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steve. do you long ruling will . the news. german chancellor angela merkel has arrived in jerusalem with most of her new cabinet in order to point to work with children in solidarity with the jewish state and her country is working to secure the future. germany is israel's closest european ally and merkel is in the land for the joint cabinet such as the two governments each year with israel as tensions rise of late with europe and also your favorite sports. thanks to all its next standing by her side. israeli prime
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minister benjamin netanyahu to the u s mediated peace talks as well as international efforts to quell the riots that the program would figure prominently in his meetings with her. as you. iran's foreign minister mohammed job on the reef has reportedly been summoned to appear in front of the parliamentarian its own comments in a tv interview in which he labelled the holocaust the horrifying. the reef was also iran's chief nuclear negotiator is to appear in court session of parliament on tuesday after fifty four conservative lawmakers signed a petition demanding he explained. since the islamic revolution in nineteen seventy nine holocaust denial has been calling the union speech its former president was amended to add previously called crimes against of me and even help holocaust denial conference. it's the incident comes as iran's current president on sunday
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relative moderates continues his charm offensive with the blacks to negotiate a settlement on threats to their probes are . i knew the routine. she and more and. what will pop. he is do it grew. control. it all since marriage. paul
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the shindig. the other. screw you. he says. pseudonyms the eye. the sports scene a storm product of the independents to a ukrainian capital kiev thousands of malice to the delight of the posts few days many marking the spots where protest is delight in last week's clashes. mourners stood in silence in front of makeshift shrines in memory of more than eighteen people who don't like candles market falls away from the barricades win and still stands god despite the odds to defeat it has to be tmi to a beach there waiting to see who would take charge of the politically divided nation. as the hunt for
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yanukovich continues if the teachers the most from last thursday joined riot police chiefs their protest is was like this deployed alongside them on the classical frightful was a special force not wearing a distinctive touches can be seen about three hundred pizzas up the steep rise from independence square locally known as mike dunn which leads to the heavily protected presidential offices. i don't mind. while the move. cheesy cheese and let die. should the victims to wearing forty on what they would write to wait by medics o'connor writes of being hit an arrest warrant has been issued by ukraine's entry and just went to yanukovich a man who is wanted for mass murder often he thrived on friday down to eastern ukraine protest to stream into his sprawling state of the size of one the cut. they were astounded by what they found
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the compound team to its upright busy want to waste the golf course. divers have recovered official documents right into the lake of the residents get like a witch's opponents believe it was an attempt to destroy evidence of secret from school illegal transfers the material included a list of tenements such as tatiana john avail. he was beaten up like a knife attack is in december last year and a store full of christians and the prophets the local ukrainian channels for field goals including a massive country mansion on the construction and the safety of stethoscope and overlooking the back seat like a residence a deconstruction has destroyed anything to trees and wildlife habitats. well the treetops to be worth about two million dollars were found to separate locations which may belong to the sound of the impeached president. and it has welled up as ukrainians his average salary is five hundred dollars month when del the taxes pizza been squandered on yanukovich is entertainment the discoveries come as the eu continues to discuss
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emergency financial aid for ukraine to raise short term funding its estimate to the country needs about thirty five billion dollars to supply two thousand and fourteen two thousand and fifteen. a russian court has handed down prison sentences of up to four years for people who took part in two thousand culprit as its present one defeat. hundreds of supporters gathered outside the court as to condemn the trial and was crackdown on opposition and for doing so they were arrested including leading question this and i'll exceed all day and two members of the concrete span was right the four knew she was the prettiest one. and four can you. there is already busy so kami and i just opens a tease as they say that warns them honestly and plans to ptt because the increase
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that i'm calling these thomas is then a minute months of this but it could be. not so long the defendant's sentence were among twenty people rounded up to seventy six two thousand and twelve protest on the eve of clinton's inauguration for three presidential term. the rally turned violent after police restricted access to the leukaemia square across the river from the kremlin where the protesters had permission to camp. activists say the court is sending a message that president vladimir putin will tolerate no challenge his role as neighboring ukraine longtime ally and strategic partner to russia has posted to its present course i like putin pressure could be worried if the uprising in kyiv to topple the government the same thing could happen in moscow. it seemed petersburg a group of russian artists and activists created a barricade the tigers since the fire in performance drawing a parallel to the situation in the fires were quickly put the oats and the artists' rights. now on the fires are started by
