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tv   Journal  PBS  February 21, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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the guy . eye. don't come into your life. dw weekend it is when things are joining us on top stories this hour. ukraine's president. opposition leader has signed an agreement designed to three months of bloodshed and take power away from the president to go with itt of the details. two don't be the case it's good to get a boost so she officials kick out of judgment and tell you that they will have all pretty. in. the we begin in
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ukraine where he is and it looks differently from the way it started on the days of violent clashes in kiev that i claim to capture as many as one hundred lives. prison gentle pull the gentle position he just signed a peace agreement actions following was over eighty. ukraine's parliament is really a bill to the two thousand and four constitution which takes power away from the executive branch. we'll have reaction from kiev. but first the events of the day designed to stop the bloodshed. the latest footage from key addition start contrast to what the world has been seen over the past few weeks. president victor chemical taste and opposition leader signed a deal that will hopefully put an end to ukraine to deadly political standoff negotiations were brokered by the eu. germany's foreign minister also played a role
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in bringing the two sides together. we are going to end at the same time that we were able to contribute to the south of the situation on that. to pave the way now for a visit to seduce him with his knowledge and a few drinks. the deal breaks down the silence. the first of four seats the forming of a power sharing national unity government. this is to be followed by constitutional reforms. then finally early presidential and parliamentary elections protesters on my don squares haiti relief. even if you're still skeptical. what's your problem. yet when we up to you. i didn't trust yanukovich. he's taken to consider tree stands in the costs. but nobody believes him. his identity
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three of us. it's not enough if this had happened last week ok. it's those responsible should have resigned. the law obligation to be in jail. a team from a it is a member of nineteen eighty two and utar opposition party brings the security forces workers to stand down. showing them the resolution he says you're not living here anymore government forces withdraw the protesters might finally get some much needed rest for more on the situation there we joined now on the line by uc and teammate he is in tn for a status in thinking that might be joining us high in the sea and what are you hearing. we just saw that there's still quite a lot of doubts among credit is due to think that this is a peace deal that will hold whatever directly about what i heard what i would like to convey the production of a skeptical eye and the bow so
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with the one woman that you know they have to admit the government the week go to my health but after the bloodshed. the people to work together which go though some. it is not sure that you will hold. susan one of the westwood is saying is an altered to give up. that's what the people of where we're going to go but yanukovich goes. they will go with what one of the significance of returning to the old constitution of the country is that something that people are going to be happy about. well after a bit of a technicality oh two at the port between the new people. to actually quit due to the powers that be true but of course consisting of that for them when going back to square one because i get a covert nine years ago in portugal is what the war actually forced the changes the ritual of aggression
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semi intentional community of course has been home watching tv and stand in ukraine and the parliament is now also preparing to release unit tymoshenko that is something that the eu has been demanding for a long time huh important is that well the question of how cool it important for the cream of the legal field but be sure that the opera. european union to the twenty oh one of their action to mention the very beginning. learn what the ordinary ukrainians they discover that the latter because in some way to divert your turn. take season came in and change for us and thank you so much for bringing us up to date on the situation. thank you. a lot to think it is also adding to the country's financial woes ratings agency standard and poor's has announced its currency the country's credit rating for the second time in this ten months to a triple c the agency says the political crisis that has increased key as risk of diesel. you can
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just barely avoided bankruptcy last year asked iran to agree to a fifteen billion dollar bailout package. the turmoil is made most are reluctant to release the second instalment people wait nervously in mind to withdraw proceedings internet sq eastern ukraine been often rely on hard cash he said many foreign banks have closed their doors in kiev. because people here warriors. stallone has told those lovely bowls title bank accounts will be blocked by tomorrow and science will most likely be a tall tale then in the business they say have to urgently with the money because technical faults might make it impossible to withdraw or transfer monies. was this funny or because of panic but how the panic started. i don't know. most banks have since reopened. interest rates for ukraine's national tax reform on the currency has found liking. the key of
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faces deep economic uncertainty. in polls has downgraded its rating again and warned of possible to fall. sis has a question mark i was at the next contest they needed to shake up the next government is clear increasing concerns of kiev defaulting. according the russian capital moscow has convicted eight anti government activists of rioting and assaulting police the case dates back to may twenty twelve the eve of president let him into his re election. when one massive opposition rallies. now some of the defence to face up to ten. he is in prison. outside the courthouse to be a thousand people along with simple opposition leaders gathered to protest against the proceedings. most of police arrested nearly two hundred demonstrators. so she would really big so all was ready to wrap up and then beats the telly and bob sleigh and we are feeling the need to deposit its weight and substance of the german athletes as well double olympic cross country
