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tv   JN1 Headline News  PBS  March 24, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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long you will . news. us president obama is in the netherlands for each of the summit as well as a meeting with the g seven will focus on support for ukraine following russia's invasion and annexation of the crimean peninsula. the meeting comes amid fears that russia could take its military aggression that it demands that they said warning that russian troops massing along the border with east and northern ukraine us to say he will not send troops to ukraine has placed political and economic support for the new government in kiev ukraine's acting president who ascended to the tune of
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the announcement has ordered the withdrawal form a new military forces from crimea as threats to their safety grounds the egyptian court has sentenced five hundred and twenty million members of the muslim brotherhood policy to death. the charges include motor finance and damaging property the ruling is the biggest mass death sentence handed out to new chips mauled in history many of the defendants were detained last august only to find in clashes which erupted after the forced to discuss a look see was that the protest comes in a country of origin presidents come and see who's who from all this might mutate into our dossier is not so long that his sentence will see the form of muslim brotherhood leader is due in court next month to face separate charges of incitement in the temple in clashes outside his country presidential palace in december twenty twelve. eye lou weekend. j and more
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each. zanu . jewish agency
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for israel which consists of members from all five continents are in israel these days for dairy management meetings got a unique opportunity to hear firsthand from the american ambassador to israel the former israeli ambassador to washington and the former israeli ambassador to the united nations about what is going on behind closed doors at the israeli palestinian peace negotiations and jane want god to an exclusive invite to pick dissipate in this closed door event. as everyone keeps talking about secretary of state john kerry's commitment for the season the middle east. the real force behind those talks is the american ambassador in israel ben shapiro was with tirelessly
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for the past three years to get the sides to talk to each other and seems to never give up hope even in the greatest moments of st in ice age has always taken a position were certainly for many years and is always present from us. he says in every speech that israel is a jewish state to search are recognized as such i think the piano this process of. that's what we're looking for is that i need to work and we are working very closely with both sides to try to put in place the elements of a framework that will permit. continue negotiations for a final status agreement. it's not easy. every word of a dog like that as sensitive as to address all the core issues of but i think the conversations have been productive. factional of both sides are committed to trying to make this effort succeed and though hopefully be able to present a framework for him. the israeli ambassador to the united nations dan gilbert has been told that
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negotiations for years the key to understand that it's something dramatic happens soon. the escalation of my phone will be something our grandchildren will still have to employ. where previous coast has there ever were. a because we have a very committed to american security. who wants this caution to the historical right to it. we have right to leave an israeli prime minister who has reached a decision that he wants to make peace. and we have been harbored muslim world which i think which supports. this could mean you don't go for it is precisely because of the dangerous threats. just received from the extremists while i think that won him the most important element is the element of trust. i think that the borrower would say to both sizes. in all a trust eachother. i believe that it is important for all fuel
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people. they are dangerous they are very great risks taken. but they are are the risks of war with another intifada or no war is far greater and a fool for the sake of our children and grandchildren to stuart palestinians will not be able michael oren has returned to israel in the last few months after finishing his post as it is really ambassador to washington. of all the speakers at the symposium he was the one who would get to safety in the most direct way with no instance of the season. i don't think innings exactly working on the ground i think you'd be hard pressed to find palestinians who were satisfied with the status quo eyes and is really not satisfied with the status quo i can go and take a picnic and in the west bank tomorrow so bad that it's not me and that's not a normal situation i can even visit the effort to prevent this is a chore as their eye with a passport so i need to eat if our goal is to create two states that are permanent legitimate mutually
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recognize. i'm with and we're not there yet and we've got quite a way to go. although when the symposium was the regime said that there was supposed to help win to progress in the peace negotiations. however what we heard you tonight. didn't end up being so positive. for jane wyman roy jacobson at the david intercontinental hotel in television. the i mean so in short delegation of muslim and jewish leaders asic is a danish minister of placing animal rights the full religion. it follows a decision adopted last of the canary by danish fleet and agriculture minister daniel consent to basil to without stopping. the fifteen religious leaders from the us uk and prawns held a meeting with your consent. ritual slaughter is rarely performed in denmark the last is said to have taken place in two
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thousand for the english chief rabbi pencil x not to like ooh media that were being perceived as inhumane in response the minister claimed his team is quite good in danish media the encounter comes following a similar move taken last in parliament which has led to many becoming consent for the future of europe's jewish communities and so it is within europe's jewish community remain despite the decision of the council of europe to reconsider the previous resolution banning no mexico infant circumcision. the ritual has come under attack increasingly in scandinavia the circumcision banned in germany was also introduced in two thousand and twelve before cha summer and give them a call for successfully to possible protecting the right to circumcised boys the anti defamation league recently awarded the court the joseph prize for human rights. the defense of jewish freedoms in gemini the time
