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tv   Journal  PBS  February 27, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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you knew long will it. says when i was there kelly russian flight was at the regional parliament the building. if they want to break away. what the address as the british parliament saying that she does not support it. i talked with the european union
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three years before winter this template on charges of corruption. great security forces are on high alert at this hour after dozens of armed men occupied government complexes in crimea. embrace them but since flag above that this comes as the russian navy has been increasing military maneuvers it's based on the korean peninsula. that prompted nato defense ministers meeting in brussels to issue a stern warning to moscow now ukraine's new prime minister i say me get things set me up says he's focusing on the political solution urging russia to cooperate with ukraine. this is the man whose task it is to lead ukraine autobots crisis. pro european politician are singing gets a new parliament confirmed him as a new prime minister by a nearly unanimous margin. on the night and gets a new show himself to be a tough advocate of afro european
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courts. something he plans to stick it in his new office to show them so the new european integration as the central topic of the ukrainian government. it means visa free travel for ukrainian citizens. that means an agreement with the eu on political and economic integration with the free trade agreement. yet singles is only thirty nine years old but he's already served as parliamentary speaker. economics minister and foreign minister maliki faces gigantic problems political instability and billions in tax and the most severe test of the new government could be the situation in crimea the peninsula and the south of the country enjoys the status of an optimus republic and has an ethnic russian majority. hood's trust the new pro european leadership in tn the above so i painted it and wants to
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see jaime response of ukraine they will have to do a lot to persuade the crimean people with good content. remember the titans times we all had together under one piece and you want to be together with russia. in the morning armed men seized the parliament building in st fl for and race the russian flag since then the government district has been sealed off. there's no time to waste for the new prime minister. he convened the first cabinet meeting immediately after taking office. and crimea was at the top of the long agenda the street to correspond in this scene can do is standing by for sins and cheryl cole will see an eu ban and cranny in parliament today the scene sound a chaotic what exactly has been going on. yesterday the order eighty one demonstration and a team like
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the coke here. here's what they thought it would turn up the pro russia traders have there. their pay it was he able to force through. old parliament. during the government. calling this restaurant. people expecting to happen next. they expecting the ukrainian government in kiev to do something or even russia nobody can say what's going on right now. i mean the people. it took to the guardian. which part of that ethnic minorities here expect some kind of time up from you from the government possibly from the international community whereas the russian buying that over here. even if they don't want to see you are looking to moscow court for help especially financial help. st and thank you very
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much for that insight. let's get the perspective from russia now corresponding right side and is standing by for us from non status of the right to turn to some muslim rulers that we've been hearing some news that president viktor yanukovich could actually be in russia and might be giving a speech tomorrow will love what can you tell us. we had the first moon as a commie actually all or maybe a couple of days ago and russian media as saying that he was seen in moscow and at the telly to school and ukraine actually it's quite a top notch paid talent that after that he has ms t the russian activists in the region and aid to the election the senate aryan and then they would difference in a room that's coming in today that he was still on credit that we had to bend the tx on the russian government to use guarantee his stats i see him calling and consenting again the interim government and then that was announced as to
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achieve any that indeed he would give a press conference on friday. ellie even eat in the south russian ctr. or are still around but that no further details. sheriff bach but apparently there will be that press conference and it happened but certainly done it in and said that so now what the people in mosque al think about all of this unrest in crimea do they expect russia to step in more forcefully. below them in last month's me leave when the whole crisis in ukraine was going on and opinion polls said the contractions didn't want that government and political leaders tea into the air. they are now sits in the looking leave larry to what is happening on crimea on the one hand because the blanket but the russians they act and the other hand because they see that some serious labor actually is going on and that all politics aside they feel close to the ukrainian people and they certainly don't want a war with ukraine on any
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military interference but they all realize that it's serious what's going on at there right now. and speaking of sabre rattling the us has once again sent to russia basically to back off. how concerned are people that owned this can escalate and an international implications and they are that she always sat quite concerned with what the u s a i saying the us always kind of play that's the main enemy on staycation state's anti vietnam than twenty teams russian state tv russia looks quite strong and well with all that military joke going on so it doesn't really seem as if they have to hear anything from the us expat respect to the russian people and giving. i can't even thank you very much for the update. but more on crimea now it's the last big bastion of opposition to the new leadership in kiev following chemical that disaster now progress in
