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tv   Newsline  PBS  April 17, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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the i was the cruelty. i eye welcome to the islamic tiny into a kilt here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am the search for survivors of a sunken south korean theory has been hampered by rough weather and families of the missing girl more frustrated. international leaders have been talking face to face to try to resolve the crisis in ukraine i am in the general election is reaching its peak
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the survey shows the largest opposition party is teaching this week. the weather is hampering search and rescue operations. after a passenger ferry capsized off the southern coast of south korea. families of more than two hundred e missing people are growing more frustrated eleven people have been confirmed dead. the bottom of the seawall is still visible rescue operations were suspended thursday afternoon due to rough weather one hundred seventy nine people have been rescued but crews have found no more survivors since this morning. the ship was on its way to cheat you island in john four hundred seventy five people were on board including three hundred high school students on a field trip. opening the door we deeply apologize to the families. we are very sorry. our company promises that we'll do our best to prevent any further loss of life. we're sorry. we began
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to apologize to passengers and their families he said he was deeply nourishing but he did not explain what happened to the ship. maritime experts are suggesting possible causes of the shipwreck main crude hitting on underwater rock. the sudden change in direction and an explosion inside the ferry many survivors claim an announcement for delaying evacuation once again and said don't move. she was sinking. i believe some people were trapped in the capital. some experts know the unique weak spot in the design of fairies. they have large spaces for parking cars with no partitions. if water were to flow into the space vessel could capsize quickly. the ferry was in service in japan until two thousand and twelve. it may have been refitted after he was sold to south korea
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two years ago. passenger cabins at the back seemed to have been extended. when additional cabins are built above deck. it takes the vessel more prone to tilting the coast guard says it will use cranes to lift the ship up to enable the hole to be searched. it's where many people are believed to be trapped relatives of the missing have gathered at the port of jingle on some of the southern coast near the accident site in hk rosemary kolkata reports from there. we members of the missing gathered up this gem of up to the misconduct or think that's closest to the accident site. they stayed up all night. i'm not going to stay another night waiting for any good news about theirs not mine. faces of the family members that more and more exhausted. just in time. some are getting frustrated with the absurdities of housing and an intention. this ten
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part i and the fish are paid a visit here to offer emotional support. some parents are the odds i went they did not get to know why risk it. i'm not making progress. this in part one is that they'll race and it would save lives. south korean government has set up an emergency response center this year seriously. he was going on. gould who commanded the risk you to do their bit for him to the most movement the mind how much the families of suffering that was my order. more than five hundred fifty best cures are involved in the search their beans climbing guide dog muddy waters of a true friend knows the mind that sees this morning. they saved one hundred seventy nine people on wednesday
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the garden of his own skills have improved and the unofficial cause they say it's possible that any strike the ball out of the trouble to get on a number of survivors reported during that time. the board began to tilt and quickly found. this kid is expected to question the captain and crew just wanted to tell me what happened. i want you back tuition deception bay he says mr snell that went missing and the thing will be difficult just using diagrams so they're bringing in three huge screens two types who missed the ferry. well will abide tomorrow morning the other through get here on saturday. and that was an eight year old snowy kolkata in the jingle south korea marine accident analysts kinky cheap common ideas with japan's national maritime research institute. he tells nhk what could be making the rescue difficult. notice
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the rock on with the demo on the poster with the workers open a hole in the ship's bottom which is currently above the surface. it should be racing the moment the remaining air comes out from my soap. they're not trying to conquer there into the ship from under the water but because the waters murky the visibility is very low for the divers. the depth of the waters about thirty to forty meters. the ship that sank an eighteen minute or so was a difficult task for the diapers will promise you this. stella also points out that from what he can see in the niche of the capsized ship. many of the lifesaving arrests are still on the ship who knew no one might go to my thighs with this kind of like crap. it won't open unless cruise throw them into the sea. but one i saw the footage. i saw many of the wraps were not deployed they were just placed on
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the deck. that was a shocking picture was awful. the store the stories of men. it also says the cause of the accident could be cracks at the bottom of the ship which were made when it ran aground. major accidents involving passenger ships that claimed thousands of lives around the world over the past three decades the worst one in south korean history happened in nineteen ninety three. an overcrowded ship capsized and sank killing nearly three hundred people. the accident prompted a debate over stressing maritime safety measures more recently in two thousand and twelve a luxury cruise ship carrying more than four thousand people ran aground off to italy and capsized thirty people died the captains deserted the facile surely after the accident he's currently on trial for manslaughter and other charges. in two thousand and eight a typhoon cause the ferry to sink
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the philippines about eight hundred people died. an egyptian ferry caught fire in two thousand and six and sank in the red sea killing more than one thousand people in the worst ever maritime accident during peacetime happened in nineteen eighty seven again in the philippines the ferry sank after colliding with a fuel tanker one of four thousand people died. i eye national leaders have gathered to try to find a solution to the crisis in ukraine. pro russian separatists in the east of the country have been fighting with troops the foreign minister is sitting down with his counterparts from the united states russia and the european union. us secretary of state john kerry first held meetings one on one leaders in washington accused russian officials of helping the separatists the russians denying any involvement. they say they
