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tv   South Asia Newsline  PBS  March 19, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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ten year plan the attacks occurred on now. at the top started to happen for you on wednesday the nineteenth of march. modest and explosion leave six dead to sun's not with the design. i guess was
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too late not just to be played in dublin on the next month. i think the new team mates when the mall i held it above. the details the response he has to fuse to give election ticket dissertation monday was accused of the two thousand ten commonwealth games come but opposition that the tenant upon to bjp has announced a fall and get on the teaching of the few sane as its candidate for the ten elections as defaults. this boxy on tuesday announced that still exists of candidates for the upcoming police. they didn't stick up and said baby contest on the cdc's inch on each lp and then he did the silliest and one addition i should polish off on monday on tea on up and the city state has been harsh with them. i intend to keep team captain with
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the team who won the tv section from one of the bond in the mideast. as for the film so why not cope with the nazis time. one of the promenade means that discounting the taste is senior congress leaders so they spend money he has the hippies by the trendy cut them in the club's twenty oh nine on stomp. the move comes amid increased nineties had received these from corruption charges. money was experimental. the twenty ten coolest games organizing committee. not sure if closing fifteen min until it is the last two weeks to come announcing the county tx adi said more offense has been given to you with an ending. the thought of it being. he did. totally disappears. if i wasn't you some of those was the event it is a ccd also consider designating name. mean
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opposition bjp led to announce its latest candidate is on tuesday. full mommy teach and be the same duties enjoined upon team to contest from gaza by a militant activities. the dp tristan does not seem to have presented the constituency in the gospel and they fight to pull into the captain of the longest nine. btc movement that it's a pretty calm and always eaten down to the stasi i e me off on it and acted in addition dr bundling of clovis monte in gaza month and a semblance of capitan you daddy. sunday morning. it is unknown. it would only end up watching the movie by kiwi getting any milk in the future. carter we bought the day he set me up. the sch gate had nothing to do. the judge him at all we'll play god in general
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elections described as the will is not just him trying to gauge the size is less than a month of the congress led upa is seeking a third consecutive still in office when the bjp is kind of come back to the head with a fenced off to nineteen ninety nine. thirty six b for the kids and want to see an explosion in top response nor was he this time i'm beyond and stay. it's an exploded in the house all finally come on to the committee can i live on caucus found in salmon something thank minds best of caps and even shop. bill is dead to amelia's founding members including fold them in einstein's seven others including the time but instead in a separate non stick inside peek into any of cut up on coke was promise to cap it at the chalet the condition of two of being jettisoned to the critique a policeman from the use of pulling a punt on the fifth knows this and the cost. the sun president and his mission to the style
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and the special court's decision not to trust the histories and k is too many people. the move comes days often on behalf of licence was issued against the foam addicted to the shyness my eyes on tuesday ten mystical its decision not to and spending the day is going to eat i've been in the islam of michael especially on tithing and didn't get to my shops be an issue of the naughty one and against him. after this defeat at the head of the other for the point of time with me. on the doorstep to be enacted and could use to be flooded if he appears to be out of the online study bust me out. bush has kept me from side to see these exciting head at the county reasons. this pentecost when is your accounting of the high seas of cheese on toast. this piece in time for him posing in the cincy and suspending the constitution and why he was in power
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this is a stand in pakistan's history of humanity who has a thing he did a cd. it's really good team was set up the slack in prison and what you ended at an antique. defending champions mumbai indians us into plastic look at them i tried this and the opening match of tintin can then be put on ph a number got the next month. dyke in the mining towns announced the sentence what the fuss phase of tournament on bends down to the board of control for cricket in talent of bcci and the meeting the different sizes of the night the incitement and i are buddies decided that the opening day of twenty matches of the senate the addition of five pm and the place in the united got it and it's to protect its uae but still sending off shell then you ask that the main effect of plastic and gas upcoming general elections due next month the second phase of the ipl is expected to be had and yet nobody had the chance to get us in all i can explain it the yi the issue regarding
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the venue and the second of the corn dogs come from what i did this off. for the man everything has been discussed by. on to some of the fence now. it doesn't walk a thon time on the sand and sun since i'm not willing to quit talks but the government coming t even offers a discount. he also denied that the forces to be torn from its upbeat in. she got caught in the negotiation committee prophesied in thy said that i have to decide and he still wanted i know he also demanded a meeting that the country's often she gets it fsa and i distressed the establishment of feed the soul and fill with the top. aidan had taunted him on the forces from south was is ad agency on the night now the death on the phone will do if bush had become too dependent on the evidence the idea of thinking for them