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artists with which he is liking worried if russians will take notice of the political developments you start burning tires in protest against the authoritarian governments and began a revolution there i had. we need to adjust it is like going to still post got me was the milk up to eight dollars tonne of rice and fried control screen english premier league sides less time. what's wrong is set to tie flights early this week. this troika that will contest the charge by celebrates was but the peeps if i'm consulting now fights a minimum thought much about the football star's judging them under increasing pressure often leading to twist off the grid so that i have been totally silent on the extreme and i have not been sufficiently staunton has been criticizing an open up. i know cause court on
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the football association to drop it on to text him and his quintet will go a celebration and insists his day the anti semitic. all right since its controversial french comic stayed on my ma ma ma ma ma ma and on the holocaust and all and a friend of the male cop is responsible for inventing a popular on seeing the students at it this month did on my part to visit the site to stop its support for an hour. how about the impact liable to find him from end to the country on grounds of psyche. a number of senior officials of chris's aunt did on many of these textures including french president francois lot of friends into me in the midst of my new balance with my people to come in a mock up of heights. did i mind has repeatedly been trawling confronts a speech said throughout this country's local pub or two times doesn't get this didn't need it and counseling and nine to one school. good grief the sixteen british mp
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is a leading jewish graves of christ and to provide compensation to the all survivors and families and all the victims whose property was seized by the nazis or subsequent communist regimes. alexa addressed to prime minister just want it and stands out to study a tokyo or even recognize its responsibility to victims and now it's time to get to open the survivors the financial medical assistance they desperately required. about ninety percent of ireland's three in house million perished during the holocaust where there is still with the onion and the eu state without school to restore will compensate private property despite repeated pledges from previously does to pass legislation. the fourteen countries and tools to its national guidelines helpful to complete it by the openness to authorities should be handled the case helps mold school this week discuss britain's role in seeking justice for citizens you want restitution of property seized from them
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the eye. is you. i see the boys lunch and krista to robert mugabe celebrated his ninetieth birthday. having spent more than a third of his life as leader of the african country. lauded as a liberation hero by some anti dam is a human rights it is your bathers mugabe has been zimbabwe's sole ruler since the country formerly known as red's yet gained independence from britain in nineteen eighty. he's faced western sanctions for years but the nights in a rights abuses in election fraud and claims the uk for smearing his name still mugabe says britain is not the enemy when the door. i knew
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the dog. i have. being. we are. and one. it included a number of controversial policy it's a tricky combination in to testify at trial that led to seven hundred thousand people losing their homes for supporting the opposition police and bulldozers demolished street stalls instead he counts the campaign authorities claimed was aimed at cracking down on black market activity mugabe is the world's second oldest head of state coming in just behind israeli president shimon parents who turned eighty last august by mugabe shows no signs of loosening his grip on power anytime soon parents as he plants retire in june of this year. jim lynch on solar angle in the colon russian president let it be seeing the same degree. in its territorial integrity must be fooled. the announcement came
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as a production ready contestants have been trying to honor the memory of that skill to invite and demonstrations that took place earlier this week in the end. this went on to more accidents. they tore down the buildings ukrainian side included. is it a while the company to succeed with emotions running high and us officials. it's great in the states and russia to send troops to do. course the ukraine to split the pots came to the end of the tumultuous week it sold kremlin backed president thinks the yanukovich impeached by parliament after deadly clashes in the capital city between police and anti government protests is the etiquette is whereabouts remain unknown. many of the evening news lately has been in the eastern city of condensed spots he has turned
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its back on when even the bloodshed in the country's poor economic situation. meanwhile throughout ukraine funerals have been held as it continues today to close then lights in the violence which creeped out just days ago in the country's health ministry says the death toll from the class is now stands and eighty two. i. the loom. it's illegal because the sting you think of when it comes to men think that since the holocaust. that's what's a stag in the gut that this is meaningful. with this production attended percent in a baseline to haul coal supply that sentiment saying to you. to my eyes trace and intensity. it's kind of peace and a hassle to conventions it's kind of dancing. it's been great fun and nice body contact and he uses this enticing six called the tragedy of the holocaust
