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tv   Newsline  PBS  February 17, 2014 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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line it's cheesy better a team and captain comanche and telltale benders of the united nations panel have released the results of the year long investigation into abuses in north korea there was as authorities had committed systematic a wind spread and growth violations of human rights. they say no other country has committed such a wide range of crimes against humanity. the panel members heard testimony from two hundred and forty witnesses including north korean defectors
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the jefferson says he hopes that report will spur people to take action. they will be no excusing friday of action because we did not. we do not there are points as political prisoners are subjected to torture and other forms of violence is as utilities use executions to terrorize the population into submission. it says north korean authorities have engaged in systematic abduction of four nationals it says agents may have abducted more than two hundred thousand people including more than one hundred japanese citizens panel members say the country's supreme leader of the operations bc the crimes should be referred to the international criminal court. officials from the us and japan have called for action over the records. a spokesperson for the us state department said the document the flanks and global consensus for a heart said in a statement that the government urges north korea to follow the year when
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some recommendations japanese officials plan to work with their counterparts from other countries that a meeting next month of the un human rights council in geneva. they hope to adopt the resolution demanding that north korea improve its record. the japanese boss assets staff from the un high commissioner for human rights gather information about abject east north korean leaders rejected the report their un representatives in geneva said there are no human rights abuses in their country. rescue workers in its alcoa we are searching for survivors after the birth of an auditory and collapsed at least eight people died more than ninety four injured authorities say he loove caved in under the weight of snow in resort in turn get above five hundred students from a college in cosatu inside the building you are attending an event to welcome freshman. one attendee said they were listening to a concert by having some plane
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came down. that is from pacific rim countries have been negotiating a free trade deal for months. some twenty years. the talks aren't going as smoothly as many had helped. i didn't see the joins us now from that isn't as good morning night you think falling the stocks what's taking so long it can to some had said that they wanted to wrap up the talks by the end of last year that obviously didn't happen of new treaty a lot of it is about you know what's what should be taxed on what shouldn't be taxed while trey to go see this from japan are reportedly preparing to soften their stance on some hacker called two items they consider to be secret they've been deadlocked with other delegates at the free trade talks over tariffs on their farm products such as rice and wheat. but now they've indicated they're willing to compromise to achieve a chance to sit ten specific partnership deal nhk has learned that japanese trade officials may agree to reduce or remove tariffs on some of the five
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items they want something in exchange though bills seek to safeguard that allows them to raise tariffs temporarily when imports surge. they'll need to us officials in tokyo starting on tuesday for working level discussions chief negotiators from the twelve countries at the ttp talks are meeting at the same time in singapore the safeguard measure is approved by the world trade organization. japanese negotiators hope that it will help to bring the understanding of their farmers. u s delegates are calling for the removal of tariffs on most items even if it takes more than ten years stocks in asia and europe extended a winning streak on monday in investors were encouraged by the strong performance and us markets last week and in christian figures about lending in china the us markets were closed monday for a national holiday. but see where the japanese my kids are having today for that week the tv in the napa tokyo stock exchange. illegal
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mining town restarting the trading session the morning i will include the costs start at the moment will he manage to keep still for a five percent yesterday at the opening levels for his eighth february eight lb he is high here by what it was no one percent at fourteen thousand five hundred and thirty eight and a product called thinks this is no point seven eight percent. now mike is in japan and other parts of asia. we knew that this week why it today because you as my kids to coast overnight. investors are also might need to stay on the sidelines ahead of the outcome of the japan policy meeting city for the pass few months the boj has kept its monetary policy and change and mold. they say the central bank will decide to continue doing so at this month's meeting. but maybe my kidneys are looking to love the idea of the shares have to say about the outlook for the japanese economy. i needa
