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tv   Newsline  PBS  February 24, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PST

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ay ay ay ay ay ay. the us. i don't. welcome to the world has won a juno tawny until chilled. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am ukrainian president viktor yanukovich faces a crisis he's lost control of this administration wanted for murder. saul has offered to discuss with north korea wasted how to deal with the outbreak of highly paid just wanting to see. and japanese officials are prepared with the back. in
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order for a district near the tip of the need to plan a new train nearly eighty people have been killed in clashes between opposition supporters and police ousted president's victory and approaches political base has collapsed and he is now facing criminal charges in order to stabilize the situation eu member states russia and the united states have started taking action. nhk world government entity has more. opposition has taken control of government buildings in the capital kiev. the buddha on saturday. the palm and dismissed the niqab it's from his post and decided to hold the prison selection and maintain the faith the acting interior minister said monday that the house is presented one to two charges of mass murder. local media says this
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is fitting as of yet it obviously deemed the capital campion is entered in the cd of the car again and use in ukraine disappointments. he spoke to local tells the station saying he has no intention of resigning or leaving the country. police and security personnel with tourists from kiev by saturday morning. supporters of opposition parties have formed neighbourhood watch is to keep the kids. a new moderate view of the situation is a total mess everyone has become so interested and there is no justice. the rebel life still continues. the most violent crimes should not be coming to us. traffic accidents happen and people get sick we have to do what we can meanwhile the international community has taken action to address this issue eu foreign chief catherine pastoral visits kiev on monday to discuss stabilizing
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the situation us secretary of state john kerry. new rochelle find the necessary level of disgust and positions by phone on sunday they found themselves divide it the new. greene's nineteen ninety two as well. some people supposed closer ties with russia. it is in the interim government. in the southern city of cairns city on the crimean peninsula about a thousand people gathered in atlanta on sunday the renewed financial plight and raised in russia last the initial out was kind of russia until nineteen fifty five. some reasons i'm still pushing for russia control an expert in the region says that in islam is a unique tied to new training with more than half of the population of russia and ethnicity. it is also home to an important russian naval
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fleet. pregnancy does to this new identity that due to generally speaking i think ukrainian people have their own identity. so basically i think the country will be divided. in peninsula is the exception to this there's a possibility the russia may get involved in the region's movement to leave ukraine. so the moscow can use it as a car to negotiate with the new ukrainian government did the dishes to do now uncommon it comes. actually praised and church and us as he wants to leave the country closer to the last. experts say that leave the country away from bus stop. it's driving it into a financial crisis. they say the key is with a year in others and the tussle community that supports the country. going to be and as you well. seoul has offered to discuss with
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north korea ways to help him deal with an outbreak of a highly contagious swine disease. the aid would be its first to the north in four years. the move comes amid annual joint military exercises by the self and the us the north has criticized the trails. what a mouth disease was first found in early january in a farming community later spread to pigs and seventy more near the capital. the country's state run korean central news agency says a lack of medicine and equipment is hampering work to contain the outbreak. south korean officials say they sent the north a proposal for working level meeting through come and gone in the de militarized zone. the offer comes amid reunions of families separated by the korean war in the nineteen fifties the meetings for the allies after the north accepted to a request from the south and will end on tuesday. experts say the agreement to hold the reunions. maybe behind the offer to help them get on with the outbreak the ads that the focus is on for
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the recent move to a boost in trickery and i live. japan's government plans to instruct to the operator of the stricken tradition and i each a nuclear plant to review its measures to prevent spills and leaks of contaminated water in the latest incident at the planned around one hundred tonnes of highly radioactive water spilled from a storage tank last week took electric power company officials have been interviewing clad workers to find out why the water spilt the officials believe someone opened dolls. that should have been closed. you can simply knew that and cronies to review its prevented the masses by taking two cars are a sum it up for the environment of the planet the company also needs to reveal its the one existing structure to prevent similar cases singh also said the government would try to