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can it it just is. but the macd shows you can still something very traumatizing and difficult to finish something constructive. to rebuild in the street. still two points but he doesn't know if that's what it's doing the show the decay of the sadistic that. tickets on singtel tell that to sculpt sense any settings and to give rise to the tv production. united into the state is a price on seats created the office trying not to use this expands the death camps. his relationship with his mind. he's much as an artistic eye to eye. and he says who are sculptures and paintings nice to you but i can't understand how i was able to install and miscellaneous go to the particular piece of paper on a voice at the outset that the p a semi sentence he says not to express patrolman ensconced in silica nine concentration camps to ten months is the most needy
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chill on several occasions one hundred th. it's a great privilege for me to be able to get up every morning to go to one chore that makes gold just a tool it's a miracle coles belief is america led the indian act. his sculptures and paintings i did not tell the states that saying. tonight as many fifty gallons. i like them into the deals is a house clothes and then did meet some different kind of costs the scene and music and dancing and the detail in unison. six town sunscreen use incense and the singer phone to take the audience a miniskirt any. the red light districts again is that it's in the streets of new orleans combining passion and pain to get seat and pretend the more i can use old enemies you through his music incredibly nice. resumes and touches on his imprisonment he lives it touches the holocaust go to school he
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said something very often his music has been full of ups and the second time in sixteen ninety music also contains a lot of men in tight rhythms. poole town but it's ten am and haunting music. he will be my voice went away. if that's what twenty oh four when the show i think it was anything not smelling punch line to finish at state expense of the high nights. the team to beat its installation to take the six hasn't stopped. p eighteen. i mean it and it takes me to the same spiritual place that i go to my work. it's a comedy that was more on its own in alaska. what's becoming a skelton and to protect a vote of the content of . nice expensive range of lipstick stains. the kind of peace and is a plant scientist each eye disease the whole coast. the police and anti american towns. an
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unlikely yet ultimately uplifting combination. i'm testing a cow named today in lyon in kayaks. some four thousand torrents kind to the city of us won in style state to state this month vote directly on the slice of the statue of the mice it's the second in the top in simple temple something which only happens twice a year wait i'm not convinced point of the pots on the last week in the resort town of top up was killed three people embrace fears that islamic militants of politics and foreign tourists. despite the threats and instant attack and despite what happened to come up one thousand people attended this event. this is a strong message that the egyptian people to care about the threats tourism is um i just will not be made if our current state of the egyptian government which is currently struggling with a huge budget
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deficit and void decks that oversight is of militant attacks except write it. and anonymity. it was carrying everybody in an extremely nice to have a positive spin to knit. it's in the kitchen it has been nothing but positive. tourists to eat it up again to pick up after three years when it collapsed following the revolution ousted longtime leader of state of iraq in two thousand and eleven the last three months with its thirty one december allies in the number of toll rates compared to the previous two quarters thousands of musicians representing sixty five bands have gathered for the annual dance festival in a row department bolivia the festival is part of the run up to the overall con about bolivia's largest
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annual celebration which on is this the cob and urgent and features more than thirty thousand folkloric dancers the event took place at the foot of the massive so calm and virgin statue inaugurated just over a year ago and measuring nearly one hundred fifty feet high after honoring the statue six thousand musicians dressed in the red yellow and green oblivious flag began to play the national anthem joined by dance troupes and some of the country's most famous focal or groups the overall band festival together with cardamom trials visitors from all around the world. the mining city is famous for its costumes and elaborate masks which makes the prelims catholic celebration one of latin america's most vibrant street festivals. thousands of people dance history carnival i wanted it to the beach with the addition air in celebration of the annual block party the main carnival which runs from twenty fifth every into the fourth of march. carnival deal is
