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tv   South Asia Newsline  PBS  April 11, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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the and the celebration of life on the giant ebay. we are friday the eleventh of april. not that goes on to win the women's league the end i was a good read
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the egyptian this dresser was a good mix all the better i would go to bed. i did. this weekend. the roads the windows were injured in a separate incident of the islands in the south eastern punjab province and friday. that's the benefit of continuing violence but the bottom. the index the ceasefire the unidentified man with the outside it does stick that is the italian solid eighty eight. the next day this is the second attack on a less than a mom the bomb attack. it's not the month
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actually i tot it would hit it. and two dogs and lots to eat it. the incident an explosion in a market in its dry heaving up and got stuck into that but did not want to get seventeen people. i didn't find it a shot was detonated by them would go into a device he said the bbc did that and i must use the condition of tools and is said to be treated small but c'mon. as might be getting. the stocks. i bought ten of the city government this is fine by the ttp defense and a diet of processed ended on cars deep inside inside the deal announced a five day extension. the name and fax it to say that these stocks have vowed to step up attacks in the country. this evidence
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that's what the gun is the best out of the explosion in the pool attendants did not get in some of that butler now that she doesn't get it this is such a good deal on today. the incident and would appeal the market on friday after buying the victims. just the dtp denying any bargaining to get back into its agencies. under the instructions. i use the extent it looks like i'm not going to press the government to accept de mons. thus the broadbeach if i'm in kuching i must admit that that is testing a system designed to protest a band that made the mistake he never said a decision with the principles by default though the county line ups in the mood to sew. she's nice enough to eat the fourteen nineties. sydney she often speaks in an interview with the news. i
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said that the feature unique each of these infected trees in sydney she said not to use against the paci by the bjp and gringos. i looked into it for me but god made and printed on principle. those decisions would write this needless to say and that he could be said that the decision to quit on us understand that the sins of june. pt lonsdale. and usually criticism. this extended outside support to his minority government the opposition bjp for his decision to quit. less is scheduled to arrive the government are crucial the us has a post i read to him. the man who was led through the use by people who were less than a bread knife i teared the key. it was to arrive the kids. there is a
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movie and i'm moody i requested to sit in it so that each one of the key. sch miss the on site said. oxfam creaky determine says. but the key of the rule in the heated pool in the note about the need of the knee. i made the news does the age of eleven that said that the identity of his the auction activist and producing designed unfair to and from a team of leaders are devoted to her that she and her pride the designation promises his front teeth. the bjp and quickness of commuting together to feed his. when the spread of controversies including the mid nineteen nineties he writes cabinet and as they did against the police. you run into him and critiques by storm by defeat in the dying since he
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missed eighteen of the kick in his debut in the return of tony takes is contesting against bjp spine institute and the need to move the trial of an artist in that interview since. i read it as a director that none of the government that immediate action against a specimen of the outside windows off the island and general elections in the country the tail end of the government defended him a letter regarding the members of intensive as the cannons rossi led the fact of the judicial commission appointed by the state of the facts and lives of the us senate had been suppressed the commissioner when the minister has been running the dishwasher started him on the island including the standard of the crimes ms benson said the incidents. as many as three times its twenty five cases of violence took place across the country nope the offensive common man and ascended to the fence development job. the aim of the community with the doctor
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to find the spot to spend the rest of the alps. so the immigrants now. sunday night to extend the extended again to construction revenue and an independent commission enshrined in the croissants the rest of the g eight. this comes as a minority communities in the content of ten apprentices said that the use of adventure. this team on tuesday after thirteen stated that the construction was he she attended about seeking to list i'm talking diamonds and yet i checked it sucked notices have been issued to egyptian government departments and agencies sixteen ten patients. many are still under process kind of direct and attached it to be outdone she began last month it seems your status from dripping nose and shiites. meanwhile the two communities have been running the granting of the construction work happening around the city at two hundred and ten at the end of the shot as he shot. mccain was a shiite
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said the dishes from expedition on a dread being built next to you on tuesday to attend to any centuries until it shines across canada and the damage to the basics he says in the nineties. i have not started to take their places of worship and properties from taking a red light that god has in his image on its side. thus the initial minutes to walk the aisle. our day the beleaguered advance to me that i could surprise on top was announced as many of the pakistan national assembly with the national commission of the state the extremists need the address and i commend him on the due date with the rhythm of the problem child the women's issue and that the establishment of a one dimensional me with this
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plate of fried bs that has seen at the front of the set on top which is one of them is estimated that in pakistan not that it is from the nineteen eighties as in behind them and the heavens and my dedication to us when we could meet twenty percent of caucus on speculation that the rest of the job done something good in tennessee department of personnel could spend a sunny the event including this on top add it to the national economy in the end of the indictment against a minority shiites when an announcement to dive into the country. send the system and also to write about this on sale in the upcoming festival in the psyche of the country dakota. she uses it because nobody abroad in india's northern punjab to be nice to know the big issue. you see keenan time as i did it is so good when i meant to teach it to keep the money still have two sons. tt's wat when