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champion he tees up with the fish peta officials one b of the takeaway meals from her from these games as he hasn't won any in stock first and i was one of germany's most energetic and pocono winter athletes winning gold in women's cross country skiing at the two thousand to ten thousand ten winter and index. the two thousand and six games he was given a five day suspension due to elevated hemoglobin levels. bounced back to when silva the dhs eighty three is not just an animator and take debut as a pie and sweet and salty. finishing fourth in the twelve point five km mass start race. moscow hopes of conquering the plants on well washed the blood test showed evidence of a banned stimulant. the jam and ski federation says the levels may have been caused by a dante supplements. the fall from grace of one of germany's most prominent wins and please be sure to send shockwaves from beyond
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saatchi. suzie joins us now from the sport states. has she fallen from grace is that a little crazy. well at both of her samples. the nb have tested positive and she says she is in this election never knowingly took any banned substance allegedly this said dr called for expanded and is found in some dietary supplements that provide more energy for you. she said she never knowingly took a nice like that but the reaction of the german olympic committee has been fast and furious the center home packing that you make a peep before at what was your impression despite years of the dishes or anything well you have to be overly ambitious to be at the olympics but i venture both times when she won the olympic gold in two thousand and two in salt lake city and in cross country also gaining cross country in two thousand and ten in vancouver and dad the one thing that struck me is the counter rather slight of build and i was thinking always to myself that somebody would be. who would have similar talent and ten it would simply be big or
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bigger muscle mass big girl take a pass because cross country soul bottom of the capacity and leg muscle strength and should be able to be here but didn't happen not to take anything away from her and again that there's gonna be a lot more investigation going on here so she's not guilty yet. now these games squirrel is unspoiled is is going to as fire is joking goes. it has been spoiled and i think the first thing this probably spoiling the games live that is what's going on in ukraine but right now and we have to the positive doping cases down to athletes that's one more than what happened at the last olympics century italy. still that is a bit of a shadow cast over the rugby games right now. i think and a basically we still have to look at it more results and we'll see what happens. does he think agreement to your analysis. thanks for coming in. well she's the youngest athlete ever to win olympic gold in slalom eighteen year old mckenna she friend of
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the united states to know the lead and finished with a combined time of one minute forty four point five four seconds. she was confined to austria's my shoes to fill the cup things that go wrong if i could have saved it to be a bit sad disappointing day for team germany in sochi belt to his about half of the day's results. gemini team of athletes are leaving winter and drinks with nine medals in the fall by six km related to inadequate and could only manage seventh place. the greenspan fed first gold in the event still the one to russia and prawns to wait the eye. just hurling teams and a double victory on friday the first time in a mythic history both male and female teams won gold medals. off to the brim and not stay when skipper and jacob to demand an impressive ninety win against perth. we can to the promise the eye
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canada's money of thompson also took gold in freestyle skiing. her compatriot can see so often the case behind with silver and sweet and i'm humbled with prawns. gemini some of the man sustained in the direction of the techno harmful in the quarterfinals so in just three days the winter olympics will come to class and to show chain will bid farewell to the athletes. is this as not being an olympics without controversy but it also has been an olympics intended to instill pride in the hosts is all his final snapshots and tell them that i should have come from combine to be in passing. many wanted to experience peace and be given to happen country. google mobile last twenty games were back in nineteen eighty. i was nine years old. that's why i'm really happy now when i really like it here. so for
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sure. blessed are the good the sky and preston crown so much into spanking new year games taking place in the country. and it's in many countries have come together to celebrate school system the reds squad. the gang symbols. come on to seeing these criticisms the human rights abuses souls relocation of the medical residents and environmental he says. also the sun critical police is from russia. click here. in a picturesque black sea resort great bbq and sa between. his haul the old city center had spent the osteen under construction. the atp and he listened to be in the games he said. the beast residents and businesspeople he spent months leading to the construction. it's a story to tell yet to sign all done while she and the number of the teachings of tea either the cost he is. she cannot take it from a bush