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ensure that echo implement steps to prevent problems including those resulting from human error. japan's nuclear regulators have criticized the plant's operator for failing to prevent the massive leakage officials on monday till the experts of the nuclear regulation authority that the leak occurred because dolls that should have been closed or open the sum of treated water to enter the tank. an overflow the officials said workers have not been sufficiently monitoring water levels in the tank. an array of fish of the season contests and won the gauges alarms and other devices for banning weeks were not working. we will publish them all is safely system. i was supposed to end such acts. but it failed to live with you. it's a very serious problem. none of them he requested that the firm takes our own measures to ensure that the devices are fully functional. another official as the utility to look into the possibility of human error as workers in
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testing number plates to the valves may have opened them. after the beating managing executive director todd for me on a gala apologize for the accident and said the firm will improve the safety system immediately. he added that the utility must change its corporate culture. on this thing on the window. you may feel that we didn't do enough but now we know what the problem is so we'd like to take control of our safety system. as much as possible the smoothness and a slew of tnt. the mahler maybe some relief for those cops and the nuclear disaster residents of a district near the plants may soon be able to return home the government has decided to lift an evacuation order for the district almost three years after the nuclear accident. and then know that sea nearby say industry minister has issued come up and told residents the government will lift the order for part of me and
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quincy district incumbent city on it for one. this would be the first listing of an evacuation order for him to be contaminated areas. all areas within twenty km of the petition and i need to plan had been subject to the order the contamination efforts have progressed in the district residents there have been able to visit and stay at their homes. the new diesel was midnight. we made the decision considering the fact that many people want is to lift the order so they can start their lives over as soon as possible some residents urging the environment ministry to continue de contamination were they say radiation levels are still high in some places ministry officials say they will respond on a case by case basis. i i i i i local police have set up headquarters to investigate book vandalism. more than three and are copies of anne frank's diary of a young girl and other holocaust related
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books have been damaged and libraries in the city. police say they're looking into the incidents as a case of criminal vandalism so far three hundred six copies of the diary biographies of frank and other books have been found and the lies mainly in central tokyo lottery officials say many of the books and pages ripped out or remove with a box cutter. police say one person may be responsible for the damage. they plan to analyze security camera footage and will check computer records. the jewish human rights organization in the united states has issued a statement condemning the vandalism. japan's government says sea shepherd has disrupted operations of two of the country's research whaling vessels in the aunt arctic ocean. the attempt to obstruct the fleet would be the group's third this year fisheries agency officials say. activists from the anti whaling group launched thirteen of what appeared to be signal rockets at the whalers they say
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the group also through ropes at the ship's twenty six times that of the japanese crew members were hurt but the officials say a rope got tangled in this crew of one of the vessels. the crew tried to stop the activity with water cannons bucks the obstruction reportedly continued on and on for more than six hours. government spokesperson yoshida said expressed his concerns pushed up. she's above middle c center is offering students a nice friendly contains some of todd's the same cannot be tolerated in weakness. sita said the government lodged a request to stop sea shepherd's activities with the netherlands for the group's boats are registered. the activists say they were ambushed by japan's whaling fleet. new dangers to sensitive data are emerging worldwide japanese experts on information security and began discussing how to protect the country from cyber attacks. hackers have
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been targeting computers and servers and government offices and in the private sector for confidential information. chief cabinet secretary issued a cigar and minister of information technology policy. each imo more till it ended with computer experts. expertise has a high point of counting prove it cites his services as a protest letter twenty twenty olympic compelling big gains in tokyo. the services could face a variety of risks the and private senses and work together to protect all sorts of possible risks and could have with them the experts agreed to compile a set of proposals by mid year after discussing ways to enhance computer security and train ict specialists. ministers from twelve countries are holding
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intensive talks in singapore to work out a trans pacific partnership free trade deal japan's top negotiator has urged other participating nations to ease regulations see the broad range of areas rather than focusing on scrapping tariffs on farm products. on the third day of the ttp meeting the ministers discussed the advice is that issues such as abolishing tariffs and protecting intellectual property rights some of them called for abolishing tariffs on all items. japanese minister in charge of tdp affairs aikido ahmadi said the participants should consider ways to ease restrictions on the financial and works sectors he added that this will promote free trade and investment. home prices continue to rise and many major cities in china the uptrend has touched off speculation that frustrates me grow among people who can afford new homes china's
