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eyelids. it meant. right now you knew wouldn't want one will . the news. former ukrainian prime minister you need to tinker with the dress pretense that the kids independence square just how it sucks being released from jail in the east the country which she'd been held since twenty eleven to jenkins said that ukraine will become a member of the european union he checked and said that those responsible for the deaths of protest is in recent days of clashes could not be pardoned in the sink is emotional speech came up to ukraine's parliament the teacher who presented the tna which were found in the scandal fist and denounced what he described as a true opportunity to
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fight scene in the streets of the capital it has also been a stark reversal from russian president minute routine stream creating a eurasian union in which moscow who had counted on to make it needs to deliver ukraine as a central member anti government protest it's a clash with white fleece in caracas venezuela institute at st in massive rallies the latest development in two weeks of mass protests that led to president nicholas made to its gravity squash an increasingly militant opposition movements to combine insisting the government jailed dozens of student activists to the death toll in the unrest announced on the detained more than a hundred others injured when two former boss tried it since the protests or pretext for a plan to whether there had been no indications that it must support the military. as i i i. is you country cheering on
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stairs. it's the back and carry and use during what were to continue now seem like more than thirty teams including children so kind and efficient link between eighteen forty four nineteen forty five in the cellars of the embassy building taking a further eight earnings mystery has been known for decades until the juice has seeped told their story to be dyed and fashion institute s the black journalists faced down his gullet as living in budapest. the czech embassy has held a ceremony with friends family members received good advice and white. and in general. her style the base. we should use rescue operation. the summer of nineteen forty four rbi her husband as well as several other relatives that their children hid in the den or selling dreams to eat on the scene that had keys to reach the end of the war a leader of the orthodox
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community of islam and his wife moved into the hiding place in the embassy early every morning of risking his own life he supplied those in hiding for fear it the discovery of the harrowing actions and hungarian kinds years comes a time of pretension of this year marks the seventieth anniversary of the nineteen forty four anasta for teaching hungarian to german run concentration camps. your country has also been criticized for postponing the unveiling of the world were two monuments that is meant to mark the occupation in the country that many jewish groups accusing kerry of trying to whitewash its involvement in saying that thousands of to baghdad to carry authorities in collaboration with germany in nineteen forty four deported. somehow from the ingenious to death camps we are supposedly personally responsible for the deputy secretary in jeans because her feet is another sensitive issue in the country also facing rides and ultra nationalist movement being blamed for stoking anti semitic sentiments the us
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department of homeland security is a sheet and advisory to airlines are warning of a heightened threat of shoe box during a press conference held at the los angeles international airport when security headache j johnson said residents should take a re check program to help promote security. the program would require passengers to submit to a basic background check in advance so that the transportation security administration can learn more about them. this line passengers to move to security checks were quickly the department of homeland security warned airlines of potential threats upon sydney shoes and overseas flights bound for the united states us airlines for detecting bombs hidden in increased passenger shooting two thousand won. the passenger trying to ignite the explosive on a flight for us to france was stopped by a flight can afford to go on
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you can. recently mr has the lead in the announce that the costs and delays that has forced left and hit members of the band christian right has sought to be held accountable for their actions moments after the concert is set to be looking to huddle of the motherland one cossacks creek and the pepper sprayed and others began lashing them to grips with pushing the crown. it only lasted a few minutes but the brutality of the incident sparked international devotion people around the world ticket whether expressed or to reach over militia to being back to the fifteenth century eating been expressing their right to freedom of speech typically sired members based on chemical encounter any nearly a year were released from prison two months ago. the kremlin performance of the church cathedral in two thousand calls since that time it has become the pivotal point for those against russian president the demure pickens government and its restrictions and human rights as well as gay rights the nt
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than has previously called for an international boycott of the sochi games are even got to attend a sporting event in world leaders are not disapproving of the heavy handed come really soon the russian president has staked his reputation to them in the games and such which are considered the most expensive in history is also hoping to improve the country's reputation and build the new modern face of pressure several decades after the collapse of soviet union. un secretary general ban ki moon announced the appointment of former new york city mayor michael bloomberg as his special envoy for cities and climate change in a bid to build momentum ahead of the planned un summit meeting in september. it's rumored made a comment climate changes the focus turned twelve years leading the big apple. he also advocated for national climate change legislation and bar for her maiden name for itself internationally for a number of pioneering