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the ndp can be achieved is extended to the blahs and the shines in pakistan and in spite of the harvest is even a bit soggy. nobody seemed to secure the teenagers tree species teens and was delighted by the authorities to bring the safety pin concluded that the games the previous movies did the deed and in india is not on it so i don't really get the speedy should not be affected by the two ingredients in the peacetime i'm not in the garment. i understand that i could that be. he keeps me in the eighteen member of the site and send them on and he did the routine men demanded that the snp said he didn't understand them he sat down and that in a statement. the city. indian society. sometimes when you
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put the punjabi community. so conducive conditions. once dry ingredients in it. in sixteen ninety nine. songs and dances in the top of the keys to the cheese. b the amounts given to me and i'm in the matter. bedding plants grow into them for decades. when i was not connected to the ends. this time due to the government spends time pretty good newton the keys in the budget speech enough these include snacks again the simple truth that is still doesn't eat it. not that i'm close and not skinny to do with the news. this
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weekend. simple as that company might even send this on the island is. not that i just think the life that do need to be the coolest again just the joy of cooking getting another job to do his digits. it is brewed up a good job. i'm fortunate that the new fish the chose me for this role and produces the other groups that are totally appropriate the home co directed the man who made it to. that's not the clothes that i don't know what it does not detect any action against the new legal. no more. and that includes chuck bass distance the identity leads me to think i'm think
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i'm any good shots. this didn't happen to you dating back to thinking. this was a neat experience they don't know about max. army the development is the god of the day. you can. due to arrive. oh do you send it to the gym and it took people close above it oh boy. things that can be. it's double the child or devotion. i'm using to god. the truth of certain wants to keep it to death issue. i did some kids insist it's not that. do not do when they tended to be
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around them. the ecb come across the line editions and he is the deal. in the evening lessons. i'm not excited on the eve of my teammates. as i ruminate on which i've done that and his eyes. so it wasn't obvious to the cia may be put into dubstep is once again. what about bob is on the province the gold and diamonds been done. dining at that age even as the vessel was taken off the draw to get to bed. try
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st day. it is. the lights should send our next we have a great weekend. on the bike streets. what are you in the inning. truth is that the park. just chilling portrait fourth street. sadly the reception staff that was deals with an h h projects the police. louise cohesion essential grow. sharing strategies which can procure a couple of chances to strengthen the union's economic how much we want to for expanded to other. and all deceit is that it's time to decrease it and it's
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priceless. and also to have been tended to produce as close to the client as possible. so on to lunch and we are and preparing and who would be doing. she looks european energy projects on the other hand we needs the stench of ice smaller energy sources in horror and yes the other course adopted during reviews the european summit that was enough to eat held that even the damage caused by forty nine act is austin. not only in the dentist in ten years a go kart a wealth of the top ten years to settle for half and full of many that are taken on a long time and then proceeds to pay for minor disaster happens to the uk can sometimes take nine to ten months. the bbb to speed up payments. it can be done with rule changes that as well for having that. well said having an edge on monday the very beginning when
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the defense. take the speck that is t. we think it's funny look at it especially that exists at the center bottom of us had to kick back posco the threat to the north east of the fight to the funds can be used in a more transparent and flexible way the boss. at the expense of fishing i could pay for two thousand and ten at st michael got people almost exclusively bursting of bed took it as such the patient actually ribs all to see what but isn't this a therapy practitioners the acidity is key to the eighteen thousand patients to it. some patients such as button called ticket to the hospital several months off of the entry and i get the full treatment is received but a very big difference in taste the new batch of cookie. it was blessed us with a mentor and
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programs designed to try to help doctors nurses and office this is what is going like that registration stuff the korea strait the vehicle possibly a couple times. it is just health care they head to the lost legacy. nobody does it get the wood. you just next door to the hospital as the korean protection of footage i printed two thousand and ten jointly funded by bridget koreans americans is designed to educate students in a variety of occasions including vehicle with copics structured well. loving the metrics like to compute overpass and that the team it tends not to spare. soon i know it all. what goes on it was. bill hall. in order to get it over. the body. h r
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us ait study life expectancy has increased from forty to sixty two. and is there del freak when she was in nelson schools had just fifty miles to the top of the stylist on the entry of new works one of the spurs top of their institutions that focus on improving education and healthcare. stochastic or a boss but some textbook which helped the country which works towards the future they seem to get one shot lead after three to five years to protect against all the different strains of flu around the world including possible and gimmicks like this one. the artifacts pharmaceuticals exploded next to the blacksmith institute of science in which israel has developed just such a universal flu vaccine flu vaccines till now can target only a few strings of pirates so each year scientists must try to predict the strains that will appear in the upcoming winter season
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the bird that sings every year. when fog with the looting. if it could not say it's the follow up to the nation with a small area this week bring about and the tooth with a favorite you cannot be counted in the seventy s so that we didn't use it to turn this into clean. totally sterile environment. the technician is preparing the back seats that will soon be used in the first clinical trials in humans in utility costs. i've been getting what they. that would be into it that way then the participants' blood samples will be brought back to the slaying of any antibodies in it tested within the body can recover the difference when the input of the virus if they do. oh and my life that i know that the back foot thick. but will the vaccine be effective against the notorious deviant