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according to germany's office for migration and refugees more outside of seeking to ride in the country in two thousand and thirteen and in any of the issues nineteen ninety nine. in two thousand and fourteen. immigration experts are predicting another side to increase the number of refugees killian wished it did make two of a w the german government on an icy chin which helps refugees to resettle them. the me of the code to execute against asylum seekers in germany and based on them. one time i want one that wasn't based on two new phobia i am under the impression does right now there are almost two million so i'm seeking out. he took vacations here in germany are they going to deal with such
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an ummah. well i think the last year they may have liked hundred and ten thousand new deacons and publicity. with the forty thousand. other officials the numbers to twenty knots by the federal aid office automation and refugees diminishing numbers of refugees making possible to sustain to practise how to hide the kitchen apartment to make a dent in it. instead municipality sovereignty in abandoned buildings in a small town. some refugees are also being a house in containers into it the people and that's accommodation if you don't give them a nickel submit it to work to do some sanding and true. may it remain alive will play an oath of self consciousness. if you look he then woke up to two h had that situation this way the reactions of people all the people who kill people who will that be. then as you
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as it is described by some and any news to come. due to the people who reject refugees by itself. i think there's a long tradition in jenin that we should take in refugees if we are looking for the next to jennifer in from germany came the necessity for people to be refugees and their friends from the whole work is to treat people like human beings to give them the possibility to lead the alliance that will buy it by now owned by dubai were up two c of every creek integration and you'll see that the problems though it was just a piano and a very soft. woodward who reinvented the money. jim's been beaten in the woodland amuse you with the united nations and then to the geneva convention on refugees. i think we should be well aware that there are always reasons for the theme for my own country and that you need a place of
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protection and shelter. all the solicitors had little chance of being accepted as politically in germany thousands are riding in the country hoping to do so the refugees are primarily from syria afghanistan iraq and chechnya. this is wilson to leave st george bush won in germany. i eye. long following the annexation of crimea by russia tensions have been melting of the claims to sit in the break went back seat and seal up the kremlin backed a land grab which began on the twenty six subsidiary has not been recognized by any other country except to russia itself. however the controversially elected rulers of crimea have spent no time in announcing the acclaimed ukraine's state owned assets including offshore oil and natural gas
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platforms. ukraine's acting prime minister asked the senior center the site called on to audrey could cost the country hundreds of billions of dollars. an appeal has been launched ukrainian justice minister also said his country reserves the right to compensate any losses to the state at the expense of russia. many of crimea is two million residents of wondering how their lives will change following the annexation of the crime the government has said assets and by private businesses or rest is mostly dead weight although they'll have to be registered under russian rule. many of the painting to his business and has remained baffled by the rules legislation to fight ukraine's brushes away from places money transactions my heels that the troublesome as companies aren't allowed to buy russian reports he's in crimea. these are just some of the challenges on top of a changing time zones last post them in a tree and even caring to the supermarket the crime and three
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the coming months the eye is you. four suspected militants arrested in india last week and may have been posting an attack ahead of elections next month an a to the leader of the terror group the indian mujahideen was one of those captured according to police a large quantity of explosives was found following the rest of the up the three members the indian mujahideen and islam is two minutes and creep has been accused of thousands of farm attacks in recent is the grape is still sold to being behind an attack on a rally by prime ministerial has a memorandum of the gospel. teva that killed six people and when did more than ninety degrees deadliest attack came in two thousand a night when thousands of people were killed more than two hundred were injured in a man about the fifth largest city in india terror attacks are a
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major concern in his government in november two thousand and eight ten the government killed one hundred and sixty people in them like in four consecutive days of shootings and bombings show to label community us and india plane to predominant a keystone place to minister agree that the attack ads that say that operation became the template of the grapes including al sheba in pink responsibility to kenya's with staple attack in september last year it is now spent over israeli diplomats were also topped continued to any indian media report is a project of a ross miller tree that carried out the attack . mm the most in the ap has taken control of ukraine's on the submarine and fraud in pull ups of this couple. officers were seen taking off the ukrainian insignia racing the box on the taunts like all the songs hundred list o' the playroom
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but says it did what we planned to move this summer a lot of bottled water to the southern bay with the russian black sea fleet with kayla will take control of our mechanic. another divisive issue but that is the political agenda last couple of them the mondo also said the ukrainian crew had to decide whether to deflect or not. all my students and a shortage of staff cost of care. the submarine out of service he cried also has another ten that robots and call backs flight london crops and a net profit and several dozen other the support that sort whether it's a bit as he is minimal compared to russia is more helpful black sea fleet kate comes out as most of you crying minute rate nightfall and advices in crime and a bit i kind of a russian forces closed in on the planning control of the given an ultimatum to surrender the russians. i cut off the box the peninsula has been lost the plot this one ukrainian said islam was killed and two others wounded
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in a shifting its improbable i have. i know. it was due to use when introduced to new monthly award designed to recognize the efforts of individuals working to secure a brighter future for jewish communities throughout the world stage and when jewish activist award seeks to acknowledge the role of these individuals. march is a warrant is going to rabbi abraham spark up for his work in promoting interfaith dialogue imprisoned during the chat but no fences. it's the typical room and the vatican's hotel ensure kosher means that the pope argentine rabbi abraham score i did just that but then both men are more than friends. the sediment sample based in the use of building bridges between catholicism judaism and the world of march. this court it is my pleasure to present you with