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endeavors including a two thousand pre ban on smoking indoors a move that set trends for many cities and countries across the world he also traded and large soft reeks in effort to combat america's polluting obesity epidemic. last year bloomberg brag about your city's air quality hitting its highest levels in fifty years he served three terms as mayor of america's largest city before hitting the ground cover to build the audio on january first those you us secretary of state john kerry says his connection with israel. she's ten years ago after he discovered his jewish roots in an interview with israel's channel two kerry explained that we found out about his jewish ancestry in twenty oh four during his campaign against george w bush both his father's parents were who converted to christianity over the years and antisemitism to change their last name for cohen to carry on their integration to the united states. kerry
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received an angry backlash from israeli officials following his warning that israel could face an economic boycott if it fails to reach a deal with the palestinians this year's invasion and neices cabinet accuse kerry of effectively endorsed anti semitic efforts to impose sanctions on israel by issuing a warning. kerry's comments on his jewish roots in the interview com is an obvious attempt to seize jittery israelis. he predicts that despite the skepticism israel alternately be much more secure and prosperous after a peace deal saying he has no argument with anyone in israel who says that no deal is better than that. in this. the mm. it's illegal because the screen you think of when it comes to men think that since the holocaust that's what's a stag in the gut that this is meaningful. with this production attended percent in a baseline to haul coal
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supply that sentiment saying to you. to my eyes trace and intensity. it's kind of peace and a hassle to conventions and tying it down saying it's been great fun and nice body contact and he uses a sensor on seats six called the tragedy of the holocaust and it stinks just is. but the macd shows you can stomach was something very traumatizing and difficult to finish something constructive to rebuild in the st open at celtic points but he doesn't know if that's what it's doing the show the decay of the statistic that. tickets on singtel tell that to sculpt sense any settings and to give rise to the tv production. ninety didn't if the state is eight times on seats created the artist trying to stop to this expands the death camps. his relationship with his mind
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and she's much as a non test even when he says who are sculptures and paintings need to be but i can't understand how i was able to install and miscellaneous go to the particular piece of paper police said the outset that the p a semi sentence he says not to express patrolman ensconced. angel is nine concentration camps to ten months is the most needy chill on several occasions one hundred th. it's a great privilege for me to be able to get up every morning to go to what children make sculptures it to me it's a miracle. coles belief is american led the indian act his sculptures and paintings i did not tell the states that saying. but tonight as many fifty gallons. i like them into the deals is a house clothes and then did meet some different kind of costs the scene and music and dancing and then detail and innocent. six towns sunscreen use incense and they sing at
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home to take the audience a miniskirt any. the red light districts again is added to the streets of new orleans combining passion and pain to get seat and pretend. more like a nice old enemies you through his music incredibly nice. resumes and touches on his imprisonment he lives it touches the holocaust go to school he said something very often his music so the flow of lost in the second time in sixteen ninety music also contains a lot of men in tight rhythms will tell but it's ten am and haunting music. we will be my voice went away to a twenty four would be shown. i think it was anything not smelling punch line to finish at state expense of the high nights the team to beat its consideration to the t six hasn't stopped speaking. i mean it and it takes lead to the same spirit to a place
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that i go to my work. it's an economy that was my own spawn in alaska. what's becoming a skelton and to protect a vote of the content of . nice expensive range of lipstick stains. the kind of peace and is a plant scientist discharges is the whole coast the police and anti american towns. and unlike the ultimately uplifting combination. i'm testing a cow named today in lyon in kayaks. st leos like beets military spy aircraft to help protect its offshore oil and gas interests in maritime borders. it really is counting on them owing to the atp has signed an aircraft to dramatically boost its ability to patrol two point five million square kilometers of the maritime
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jurisdiction in the area according to nearly four percent of the world's oceans yes they sow maritime strike aircraft. yes i am anti submarine aircraft. the buyer also of border security a craft with an enormous capacity to so vile. alrighty sianz. the indian ocean on australia's west coast has become one of the world's most of my two routes for energy and raw material supply with over eighty percent of china's oil imports transmitting through the area. a third suspect has been identified in the twenty twelve bus bombing which took place in the bulgarian black sea resort town of the cast of lost which killed twenty three the two rates and the trident has been claimed by bulgarian authorities on bended knees minute since his bowl on the bulgarian she was cute it has said the identification of that that suspects will extend the investigation and the new