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want to talk about constitutional amendments that would give ukraine's regional governments for power. u s and eu leaders say they'll consider more sanctions against russia is the top still produce results officials with ukraine's interior ministry are reporting more violence between separatists and soldiers. they say fighting wednesday night left three activists dead and thirty people wounded. is it soared to sixty two people into custody. the japanese government downgraded its assessment for the current state of the country's economy. this is partly due to a downturn in demand after the consumption tax like the downward revision is the first in seventeen months cabinet office officials have released their monthly economic report it says the japanese economy stays at a moderate recovery path that leads signs have also been seen lately as because of a
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negative reaction after a last minute rush to spend before the tax increase the report points out week's random person consumption. it says sales of cars and electrical appliances decline in production is staying flat meanwhile the report kept its assessment of capital investment and change saying it is recovering with increases in the real estate and retail sectors. there is another impact of the higher consumption tax in the head of japan's top oil wholesaler said his firm's gasoline sales fell eighteen percent of the first ten days of april compared to the same period last year the chairman yes it's a good analogy ex beatle oil and energy said he expects demand to return soon forecasts that the decline in april will be limited to around seven percent on the impact of ukraine team has said it is not likely to cause a surge in the crude oil price the cost of oil has gone up slightly but supplies are not tied in europe or
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asia. overseas businesses continue to see a lot of promise in china foreign investment in the first quarter of two thousand and fourteen rose more than five percent from a year ago but investment from japan plunged nearly fifty percent due to suffering bilateral ties officials with china's commerce ministry say direct investment by foreign firms from january through march totaled more than thirty one billion dollars that's up five and half percent from last year investment in the service industry increased more than twenty percent of the manufacturing sector saw a decline of eleven percent investment from asean countries rose nearly eight percent compared to last year. the bilateral tensions caused investment from japan to drop by more than forty seven percent. mr shinawatra says he has a strong intention to conclude the trans pacific partnership free trade agreement. his comments come as japanese and us negotiators work to narrow their differences ahead of
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president barack obama's visit to japan next week that is. it would mean a lot for japan and the us to take the lead in creating them to keep the key framework. ben made his comments at a speech in tokyo. he called the ttp and ambitious project to create a vast regional economics so he said negotiator should keep that goal in mind and not only handle over numerical figures they also commented on his proposal to cut japan's corporate tax rate the rate is much higher than the neighboring countries of estate tax rates are a big factor when international companies consider investing in japan. here are the latest market figures i know
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world's largest election is underway in india more than eight hundred million people are to legible to take part noting pete on thursday when the largest number of constituencies cast ballots she did awesome in bangkok as the story. the election was held in nine seasons because of the countries that size. security concerns are another factor and the race reaches its midpoint the latest survey shows the largest opposition party is keeping it clean this
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eight on thursday by two hundred million people went to the polls in twelve states the uncovered one twenty one seats more than one thousand five hundred forty three constituencies across the country. the congress party is facing a long while and it's high inflation the results of the latest survey. bootcamp is not a significant number of seats tianjin the top party led by brent moloney is likely to double the number of seats modi and support as the chief minister. gates this parties. it seems is not a suitable candidate for prime minister. the bjp now since many foster maple sap and declaring for the nation's nuclear stance but notice that on wednesday that he would support team
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has no first use policy. no first use of nuclear weapons was a greedy about how big our neighbors crazy. there's no compromise. we're very clear. no first use is a reflection of our cultural inheritance the county wants to calm domestic and international concerns as he makes his bid for power. in yet has maintained and no first use policy and the continued suspension of nuclear testing. the bjp has yet to clarify the details for the new deal outlined in its manifesto. all across taiwan and celebrated traditional media from sunday through tuesday. meanwhile some ground with a wire fastball. police officers to buy scheme to make sure that ties could enjoy themselves see me. the world wanting at the record reports the idea
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the two. he has. everyone even strangers. i just wanted this. there's still many people it's been fun. kyneton many of the year. it's just so excited. festivities at him. hoops. tourists from across the road. come to taiwan to july and a father i live. so i have two thirds just know it too. just eight years. yes i'll kill me for a week or two. toulouse team carries on. so she known for its temples. i was cross eyed
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who wants to. its success and friends. he still respects. this would happen it did in the media. this year. the festival was so so this imply. this is the difference. as he walked to the park. i mean tradition it was wanted to reach his hands. they did. we have been very worth to buy all that political tensions. but back to sometime will definitely help to calm us down. since needshe problems
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some people happy. all you can grab the tips. the team to ensure staff. we're praying for your success hundreds have been set acting. test test models as well as the fall. these packets. i was awesome. used as weapons sam's thousand and ten. bekah. the pieces are urging people to be helpful
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you could get her to thwart her cutesy with me the scheme at the block where it was an injury. so all lose. luckily she was. in the without any trouble jonathan somewhere. and simply to get into the tie why will the local people this is the old one. that's what he's teaching tool. only in a scandal. the clothing
