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tv   France 24 News  PBS  February 27, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PST

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winning wing will whittle ch. i took history gets worse every day. cos breaking the old one. so much the eagles to play. the stock while. good news. specter
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also present in protecting the integrity of ukraine becomes the main focus for the new id cards and think yep as hostilities grow in the southern region of trying yet. another rent it tonight as required its second recording fourteen to be of the turkish prime minister has surfaced on the line as allegations of rough cement against time or two. possible war crimes is an existing excess of practice violence in the occupied west bank that's according to amnesty international. israel though says they're responding to an upsurge in violence. i would like to join his beard is please update your own fault i kept hoping ukraine together the top challenge for tf is armed men seized control of the regional government headquarters in the economist might be a parody this her estate the russian flag is flying from the parliament building
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ukraine's security forces have been put on alert following the takeover of the building in the capital according to the country's acting interior minister ukrainian prosecutors have also opened a terror probe it's being reported to the short time ago. my cats douglas herbert is in the crimean capital and has more now. we had tension is rising again inundated we woke up this morning with the russian flag flying not just on one of the apartment building you can see here behind me but also on the roof of the regional government building. we have earlier this morning to report that the building had been occupied during the night occupied by two unknown people. still not sure exactly who is inside the parliament building. will we do have is the prime minister at least at the crack me up saying that he has confirmed that in fact there has been an intrusion by armed men unknown armed men in the parliament. one of the reasons why the security i drank years being taken so
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seriously. this morning to reach me this morning we were able to get access to the parliament few hours was able to walk up practically to the shores of the comic which i had was barricaded overnight of wooden crates of little wooden planks without profit for the entry to the parliament building blocking the entrance according to police and several dozen police around the parliament buildings that were unable to get in as the morning progressed over the past several hours that the security perimeter of the whitening center of the city right now is closed to traffic as you can see right behind me there are groups of people gathered a lot of them that we could speak in a lot of them are pro russian. i acted as that is in favor of crimea. coming back to becoming part of pressure having much greater autonomy if not in favor of the offence the political events we've been seeing in kiev the so called mike on the bed. very much situation here. i attend santa and santa we can see yes that's dope herbert reporting meanwhile russia has insisted it would defend the rights of its compatriots inside
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ukraine the country's foreign ministry declared this thursday will react in a strong and uncompromising manner to any violation. a short time ago. ukraine's foreign ministry has summoned the russian envoy in kiev and has requested immediate consultations with moscow developments followed out of their prudence demands for combat readiness drill of the russian ministry purcell ferguson the store. less than supportive weekend stays in place that only speak russian sprint and his own bullets hopefully mean you need to return to children. in nineteen nineteen divisions on wednesday. the statistical started to dance in the christian teaching russian afforded me the tree makes a silly sister hundred and fifty thousand treats in the face and sprinkled some encountered ninety nine school was the bangkok meeting shifts the ticket checking the treats rating is included threats to national security. the government
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would agree with cold on trips from the wisdom in which the district incidentally the units have been deployed there. it would be good. russia's defence ministry says the chills unrelated to get them into ukraine. she has yet to comment immediately excellence is carrying signs that russia is questioning the only case in ukraine's new authorities on. when his statement he made began its russian citizens in ukraine under threat. i really know which needs to justify invasion of georgia. in two thousand and eight. meanwhile western countries and employs the criminal to him to feed the then secretary of state john kerry born in russia dmitry operations in ukraine ukraine's list. and just to update you some news coming in on the news wires to its relation to the deposed president viktor yanukovich he has insisted that he still considers himself the president of ukraine and he's also asked russia to guarantee his personal safety
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from actions of extremists the tree and a . ukraine's parliament is convening a kid to approve a new pro western government as the country faces its second major crisis one of the imminent bankruptcy. the new cabinets with intent before the crash of twenty five hasn't the media independence square late on wednesday. the core message was clear it's going to be a hard road ahead for ukraine to bring instances reports the singing the national anthem mountains camping see its independence plan i need is on the night and council tip to them like painting it and announce the date chosen as many states to the interim governments. this latest documents will have to postpone the decision. these will be that this is a traditional ukrainian economy this is the reason that austin dressed as a credit to the decisions that we wanted