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requests for legal help from abroad. hezbollah has denied any links to the attack the incident was a key factor in the european union's decision last july to label the military wing of the lebanese group a organization move which israel had long been pushing full of the time has gone on his back saying that the decision it was quite pretty in an american and that scientists in. bulgarian authorities meanwhile say their investigation into the twenty twelve plumbing is likely to continue until the end of april. as you the sparks book for chris to mail it to break into central african republic sites that are equally light down its weapons in front of the it's not so clear to take its amendments offered competing mostly unread books read to the site citing massive meaningful dialogue between christians are mostly it is necessary to train wreck and so the ice. the announcement comes as a brief flintoff
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played just nine years off to give an official said more than ten thousand priest and sandwich that i think it would end this on the religious politics which has quit the country around them in the end of the country's four point six million people have been displaced to make morning some top un official with other ethnic religious cleansing the central african republic has been dropped play on grass since most of raccoons toppled the government in the two thousand and thirteen the vaunted test a light soup and bread for the dead cattle to feed us so talented under a common request from the international community scientists attempted to restore the one sending one thousand six hundred troops to the former colony twisted some six thousand peacekeepers from african countries un sexy general on key routes has appealed to the good stuff the community to send an additional three thousand greeks outpaced not come by sectarian violence until a un peacekeeping force
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is established an official of the jordanian ministry of health said the dt to smoking ban will be proposed in two months. the proposal considers the whole team the new licences for his services may include procedures for designated spaces for smokers and non smokers. the jordanian given its recent win to prove that it is in cafes and restaurants has brought on health for the predominantly muslim country were smoking is one of the only places available is so popular that he has become a fruitful industry in the half the population smokes to king george's ministry of health says that forty percent of cancer cases in the country are related to smoking. it is he established by the government is this wednesday and i'm a team within two months. a group or is there ever was and had a condition of the most authentic gospel. rice's old when you'll probably because it is his attitude to one of
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the minds and are about as it was a very effective for the sound of sbs pr and bn for smokers and tom spoke on top. today comes from a lot which was passed in twenty lakhs as they laid the porch i. the maybe god i explained to perform intel achieved in september as part of it to work to promote her album hearts. the last performed in israel into gaza night the trade fair and convention center in tel of the singer tries to steer and leave last year when she decided to drop a track from her album about the leak that says diana spencer executives thought it might offend her fans in the united kingdom also trying to perform in israel this year is pop sensation justin beaver was recently arrested for speeding and driving under the influence while in florida . the signup to be it
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very fascinating year for tonight's daughter is coming to the formula. among the big names who have already confirmed their dates in israel this summer. of the rolling stones the pixies salad garden neil young and justin timberlake. so we wanted to find out how hard it was to convince this big international names to come to perform in israel. what did presence here will bring in positive publicity for the country and while the numbers of cultural tourists go out. thanks to those acts performing in the holy land. i had to teach national department to keep its productions or in our who moans of this boat is real madonna david bowie and barbra streisand claims that the tide has turned to when
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it comes to the willingness of a list of pullman's to come to israel. so the dishes the last two years then moved on to his patient waits. an attachment to your clients with lincoln park of erm we have been ours has stayed with the asean foreign and corn and salt in a bunch of other cool advanced into the peppers dire straits and suggests a lane in gdp here in two thousand and twelve and we are turning this summer and i think that if you look back at the last five or six years received is a constant increase in the number is coming to be honest i kinda talking to each other and they're saying the orangutan of the stone clay israel. i would like to announce our huge shawnee and pleasure and excitement and thrill. we have to come to israel for the very first time. ug year with the audience is great the weather is fantastic and most dishes that didn't mean to me to september october in
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all these things outdoors the indoor arenas that are used to the us and europe and it is them. you know find new and different experience with that same pool side to that there is no there are logistical difficulties with getting here because they have to fly a year whereas in europe to traveling around with their entire show in ten or twenty or thirty trucks it is to learn knowledge and understanding experience to get it done and didn't end well. and but not something that's been holding us back the policemen that we've learned to overcome with the artists in their production teams. the cbc than big increase in tourism coming in says in the last two years again i think a lot of that certain done to him marie and several thousand tourists coming in from europe and us history and all over you can see the show
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coach who took time out to be that meets at the gold coast beaches come to israel makes them locals feel like they are finally reached the state of normality scandalous symbol for the common people a year. i used to big names coming here he believes in the music scene and terry ict big ideas coming to like this feel like our normal place it begins in it so much expensive than god um i think that the differences and eighteen cents and two hundred percent more expensive in itself. but i think that that's something that you take in consideration because the artists are on a lot more risk coming year i think that the artist coming here have a lot more pressure. set on them like enough for me in paris don't tell you don't do it or it's a terrible whatever i eat so i guess that's part of man
