regulations into law which states that animals cannot be undertaking
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outstanding them before the movie cannot coexist with the loss. the new law will have little practical consequences on the six thousand who reside or since for the past ten years all kosher meat sold in denmark has been imports from abroad eye. i knew. the and serene it is believed to be the biblical place to which moon's surface and then leading the people of israel and egypt and the holy vocation to which he received the ten commandments from god no one really knows where the snow is situated. i'll answer some archaeologists and making the case. it may very well be on israel and what we see behind me it's parker kong. com is that
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the moncton of the stuff around. we added the sauce and make it as that according to the baby current account. we are on the fringe. between the land of mickey on until end of my neck. in a place where nothing was known. we discovered one thousand three hundred and fifteen dollars because its wind farm to maybe try inch. maybe worship places standing pillars of terrorists great view of the drawcard. with reference to the rate cut to come. i've been here in southern history in the region is known to come home to one of the holiest and most defining difficult moments to please professor not he plays been researching the subject for
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over thirty years now the beats them. when thomas khomeini. singh says many finds similar to what the bible describes that more and more we wouldn't be missed. the duties in relation between the small and ten. and the bureaucratic how empty the bronze age this was a sort of met her in the middle of nowhere and people became more and more aware of the faith that piece was a tremendous forty days in the bronze age and said amen the other people probably the children of restraint were key areas but i think that knowing that most cyanide is in the land of the strand is of any important fact i i i i professor and he and his team encounters conflicting findings. seniors biblical experts believe it was in the late bronze age when
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moses and the people in israel when he checked and traveled across the desert however the findings. this is really archaeological science. you seem to think back to that early ground seats. they're very serious problems with the park our car chief among them is that the manual and not see the effects given the archaeologists is an expert says. that the is the religious sites around the carpark home. dating from the day and of the early bronze age. about eight thousand eight hundred thousand years earlier than the mass of scholars date the eczema is either has to moaned a bit of heart are calm. forward we teach and to behold. so we tested the mosaics of this backward and he says that the accident happened at the end of the early bronze
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age and i think that some opinions. i don't know you can find another smaller the signs. doesn't that these theories very controversial in the game because of the subject matter and because of that there's also a along with people who did debated and a few it's true if it's true. these days there are several theories as to where it is that the holy mount sinai is located including lines insinuating that it is situated in saudi arabia. harvard scholar front cross. who says that the mount sinai is inside the road and the use of very good reasons. first of all of the debate on the most cause please stick to this. there's nothing in sinai and the thing. and in saudi arabia minute him. you have an enormous amount of doing
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contaminants. there is nothing nothing. from the time that the israelites are suppose to cross this item and then in contrast to this. if you go to many in the ay ay ay there's all kinds of sites. we may never know for sure where exactly did the mount sinai is located. the theories different hypotheses chain from one scotland to another however professor a nasty sign means and this is really say appeared to be some of the richest and well least it's discoveries on the cob day one and see better days isn't it . one of the world's largest solar projects has opened in
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california's mojave desert the front console with a power plant has more than three hundred thousand years to reflect sunlight on to boil their script code compliance and produce convictions free electricity to power but hundred and forty thousand home. part of their asian leadership. get the ball rolling by his chances in the next generation of people are surprised that there is a consistent job. then we will die. the best we can do to get started. but the avant project meeting the last of its kind in california when funds for such projects have been largely tapped don't mean the private sector was still a kid. the current market prices natural gas power plant costs about a fifth of total costs of thermal power plants meaning with the political will plants like the fun of me take a backseat. as you hundreds of bulgarians march
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to the capital sofia over the weekend went on during world war two general was known for its anti semitic and pro activities. alright bulgarian national union organized the rally regional frisco supporting germany during the second world war the city's mayor and the rally that the police did not intervene after demonstrators began to march the veneration of locals and bulgaria today is just another worrying sign of rising anti semitism in europe. over in hungary the country's route during occupation. nicklaus course he was honored with a bronze statue of last year this year the country's jewish community has boycotted the holocaust remember activities for the government's recent attempted don't claim country's role in the genocide at the hands of the nazis. grievance in hungary and bulgaria seem to support a survey published last year with the european union which showed that three of every foreign jewish people living in europe
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believe that anti semitism is on the rise. a recent check to the university has discovered that scientists at the dachau concentration camp to research the possible use of malaria infected mosquitoes as weapons during the lord to dr klaus reinhardt made the discovery after examining the archives of the ensign a logical institute and jacko. heinrich himmler the leader of the dreaded stands set up the inset research facility at dachau in nineteen forty two biologists and there had apparently been trying to figure out which types of mosquitoes were best able to survive outside their natural habitat so they could be infected with malaria and dropped from the air as a biological weapon the concentration camp at dachau was the first to be open by the nazis in germany with the intention of holding political prisoners although we've actually about one third of the prisoners held there were in the thirty two thousand people died in toronto before it was liberated. zion the seven
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mile to call them snatched from the remains of beijing's old summer palace during the second opium war of eighteen fifty six to sixty he returned to china this old time from a museum in the norwegian city of london the columns are of a high symbolic value to what some serbian china which is the long haul but it's an essay of the destruction of the house and defeat to the imperialist british and french allies. ireland's chief list and former director of crude museum explained the thinking behind the moves. everybody's talking about china. but there's few westerners have been really understanding of china. so by transferring these columns back to china is also the museum the possibility to develop
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its understanding that borders on the standing of which are now was and what it is with the calming to be good museum has a collection of some four thousand chinese auction facts contained twenty one columns from the old summer palace and under a new agreement with teaching in a busty the current museum will cooperate with the chinese university in research on the chinese artifacts collected by the museum when representatives from over fifty countries have a right to tell the good the twentieth international mediterranean tourism market which is already branded itself as one of the most important tourism trade events in the world. enter to win the first edition of the extent to israel rose to stem this is the rakyat being engaged to be an israeli ambassador to welcome all the thousands of tourists and professionals to menu adopted home. i know. i turned and