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groups are demanding a referendum on any adjoining russia calling the new government in kiev. illegal the crimean peninsula has long been a political football. in nineteen forty five at the end of world war two. stalin roosevelt and churchill met samuel said to redraw the map of his toy camera. crimea is about the size of sicily. it became part of russia in seventeen eighty three which was incorporated into the soviet union in nineteen twenty two the key to a christian to kauai in moscow was to stalin died in nineteen fifty three the following key in the soviet need to make a move that many russians to debut as a huge mistake. i was just transferred the administration of crimea from russia to ukraine that's men's when the ussr broke apart in nineteen ninety one. and it became part of independent ukraine some sixty percent of india's population are ethnic
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russians. just twenty five percent on ukrainian. in nineteen ninety two to diffuse into ethnic tensions tanya was given wide ranging autonomy the government is based in central poland. said constable special status and is home to russia's black sea fleet the lease for the base runs until twenty forty two from russia. it is akin to having a foot in the tool of ukraine. and now tensions are again on the rise with the change of government in kiev. russia's fear of losing influence. the complex in crimea is like a microcosm of the one to stand off. and we have more on ukraine's economy coming up a little bit later in the show but first there was a lot of pomp and ceremony when german chancellor angela merkel visited london on thursday to address both houses of the british parliament and even had tea with a homer to lead out her vision for
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the european union and the importance of retaining the uk as an active member was a message that offered few of the concessions that david cameron was hoping for today this to say they can do business with each other prime minister david cameron is on famously called the old times but the jam and counselor. behind the smiles it's becoming clearer that the two have fundamentally different views of the future of the european union cameron wants change in europe the phone britain holds a referendum on eu membership plans are to the next election. under the one sitting. so the changes that britain will secede to build confidence in our membership. all this organization also for the verbal and doable. will hold a referendum before the end of twenty seventeen and give the british a choice. but when cameron's vision is of dance hero john simon cole made it clear in a speech to parliament that she wants more. don't miss
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the only year the union must become stronger and thus become more stable more competitive than it is today due to the kiddos running around and focus on the challenges of our times and the day on home leave medical said she could not support cameron's to mom's for a comprehensive reform of the box. not to appeal to pretend to want a change from within. to attain this goal we need a strong united kingdom. with a strong voice inside the european union. if we had then. we will be able to make the necessary changes for the benefit of all. it lasted the granting of medical physics a meeting with a cleaner. the british government rolled out the greatest of copics for the gem and counselor. they'd gone the next thing is hopeful. and now we have a meeting with our political
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correspondent peter craven who has been falling home and did all of the developments far as to appear on the law for anything to people in the uk who won a different relationship with europe was interesting that as being the whole of the house we call center in the uk has been a lot of talk about rewriting of treaties or all the tents for the bridge is getting a special deal on on the eu treaties in areas like that justice and policing knoll business and finance or even agriculture fisheries but no such promises hopeful promise is whether offered up by the german chancellor today instead what she did talk about team and tell their own vision for the european union which is that which is the european union based on an economic and social model for close to the social market economy here in jenin which he is a real passionate champion of that really clashes with the tory cameron euro skeptic vision of the european union as a stripped down free market economy with practically none of the social elements. does this mean then that cameron's plans to cover for was that the eu are basically dead on
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arrival. it remains to be seeing the thing is it's interesting that this past week again that the distance in the uk the bangle a mac or something like a magic wanted that if she were to sign with david cameron on the euro skeptic is unstable. she wants is a stripped down yet but if you would have to do would be two to wave the magic long to me what type of issues that today you know it just doesn't work like that there are twenty seven other eu nations. she has her coalition partners here in gemini is simply don't want to strip down europe and around the european capitals is an awful to skepticism about the british. these days. i think it is french but it perfectly plain that will be no tree tree to rewrite that will be no cherry picking of the pasta british losing patience with the british are always demanding saying we're a special case that we should get special treatment i think but i'm very impatient but i attend and what could be the common ground between her and if the camera is being constructed. this is not completely opposed any sort for my well the common ground is that they'll but center right leaders to do who both want the eu to be more competitive and more efficient yes but we have to report that the same time and