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the march two thousand fourteen jane and one jewish activist afford. thank you so much scored on matt francis in the nineties when he was hired to bed. gaudio archbishop of blog site is after mass held on argentina's national day the catholic cardinal and the rector of the latin american rabbinical seminary talked about sports you who have been. ok what you are welcome to know why the dream of living to use the soap and it was time to do and sometimes painful. on the field. scott and i are still on opposite sides that soccer in argentine national passion was just an excuse to break the ice. to you tomorrow to do them good and that he would commit to. i'm going to do that too the only
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reason he had to be. he knew who they are being there they are to me. talks continued and tried to injure and eighty one tv debates and by a wide range of issues some consider to go by religious catholics and alike same marriage euthanasia and abortion these conversations were compiled in the book on heaven and earth co authored by the argent i'm home and it's kind of wrap my lap and i were married and i were to doodle. we comply with the vendor. and it's the one program. he will be. four for the people. and in order to reach for the people we don't have problems. what was
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to help women with multiple of the season. the acc. we're staying tuned. we all believe that the gnocchi to the eighties use scientists is also talked about the vatican's attitude towards in the holocaust and their daughter was elected pope. he called his friend the rabbi. no matter the distance you were to continue promoting interfaith dialogue. who would be used to assemble. who would do use the least. go to police it seems. the blind. it's going good. italy has completed shooting. storm sources. for many unbeaten start to believe the new pope immediately halt to the middle east will be four
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they do. this poll the last chief. slipped into the distance. in two ruled that the student total of two don't use it. these studies mrs. love is missing. he's the guy will accompany told friends he is on his trip to jerusalem and many state anti jewish news one for updates on the next g and one jewish activist award. this is my thinking and iq for ji won in when the scientists the fan
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does he will jump into them so the mossad today to protest against racist remarks by dutch right wing politician he will do this he told the rally recently that he would make sure they will tomorrow consider home and the future after receiving a vocal approval from a crown with the comments of these widespread condemnation home and abroad as such these riley was posted this backlash. thousands of complaints of discrimination received by dutch prosecutors like teeth on a moroccan dutch teacher said she was of the running i go to. i hate that the doctor a week that's why i'm here. we got the chance to alleviate the windshield thank you so under the pretense that this move is going to fall. we have to give the all whites and colored people all around i think that holland is
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the us. the community are different. dangers facing business who will there's a call in with us. director sticking out of going really really really well. he says will control the sea is all about he says he will take it to the last girl can see chase after the crowd children would do well in response to him asking whether they want more fuel moroccans busy tiring day today. i am asking you to want a dual fuel tank and innocent and that the moon the team a few of you we knew we would take care of. we'll just put it if the deal has been used in the opinion polls ahead of you pull them into actions and his aunties expected to make gains in my house all of the european market and political forces must defend the will is
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present in both french master frontier woman. full rights alliance. alternate jewish events are organized europe the european parliament with a unique photographic exhibit of polish victims of the holocaust accompanied by a night of traditional jewish music took place here in strasburg this spring nestled among the use of the politically charged corn joins the european parliament in strasbourg glimpse into the painful constant tuition and women and children living in the polish city of qom during the height of world war two. when you're talking about. i have to see the faces and its excavation we see the faces she did
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mothers receive the sisters there's grandpa does to people who die and only recently died was that they were jewish. abstinence community florist to for more than six hundred years. this is the first time photographs of life during the occupation by germany have been showcased publicly with a special because the bottles are coming from the archives of the institute of national remembrance the cuts which are full of that kind of official home of chaos. what makes during the second book or about the ghetto. there's not many people would like to put them search for daniel's thus the tool to educate people and that's why he's here and in europe and some npr present its first five per cent printed some people see things as memories alive is one way in advance and european jewish home and try to combat the resurgence of anti semitism across europe what gift to you. he says
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they did some of them. he slept well again so i speed through education to read. in the day. making indignation every scene but grace of europe and democracy. it's part of the scheme nana read and education. the coltrane he too has been an important part of teaching tolerance and her romance and the saints found appreciation for jewish music at least sometimes . the judaism specially two days in poland even more. today he's in political life and teachings
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i had to insert the adults in the kooks and the city team. named for the multitudes. just like coming to see what these doubts. the importance of celebrating the jewish people and remembering the holocaust is growing for the european jewish parliament who want to promote a more tolerant your head that the eu elections in may. sandra got many friends and one at the european parliament in stroudsburg the fan i eye. rule i do
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rudy. to me. to me. i mean for all. gurus are. i did.
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poor . he knew. it was . a
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train to go one on helping hand. following the occupation of the let's take the gun. thousands of protesters invaded the second event on the evening of march twenty votes. the smashed windows to view the use of ladders to climb into the second floor where the office of the previous locate it student protesters scaled ladders to reach


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