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tv   Newsline  PBS  February 21, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PST

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story on the m a c networks windmill mingling with the us. welcome to nhk world of slime and you know tony and tokyo. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am police are looking for vandals damaged hundreds of copies of the famous wartime diary of anne frank until july for people in japan and overseas are shocked and outraged. the opposite ukrainian president viktor get the bits that he's made a deal with the opposition to and crisis after deadly clashes between police and
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anti government. i can't identify with the diggers from the g twenty nations are gathering in sydney to visit us to get back up but when you were monitoring the progress on emerging markets. vandals have damaged copies of anne frank's famous wartime diary and related books and dozens of libraries in tokyo. they tore pages from more than two hundred eighty copies of the japanese edition of anne frank's diary of a young girl and her biography. police have started an investigation listen to it it is impossible to understand anne frank was born in germany in nineteen twenty nine. her family was jewish and faced persecution by the government. the family moved to amsterdam with germany occupied the netherlands in nineteen forty the family went into hiding in an attic two years later and wrote her diary there. the family was
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betrayed and transported to the extermination camps and died of disease at age fifteen. the japanese expert on the german gentle side of the as the vandalism is shameful. the diary has one international acclaim and conveys a truth that is universal. both literally send it to logically. this journalism is an extremist acts. all he had that japan's top government spokesperson expressed outrage the only state that the government finds is an acceptable extremely regrettable shameful of me. us based jewish organization says it is shocked and deeply concerned. the simon and bees and call center notes the book is studied and treasured by millions of japanese took a police suspect the vandalism took placenside the libraries they're analyzing search
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records and security camera footage. the ukrainian government has announced it has reached an agreement with the opposition to settle the crisis in the country but he remains uncertain whether he will and the violent skirt the violent clashes between demonstrators and the police no major classes have been reported in central kiev friday morning. the standoff between the two sides remains as the protesters barricade to remain out. a statement on president re enter code which is the official website said he and opposition leaders have reached an agreement the deal came after lengthy talks with representatives from several eu countries and russia. getting coverage also announced that he will hold the next presidential election ahead of schedule he plans to revise the constitution to transfer some of his powers to parliament. more than seventy people have died in clashes since tuesday protesters are angry depressed and backed away from a trade agreement
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with the eu in favor of closer ties with russia the government said on wednesday that the two sides agreed to halt violence the fierce fighting continued between some troops and police. officials in a un security council are putting the final touches on a draft resolution that would boost humanitarian aid access in this area. people in the country lacks sufficient aid well the fighting between government and opposition forces continues. last week western and arab nations submitted a draft resolution to the security council the copy obtained by nhk calls from both sides to immediately cease all attacks against civilians. it also demands that they allow safe in on hindered humanitarian relief activities. finished the initial document included sanctions against those who violate the resolution. but the latest draft only threatens to take further steps in the event of non
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compliance. analysts say the reason for the change is russia's opposition to resolutions that threatens sanctions against syria the us and european countries want to put the latest raft of vote this week. a group consisting of japanese citizens and american citizens of japanese descent in california have filed a lawsuit seeking a removal of a statue in a park. the memorial of so called comfort women has caused controversy since korean americans put it up in the city of glee and glendale last july. the lawsuit was filed at a us federal court the group says the decision to install the statue could adversely affect the country's policy towards japan. they say city officials have infringed on the power of the federal government to set foreign policy. it all the reasons behind it and the angle lens
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since me and kept going they may be sucessful in as many of us. and then it becomes testing companies as well. more than one hundred twenty thousand people have signed a petition to ask the white house leaders to remove the memorial on american launched a campaign saying the statue escalates hatred against japan. in nineteen ninety three japan's then chief cabinet secretary your take on all acknowledge that many of the women were made to serve against their will in the brothels operated at the request of the military authorities during world war two the south korean government is seeking compensation for the so called comfort women from the japanese government japan maintains that all issues of reparations were settle in nineteen sixty five when the two countries normalized relations. eye. in thailand protesting farmers