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to become a tv a lot of cool wilson with i cannot freaking autumn the need to have a key into the tunnel for third the government initiated action to identify that god did not associate the inside of them on the committees of the tufts the dp committee had handed over the knee and fifty nine did not come back and ended up sitting at the dentist didn't even as the top gain insight on this and the twenty ten by the security forces. i had the night of enabling it to the associate dean for us to be offered full of things. if a community center to the spring festival up with elmo and i got marks the beginning of panache announced addition to cut it sleep issues one at its peak in building the mix and thousands of devotees strong likelihood intently to my defense it would afford them high enough to watch costume
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he concludes on sunday for a description of the sikhs including planning predicted the tidbits now is. given this saves me on this deal was important for the sakes and i get the wallet and i guess. i've given events in japan on monday but i keep the milk i mean and what the thing that i can do this and that the obama and the one ls they may not know what the is this do as they would have been omitted. like if the fbi that they did they said i am not going to take it. the seats in the film when she scoots to come cannot assistance to mount the pee dee. the hounds all the yummy all that dancing clue. they didn't wash his stance that included who fights me when am i not look so for the festive mood of both him and stupidity you could say that depends on who would want to live. he still thought this up to what
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the guys idiot kid who would listen to dunedin ummah must be done so but the k picked up a bit jumbled up jumping onto the seat. all budget is winched into the predicament that i did this and indebted to the gym etiquette than the cottage idea is that each a cup of tea at the hunter kid that did the right set of wheels on and on that spot is open up a base to give it time to get that the penalties for the buffet the village people that i just didn't know she'd been the one item. the one hour to go inside but on the hindu festival of god is leading the race and confirmation of this community into ma should comply with the same. it seeks to promote the group with an aim to activate the account you can see and this new heights with this stupidity. by singing the songs using it. if it doesn't seem most of the fall front of the fashion its dividends are in
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the entertainment capital mumbai. tom has heated up things to tok to the country we were. xd weeks now my design team has not studied it and as i was eating the cheese then off to london to hang of things. the angel of the garden blogs and i got enough time to do the assignment i typed it speaking at a dance. toshack august seems to be an antibiotic and fifty euros and dollars. you've got nothing to be the one you and the donation up to. is it that the people that greedy be held in two thousand people. for us. at that station. the rotund body ached and i just got to be half the audience asking the morning and i because that context. i was an admin is in the seventies and was
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amazed eyes off the best in and get on something. dun act of the iconic sensitivity by men and fun with my handphone the new babies to sign up sheet and it's not a fantasy hispanics and i did see god i know you will. i was thinking of you. this will come to vote the full citation in the us so often that way. after the impact of god i miss the stop of his design and found enough could this be the end of this indictment. i had met at stake with this. i know that he wants it to monday the design antony acolytes and it'll show is held by the suspects in baghdad and stuff. id the system as the thoughts that don't follow the deal being done so
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i'll stop a fight that ended nine mph on the docks waving in front of violating the right to be there. betty betty like me to run the funny it does then back again and this tool if any on the need to add that you can adapt the design onto its not the body. at the stars and spent the night. then again who wouldn't it be thanking every bride's tree seemed to be commenting. in the league of friends and an eleven million dollars in twenty twenty summit. that's right this time. glasgow in the view isn't it beautiful again today the tenth actually i am. i understand the design is nice and i
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can't be detected by an act of capitalism. inside the shed this evening before we compute the top stories once again. doesn't leave six beds and talk a thon snot with a gun. i guess the snake not to still be played in dublin on the next month. i'm so sick the needy but it's what i will find out about it is. amen to that tradition beats using ton to model good nights the body will i. i started looking for that but you can watch all of the proceeding of
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the puzzle. it is a modern engine there are nominated at a busy bee one boom going on that day. and the rich what kind of shiny new day new facade of this mccain has kinda mushy at all without the zoom into the one km from the pages of a key thing that happened when a kid the smartest animals o'donnell is a twenty zero to give the wolves a mighty kick in the month back to the abyss of this you'll achieve but what if that is full of fat in just a way that given the predicted the market to sing at the museum field you'll you'll feel present it and decided the best of isobel evan to come home. all in the somme score an a in a bundle but seth and marquees
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that is the couple wanted a cup of god in others the gory stuff. she said with a little more cool. cute isn't it this is america in the middle of the muslims. if we do to help a human mother of four to defeat unless he wanted to achieve. when emma dedicating all of tremendous added bonus to mccain and mike is in one and a warning to the mosque but if in one or seventy two models to any extent in one or more this winter that achieving a full can of coke and one adorable opal was dubbed shortages are just on many know that by just aren't the most image of the buttons yet of this e g the cut them out of me out of the tub i haven't yet we haven't spoken to the show but she teaching assignment open about who bought the darshan of the bonnet of a great week to disciple people the chairman of the good looking the book was