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but there was some construction time and he protected us. although it was just as bad for the year and we were losing money. you can use it but we helped i tend to find any business would come when the games began with the sephora to show off the roads. the waiting has paid off. now customers are lining up to get into the shelves. wolves boss said the games live on tv the menu isn't it. even in russia's ice hockey team couldn't take the gold medal would you be afraid to me to support or three to one of the bands that seem to get in without it. we're here to read for russia. our teams and we're giving them all as support because we love our great country russia is a good job. despite the criticism and a few aptitude disappointments the win to gain since oct he had given many matches to come out to be a nice that they can take pride. she is
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so that both still ahead for us here on the gentle a strike at europe's largest transportation hub for it but it would cause massive delays for thousands of passengers at jenny's home and i want to take over a truck make a skinny on this and more after children. went to study in germany. and you still have lots of questions. you'll find all you need to know about studying in germany here. information on courses admission requirements qualifications costs and much more. w don t use to be injured. the first port of call for anyone interested in studying in germany operating again. its most wanted and popular sentiment
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one samuel such posts as our nominee. arabic satire on tw or re create it cost critical. they wait for cutting edge commentary. dw radio and on tw to see the splash. i was all. now if you're still stuck to the airport and watching dw up on the screens and this story is for you. massive strike action as the germans busiest transit security stuff and walked off the job for a pay dispute and the strike is set to last until eleven pm local time he continues to cause chaos for travelers too many species airport is at a standstill. thousands of passengers have been stranded in frankfurt trading for hours for security checks in iraq to apologize for the delay. he stood in addition to the eighty six thanks and many passengers to
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be brought to you. we thought they'd be transferred to rail travel and stand the question is simply this post is taken seriously a lot we didn't reckon with it being said many passengers can sit and listen to what is it because the gop is transfers were unaffected by the strike. anyone who had to go through security controls was in for a long week. more than eighty flights were canceled and the airport management company from port coach travelers to stay home in the plane. we might end up handling willing to do michael bay region. we ask that. the rate outlook. i helped him. it's a good looking pretty bad pleasantly to a private security company postage on it as most of them to get the call. it was too weak to sit sixteen euros per hour
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for its members employers are only offering between ten and thirteen years. let's get the market reaction on that story he is an important time for stock exchange committee holds. this is shown as having bean is annoyed with the strike as passengers but every strike cost a lot of money. what was first way knowing that she has but trade is held for a quick settlement. the results of the biggest help with the guides today ukraine the recent escalation make st is very nervous and increased the danger off of government before its german company sells to getting more nervous the restaurant is chemical could choose to be assessed as announced to close its office in kiev for the time being. but as an up and down big german market was able to recover at the end. i was going to halt runs from the frankfurt stock exchange and said here's a quick look at them on the swing in how we begin to enter into a chimney stacks and tired with the end of the week closing at ninety six fifty six the results are said to be following suit also higher to
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close at fifty one things you want. christiane take down jones industrials currently slightly negative carry trade and currency markets the euro is trading for one year starter and fifty seven fifty nine but the make and dw has put up an offer to buy out the rest of the shares of the scott brown discovery of the overuse of the sky is still cold as twenty to twenty six euros per share the cummings management says it's prepared to spend six point seven billion euros on the company. industry analysts say the move is aimed at improving cooperation and implementing a joint strategy for its two trucks of interest to me and skandia. bw and remaining copy of a sixty three percent holding in skandia. we us president barack obama has been hosting the dalai lama at the white house is causing it to national attention. so far only this footage is being released. the actual meeting was closed to the press in a sign of its diplomatic sensitivity. china
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one of the meeting council morning talks with the exiled tibetan spiritual leader would seriously impair ties between the two secret ballots. this is that the time obama has made with the dalai lama. the white house says president obama reiterated his strong support for tibetans human rights in the chinese controlled region more now from outgoing washington max hoffman the meeting with a hey so what does that say about china's one ext. well you know what sort of standard procedure now like you said third meeting your needs time before the meetings there were dire warnings from the chinese and afterwards nothing serious really happen no real political repercussions but there was a small concession from the white house the meeting did not take place in the very formal oval office but it took place in another room which is called the map room very nice room but it just sorta gave the whole meeting less of a formal cutter to make a living rooms well. they were doing that's
