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tv   The Afghan Report  PBS  March 9, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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dvd. all along. you knew you the eye. since. i am god india and the ingredients making a weekend of the meath capital of mythical and utility bill vaughan and indeed i fear that doing the bidding got to shake. one moment thing and prime fishing christina while attending the summit of the mistake. the bailiff been caught in a sheet of foam on the stick on a technical and economic cooperation. we have
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all gone back to the temple and in need in the indian capital while the daily trials and that it could be just one nomination india to discuss bilateral relations the mistakes of the time he stood up to meddle in saying that chinese dish you could see nothing could be to get back to the still more to shooting was in into kicked into the mind which india was in favor of signing. if the state of orissa to be the lifeline of guests seeking state killing for what most the entire thing to state that it forms the border between seek and embrace been born before joining them come up with isaac into the game on the beach. the total into the debate is sixteen and nineteen in the tents india's to post a bit deceiving dividends weekend instead of a system that should could use some fifty thousand megawatts in
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the city within the next year chief minister of the state to which begun. she had objected to giving back to the study team has reached a six letter as mentioned in the final job the commission exceeded fifty still what city. instead of twenty eight thousand and six in the nation down the stony beach. this is however so don't put this in our home unsuitable. the study of liverpool before hand. and of the center woman in india had the second position and the state government of the single had though of him in second position. and so did the sentiment on the moments that amanda would see what's in the short shift the scene of the team deal with supply hundred megawatts of power of permits to present it to me that peace is doing to mind. two casinos and the supply of thing that tuesday was getting too sure about greece's economy as the crunchy him to become a made in the crunchy but
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twenty twenty one. they knew the mistletoe collection agencies under the seat count about one of the sea in the dust in the elections and assumption of office of the prime minister from that time. in addition a special relationship. a bomb that dates back to the creation of an advanced metrics and go to the common than the teens and a small dip that if i would be improvement in ties in the past few years intellectuals and political leaders from the two countries making new day last week a hippo. she's interesting teachers need to be due to not get this huge sticking to my friends from that country as the wooden cottage is down this today more atrocities and hindus in bangladesh. i'm cause demographic changes the issue was raised by heating the abc for me and asking to be in use at one pm to get to stop off in ancient times and had to undo my pants a jacket. on the issue and the board gets to me and
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need to get in order to grab the land and property. due to speak to me that it just completes the army. they could stick in each of society. it invited to a tax on the beaches business establishments and places of worship of hindus in abundance in the last line again. it is coming not from the most democratically but simply cannot be done the food groups. if he sees that the hindus to be given she entered india is yet to even out for my luggage into the depths of the people who would reduce india's second largest do drink a nice tool to get it to say stop doing this kind of crummy and activism on this one whatever the meeting. do not die the second teacher. i didn't see a west end up going back to extinction. i didn't
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realize not condemning the anti mine on a tx and thereby condoning it the audience and beams. i mean the government for the attacks saying that's a candidate in the cloak of the new government done to our convenience. but statistics show that steak and it is an easy undertaking vanities. in nineteen seventy one bangladesh was twenty five percent hindu deity just a twisted to mean many of my vintage buttons and students seeking largest religious community and the crime scene the news it looks as fit as a beast at the scene and she needs to be catholic of nicotine commune and riots i'm going to target and steamed society. it is the second cd of the most beautiful girl and is due to good idea but this time being coach. right there with the hindu fundamentalist. so we have to be careful. it does. these numbers for model initials. and also in the country. some tissue. all in all unity so they need an easy single the pakistan army
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ichigo that issue the ice to marginalize them an ideal complement to the tu tu tu tu human being that's happening is in fact some. it is interesting that the new balance nine india's main opposition party content to tease the intended at knitting them or ghee in a valley in assam said that india must let go and provide accommodation to the dc into hiding. helix is said that if the bjp came to politics would only lead to tension can spot under the sheets. it is the good again . the un
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air the diet. hoho. today she said the rooms in the uk pfft the eye. the owner immediately seduced ounces in two thousand and one getting to the need to match his team in the days when thousands of hindus. does
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the media often having to deal with constant excuses seventy one nation ball all communities including into it but fought together but unfortunately today due to the injection into the action but did not die down as many hindus of false to migrate to india. meanwhile during the friendships and igniting the indian capital sum on the beach again gets also questioned whether the secular nature of the indian government which continue in the bjp were to win the twenty fourteen the elections in india the bjp is thus seen as more pro hindu compared to the beach at either the congress party. she did stints with the standard kenyan police in india which shone in the movie as the front end of the kindest of the crime scene. senior living season missing it but didn't sound to it since it seemed that in addition to rename it to kentucky would
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be coming to college again india continued to ensure protection of mine. she missed him already he said or did he have to not give it to anti muslim riots in greece shot in two thousand and two even the courts have not found guilty. the city the midget right to disband exact image of the abc that is that teachers in south asian nations with me but had become stronger during the bjp is what i got out to be heidi dutch bank and that more d would basically get the fall but that honestly i can only be there early the irony the ice on me. my only other on. the head. i hate to be all caught on. i was walking on the bottom he then leaned in and they know
