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tv   South Asia Newsline  PBS  April 23, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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started to talk to you. i think it could be. not
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the nomination but not if the deal. on the mend. it's that time. b and all the details in the school and i'm not teaching i meant to divide the events that by this nomination from now and not as if the testing of this hypothetical copy of the beast that mr had been intimately into action. be the chief testified his nomination for the gritty city rudd is being seen as the most hyped a firefight in the two thousand fourteen general election. the heat of the city not to buy stock at its usual chill. body support as strong as his last run was awesome the streets and at the center of this the absent the most and he's fighting for the common theme of
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the constitution. the event eye the head. i checked monty and the need for using to help this team can't be too sticky to me today to see them as myspace and on the new cardiologist job the day. in. the and. day the engine. just don't
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understand that. top the beach. twenty nine days is contesting against women in this post in international politics not teach was caused by his independence against a good job john mack announced his candidacy check out this article being at the dentist and competition is expected to make the fight him and he has also been testing found that the gap in his home state. on the bodies he had been eyeing the knights of the season and beyond into the synagogue and i'm not denying these addictions
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dvds. not that bad a condition that the country we got to the shadow of the country's main spy agency the isi. the defendant and it got me to be. the defence ministry approach to focus on it really means the oddly seeking action against the canyon. my new job working with the niceties of tnt network. as a vicious campaign against the isi the senate has the support of going out by choosing guided to jane and i decided to continue thinking that it's not. i need to chant on scene engine is comic me gratified to what cost. in two thousand and eight men from the ministry said on tuesday in the sand at the end of two teenage road use the spy agency for me to
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go into this made me it was founded in june miss mimi had also said that the isi and its junction with responsible for the assassination attempt the rest of the committee on defence. it opened it and it was a tad bright idea to try and win. he was upset to harm its coverage of the issue of missing persons. he's just been to some koreans. stephen hughes and several other publications as an answer the chinese have sorta sucks identify and into the cottage. god and when i write about it is going on that guy with the were too stunned. she'd been determined. this is new with the first nine months and star fruit. under the cloud of suspicion that on media persons. because accused of
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genocide and she's not into cars and driven the penetration of what i got into the box and yummy fbi's. madonna the same body as a chef the victim compensation at it. the knife not enough to want to get a box. the other the eyes of the study out that the minds of the night of the catastrophe. on the nyse and the lions biggest in us judges the stock. one of the feet again. by the pentagon and c2 weekend and inspect the season in the street in the snow and missed it the file from deep psychological science. around the enchantment. thus the above. the us the kids i
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just started dating housing to the man that sees the band and some two hundred shops the sun in the twenty four knots tonight in summit and nineteen lived outside the top of the accident happened after that to one does not a warning not to lie about the present and abandoned despite jack's been detected in one of the stops after days of the christian walk and as such the victims and the need to achieve with the technology to one thousand one hundred and twenty nine the five and in fifteen games but its cue from the bidding. the drink they do best and that is identified as using none of the bath but its production block the southern az since looked at but not to let them identical events often. that
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investment into the river has been one to the command of the offensive in the event that meant the end of the abortion infanticide and the engine. the sentiment data from the fact that the requirement that the benefit of the window thus the biggest of the piece tragedies in his tube on the basis of common business you think this is about to book a cd and the conditions and the beast it takes us. you can be seen and done the pieces the endowment and guy has been since the disaster. i mean. using the system. in the family the design. at the end if the us isn't he
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use of the druids duty construction. it's rude to the children died as a comment and i'll see bits of life to its comments to the dentist today the stock by fiat the accidents. i did now the government of gough and if that should happen the makeshift cars on the bench. dr said in a blue sky and wondered if this tendency for by. she has an efficient doesn't work national capital. i got the answer was assigned to two misdemeanor insurance cover. i spent fifteen percent. so send in troops and definitely fun for them and you can use. it shouldn't hundreds have constituted the strike and the kinds of them in a certain tendencies and the guns to me. in
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the lounge. it said. it's akin to an end. stupid right the event. and as. the to the springsteen. it was unsafe to. not enough. good news. to respect people are
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going to continue with commercialism. his feast day to see who gets to run in its history. the instruct its windows and seats. my swim so he could to ensure times the non traceable. that the teams. it has been scant evidence that the us has exposed under command of the same thing by surprise or would that be. benefits be. the pressure of god and the extent of shanghai the stock exchange rose by five and the center of the total cost of eight hundred and seventy five triumph. i fixed it but then put the lights and high tech thousand eight hundred and fifty two points. it's best that the contents into the mtc and the committee was limited. found a writer for the second consecutive day
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during the events that took one month after month and season three dvds dvds. it seems. different then. i'm touched the times reactions take both. but the templates like a bluetooth audio investigate canvas roof thousands were within the context the economy speaking of commons identity is showing in the npc shoot. yet it sounded too. i had gone to good use at the end of the team to back into defence. i can appreciate the immense team and got it tonight. the team said this was the mystery getting to know how deep and
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david you are the best the amendment. women in the he got into my bathroom to teach him from the mega mac cheese ketchup and thus began the adoption of the artichoke and this has not been standing by to see me. the next one is the defending team that just yet. the story about the punjabi by richmond wrote that. the summing up when i pointed out. the food was fine and she doesn't think that he does. this density. i didn't fall into the tube is utmost important the family at the end of the men and women. this meant something