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normal life. the ukrainian edited the photo. the interim president and so that's mount snow to reach it because government on the grounds it would be partly made up of the stamp is critical for the kids coming in protest me downs. yes in a senior in high esteem pit mining instead. routine form of foreign and finance man instead. he's also an ally of explaining this to be really interesting. but it is risen i've read the list of candidates for the next day my kids. each one of them has a small mark on their reputation. the candidates but feels like to know the customer i should have the chops to the top spot parliament is expected to make a final decision on the main topic into a national unity government a stance day. additional developments coming in. was on the news wires victory and a coke which has declared that decisions by ukraine's parliament are huge issues
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that esteban to some of the world is the second recording purporting to be off the turkish prime minister discussing fraudulent dealings with his son has appeared online in the new recording budget i've heard it when it's supposed to be telling his son to refuse an offer on a business deal. the latest claims come as our twins government pushes through new legislation restricting the dj shriek. even as graft allegations gripped his inner circle cup and has more. a new recording the court said the ongoing take his promise to visit every petal on. on wednesday evening when these two minute what are you recording and cute when he achieved. it's the best of the film on coming to some people out to refuse an amount of money are often on a business deal. like a kid says whatever he has promised us is to bring these are not there is very neat. the prime minister then be called to report some to wait for more money were returned to what they think these pieces is
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some are even feel for him to love that you go. a text accompanying the video refers to see the icon. chairman of a company that was granted a month since the twenty ten build pipelines to carry ukrainian and turkmen gas to europe the latest recording could not be independently verified. and once office says the bbc investigation on monday and not the recording addition to the one called to some to hike fifty million euros as members of this in a circle with a rested in the corruption plagued last december. and once at that first recording was fake calling it a callous attack the recordings come and take these presidents signed appealed to tighten controls on the tradition read this israeli forces are using excessive rent this abundance in the occupied west bank that's according to amnesty international the rights group says israel has killed dozens of palestinians over the past three years. what might constitute war crimes according to un down to forty five palestinians were killed in the west bank between
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twenty eleven and twenty thirteen including six children amnesty says twenty five were civilians. most of whom died last year. tickets we spoke to many witnesses the incident though we've also was spoken to family and all the people in the british approval so. today all the evidence including result in magic and information. and did this evidence. we tried was to check with israeli authorities were not in the film shows us that the taking of war indicates that the king was there with them. and that the was an intern. and this on going cost of international talk like their duties. almost a war crime. every acting the israeli army said the amnesty international research had ignored the substantial increase in palestinian violence initiated over the past year over that year one hundred and thirty two israelis were injured almost double the previous year that's according to the its rating
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to the tree. and to update you on israel palestinian peace talks. this thursday at senior palestinian official has rejected us moves to extend an april deadline to achieve a framework a peace deal between the sides. after a three year hiatus us sponsored peace talks resumed last july. palestinian chief negotiator side character a man says the negotiations should not continue past eight or if israel continues to disregard international goal. it's the report led up to eight people have been killed in somalia after car bomb exploded near the national security headquarters and open officials said a suicide attacker targeted and national security car passing along side some tea shops. no group immediately claimed responsibility for the blast atari official says an apparent gas explosion has killed at least four people near a shopping mall in the capital doha. the state backed tv station is reporting this thursday that the blast was caused by a
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burst gas cylinder near the lunch my will. in venezuela anti government unrest is continuing across several cities. the latest expression of international concern has come from on wednesday he called for the violence that claimed the fourteen nights just got into one of the worst affected areas the border station that era the animosity against the government of neglect which already runs deep in some sense he was doing in there. time is apparent in rich hill has been a swing and protesters refused to be reined in. they make a surge of violence extent it's the latter. we can manifest into buried and loved ones were those cowards don't want to know words or are there hidden among us. i am yawning like these opposition supporters not to sign ends the key to growth. they held