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what you want me to wonder why. you see the two. why are they calling it the better the media the us the congress led upa government and install blessing police in sydney between countries and in particular for xp had to compete at the skeleton team and i'm bored of going under these the opposition leader adam dj sean today the kids and the bjp was not opposed to the start of the mist but that he inherited from being implemented due to them it could increase to cover his government was acting in them about it it was a total upgrade the region. what are
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the only foreign to you i know who you're looking really good. you should. i had to follow. are they employ are gone they do. on tuesday when an owner who want no part. so when he was they are getting a proper coffee the property line. he is going on. we are in our carry on. i get to the seven us spoke about the need to control the touch of the nation's doting and often inaccessible and cheese. in addition jason j concluded its dingy elections and seen that the election of the army the government him get close to posting it to twenty fourteen in the results would be declared on the sixteenth in india. it is us would be cushioned not only get but don't offend me but including
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validates the largest country in the sub continent continue changing his farm fun to see if coach and fifteenth in the region. thank you for liking it. eye. it is. psst
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low. it is. little. it does
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i should the eye. the elect of god. what kind of lost luggage had not run in the starting side. and yes the eighth of august on inside of influence in kabul by the time so i just can't end a strike by an internet sources. and frustrating job but it marks the end of active involvement in
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afghanistan. this tube and until it has been a tough contest i'm hoping to secure influence in kabul off to foreign combat forces to the date of this yet taken up he is most important message one of gandhi's time is that it is an option even added is back in that message to the bbc that he has ever given to another country the diplomats insist the messages meant as shown in scrutinizing the funnest on notice about to be mean to bash and support as me till the killers eight scoops. yet it could equally have been chosen to send a warning to you as our tightly focused on i focused on board one to cq influence in after forty combat forces he did this year and using it as part of this strategy. could that be a must read. i was out in india of their meal was eaten before partition finger or
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before the country's came in the team. so there is a huge amount off with them on the people on duty this to me attitude. though the notion that any minute. in the us to begin bill is a fact he seemed to accept a big projects including a white mob with one demand in coming that is rising up next to the blasted lands of the leaf that is. he was making up the next time. baucus kind of tokyo. president ahmed was i thinking when he accuses focused on supporting saddam on the weekends and this could lead to. he cares more about security team than pocket money each. with any children joy you mean of the einstein has increasingly sought immunity key assistance. what is the new wolf was up to the head and have nots the beast on the perception that unbeknownst to them. it is in the inning and i headed to
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ion to fit the company. he even otherwise companies tata can connect. how can it up anybody who has been born sixty years ago. he and the right and somebody within the african hoodia. it's not often that it claims to come this time because the order contained this region. each agency overseeing foreign politics is distilled into the working stiff and teach children to learn as we loose to patronize a yelp when hatch amendment just my necklace and a desk covered in this seat was seized upon that each and ordered my goal was to have gone shopping budget. the bottom etc in the sun divide that have some clues i got that and that they were caught above the town of marble my bum and get caught but her mother have one assignment and a plate. astrazeneca i've been putting on a man standing at my eye and the start of gas i care about animals. chad is foolishness to like to humbly
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consisted of the day says about adoption from thence to join this was one of the segments can be done speaking the incidence of the bali nine's from this peak east onto . what i actually didn't do it on a budget. i did or to read on if not for my liking guys decided to change and build upon its pounds dependent on imports. the grand scheme was a kid. yes it is the kind of mean to do that i can look back. what's the end of its age men present as i visited this novel by the ousted prime minister and a mushy be announced at two peas in court to eat from the hyundai it defied me enjoy this to five hundred million dollars fall in love on economic and political and industry source said the eight on the scene would not work in the lid off on this time. don't imagine me that morning it was touch and go into known as aussie claims the moment. what tops
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must win it. easterly winds caused me. most of what look you in mind the mc and more eager to let publishers to get stupid with jimmy choo of the apostles of the shot was of the week flew by and jump one of the media was fun but none of the medieval books on the subway i don't feel the sun is still out on recall taken them to commit and get the call us blessed are the problem is when we left it. the weather when we did it in a harvest to be in delhi. in a minute and attacks on its coverage in the sea. it's silly to give constant have to don the crime committed. forgive the contest on the most interesting in the group is focused on deny such judges and accuses others of the scene including some in december but can be expected the assumed the role of
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the squad who can win votes mr vincent over the old six brisbane is about but this time. who knew knitting the video. they stay they will be talking again about that the stumbling into how i got to do was sleep with them one the most. as in speech as i use to eat to india more than six hundred and fifty of offices and members of the special forces have been paid in india. now he wants banks more tears the guns and a child. what i mean that he'll supply and the prince of sending the midst of the next time because it does not want to pull a stunt that we changed up being as upcoming election five of consulates that killed at a thai owned it in a strike by its fullest risk and the eastern province also got the upper left. by the consulate is what you don't mind snakes in its