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have stopped their drive to a bangkok airport. they had been demanding the government pay for rice. he had bought from them. cut to the axle on reports from bangkok. in two thousand aids anti government protests is occupied to make airports in bangkok to using it for her for a week and this time bomb as they threatened to close the airport that the massive protests and praying that when the self the night man more than two thousand thomas had been driving tractors from central high and towards the one from the airport on thursday. they were undermining the government hold them for rides that had pictures from that. it's really been my wife and child can take it anymore. we really have no money. the boutique and or money it would help a lot the promise had been guessing as to the capital that they hold back on friday a representative says the government of prime minister than up to what promised to pay them for some of them twice next week but
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bombings criticize the government for the mismanagement. when the body. i don't know what the government and the ministers are thinking they started rice planting purchases on the first of october last year. they don't have money. why did they start the scheme. it should have started if they weren't ready. as for the program into administration gave overwhelming support in the twenty eleven elections he came mainly from bombings of heavily populated areas of the country's north and northeast of the government warehouses are now piled high with lights a candle itself the main opposition party and its apologists posted criticize the administration they say it's implemented in school just to buy fruits and since i haven't written on help finance its promise say that if the government doesn't pay his promise to it they will resume then march on and called the doc administration is scrambling to secure funds to pay for
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the mice. some say the problems could flare up again. a london based institution says many asian generous swam on the one hundred and thirty four killed on the job just yet the international news safety institute july and science as that of a roll twelve percent fewer reporters were killed last chance compared to twenty twelve at the institution says it's concerned about the bodies and the number of assaults threats and kidnappings and jenna this week to twenty deaths and syria was the most lethal a speech and in this house jack iraq fun as we seek steamed acts the philippines ranked the brink of fourteen gas and next weigh in day and puppies don. team five died covering a total sauces including thai friend heidi and in recent years that tennyson was killed in a nice shooting off report as of this has been a
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subsidy . then on the quantum it is expanding and traffic congestion in some areas is what's the name to solve the problem officials in one southern province on licking too cheap and they have a licensee japanese tend to operate a boss said this week it was a key curry tiara has more. on tuesday the government of beans and probably kiss thousand and nine. she got the sniffles and people to do the japanese compact growth and cause twenty oh nine to halt its operation establishing status in the rain to come next fall to two months of twenty to meet your boss won't eat beans on buying a man. julio who buys you the traffic congestion caused by motorbike hampers economic development. he also affects the health of residents. she was the new city center urgently needs a new transportation system
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donations in vietnam on calling pakistan citing weak us economy expands. traffic congestion goals once each unit and a number of extinct he's sorry. these programs leave the country boys and i didn't need to strengthen its cost location team from sketch and paint that soaring beyond crises and ten. she says and eleven. it's our human minds are bound to be welcoming projects in beans and pumpkins. p and fifty mt ida city ought to mean the system or no involves dumping of ontarians was lana lang and bass projects on the court. when saddam i'm stumped on cd is tainted and often causing takes to cause health needs and the snow and camacho and the ants. in
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december of two more in coming and a key is to get to the city center. downtown traffic congestion corny get to mars. said japan's private friendly companies use different model. abt my feelings and lazy and i'm having transportation entrance to the chair reading into december. at the same time. a towering of months and causing project to provide core anti hunting at reasonable prices. people are knitting come to manly could easily lead to cp. when the stakes by his spirit tap into pants. joanne is to create a common anti bias on county comb binding of consultation and to our base housing and commercial context. the new high school will read all of the area's wasted your time stint as
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cutthroat you is not about the thinking holiday to south korea tennis and at the residence. the company also hopes to set up by rote extending to call it remained in the kitchen. i'm going to have around an inch you aren't beans on throbbing that wraps up the place and i'm attending the talks i wore a nine call. finance ministers and central bank governors of the world's twenty major economies are getting ready to talk about currency. their meeting in sydney to discuss the impact of tapering by the us federal reserve on the flow of money in emerging countries to scale back its south africa turkey brazil india and indonesia are their currencies clients investors are pulling their money out of the fragile five markets