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what's the possibility of the png introducing further easing measures this year in what are you hearing from analysts. this is the mike as i include expecting to be looking to ease monetary policy this year especially after monday's gdp data would depend on the much weaker than expected. dollar yen will appear on the chair as the nz dollar yen is not the one hundred and two point one two two one four the dollar yen under the fountain the one hundred and one in right after the gdp data was the east as unlikely as bt re standards but some are then subject already so big and has expanded beyond she did this but that we did this year steal his losses. i said because many people do not think the japanese central bank won't take that step. at tuesday's meeting. anglo murray cousins of bonnyrigg you like it was nice i even find that sells cds can help boost momentum for a jam
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tickets today. t i r ewing thanks alot for that update you mimi from that era can stock exchange. finance officials in thailand say months of political turmoil have taken a toll on the economy. the same growth in the last quarter of two thousand thirteen was the slowest in almost two years. gross domestic product for the october to december period rose zero point six percent from a year earlier it was down two point one points from the previous quarter. the expansion was the slowest since the first quarter of two thousand twelve after major floods devastated parts of the country. shutters went to the polls for genoa election earlier this month but anti government protests have made it impossible to create a new government officials at the national economic and social development board have downgraded their growth forecasts for the hear from a maximum of five percent to
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four percent more headlines for you in business next hour for now i'll leave you with attack on markets. it is it sells really there's no warning people about traveling to egypt a bomb ripped through a tourist bus that with thousands of south koreans envoy for people with caleb. another fifteen wounded. annie's he will step up to meet any points the authorities say the bus exploded in your intake point in the town of about a year
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to ease its border with israel. south korean foreign ministry officials say thirty two south koreans who were on board. knew. on to read korean citizens were confirmed dead and more than ten numbers are included but the bus explosion the tourists have visited mount sinai and were on the way to israel is any militants have been attacking military and police buildings in the region since the military ousted present hummus and laura c last night the violence against terrorists has put security of all ages and the country on high alert. the south korean government held an emergency meeting. we salute you once you do it. we cannot hold back. our ot go to resentment and i'll cringe meet up soon and we strongly condemn the bombing in law
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along with amateurs bus carrying on our national song you'll have to wear some members of the church and change on about two hours drive from the capital seoul many gathered to remember the picture. lisa the pundits. trish june believe this it is a dream to make a pilgrimage. i never thought it would be dangerous to mobiles and went to see whom are doctors this story made headlines across south korea. church officials have asked reporters for privacy while the members create the south korean government is warning people to counsel trouble to the region. two years ago three koreans were kidnapped in the same area. a good time to time the victims were not able to abandon their dreams to go its programs. the seed money
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for this once in a lifetime trip with no known as the government is warning against traveling now. we will guide audience to other areas in france if they cancel their core. some observers are now calling a leader's insult to punish anyone could tell it to the sign at the national right now even after this most recent attack anyone is able to travel to and without facing sanctions. good read and is still low. senior diplomats from japan ended south korea have been trying to iron out some differences the base in mines for news tonight that is ninety and south korean ambassador to japan. he'd be on the sat down in tokyo and talk about the need to improve the strained ties. he said south koreans have negative feelings toward japan because of historical issues japanese prime minister she was ill and that made things worse last year when he visited yesterday the shrine to the shrine honors japan's
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war dead. those him and that includes leaders convicted of a war crimes after world war two. like east and south korea is an important name for the shares dip and spacing values and interests he said japan's leaders will communicate more with their south korean counterparts. us secretary of state john kerry visited seoul last week pierre the south korean leaders to build better ties with japan so they can deal more effectively with threats from north korea. athletes at the windchill and bass in such a have had to deal with whether that's not exactly wintery warmer temperatures have softened the ice and snow and fun is lingering over the mountains. many athletes have still seen their way through to fall foot jumpers from each country competed together in men's ski jumping on the large scale as from germany won the golden anti
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competition they jumped up and down and hugged each other with a southern insult flashed up on the school and the like. they narrowly edged out the austrians who took the silver the team from japan to the bronze. it's the first medal for the japanese in the team large hill competition since the japanese won gold at home and that adults sixteen years ago. some other daredevils take to the ant farm and the priest asking burials on time cushing and bella rose sore topic and then twisted his weight in gold. david weiss of us daily and jumps his plate is silver and had chili and that i know two fronts. the condition of the inside would just fine for ice dancing. charlie white and meryl davis and the us went into the medal round in italy they count on to win the first goal for the us in ice dancing defending champion scott moriah and that as a branch of the dead take silver the bronze went to russian and an a in a nice and the key to cut some locals more than two hundred and