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just a cool name. we chickened out and the beneficial to you for the scenes deal to you by many countries. more this or the mother of the silver. so the ticket was twenty. for one of the sold out in the jordy yemen in a sea of recording you would. over the miles. the name somebody ability to that in the scuffle to be added the beans on the foot of the but the duo since the last to know my viola the pursuit of losing too much of the stupid button in the press of the view that inimitable most this would be deported me. and that enough of that sort of has it within one of his. well the incredible get it over to cut it with us again with the big deal in the distant mechanic that in addition to going to plummet into the city and not yet gotten to commit the latest on the sonoma of was at the same
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impetus to get to them that if an emotional denial of the fumbles to sch to cope with the stiletto. for us with the criticism whatsoever what about this he said devlin is time the teacher was teaching them to go to the rest of the film to finding the most news i'm getting. but the bill we do most of them can agree with that wonderful mother to the beach. i do most of the most innovative deal with it it is to deal with it to size him up and it was difficult will it was fun and it would put him in a bid to make it. the ocean to permit from the moment. moving on who they were open with the movie going. if you know he is so clean. no longer putting on a one in the loop as of yet. taylor and cool
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hundreds of approval and it was over. in yet. it's been a part of a coma get to go but the move. the first democrat to do this. among the most coveted job. it is from the stem on tuesday. i don't have to move to go on a procedural particulars of the nostril. as of the scale of the moment that moment i knew him and he knew. the use of off the list of little or no credit to his job. monday the twenty twenty two the company and mentally the beach. i mean. and then
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i am. and by the way. and. i know what. i was. i think. he
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he he. a a ay. i can. i think
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the end the night the end the night. and. and. it is
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she was just great to talk to me mum schoolkids western region that we will reach is seriously affected two friends to witness to its many related manufacturing plants located in the region this is one exception all of them but in fact re situated in the npp picture i just
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don't get to rome and other facilities were damaged by the earthquake. just one month later by his resume production. too many for two or three components from aluminium government. the ah the my gocco. ready for japan's or to make it but also from eight a comedy for tours around the worldghtened w is its ability to design and make donations. the key to list on the menu card designed in the darkness is the most complex running consuming trucks. the goal is
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to ensure that runs through the door easily and effectively as possible the smoke some of them griffey considerations which one is on until the mental tools to be part of the target before it can coo and talk. the design is complete. the dice machine to extremely precise towards us in the company's opposite production line. the stars operate with the project reject rate of less than one set. automakers around the world brutal and extremely high precision components produced it the new kitchen which is remodeling national express when you took the kids to teach. many roads were destroyed by the disaster that just thirteen points race and ninety percent who would be reopened. the baby
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comes so fast. for tickets it is detected by sizemore was just installed a soul cakes and other locations along the expressway. it is plagiarism me to terms with it. the controls. food is free and expressways a moment to twenty four hours a day the emergency response taskforce was good to set up to go with the president to lead on to. as priority was to trust extent that. what is to send her to try to control unit songs expressed much. in july st to traffic patrol vehicles began checking in what i was a bit like three hundred and fifty three from his mistakes to be pedantic the speed and efficiency of the traffic control system the restoration of
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expressways to begin very cryptic the estimate the roads to ensure access for ambulances and other emergency vehicle . we could destabilize the wounds to his substance improvement through the roof collapsed. we need to do that to breathe the engine to search for available spaces rooms one on one. off to train the mind in this division. debris was time for the transcript of the store. this allowed where to begin repairing the damaged road. normally when construction begins once ready to form a foundation called her to keep repeating this process to build up several months the problem is that these companies recline. engineers
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also needed to trust. we decided to use a method normally reserved for bridget a team is a small stone instead. it's more expensive and it sank. trust the reduced routine duties of too much to do great damage to the tune of two altitudes of two friends play with his . what does express trains recovered so quickly thanks to the speedy response want it to the cake it specialists who keeps us on two systems running skills and abilities refined twenty years of what extent. do. i
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do. it is. to lose. all spent the first two. two explosions at its peak. you will know we
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will . our. but you watch it all stand jets coming up the three d enabled based seized in some pasta bowl of stand off at another nearby this is kevin ounces it's developing a plan to withdraw troops and civilians from harm. one syrian soldiers killed as israeli warplanes retaliate a series of airstrikes after tuesday's roadside bombing in the golan heights the sport. the imf are censoring investigators questioned this over a pay off t l


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