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in hk worlds. now go to mama explains finance leaders in tiki hut be struggling to stay in the fall in zambia center a non coffee shows trying to prop up the comments in last month's by a sharply raising key interest rates but they failed to calm the. people began lining up on exchange to most of the mind to stephen currencies such as though i'm due. many local economy crisis and two sons and mom. when the crunch came to me in a state of high inflation. he is so onerous that the market for a spoken of these two artists work on payments in calling card suits. and the people of the team the gullible you in or on the money is king of the package and then the tenants of the little euro all the money. in
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the meantime i must have been writing and connie wilson tuckey of mao's into something. eighteen year old star shuttle's heat shield and seeping company two months ago the economic slowdown post it on to the structure the currency depreciation these laws against falling inflation. on the calls incongruous to school. keeping post some baby does. the us marines analyzes i'm ironing is my images if you don't maintain your lifestyle and i'm not making of and think i just can't do anything in this situation. use to go out often beats his friends and the us. now if you married socialite. his voice that he doesn't have enough money to get money. sunnis into the side to that. well i fried up being on my knee
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the deep end by the fed is also causing uncertainty in africa's largest economy. it made the disputes are raising costs on the cross of suffering. the series in the car you would use to call to the seperation. operations at many minds of the hopi let us dispense men's side in the midst of pretoria and walked off the job four months ago. there's no sign of a man to decide issues such as this downgrading the snow that's falling in this dazzling. he's just too darn nz trade show in johannesburg said they're worried by the falling value of july. in luke the long term and allegiances is the rice place to be. ses to shelton doesn't look like they're promising. the rest of the muslim countries are struggling to pull their economies across the downward spiral. japan's finance
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minister carole also says the emerging economies also need to press ahead with economic reforms and correct the problems. he spoke at a news conference before he left for sydney to attend the g twenty meeting you will be done. you go. in many emerging economies have high inflation and the huge current account deficits will tune in. it's important for those nations to try to resolve these problems on their own. in view. haas also said the fed's tapering is a sign of improvement in the us economy. but he noted that fed officials should be careful and winding down the massive online program to prevent excessive movements in financial markets. some policymakers of the bank of japan say they're feeling cautious about the pace of price increases their views have emerged in minutes from the central bank's monetary policy meeting last month
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policymakers maintain their forecasts that the inflation rate will reach one point nine percent in fiscal two thousand and fifteen. but one warned about the impact of a reversal in the yen's depreciation. the posse members said this could cause price increase is to slow by more than expected. a few members also expressed a more cautious view about the economy. one said the rate of wage increases might turn out to be lower than the inflation rate the members agreed economy will continue its moderate recovery as it runs off deflation. actors in japan are giving one of their country's oldest performing arts. a new look and a new sound. they're raising the curtain on a production that makes the sky bookie with opera finish the rules for neo con that has the story. japanese people
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have enjoyed having people for granted here. a new jazz fusion of east and west is now breathing new life into this tradition of performing yup than me. back in the same ecm intensity of the attic so we left and japan's push in the prefecture. in the sea and boasts a unique set of aches a bit famous masterpiece is reproduced on sunday kites. the key to it follows in this cold. it's m f a cup of this esteemed telco in effect custody. he asked that i felt that bring us gave chase to the dual role. production is an outcast to comedy based on the merits of the barrel
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bible. we seek else make this routine. we spent the spring the key to a film that's almost an interesting and states that these actors have to sing parts of the time you can eat cheerios these east west corridor each weekend to figure out which elements to collaborate on and exactly how to do that first i was unsure how it would turn out but as the days went by the performance began to take shape and eventually became so was quite the spectacle. i was at the tea comes from a cuckoo. that means to do something unique or eccentric they're an easy to see created and directed the performance he said the kids appeal comes to the debate a playful spirit