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twenty athletes are competing for rush hour. the only london bombs the dalai same level that is from the saatchi. annie took advantage of some of the home crowd with wood and alexander's it costs the sped down the track to win gold in the two man event. alex baumann and did they ask f c and switzerland got the silver and stephen whole coma and stephen langton of the us the brightest. by athletes gathered together for a frenetic start to the women's and twelve point five km mass start competition. dottie until the chair of the ballerinas saw her way through the crowd then outlasted her rivals to win gold in a less income above and the czech republic to the silver and to relax off of that norway the bronze. organizers had to postpone the men's fifteen kilometer mass start for the second time because of the five and ending the commands in snowboard cross to bear hoping to hold both of those faces on tuesday. and a lot of other
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competition still to go and injured ten athletes hope they can hold on the one the most gold medals eight to take the lead in sochi russia enzymes that can get with five and eighteen medals overall. the dutch aren't there. they too had five goals seventeen medals in all so what's the head inside she can remember will have updates tonight through to the closing ceremony. in other news pakistani government officials have been called off the lead as key stocks weakened the talent that the negotiations broke down after the insurgents announced they had killed twenty three soldiers a town that had held the sources for nearly forty years americans announced on sunday that they had killed their captives they said they were retaliating for the killing of their fighters by pakistani forces in ellison said the killing continued even after the peace talks began earlier this month
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prime minister no one showed week said pakistan cannot afford such bloodshed. many in this country believe the government is setting itself up for failure. i even trying to talk peace. she can readers in china to save their businesses are hurting due to disease called refiners in southern china are protesting the lack of government compensation from bird flu age seven and nine strain continues to spread in the country. oh . the about five hundred bonus miles to local government office in bundle to protest what they called an inadequate response even when we are treated like me are suffering losses of more than three hundred million chinese yuan the couple said they were going to come that status last year but we haven't received anything. they stood face to face with about seventy police officers for about an hour. police detained some of them. this is the second time in a month
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and poultry farmers in guangdong province have taken to the streets. a seven and nine strain and baby in for the virus is spreading to humans in eastern and southern china. more than two hundred people have beaten st it's about fifty have died authorities have responded by temporarily shutting down a live poultry markets. find of its seven japanese scuba divers who went missing in indonesia on friday. having confirmed alliance. crews have been searching for them from the air and sea for days on monday afternoon one of the inside. this was found in good condition at a clinic in level gunn island south east of bali. she later went to a hospital in the city of them cus i've played on monday for medical care after arriving and it was in the region indonesian authorities and local people found that drew on rocks near the islands about twenty km from the table to play the divers were reported lost
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the information security experts have discussed new measures against cyber attacks at an international conference in tokyo. the four hundred computer and internet security professionals from japan and around the world. i attended the two d coleman group conference that opened on monday. the event is aimed at fighting rapidly growing threats to cybersecurity. on the first in the conference see us for the station presented a video report on an experiment in which a car's on board computer that was preached by hackers could show the vehicle speed and steering manipulated with the driver doing anything the stooges and better security measures i needed to prevent such attacks the city lights she says the key of the turkey and pinky into the city is chairing the conference is executive committee. the dvd can do with the recent cyber attacks have been extremely sophisticated and could be handled only by high the skilled cybersecurity experts call them the zoo we
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need more of them and calm they typically do and you know. don't see on tuesday that the dissidents or discuss the risk of side the head tax on internet connected electronic appliances. japan's an uk regulators have started an examination of the geological faults and the biggest nuclear plant in japan executives at some electric power company are hoping to restart nuclear reactors at the cut us a key cut the last class. regulators are checking whether they can approve the survey plan submitted last month by techno age heroes tm ninety she explains can you be a re creation of the scheme began in two days on monday as planned they need a freaking chair. look at still want