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adding it to say this is the best and the pavement it's important the fuzz bass of the city the size and i don't know what the site stats and stuff and i'm the independents. i don't really put us on the show they don't like to look after sunday's round byes i don't want to go to the israeli minister of tourism go to new zealand though was put to it to see the overwhelming vote of confidence by the maniac and peace in the israeli tourism industry which runs daily show of the vote of confidence the people vote with their faith. i continued to come over today to visit the shingle in being the band's roots on blue go back to their home. with the reality which she is sure different than what they have been told by the new tv screens of their own countries. housed in
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the desert is turning into a not so bored but at the source which are visiting them. well i wish that in korea or should it will run from tim and two five billion dollars. so that it became a city to the tv was on hand to give the visitors a sample taste of what his will metropolitan it's all about the it is my buddy the greatest city in the world. i think that many tourists come here. the cia and the keep coming back and i can become customers of the cd for free. and we find out what i mean you know that the city has ten months of sun and one thousand seven hundred and fifty eight bars nightclubs and is the text and the queue jump up to patients very vibrant dynamic that is why it is important to tell of its economy and for israel's economy to try
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in the number of tourists that come here to go sixteen zero its opening is the home of the gay community of israel. i think twenty percent of the city the least and there's special night lights for the community in its an open place stays with two women and two men can walk and my hand in the city just like any other couple and that's one of the reasons i love to the beach. that's when the site choose to do than to let you choose to work and from israeli national them in the lounge that opens its new school clothes service to which it hopes will be the company's answer to the open sky policy the israeli government has started to implement. this year we have a lawyer and the locals. india's lower prices for people that told the times said that the prices are too expensive up is coming to compete with the a and open sky. people can decide if they want to take it seriously tasted they
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want to eat and slack. then there's the book since nineteen sixty nine cm and above the law. therefore it should direct from him and that we are going to the low post and we topped the century weeks to experience the high court the flying with him. i was sixteen percent increase in income in tourism to israel it is safe to say that the israeli tourism industry it's funny to me again the jn one one jacobson at itt and conference utility up visitors to stop cheering to wait and see snoopy pony what that for when sri lim pics to my peeps you are experiencing whole thing take russian winter experience in a russian pop house nestled on a steep mountain slopes of christina lamb play on up on the fringes of sochi. john and all can use to have a business in moscow before she knew to section seven years
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ago and opened the bottle town's main street is spending a great divide. i knew that nobody was on guns in and greet is done yet when m and two lots on and so on which you see him so often than sticking a piece of a piece from across the globe on in one place on rounds i was not as keen as to present the entire collection of pocket costs for decency not to try to our listings laden to keep going. people can find out about them. we see ourselves as interactive museum. cause i liked that the clean cut kid movie about it. the most popular attractions is the japanese style coffee or hot spots that allows people to raise the bawdy tempted by sixteen wood to heat it up to forty three degrees celsius. you can interfere with it the human idealized hot spots to look in the hot spots need to rent a golf chipping
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the score above into the bin raised the temperature of the money was seeking in bus stops for fourteen degrees from what they don't mention is that and then keep on swinging the cpu to keep the situation think it's unique. there's also an americans swept onto a hot stones and put in the center of attention and the spectacular views taken wide sweep of the beautiful surrounding countryside the most important thing about the tiny upset by how small study the catch is to have a good spirits in the party i eye. loom when you tend to call ninety six week mortem four hundred choose to appear in gross debt now to old town about thirty km south of frankfurt by november nine nineteen thirty one thing that she sent each of poker on. only hunt for the cheese was snapped. none of them before
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nineteen forty one does to wish it to a concentration camp. dowd was d can you do try. we have juice. no have mutations in our opinion the commission maintained grounds around this meeting will attend. headstones are upright in on terminate it every tree has been carefully cut off. it's changing into many children and grandchildren of the nasty to me. creating what they call out to them it's time to time memorials may you continue to use his own costume. all and is a diary diary. engage people know what to try to bring this to sweep back into our minds and the thought of faith not in our minds not in the jones minds but in the mountains of the sightseeing on jewish society and it's very important for us. the call to remembrance is started in
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berlin and other cities been desperate to know the area like most about when the organization it's a pricey name of kim and society's mission to rich culture and help the cause can now be celebrating its twenty fifth amendment the five team. in case after the company has taken the wrong man. as well as some churches and several private parts. we came together and many friends and be prudent. salt about two thousand bc. to make a permanent amendments because even in every village. there were communities before kisses. it is obvious school is due to sanctification and huge cost to those canals. just do one thing or we may conclude tonight. the system has
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introduced its many interesting to read. and to establish connections to retrieve the keys from the air. qarase it's it's called coaxing to see that these people are trying to to bring the history back in the minds and to work farm florida. this never happen again. only it is the necessity that is news is that. the even for the next generations and to keep up this memory. about a sequel to beat a snowflake sissies the three the german jewish and israeli positions. which houses the centuries the generation that witnesses second world war me to still teach. the bb and then had to be in. this led many germans to confront the tilt of the jewish holocaust. the ones that will not heal. this is wilson truly sweet tooth this month the goal is get out. i rule
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do. will. to me. is you are we are. will the tsar. a
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the steelers. he she is she
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gone. and up. the says the treat inside. i won all eight am to be awarded to a salary taiwan's participation in the trans pacific partnership and the regional comprehensive economic pundits said the mine ministries in the us government representatives from seventeen countries to return from abroad to take part in a four day training camp while making and p


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