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what with the talks actually centered on as far as human rights issues go. paul was a close press the whole meeting so we don't know exactly what the two talked about. we have a read out to all of the meeting and it does walk a fine line on the one hand they do talk about the tibetan rights as human rights that human rights situation in tibet on the other hand encouraging direct talks between the chinese government and the biological dalai lama and the third week agreeing on the importance of the positive and constructive relationship between the us and china. so the meeting certainly annoyed the chinese i don't think there's any doubt about that but that the us administration was careful not to put too much oil on the fire. so what's the message that tibetans can take permits. really nothing new here in the us are very clear they do not support independence for tibet they do support some form of
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autonomy. that's pretty clear and there not to pick its huge fight with china over this the two countries are just too interconnected economically speaking nowadays. on top of that the chinese are rising military power in that the south china sea. that's something that can cause a lot of tensions in the future so in spite of this mean the obama administration is careful to contain ten cents max is ok. wells was powerful finance minister is a boy for she is debates down on that. finance ministers from the grip of twenty industrialized nations are meeting in sydney australia on this weekend to tackle the issues facing the globe economy. on this show to be lots of discussion about the troubles in the matching my kids recently developed economies like a new way as has been unwinding a stimulus programs and money has been quickly flowing out of emerging markets including brazil south africa and turkey. the scandals markets
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and stealing offences. it's nice just to make it to me in immediately. they presented to mr khai in humans or don't is because the team is studying the entire team. why wait the glued to the limp when the dollar goes up and prices here go up with it when prices go up. customers buy unless it suits me as i get some of my goods abroad hannah getting more expensive for me. this issue the needy and the new missiles twenty percent against the donna. india's rupee has lost thirteen percent of that period please feel free now eighteen percent. and south africa's rand has announced that seeks to the chinese ahead of the countries china india and south africa according to the us federal reserve to adjust its mama to proceed to go into each other countries are also critical of the winding down in the us
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stimulus program will allow it on into the race to the economic recovery have not gone away. together we need to act now to ensure that the emerging market problems that contribute to a new crisis. he predicts again to some backing from the internet too much heat on it's nice to go into recovery is still very weak and that's the new national going to crikey. italy is said to have a new prime minister this week and the children's he has fully accepted the post of duty three hours of talks with presidential june of the tunnel. the thirty nine year old outgoing mayor of florence will become italy's youngest head of government in a long time. he faces the challenge of pushing through comprehensive reforms in tax law education and the labor market frenzy is to take the oath of office was to die the new boss separatists organization has put a number of weapons and explosives out of use. an international commission of a
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scene that was has confirmed that the solomons is underway the most is a significant step towards ending the long running conflict in spain how waged a violent campaign for an independent basque homeland for four decades before declaring a ceasefire in two thousand and ten. more than eight hundred people last ten nights. finally we returned to the crisis in ukraine. violence this week as some ukrainians living abroad here and only in a ukrainian that elvis has collected helpful images of the conflict in her home country. we'd like you to me kenny miller was sent exhibition in berlin has been on since january the photographer hasn't been back to kiev since she's worried about friends and family on independence square on wednesday grenade even exploded close to her mother who escaped unhurt. i know that these kind of tension in
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my nana's not suffice. she's an aed. the whole thing and then and i simply cannot teach students attending today. i just wasn't consciously think about it sensis pictures from december of protesters on my desk where depict the calm before the storm. the day to day life of what was then a largely peaceful revolution people from all walks of life pushing for ukraine to turn towards your hand away from russia. but as the violence increased so did the number of people calling for president viktor yanukovich to resign. it is to stand up till i met mandy knows what will happen if the president doesn't resign and remains in power. how many times who got cool stuff
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and speaking a few names we didn't get this question that this is the key to his tiny shop. recess plans to fly back to kiev saturday. she's not scared in fact she's determined to be where she is most needed. trying to write about it. i'll try to be something to support the people in the way i can maybe i'll bring medical supplies and on as well. you can and can mean a thing. you can even the resets will probably also take out her camera to shoot a few pictures. images of a change ukraine. what you need only was the bins on folding you crave cool cause we will bring you the latest on that thing to do much for joining us and to stay with you. i
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well as some. right now these. you knew we knew who will will. by the tree welcome. so many sons and daughters of somebody. and gave them a fair chance the island. i think you see something of what is the great united states. i must say that in united states. two variants of you are. sons and daughters twenty five million. in fact door or something. what is great about ireland. links between ireland and the united states are dong and enjoying the fact that twenty two us presidents day my irish heritage shows the deep bond between our coupon. all i ever did president reagan and kennedy descendants were trying to immigrate to the united states


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