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the map will once more your update the camera once last year. with the oval at my hip and things turn out to the inside. for more on that since liz is a two month and check our website and as a team that needed id is so last year. gone to asia south korea's defense ministry says north korea has test fired four short range missile launches came after seoul and washington began large scale joint military exercises on monday. a ministry spokesman said the missiles had a range of two hundred km and were launched into the sea of japan off the eastern coast of the reclusive country north korea carries out missile tests and regularly often timing them to show its anger at the annual exercises which pyongyang claims are a dress rehearsal for days and it's something south korea and the us will deny it all with the family of six separate bowl on the comeback win in a whole lot more news we can sit down with them and just about at the center
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of france's presidential scandal. the winter. i do you decide you want to watch the images it's a whole package the future. media center. dw tell you. a a he's awfully good. its most wanted
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and popular sentiment samuel's this post is going on. six outsider. w are ready clinging to the cost critical. they wait for cutting edge commentary. dw radio. dw to see the slide germany's former president christiane what has been waited on corruption charges in the first ever trial form and german former german head of state to twenty two days of court and hannah were clear and full of wrongdoing in the case that prompted his resignation to use nonsense and wolf rejected all offers of a plea bargain. saying he wanted to clear his name after the verdict cost him both left the hand of the court for the spring stack he was fully exonerated off to a twenty two day trial it was a clear victory. at least legally. to date is yet
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i stuck with one very relieved that justice has prevailed here if it stopped biden and the delta to lose it. i'd like to thank the many people who stood by me over the last two typical teen is up. it was the lone stand trial unprecedented in germany. the former president was accused of receiving bribes from film produces gold record of art. i'm doing three this time. o family visited mean it's oktoberfest in two thousand and two prosecutors said quinn of art and pocket the hotel though. i also just a coming of the recycling at the time and money to fund a film the court said there was no evidence of this. constable is a case study ample crisis management as well as media hounding of an office holder supposed to be above politics folks house was financed with help from friends
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holidays are the states of printing business man. but old stayed on the defensive it may seem very good things the media had already failed he made the headlines when he left threatening messages to journalists. in the end the pressure became too high on saturday the seventeenth two thousand twelve costs and both resigned as president shortly after with his wife bettina separation from him it was a hard cold according to pope refused all offers of appeal document fine. the former president was determined to clear his name. at least this time he got exactly what he wanted sell its former president trish down while deleting the courtroom as a winner earlier we put that question to signing on in our parliament receive yes. when he won the case that of course he's lost in all flaws as well as you said he was effectively forced a rezoning
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that day is that jim and president when prosecutions to loose this investigation and when the mall is anybody to the media began to recruit christie and most evenings it became pretty clear that no more than one occasion he had at least appeared to below the line between he's a spry differentiates he's presumed conte said his business associates. matt and he weeded people folder there was something possibly a maze he didn't handle the prices are very well is evil study says he's paid a high price for that since it is unlikely he'll return to politics. so now the prosecutors who brought this case the ants will have some explaining to do. yes nothing big dvd doesn't like the taste of the zealous to proceed teaches going even further than the evidence merely letting you might tell us to some people out with this shouldn't be a mechanism that prevents the political fallout from a case like this with the ramifications when there's been no wrongdoing of
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course most people say everyone is equal under the mall including the head of state but does every piece of tickle tackle after being publicized the questions that for the media as well i think simon young. thanks for the update. i wanna turn onto our top story and that is ukraine with the new government is facing an economic and financial disaster. now the new prime minister says thirty seven billion dollars went missing from state coffers during ousted president viktor yanukovich his role. not for the ocean you mix the country urgently needs a loan from the international monetary fund. ukraine's currency is in freefall and foreign currency reserves are dwindling a taxi van is still under construction. it's believed the house belonged to the gamut of each family a symbol of luxury. he and his innocent can enjoy it the country he ruled is facing economic collapse russian banks that way ukraine's traditional bank
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is the old to new times russia's second biggest in the bt being censored already has four hundred million years of expansion in ukraine president at a mere pittance as his country has invested a total of twenty million units in its western neighbor inside ukraine people are emptying their accounts in fear that the country's banks could collapse. the overall economy is anemic at best. in the wake of the global financial crisis in two thousand and nine the economy contracted dramatically the drink and some of the loss but more recently has stagnated. analysts believe twenty thirteen grades came in and just no point four percent. on thursday. ukraine's new leadership asked the international monetary fund to help. the imf will be sending a team to kiev next week to assess the situation there's not much time to use for more on how the markets have been reacting to events in ukraine will turn to a police box. our correspondent on the frankfurt stock