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characterized by countless be pretty big and small that they block and smile or contents. i'd like to use it to the icy streets greatest fiercely competitive and samba schools often go to great lengths in artistic price changes in the audience is the elaborate costumes and head pieces over the top two and two. his party named after the end which roughly translates into friendliness of the most loved his mark its thirtieth year with some contestants come back since it first started. at least seventy five musicians entertained the crowds and perform songs that is the iconic goal from it thomas was back in time history celebration will also meet another parade and bloc party won the carnival begins the i . there are two persons brings you to ben that it was abandoned in an
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accident and it all dates now imagine you can replace that part of the brain but the microchip that would enable it to function normally. this is what we are scientists are working on and tell of the university. we're not going to into dinner which was deemed experiments with truth to what you would see tuned to see bill correlation wants to get the code into a student to take the coach is going to record the youtube too the aliens. in the imprint of them. so no winter the case indio ca here to kind of took the tickets. i make him a gun. one of the students who show you what we are doing good than you would do it we all could come tonight we s. our purpose in the fraud that is to move on not fix the damaged brain but to replace it. place the knot with another biological brand but with synthetic brand and a
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microchip. this part of the brain which we are replacing of what it has and has two inputs and we have one line of information one adult books. that's loads of it. we can take this part of the brain out. put a chip instead of an interface it to the same inputs and outputs. and the chip will do what that part of the brain the healthy part of brain actually is way to get a lot though the thc minded to grant the fifteen months we have been at it often said that it doesn't tell the brain area. the candy and fifth. who knew dr informed employees. the ccr looked so good to be true. sounds like those who fall season. you
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are on fire. means the action potential. this is lost. you are on. this is what faults and feelings and motives this is the yuan. hardware is that the patient. socks and feelings and personality i control the brain. this amazing and complex organ and some controversy arises when your assigned seat as he began to experiment with the ability of potentially connect to the human brain to my contacts into computer software. there is a natural process to the way. anything works. natural is what is. an a for example you hold the brain works faster and that will be a natural. and anything else will become a natural. there was a major difference between the pudding into one's brain chip that controls movement and it's cheap it has
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effects of over one's condition in which it is the motions of the time had come to springfield something has to do with my personality with my condition and it's it's me. it certainly lived. it's me and affecting me is of us for africa significance and should be considered differently the one to whom it is amazing grace. such a wonderful peace love and emotions and thinking and decision making. in many of these functions within the melbourne is doing. but the super functions. leo getting to understand and simple functions listed machine. don't know mall and good thinking they are decent picture. smart devices whom he has been quick to smile and grey. retail and i've seen again. helen. i eye. nba
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basketball player jason collins has made history by taking to the court as the first openly gay athlete to play in a major north american sports league. prior to the game which said the l a lakers against the brooklyn nets thousands of fans gathered outside the staples center stadium. many of them offering words of support assaults that were involved with. this is my duty was to get some needed especially across parts of the year displaying amendments. it's all about masculinity in him the fact is evident that this day and decided to change everything the response is immediate and senate colleagues insisted that basketball was his first priority but added that people shouldn't be ashamed of who they are woolworths to go every other professional productions
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person or just know that an authentic life relies on. but their support there while waiting for you on top deck so about encouraging people to be there to show. minogue thirty five year old was not a well known sports star and won widespread praise for his groundbreaking offers a statement issued ten months ago collins who is nearing the end of his career was then subsequently signed for twenty thirty twenty fourteen season. american football player michael sam who was looking out to be the first openly gay nfl player he's drafted by a team demonstrating a growing tolerance in american sports rule. i am. do. will be. to
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me. will. or do it will. he is on. do you do. in my eye
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the road the lists the eye the i peered years and bring your midst of gordon series of seventeen ninety and are
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watching and eight. i knew you will will will will since. it would turn into a tie one on golf and kept going on said toast and income each team member sean lee and held a press conference to announce that he will be running for time the city may have been for the said if he wins the election he would donate his salary to charity the responses fell races significant a well man says he can not choose this but the right but he would not pay his father for


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