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a good excuse and pretended that the security forces. hee hee hundred children to suffer that i passed. see the market is flooded minute is. tonight will be undergoing a while the country's president has called for a guy known in the lead i know for sure and his attendance for all the support. i felt it in the general wants to invite people to announce he can be so it was some music on and solve problems he has no idea looking. lead you to read and read scheme painful masterpiece. among the voices of concern that the promises of the little one end to the screen is mine and it's been a pretty deadly demonstrations have now ruled the country for three weeks the big ten as planned as a teen and a week and a common goal. this keeps the peace will be taken onto the contents. as more world news in brief for you in britain and america addresses lopez's the parliament a few hours time before this is number ten downing street in the evening she has an
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audience with queen elizabeth and condemned comments responding to euro skeptics in his own party prime minister david cameron has promised and in the referendum on eu membership. it was their fifth win the next election and of course hasn't appeared on to grammar. residents of the city's gpo diamonds have reacted with mixed emotions to the first return visit by captain francisco speech the milk since the cruise liner tried to take thirty two people on board the cost of courtship perished in january twenty twelve when it ran aground to the captain who is on trial for manslaughter has arrived on the island and is expected to board the mishap that on thursday experts from the courts have been granted special dispensation to visit the best. anti corruption agency has the weight charges of negligence against prime minister he mentioned above the charges relate to a disastrous rice subsidy scheme to pay farmers about the market price and is
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growing pension funds has been the most of the nt government invest their development cuts to government both its farmers are normally not get support to the weaker dry mixture finally it's regarded as one of the most astonishing of fossil discoveries of recent years the great the art of whales found beside the pan american highway in northern chile. scientists investigation into fossils the toxins generated by our kiddo's most likely poisoned the animals millions of years ago. most were then watched in two nd street and onto flights and sway they became buried. over time to study by a team of scientists from chile and the smithsonian institution has been published this week in a persistant. the team here in the news room and fifty minutes time city state in two thousand and ten. welcome to the interview on cos i
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kept. as tensions mount in the russian speaking crimean peninsula. ukraine's interim president has warned the risk of separatism. some members of russian speaking the word organizations in the east and southeast saved the up keep going camp off is an unprecedented opportunity to seek a new state is in ukraine and to forge even closer ties with moscow. in the background. russia's president arriving at the tomb has to troops on the tucked in the western minute re district that area borders ukraine will discuss some of this in aria is and this unfolding drama in ukraine. i'm joined by now the mound haas says he offended in the russia and eurasia program at chatham house a london based think tank empties them said professor it seems who university here in france welcomed see it. do you think that ukraine is having first met. i don't think so let them think the problem
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ukraine needs and exclusion and in union to pull me up and be the real question is the crimean peninsula. that and that's i think that we use a cookie sheet into a cot sheet. for the rest of the provinces and the ukraine is not divided neatly into pots and eastern province is anna and winston often since it's much more. and he can't see it. and yes they opt to the province he didn't stand out more industrialized and emerging crises and we read has on the significant amount of people speaking russian crew. and in the eucharist and profits east coast to colin and guests and the people mostly speak ukrainian tone. it also said he and other central often seize and sell components in sydney. it's a much more tied
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to speak to. then what kind of russian authorities would like us to think and i do not see today. in midst of it the trouble was and in the eastern province is annie seems to me at all with them and accept it. and the new government and the new head of state and. the in the acting head of state and so. besides crying me yes i do not see any need to change the way we have however some pieces of russian speaking organizations in places like heart keeps an all in the crimea. saying that effectively that they they get ready to accept these new authorities you think that's what the russians speak is in hockey that belief in the opposite. yes and he was
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upright and can lead to a man and in ukraine that excess ninety four to six million people. everybody including the ends and you know you're probably not the sources that on my to do with afro puff piece. it's different the new political act and it's a pro grounds and had to steal work together so i think it is quite natural. and that to people who aren't in discussing it looks to me thompson speak at this awesome t wear it the elizabeth can happen and because he felt the way and that the protection of some of. the and in the year the former president to call pizza and candy was in the week optic system the photos. black bean in effect means that companies that we do actually linked to a man on the tenth cd is a source of worry. i mean that the question of worrying
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thing to do leads me onto the summing up and asked about whether the meantime authorities should they perhaps i'll send the strongest signals add that to this whole movement who is against him because it may get stuck on base system is too wordy. underlying this is not about any man against adeline which continue to do that because they've done it going on now with their team in kenya in december. it was always a hit. and the number one slogan was in her kennel cough. new coffee table the antiques i looked through the list and i think at the end is near empty kt and i now know that it's open fayyad people in the future that's me in until three days a can of people there the rate of just of the hindu more n more and finance. i'd like to focus on crimea for men a day