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designers held a one of a kind fashion show in new york the featured items that are unique in it's meant to help keep bullies away. their line of outfits is also giving some youth more confidence and if you're looking to mccully explains. new york city. the fashion world designers like you're from around the world and create new trends. earlier this month. some designers of the fashion show is especially. even for this he was closing that stops before despite its so with the show featured one flamboyant design after another designers collaborated with counseling groups for
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children who've been bullied a close here kelly dancing knows what it's like to go these experiences motivated her to create a line and cuddling time. i'm dying to get it done. they were sickening isn't it only begin to believe me they knew i was when i was like i was causing me to email us the mc talk to some children found that they are less likely to keep going when they make a strong visible statement about who they are. she thinks this is because of the particularly american characteristic of respecting people's individuality when the express themselves. this is why can't he uses bright colors and a wider remit to us. she created about twenty items to show each and honesty the girls entire feature bright colors and many different mature the closing is to attract
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attention and prevent the wearers from being left out. the boys clothing featured leather accessories unique structure of the science to stress the wares individuality children who have been victims of bullying were invited to watch the show the heat. i want. i'm not the eye the night. thing is i think the first to see somebody the first thing you notice is that holding. i think that but the rate closed at two pm and will be completely above all the bullying and be okay once again. kelly hopes the youngsters who were this expressive line of clothing i feel more confident the only
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free will nhk world war the remnants of ida continue to bring large amounts of rain to new zealand or maybe relief in sight and the neurologist on ethanol has more jonathan. hello you could actually see this been taking place from the rent is i tell right off the coast new zealand you can see that circulation of low pressure system and is bringing a lot of rank my shirt reporting sixty to seventy millimeters of rain in just the past twenty four hours and that's on top of the rainfall that has been persistent for a good portion of this week looking for it though it looks like that the re is slowly tapering off. rainfall amounts in addition to was already fallen anywhere from sixty to ninety millimeters over the next over twenty hours to get more rain is on the way still concerns for flooding and landslides but hopefully once the system starts to rain itself out a wall of the area to start going up as well. let's look
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at the forecast asia we do have a low pressure system that is right off the korean peninsula and moving into japan that's going to bring japan some rain as they go the route friday. this is attached to a stationary frontal boundary with another location system for the down into the icy river basin that's also going to bring some rain percent for china eventually bring some more running into the eastern portions of china shanghai has been seeing rain all week but it looks a bit maybe a brief break is in store for friday before another dr brain rights therefore we can hide twenty side twenty three is cold rainy and much point ok with the high of sixteen page and you'll be a twenty one told you'll be up to thirty degrees of warming trend for you with partly cloudy skies. take a look at the forecasted year of high pressure is donning most of the weather for the western portion of the content but because he like laos and open another spinning load out for the balkan been a slow couple of low pressure systems apprehensive precipitation for those areas and will take
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this slow down toy italy and also decrease you'll still see some rain as they go into friday and snow expected for the scandinavian peninsula as the slow blues indices over the area and discord from this point drop through central europe bringing some rain as we head to what the latter part of friday once again rain again for athens temperatures topping up the seventeen degrees well we'll see showers and rain with a high of sixty on friday where saw an awesome girl and rain but then back toward the west high fifteen in paris twenty six for madrid under mostly sunny conditions. let's take a look of the americas we do have the little precious them located off the coast of washington state and oregon and looks like that's when to bring some rain maybe even some snow showers that area another low located over into the great lakes that's when to bring some snow into ontario. we have a developing low pressure system down and the gulf of mexico. that's going to start bringing rain into the northern parts of
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florida jacksonville and orlando you a seat at the two hundred millimeters of precipitation has to go to friday they'll eventually limped into the carolinas and continue up the eastern seaboard so we see here the precipitation continuing to continuing to move to the north and east while the midwest looking like we're going to see more of a drying trend at center for going to move up to around twenty two in los angeles seventeen and denver sweats and one in houston with a height twenty three degrees in atlanta will be sunny and dry but the height of sixteen copy of a good day where you are here's a look a church that protects i know. i am
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it is. did. it is. that seems like this directional tiny into cats. sch the city
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and its cable tv the selection of bands from this week's lineup carried out with our airspace the start of a local route was designated as unsuitable for living due to radiation levels. but several former local officials have volunteered to look after the affected area. they call themselves the old guys. this is their story. next is the new program on sunday
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side by side which reports on japanese assistance programs in developing nations. last november and the philippines was hit by huge typhoon japanese aid workers rushed to the scene and they've been actively engaged in helping the country's recovery efforts. ever since. last is a book project and also in sending the guests this time if you don't seem to tell she is a well known author who became a monk at the age of fifty one. she has been preaching and writing for the past forty years and still remains influential robert campbell talks to her about her long eventful life please check our website by the scheduling your time zone and state earrings to nhk world tv. and even celebrity
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in two completely different way world famous film director. can she keep going and brilliant comedian return catch. he keeps his finger on the poles apart by capping off. attention. your total. cherry blossom season she's cute it is an artist at the top of his must meet next. when the japanese so fond of cherry blossoms. one reason is that they contain the essence of japan


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