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that information. the spots i run the plant. you are one of the war is not just nuclear plants in terms of total output. it also sells want to restate two oldest enemy act is coming to mind. they applied to the government's massive painter poet in the screening. my theory of the buildings and pass up high over the past eighteen seat on top of twenty three known to let scott foley. so they can take has asked the company to come back as happy to take with it the whole works. i'll take what not. new eu nations than the filming of nuclear reactors and asset keep from thinking about how he folds typical of the cellophane they have so far today he will fall if that could become a hockey team in
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the future the truth in freefall. in your business plan for three nights only stocking. we asked this at the plant. i do is set to re standing barely asked as he faced hostile moment that if the state and its business around. and the slump will react to this. she might die all pics as muscular so gain approval from milk coming in he's due respect any react to it. the owners of three cheers to the cold and plants has criticized it looks to them because it fails to put it all to try our ep all safety. two posts in. tesco hasn't learned from the focus of an accident it's not qualified to operate nuclear plants. when you create a single story he has to investigate each poll it's a
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nice head the new korea plants across japan the exclamation that tt course in effect he said he has learned the details of the courts every class from his visit. nineteen we discussed where to go should conduct the survey. and whether they should hope so the check. bowling is examination. an hour a week to side with and to prove that placenta. that does have a complete it. we can to protect the safety of the plant. two decider with that they be allowed people to read them all patients tmi tuesday. he worked. it is time now first leg of the weather people in northern japan are dealing with severe winter weather my silly she gives us the latest. believe it or not this a storm system is the same one that battered the pacific side including took a metropolitan area over
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the weekend. it's still a place over the stuff i know that during much of the northern island in this archipelago to cook in a video coming out from that today. a developing low pressure system has been badgering eastern hokkaido with blowing snow snow storm warnings and advisories for highways and heavy downfall are in effect. okada will continue to see these winter storm conditions into tomorrow. the advice you not to venture out to nurse but a few months. it's best that you carry a radio shovel blankets and also a flashlight to blizzard conditions will be likely to continue across much of the hokkaido in the eastern sections and as this is the pool is a way which is the link or picture caption will then be intensified so morris us not to be falling across the sea of japan side set up to fifty centimeters is like the inquest reaching out to hunt a twenty six kilometers per hour or so but combined with the blizzard conditions. and as for much of the rest of the country making clear and defined with mama temperatures but that's going to be raising the risk of the avalon surpass
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the area. token we are in a half reports of two hundred injuries. i adjusted in the token metropolitan area and on and we still have the icy roads we travel and beat it so please take good care. hahas if you are on commuting and run the stampeders them into your latter half of the week. we actually saw forecasts of snow on wednesday that's not gonna be likely to happen but on thursday we still have that silly forecast. tomko months is going to be see snow today and krishna and so well known across in the bigger picture here the creeping this low latency effects though it is going to be intensifying and again the southern half of heineken quite unsettled with mixed precipitation blizzard conditions of the lake in central east intended to miss the making dinner the dry and calm an end to the philippines as well minnelli of the making and to a partly cloudy skies but plenty of sunshine and thirty degrees for the rest of your work week sold six degrees in shanghai seven is for your time with a hefty amounts of rainfall today. now over
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year at the living conditions not improved and a mom and some is that in mind and five that said the southwestern parts of uk will be on failing another additional brain announced fee or announced and will resign from the past weeks of the breezy conditions and looking to find one race the risk of further flooding the intent of the fine across much of the eastern and central locations and the temperatures are as high as ten degrees and permalink warm temperatures that boys that it agrees to plenty of sunshine as for sightseeing looks like i'm more of like the spring olympics and in winter and then picks thirty degrees is four year high on your thursday. the spectators been like that but i'm unsure about the athletes than on hearing in the imac has been inconsistent here cross the great lakes region will be bringing winter storm attack on the conditions where they're here and a freezing rain will still be likely in the southern appalachians terrine fine in that section of the us
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winning consist in the big mountain stopped about fifty centimeters across the cascades set of rain in the eight degrees the troopers sixteen very nice and warm out that it does he stand down towards the south twenty five degrees dcf eight degrees that's anti dumping up to thirteen on your landscape painting up a sign of protest. i am noon
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i am the eye. it was. i did the us. that's the latest
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edition of nice line and having a bash. sth
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