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nonetheless it's important to remind everyone that this needs to get wordy has worked on the state system would argue that that economy can be i helped towards finding a solution is called a vacant land and the constitutional system. territorial system in a state like you crying. he's already the quite flexible it's not a high per cent in nine states new province's have to say. and dads that the fact that these economists at the stand to see taste. i think should be of help. and yes of course will you please. the company and it's also packed in one article. he got in and crimean content just to speak and to force all have crimean pecans and gave it to express itself. at the recent peak and the simply do not want to be ruled by moscow
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the problem is not just to open up box and the beast to be ruled by the teams received its people in ukraine finland to stand. he is not a democratic and anti poor old and doesn't t see any signs of a replay of two thousand and eight with the war and south sent to you he got. because cooking is not a terribly great hands and so i think the green for dimitri confrontation in crimea today would be much more risky. then came against most of this nation and people against them and suck me into account. in two thousand and eight. it's just a little muscle tone mistake to send in crime and i'm just a trendy little bit more concrete about town that. it is at stake this kit can be used to say give it to to calm some of detentions them you think it's a question of
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using view economist powers that exist in a different way cool so cool. how how houses can work the machine and the regional administration than once though it is quite common as senate vacancy. and to the new russian me pulling me tense and the russian economic act is of course the fashion industry because of the hat and a navy base and team he means to us a call. so yes the situation he's a situation of an economy. and that he would think that the study report i think that that can be negotiate it. with an unseen new government. and i continue i ninety eight act and sam. this is the most productive. an important week
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to try and change this would necessarily mean that crimea he's ruled directly by moscow. don't come back to point you made which is very important about. the league office and halle. people with two mums aimed at gaining a new kind of system gee do you think that that is sustaining businesses usually with only gawk simply simply switching their allegiance is as they have done when the car of administrations have changed a new friend it's a good point and equally kak ina in ukraine. made an important role in this bs. so some way or closely related to the new cool peeps can set includes himself. and we got into some become incredibly rich. just thinking people forty years so get those people on down and they have to find a new and alien is to say that to you. russia and ukraine on
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the list it's quite a number of entrepreneurs and to know or forty cox heat and cool in pan. we were pretty quiet and independent. and you do need to be entered to send the oreo to the end of each different situation in russia when you wake up pizzas and he's more directly relate it to him that the kremlin. what we've seen in recent weeks he's got no one. no one in the week i kicked it and without a team site society in political contest. no one just like to see the korean open so it clearly shows that no heat. the new home there has to act and social in eastern ukraine and as nokia's point as to which way you ago. swift will go to in times of which presidential candidates they might back it seems quite disparate set of diverse fields difficult to say today. of course money is
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the active in politics and eighteen in the torah contains and at an impasse them. detective difference today. in fact to society. no mountains. and i mean people on my donned the option of mit's in my dungeon of the sixties. i mean we are asked to be helping to from pristina the key into the new government. at daybreak today asks the option of money down the team had to agree on that decision sandy on making war on the deals that they are consenting to it the brunt of the continent's to an ashes success i eat each piece is unique to grow. and i think giddy. tiffany and back. it ain't the half to death the leak. a case the midst of a new inclusive up to its capricious that perhaps that that's all we've got time for
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that of its anti semites full you'll insights that maddie mountain house is a fellow at chatham house think tank in london. she actually has a comment piece coming up on the chatham house website if you'd like to check that out tomorrow and she's also a professor at sea was to university and parents at school for this edition of the interview on constant care the more. moon. them win
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and all. i do. i go it is
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it is. he lived you. check
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the then she'd turn into modern destruct intelligence this was stated by the president of salt not survive the security council meeting in auckland on the president received a heads of both houses of parliament the prime minister to present a security bond for strength for agencies and others at his residence the performance of the national security strategy was discussed in a large meeting. for muslims voted for. when will i took


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