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the dealing of leaving here you can do with artists like madonna insisted to lake erie on the coming year than we would see a lot of tourists come to see the shows because it's much more affordable for people like peanut euros instead of a second twelve seven. second vignette that industry's growing back the lead. knew. jia min tt today is that it has conquered is below the market selling hundreds of thousands of tickets to europe but more than that because it's a national ownership. tickets for shows that israel can now also people who did neck with both companies worldwide these international group we out of its twenty one the country's top teams from russia and the uk include these raids in the last two years the last few events which we were a surprise the guy down. the two that forced people to come in from the road to israel. just
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empty kids getting involved into milk on the it industry two years ago when the going out to companies rent movies to see a few thousands of people almost four thousand people cutting go over the will to use red. it was kind of people from united states people to the uk called picked us up go to our ritual. in both two d kit and remained in the gates and intimate venue has amazing potential of more than fifteen hundred people come will stop him from europe corals defence force will feed the fish will come especially to see her mom was nice and simple human and non lds was a need to be small and old but steel. we see it again and again and again asked readers to school with hundreds of thousands of hindus are not keeping up to see change in the midst of buying tickets unique events you can reach down and out a goal so spooky ten percent of the tickets soon. . most
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high profile artists to perform in israel is a great cost the past two before even selling a single ticket artists but at least one million dollars. brianna and even two point two million dollars which he performed last year and a rolling stones are to put the asking for flip point four million dollars for a single show the jamaat time ron jacobs and confronted the nokia every hour until. the what an extended and pics k open next to my house become the light is to show concern for the stride oaks of salty nutty who is representing tell you and in skating at the two thousand and fourteen wind torn and pics visit to an independent show toughest write the books in a village house so it's all to see how the animals they treat it and tweak are its people to adopt them. yesterday i made a pact
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to myself that i would try to hide it but i would be more vocal. at that. and the anti cruelty towards animals that that apply to animals have seen me connected and i've had my head and you've been occupied with trying to make it and the steepest longest i've ever had to get it fixed but the net with the man behind me. so that i can concentrate on me that they want to bring attention and to people at that the fact that we as human beings we have a responsiblity to add animals. he said she was nuked by reports the strike the population was being severely reduced by cutting the animals she cites he will voice their concerns when next in the company of president but today it in an intense olympic committee president thomas bach. i'd like to have my time again liabilities. indeed as i was definitely an island between teacher and requested eight units that pop into that kinda makes me a comment see that a country that if you have a lot of other things to
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think that that i really think that we only see the money the animals but at south city. the cost to them no mold relates to this rule is to come into sight so she stopped on to a local company admitted it to me given the contract despite use of the animals activists continue to run the streets unlike kidnapping adults in an effort to find them new callings. local authorities and private trips name was appealed to temperate don't tell tom needed to sell takeovers on aspirin for four to coax a fraction of the type tool strike population around olympic bad news. americans stay on the scam was the azores has shown his support saying that when it all to anti climate all come fall off of puppies leading to some on site so maybe it up around him. an american hero. the alcoa of the strike ballot as well as issues of secure or take the questions surrounding russia has been caught in a new tunes record on democracy and human rights up in undermining the president's attempts to use the olympics to improve russia's in it
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they also have a bio start to obtain a run then use that come out saw that study and in north london the dock strike out the plates hostel for eleven years up to joining come into my mind in the latino to fall it's my death toll was four hundred and twenty three appearances for the club. the statue which was owned by or on phone lookup direct sun can skyrocket takes the time in a premier league match against new cost we know it is in two thousand and three. this time she positioned outside the emirates died in suicide was also lost no money to private chapel and onto the console that semites tony adams ninety every hammering that time. score one hundred and twenty dollars also i once sat on my to try feast for the club. he was a member of the cycle invincible was table of two thousand and three to two thousand and four which won the premier league torture without losing a single dime. rule. i am. i
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mean. to me. who are. i will
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the is yes. he said. i was it was. that is. o all. he's
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a minor bump to show my dad who couldn't get him out among the least but you can no longer alone then that this kid comes on the moving at times i smile to my cnn on peace but a snack unique in the stillness of the muslim i manged to improve the roster from across the chest with her. the rover


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