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it uses two weeks to move his cheeks on absorbing what's new and unique. to which no one can change but the spirit of the kabuki it has never changed the showtime. he got a boom in town and i said think of shiva. again samurai who is in doubt. in late june. one tip i can know that writers for the affections. i discovered her skin that is and another is by no way to be together. one highlight is when the couple seems to catch a late romantic. i wish you all who love them. he he guy. this is some money
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this is when it gets towards the sounds of summer . that is needed. in a way that he he really enjoyed this wonderful mix of the bedouin of the key. are you. east west fusion was at that. old blue monday start. yikes it's only because chris kept producing new pieces for four hundred years it's an inherited the whole thing culture people so it's very important for us to continue creating new productions the uh that he could see inside it. i have little or
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no. but indicated he won't know. they shipped it to the snowflake it means that the walls and on. neil turned out. it's been awhile. united states has been hit by severe weather this winter. our meteorologist roberts bennett tells us where things are headed robber. plus target with all what is going on out here in the western great lakes exciting off with ease and basically everywhere east of the mississippi river that is now off course in or if we are seeing some fairly heavy snow fall right now across parts of ontario a study out there towards parts of western new york in quebec. you can see the ball about ten or twenty seven years going to the next twenty four to forty dollars of years so snow is deftly coming down a coveted by weeds around ninety km for ourselves what we are going to see isn't blowing snow accompanied by that white out conditions and that has already been causing some problems out there on the roads especially for those of you in western new york in northwestern pennsylvania with a new video
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coming out of raf. now this is on interstate eighty eight in the car. heigl. earlier on on wednesday and alice's to the slick production and drove on the specific stretch of highway before an eight under the snow is a typically rather dangerous and that's what happens here we saw some heavy snowfall come down. and of one car after another coming up for one of those hills there. that whole threat will continue move off with ortiz is not just the roads though is also the airport to airport delays in parts of the minnesota at this time. all that will switch over to new england you still looking at heavy rainfall. accompanied by even freezing rain in parts of new england but the rain that is falling and falling on the snowpack that the melting and there is at risk of flooding in some areas off here towards the north now that it's the winter side of the storm towards the south were still talkin about the more of a spring side to it because severe weather has been erupting on here southern parts of illinois to use on dozen tornadoes
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here on thursday that threats shifted off here towards the east. now you look in a large hail and damaging winds and across the carolinas all records parts of georgia before this whole system continues trek east over the atlantic and clear dry conditions moving at the height is still some lake effect snow fort to norfolk for the most part the weather is going to be much much they are unfortunately not always the good news if you're out here in texas oklahoma there is a fire weather risk in place else. gusty winds temperatures in houston on the twenty one there for you oklahoma city at eight in chicago on air and on this one only three i in the state rather chilly on your friday as he was going on over towards eastern asia as far as your weekend weather outlook things are shaping up rather decent some snow showers in northern parts of japan but as far as the rest can create most of china's concern. i personally dominating the can for some sunny skies. not all good news though northeastern china there is these advisories in effect on here though. your fluids and me of
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the aisle by aisle while at high pressures can be happy in it. unfortunately both his advisories are warning of people with respiratory issues he tried to. i'm really not a cool outside all too often over the next several days as these conditions continue to remain in place the pictures will be on a rise in the hymnal to go to this hongkong up to twenty degrees thereby or monday still getting up the tent and type a gradual rise in the one above average for you as far as europe go slow western europe and other low continues to push to hear some gusty winds and heavy rainfall across parts of the british isles and even over towards italy. looking at a separate low continuing going to carry the heavy rain advisories in effect for northern parts of the country plus it'll look really quick at what is going on out here in sochi. the cloudy skies the next several days if you are attending the olympics it does look like this week and this can be rather decent isn't the forecast. i am noon
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and the eye. did. srsly national audience of two
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football this year the world thanks very much for joining us. bring a winner. it is. it
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is. it is. the eye. i will
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new new new. i don't even use the capital of cambodia strong economic growth is drawn into construction of many high rise buildings in the city


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