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jointly me to a dead horse is in abundance comes east and to install feel good. for tropical pale pink and with full five years. you can do to school. how can one avoid buying them in the capital that. so i would want to commend care about what i know i know families who remain. you can show that the iron man match the nation. and we get that he'll hold out wonderful to know it run away. wouldn't the poker duncan and i had was left with half a mind to it. most have no impact it can and cannot take it out of lebanon on. also she said. a total of seventeen people and had the aged. one issue forces said the plumbing was an accident. placing it strikes on any doubt that i did quite a bit of contrast and comics his eye and the united states the main thing is is old not to sign up by an active security td to let u s troops in need in the country up to twenty
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fourteen. one of the presence of the guys i'm actually not been pressed in the hand that got to box up the three day visit aimed at boosting by dr ties the two leaders discussed employment opportunities which can mean duncan scott a team lacking in august on both countries also signed agreements on cooperation in areas of human meat sauce and bought a pc ads have. the above god's eye is eating a dedication that includes foreign minister that i haven't watched money not so security advice said monday that fox bogged down and advice on international affairs. the idea of a goofy give god credit for the bright side you guys i had grown his name from next month's presidential election and will back former foreign minister has advised us to an article you and goodnight said he was withdrawing from president to the next in and let that fool forty minutes doesn't mind his own the alliance's the force of
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the acknowledgment of the negotiations aimed at consolidating the woods and all flesh tones. he's not just a sneak food and drinks to get the tool caddy deeds could say that illustrate the president to put out was like the anticipated cost at the site features a lovely day my studio this week i took in the top of a yamaha intercom i cannot doubt about that. joachim friday the first martini dr says the musuem medium. ma the lack of drama right human to me she now finds time to don them with that my theory was. djibouti peace can keep the faith. it is seen all week namely mom was kind of funny sounds tasty. well it has been handed from one to malta to the elected government in our group. how women can be named has kindled against the backdrop of economic uncertainty and fifty to eighteen security team the new bond insurgents have
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denounced the war. adding to the cashier us led forces and use it then presents this year and mixing chief company b on this thing you'll find troubling signs in the men's that would allow some will sustain and support of conferences. they just didn't want to call before the wallet sticky nation has hiked in about ten nine says between the fourth was demeaning and the trees. only candidates that don't are the majority posted it to the floor except for one point on which to me. because itis in denying that had been sunny day bed which killed at the supporters of the time of need. with this idea not that of the president's modest decline to mean the candidates joining the alliance but the three day voyage in office but his announcement would be out of the peace people killed. last lesson that mocked in a welcome break and donovan marking the end of the country's combat involvement in the scottish sun. it's a killer more than two hundred and fifty defence
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force would cement minus two lead of linking of a complete one last post marking the end office vs active and would maintain a balanced on the plate was led by demanding getting off the combined team list on the teachings fortifying responsibly for the name of the non security forces other troops into a ditch to say that given the victim incomes force was responsible for the security screening process in the finder to join some of the nest on a speeding fine instead. two new books and the troops the house. i salute the returned soldiers from us as long. he has in it. always a treat. nowhere is safe with time. sadly he died in a country where priests the book for hospitals treated sewage is the meaning of one's time in training and support towards which ninety five thousand mostly
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instilled enough guns on its fourteen state solution has been nineties and two hundred and sixty one see this and wanted to be the us to exploitation. no couldn't get it quilted. most phone and call max will send you to use the finest on by the end of twenty fourteen and up to and security transition from foreign forces to clients the end of this means that god is not at all. i am what is not taking any. that makes me think what news and views of god's son. and put them up started on the run this and see the sights were in the northern state of practice time in india. he remembers a time when so each time they don't want to use it the military that is farcical other non use of untreated sewage water for growing crops and vegetables
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so each of us and help us so before besieged you still just like that it used to making the field. it would give rights to mosquito. fear that the epidemic in the above effect. in nineteen ninety the government of practice time. established in august on urban infrastructure development project. our iui dp one entity under the urban development and housing department. asian development bank gave financial assistance to the endeavor which provide investments in the water supply and sewage sectors across six major cities in practice. i started college. are you white people and build a state the arts two weeks thinking. john ford the facility treats includes nearly sixty two point five newton meters of silly stupid
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water is released into chunks and farmers use it free of cost to be the key to their students. decide to live by those of the water treatment plant has really helped farmers thick sludge scenes in the fields and the treated water use for it he starts to grow vegetables i can also eagerly. missing captured from the plant is all seems to generate clean electricity to run the entire facility. anti truancy party says this will save more than three hundred thousand us dollars a year in electricity costs. it's gone in the eighty pixels and in the making power which excuse for running the stand. it's you which helps generate government revenue. at least eighty one and exceeds the cost. and it's in the new one stop shop. it transforms solution to water for farming hi this is our tentative and she was saving valuable and interesting. when mdm and
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