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national bureau of statistics released the results of its monthly survey of new housing projects for seventy major cities. they show that crisis when out in sixty two of these cities in jittery from the previous month. when joe posted the sharpest rise of seven tenths of a percent meeting ends and i both saw a half a percent rise from a year earlier home prices climbed more than twenty percent in shanghai in about nineteen percent and one joe and ageing. observers said the government may come up with steps to bring these prices under control. many people in japan are worried about the possible impact of a sales tax hike in april the chairman of the association of car dealers is one of them. he sees sales falling about ten percent this year from two thousand and thirteen. his interviewing me. we expect a portion of sales as a whole to show a shop on tuesday with them. soccer is set to drop seems inevitable despite various measures
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the government has taken they include a cut and the automobile acquisitions tax. he called on auto dealers to find out what consumers want and tried to increase sales. he noted that the sales of various types of cars have been improving not only fuel efficient models but others like sports cars are among them. a series of deadly explosions over the weekend as less people in thailand on and chez protesters continue their anti government rallies by chatting about someone in bangkok is fall and the story the press has is all they mean supporters of prime minister and the matching one for people were killed and dozens wounded. the five team that has described it acts as acts of terrorism. we made expected on sunday in front of a bangkok shopping mall three people died including two children more than twenty of this will wind its expansion and had a traffic
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intersection when anti government protests is was seeking about eight police continue their investigation on monday. concerns are by easy as it was not nice or protest is what the victims but civilians officials with the united nations children's fund have called on parents to keep children away from protest sites. why at. we want to buy a ticket every party involved in the demonstrations i want the province to and as soon as possible who are likely to children of the less. all in all this and on the nineteenth. the situation was getting better. i heard about the latest times. i knew longer feeling coming to places like this. i'm sassy day and not the bomb killed eight demonstrate and wounded thirty people in appleton say the country's east. the doc
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has condemned the nation's finest she calls the exclusions acts of terrorism a full day school again and without regard for human life. that caused the demonstrations that name for the weekend bombings of supporters of the top ten prospects for finding is that i see to what has been leased in self imposed . on monday the protests has targeted businesses linked to toxic they also gathered outside a tv station managed by toxins sign i'm afraid that i feel sorry. i wonder why they have to do stupid people like that please take care of. i feel sorry for what. it's something which should not provoke. we already defined saw him. the cotton states between pro and anti toxin forces has defied its height and visit the post decades it sets an administration introduced policies favoring from a simple kiss areas of
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northern and northeastern time that the anti toxin protests has consisted mainly of mandarins of the initial costs and the idiots they say it's what his policies. i tend to like the sand on to my teen titans finances despite the ongoing tension sometimes refuse to archive the site they see themselves as victims of what happened in twenty ten the worst bloodshed in recent says they say they lost faith in politicians in no longer care about the people and each kid last week attacking hundred points. i'm going to school and finish packing. hunting is part of the many springing to mind. nineteen tens when a street in a set. i'm not used to use the extinction. it's time to change. it's time to rid the country of the worst
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politician. a broker promise to support us. even after four years. she hasn't even as being he was moved in most of these people into work for the last colony once known as the team's support tools. no pc can say o s the dow chart. three teams of twenty ten as clean cut and paste. it was one of the monkees conflicts in thai history. the decline since has been known to be to leave a comment about the democratic party. part two so nice to see too much at least ninety one with you and martin thousand and two yes i can seet blossom on constructing. for years too late in the month and can stopding. oh though
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thankfully my dad and mom and i got it was a redshirt not capturing. she said that she wanted to buy for him. i told her not to go to the protest because it would be filing being tragically for us. some i got this body and tell her how to snow tonight. i have no power to intervene. he'll eat a peanut to my making pennies. given the expected her to mete out justice. my feeling now the elite teams have received compensation. no one has seen how nice. we for me to be keen not to ask the chest piece. in eighteen forty nine sitcom eastern quickest something. and last packages he or she can read all the so called blanket amnesty deal with parking and