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exchange the people here on the floor or more and more concerned about what they're seeing and hearing in the ukraine and the possible reactions actions of the russians. people don't see necessarily a new conflict between east and west yet. they don't see necessarily this situation really escalating but no one can all but the end result will be sold. there's a lot of insecurity and the result is that share prices go down investors taking their money elsewhere. this was another day where there was a good report from a company on its results this time. allianz is germany's largest insurer and had a profit rise from fifteen percent last year but still the ceo. in his forecast for this year seemed a little bit too careful a little bit too pessimistic so the sheriff went down the only boss in frankfurt these are the market numbers starting in frankfurt with him and go with the dax first which was off by about three
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chords of a percent to ninety five th. euro stocks fifty also down less than half a percent to thirty one thirty four advantage over new york the dow right now is up by close to half a percent to sixteen to sixty eight and currency trading at the moment euro it up against the dollar. the unemployment remained largely unchanged in february figures released earlier showed only a minimal rise from the previous month in total just over three point one million people in germany are out of work the jobless rate of seven point three percent compared to the same time last year unemployment is down by almost twenty thousand people the head of germany's labor office says he expects hiring to pick up. for five years after was bailed out by the us government mortgage giant freddie mac has posted a huge annual profit the state affiliated lander earned over forty eight billion dollars in twenty thirteen. that's more than thirty five billion euro. as a result freddie mac said it will pay the u s history a
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ten billion dollars dividend next month. he has already paid its full government bailout last year at the height of the financial crisis in two thousand and eight the government rescued freddie mac and its bigger sibling fannie mae was one hundred eighty seven billion dollars in tax. it has been nearly a month now since french gossip magazine published a story accusing president and online. having an affair. neither confirmed nor denied the reporting but he did eventually split up with his longtime partner validate realignment of the better chance to sit down with the pup iraq so that took the photos. it was an inside look at how the story unfolding. we seem to be in a paris cafe. he sits down for unto thee. he doesn't seem to fit the stereotype. her accent. he's not selling the on duty. he didn't sneak up on us. but then again when
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the french president coleslaw long the court in an apparent head. sycamore says one or email to staunton with a remote room and then we checked to see if it was just a dreamer. randy and the stacey was truth because it was a renowned in the sauce tasted it takes is a typical email. it's not as simple as just taking a picture. the man had two months waiting for that one snapped a couple of fronts would see that one for ten to twenty one political debates and additional loans visit to the us. getting to the committee of availability gun stance. and i need a wellness twenty guns guns at that moment i just had to do it. you know i don't know how else to say is that the evidence. rusty phenomenon is the subject of an exhibition so when he confronted the north eastern french city of lights. there are pictures of the bushes with storms of camera flashes quiet intimate and taste
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these models photographs of his deathbed. sixties that was i wish bob dole. how does paris hilton. notwithstanding all the ethical problems surrounding is going to fits of defeat for fc have created their own and instead seek its own or exposure with the plant in the delivery full ground because the photographer was so far away. these elements can also be found in pull ups and in fashion photography. jack kept throwing them on. sean penn's for his fists. rossi had never sent out to the popular sentiment among politicians. some tourist resort i think it's very political and news would be to show you what going to be pulled up and ask the people we elect and we want to be seen as role models or. but it has become a star in his own right because it is for
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celebrities. what counts it's that time during camp is called a fifth season here in germany carnival has come around again and cologne is the undisputed capital of those festivities the countdown is on and tens of thousands of hot steam revelers turned out to the countdown to eleven a lead been in the morning on thursday. celebrations culminate in the carnival parades throughout the city on monday. the party keeps going for six days then and with the beginning of lent on ash wednesday. tickets cost and reading. that's all for most of the journal and do not mention drinking in love with this crazy the us
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i'm so patients the week it's six thirty. o'neill but that. i find it on. and all after that. i caught the ball up. one. watch out
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call today from france twenty four. allied to the top of the day. one day concert at seven pm optional i chopped off. and come on don't. to find a way to stop and a squeeze play the process the because they don't. each cage. real world effects to me i am. cz
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you you you will the tree welcome. so many of the daughters of somebody and gave them a fair chance the island. i think you see something of what is the great united states. i must say that in the united states. two variants of you are. sons and daughters twenty five million. in fact door or something. what is great about ireland. links between ireland and the united states are dong and enjoying the fact that twenty two us presidents came irish heritage shows the deep bond between our coupon. all ever. if president reagan in kennedy's descendants were trying to immigrate to the united states


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