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flu swine flu. kylie and too little too big the wind known to and from our region that we selected the cab fare better in shadow so but it's quite the facilities give the fray. they hope to read the official council would you say a kind of battle. of course the only way to know for sure is to expose the blood samples from the clinical trials to the actual flu virus is right here in this land over him and how we do not have it the landfill but we're hoping to get in there for the party would begin we get this the field and when should it any response from that of the things i have been the site they have been a pain. david looked into it we would be fun to see that they expect with them. that's all that's left to do something to look out
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the battle. it sickens me repeat that kind of people mentioned in a queue for you're expecting he still has its home i haven't studied children the remote region of south east of mauritania. this year. theres baby peanut paste the file this is not in the posture for the dutch cheese to melt that the children of the crops they are trying to say. she is now dependent on the weekly supply of corn soy and a reach a nutritious fruit mix the sugar and oil from the local nutrition santa to feed the children the same town. this applies to me nice and has seen an influx of non irish children when they usually have a few cases. already becoming a martini has launched an action scene national plan and unicef is working with others to be enforced in its response and make sure the needed supplies are in place. the challenge remains reaching children remote and often isolated areas
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discussed in spots the pumpkin and pecan tree next he'll put the best or a bbq. people are desperate for someone to show the typical population to reach because they're completely isolated the coverage of health and sports. this is interesting it is a region that is difficult because of security all of that makes publish a bit difficult to access didn't offer the product or services that respond to their circumstances and that underway to katrina hit recipients for investment in agriculture health nutrition services. it is a joint initiative by felipe un agencies including cuba said adf am typing in china. as well as the government and annette what to think she owns the last three years. it is successfully reach the mother might just treat it as in the country. a package on the tokyo touches
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down to buy coffee from africa achieved overnight found that it was in france smart cars manufactured in europe. i spotted cruising the streets of age the ever increasing speed communication transportation and technology. all neighbors in this interconnected. a world that is facing challenges from isis justice of virus can spread so panic prices from one country to the next saving the world. no one's immune on top of finance agenda is the world's economic health the challenges remain. there is hope. international cooperation and partnership and the right mix of economic policies to create the opportunities that our parent education and investment in the future. a family of nations each contributing to the help of the hall. in the world. also
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on the wet and meets the network's top award. top you just great to talk to me my school it was damaging the breach. seriously affected japan in two weeks since many related manufacturing plants located in reach. this is one exception all of them but in fact re situate to be me at the prefecture. the trick is to get a room and other facilities were damaged by the earthquake. just one month went by to resume production. too many for two or three components from aluminium and government the ah. the my gocco. you
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can go to my kids but also for making comedy factors around the world oh and i were to strengthen his company law is its ability to design and make donations the key to list on the menu card designed in the darkness is the most complex running consuming tasks. the goal is to ensure that mysql cluster could honestly and effectively as possible. thus most of them. it's pretty decent relations reform that is on until the mental tools to be part of the targeted for it to cool and fun the design is complete the dice machine to extremely precise towards us
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in the company's of it production line. the stars operate with the project reject rate of less than one jamaica's around the world brutal and extremely high precision components produced it the new kitchen which is remodeling national express when it would be tested each many roads were destroyed by the disaster. with just thirteen days late and ninety percent were already reopened the baby comes so fast. for tickets. it is detected by sizemore was just installed a toll gates and other locations along the expressway. it is plagiarism me to terms with the two that took the controls. this room the expressways a moment to twenty four hours a day the emergency response
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taskforce was good to set up to go with the president to the launch. his priority was to trust extent that it was just in time to try to control unit songs expressed much. in july st to traffic patrol vehicles began checking. what i was a bit like three hundred and fifty three from his mistakes to be pedantic. the speed and efficiency of the traffic control system. our restoration of expressways to begin very cryptic the step was to make him a recurrence of the roads to ensure access for ambulances and other emergency vehicles. the this means we could destabilize the wounds to his stumps and improvement through the route maps. we need to clear
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the debris. the engine to search for articles places alongside highway. off to train the mind of his commission. debris was time for the chance to be stopped this allowed where to begin repairing the damaged road normally when construction begins when sprinting form a foundation called her to keep repeating this process to build up several months the problem is that these companies may claim engineers also needed to trust. we decided to use a method normally reserved for bridget. our team is a small stone instead. it's more expensive and its scientists cannot trust. the this was reduced to raise up to my students three thousand eight hundred km h friends play with his . what does express
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trains recovered so quickly thanks to the speedy response to the cake it specialists who keeps us on two systems running. skills and abilities refined twenty years of what extent the program is brought you by her group. from norway's mainstream crews were lies the herd. exploring one thousand miles of norwegian coastline. chávez provides local encounters and access to wilkinson. connor. welcome back to watching false and dads coming up. it's not going to read other people's letters so says let him put


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