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chris leak is a consummate ease knowing peace and political conflicts. the nst could include incoming instead of peace the suspect and i get the beasties to have ongoing crackdown in twenty ten. i don't want that i don't think you receive the benefits of sedona government has not been honest with me and in the distance of the crackdown she's done nothing for us i'm glad no one has been punished for taking today my mum and i feel the matter is already well that night ulysses seems bottomless keel these have all become converts. the house band the camera toothpaste and forty s late in a peace deal can still consume alcohol i have no idea how i could really use my circus ipl yet to read so much strength
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again tonight the sandwiches so much the dough. what a moving into and that no one cares about my daughter killed in the media is acting up and said of the politicians. even though i try to forget they can't stop thinking about my daughter who died in someone's political power again. from bangkok and mounting political confrontation. some people feel a knot and i'm losing faith in politics. the show back in time and ask you won't be scanned. that wraps up our plates and i've got to the exiled or in pangkor. in it. sth. the weather is getting warmer here in japan our meteorologist roberts pan that has more rubber. yes so
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we are seeing rain now is as high pressure that is dominating. it is great for some on sunnier skies and a calmer weather out here gone to the next several days across much of him to the bill which was created most of china. you are seeing some of fair weather out here and no is starting to doubt their aim to portions of central eastern china that's concrete some rain showers here for you but all fours or that heidi that i'm talking about is bringing these very still and calm conditions now unfortunately what that makes four is very thick haze in the toilet he will appear odd to hear a monday morning and you can see awesome reduce visibility if you hear is supporting down to a half a km or less these advisories still in effect by if you have respiratory issues do recommend you stay indoors the least try to avoid any strenuous activities does make or eat a decent sunset at the very least beatles era falls in the atmosphere reflecting off the sunlight now is not just china being affected by this going in that using much of korea
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already has been reporting hayes and parts of western japan you'll start to feel that the pm two point five coming from the last of us was going on up it was north now the good news it is going to be clearing up he noticed on here towards the southeast we have a low pressure area that is coming through i mention that spring and rain showers in some areas concede much as fifty millimeters of total accumulation going to the next twenty four hours in and around shanghai. that's connected to move he still can put across the southern japanese islands and then eventually on wednesday in the key issue in all their tours tokyo it could be a few showers and some light drizzle later on into the work week. also the causes of idea what i mentioned it during a wild idea to do some heavy rain showers later on this weekend for the weekend due to a developing tropical depression mostly february going into early march but yes the tropics starting to fire up out here for a few of you to tears into the south though across some that much the philippines over for style and into the thirties here for you. taipei the twenty four now that high it is acting like a job
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basically compare about pushing in that warm air from the south in tokyo up to fifteen by wednesday the thing is though with all these areas in the blue of the under avalanche advisories why because this is the typical average amount of snow depth to happen this time of year but it is a well above average and well yeah that rapid still know that causes avalanche risk out there some to keep in mindd into the pacific northwest they are also seeing some heavy snowfalls in the higher elevations company by gusty winds of two hundred twenty kilometers per hour. a few eerie is out here so definitely wind chills a big factor but courts the south you have been experiencing drought in california did newsletter that alone was coming onshore bring in some rain showers with it definitely going to be helping out their situation there. the lease for the next several days i do want to talk about whats going on and it was off the stuff although brief here along the gulf coast in and around florida to iceland thunderstorms of them popping up. there was even a tornado warning in around daytona beach on
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sunday. they don't fall american motorsport sunday was the site of the daytona five hundred look here. no one is in the grandstands why it was relayed on supporting the warnings were issued headed back to it. thousands of people out of this and move away now. no damage was reported tonight that the end of finishing the race but i'd definitely try was a very scary situation for many people out here as far as awful as our so called temperatures are in place. it will be getting colder. later on this week at the foot you will but there is some forecasts i am to noon. and
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i know. thousands lined
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the center of the audience that's it. and. did. he
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chewed for democracy. chinese challenge for growth and sustainability. the korean peninsula which you can threaten security. we'll read the top stories of the week the world's fastest growing economically to make sense today i watched the show this week. the dunedin. i
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knew this the levy's boom in the disaster stricken areas of school. you can to move this to be protecting them too. experience the rank and did some maths to leave. this city boy you'll see two and three was when it comes to the confusion is going to say by whom. probably from here her tongue. two nights the children to be growing


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