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the best tuesday i did nothing to do th at six point three million dollars on its busby that it has not as good as the twenty million dollars mark because my jeans. then jason's deli oppression and chastisement. and as he decide to get mad at the end of the journey began and ended up thoughts that lead them to take the edge between two and chips. the route that's the audience wants the dvds. the issue of the night the wind. i was
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that should be. streets what are you in the inning chilling portrait fourth street. sadly the reception staff that was healed. hm projects clean. the essential growth and innovation and sharing strategies which can procure the couple to shoot straight and the unions
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economic power. we want to for expanded to other. and all deceit is that it's time to decrease it and its license and also to have the energy produced as close to the client as possible. so on to lunch and we are and preparing and who would be doing. she looks european energy projects on the other hand we needs. the stench of ice store energy sources. yes the aforesaid ups and you're eager to use the europeans of a dozen others. even the damage caused by forty nine after his office. not only in the dentist in ten years a go kart a wealth of the top ten years to settle for half of all may need to take another one hundred and fifty to pay for my magic that happens to the uk can sometimes take nine to ten months. the bbb to speed up
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the payments. small changes that as well. as well said having an edge. the very beginning when the defense take the speck that is t. it is only a mother to see if he got interested to see them outside to kick back. costco i don't think the fight to the funds can be used in a more transparent and flexible way at the expense of fishing i could take two thousand and ten at st michael got people almost exclusively listing of bed took it as such the patient actually ribs all to see what but isn't this your therapy practitioners because of its history to eighteen thousand patients this operation such as margaret called ticket to the hospital stop him of some of the country back to the full treatment has received a very big difference in taste. let me
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get that job. the key. it was too. blessed us with a mentor and programs designed to try to tell doctors nurses and pharmacists this wasn't quite like that the district off to chris had to be taken to hospital in a couple times it isn't just hope that they have to the lost legacy. it is so deep that it was. you just next door to the hospital is the korean protection accorded to fight for the two thousand and ten jointly funded by cricket koreans americans is designed to educate students in a variety of occasions including vehicle but comics structured and well kept coming and the drinks like tea. computer repair and decrepit. it tends not to spend i know it will have one without. it was. bill hall
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in order to get it over your body. the church usa likely start in life expectancy has increased from forty to sixty two. and is the gulf read what she really felt the school has just fifty miles to the top of the stylist on the entry of new work one of the spurs top of their institutions that focus on improving education and healthcare. just for a hospice of a textbook which helped the country. so what's the future. we get one shot lead after three to five years to protect against all the different strains of flu around the world including a possible pandemic like this one. the artifacts pharmaceuticals exploded next to the blacksmith institute of science in which israel has developed just such a universal flu vaccine flu vaccines till now can target only a few strings of pirates
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so each year scientists must try to predict the strains that will appear in the upcoming winter season with its savings every year it's that good. not since the fall of the nation with me. murray said we dream about and the unfailing faith that he could not be contacted if i ever felt that it merits in the future has been to clean her totally sterile environment the technician is preparing the back seats that will soon be used in the first clinical trials in humans utility costs. it's worth it. that would be exact. then the participants' blood samples will be trucked back to the slaying of any antibodies in it tested. then retired the first thing that can fight the virus if they
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do. the enterprise. even though the acting is perfect but will the task seemed effective against the notorious influence once kylie. little did it the wind snow and i were greeted with selected the couple said that when you said also by its white dove so to give the fray the hope that the repeated use of the so what if they are deprived of course the only way to know for sure is to expose the blood samples from the clinical trials to the actual flu virus is right here in the sling them. and how we do not have it the article but we're hoping to get the permit for the party would begin we get this the field and when should it any response from the east i say at the end. to that
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we would be fine. without him. that's all that's left to do something to look into it then up to it. ancient make you fat. expect you still haven't studied children in remote region of south east water tank the cia to brisbane to intensify. this is the posture for the dutch cheese to melt the children thank you. she is now dependent on the weekly supply of corn so instead of reaching nutritious fruit mix the sugar and oil. the local nutrition santa to feed the children. the center this applies to me miss them this is an influx of non irish children. in a hugely happy cases. already become a martini has launched an agency natural. music is what happens to be enforced in its response. make sure
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the needed supplies are in place. the challenge remains reaching children remote and often isolated areas discussed in spots the pumpkin and pecan tree next he'll put the story thinking people to smoke so that when you show the typical population to reach because they're completely isolated the coverage of health the sport as it is interesting. it is a region that is to perfection because of security. oh that makes publish a bit difficult to accept its offer the products or services that respond to their circumstances and that i liked the trees you see hints for investment in agriculture health nutrition services. it is to join in is to buy toys un agencies including tina said the parent of a child. as well as the government and annette what you think she owns the last three years. it is successfully reach some of my discontent is in the country. a package on to
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tokyo to just doesn't do not copy for africa achieved overnight thousand feet it was in france smart cars manufactured in europe. i spotted cruising the streets of age the ever increasing speed communication transportation and technology all neighbors in this interconnected. a world that is facing challenges from isis justice of virus can spread so panic prices from one country to the next saving the world. no one deceive you. on top of finance agenda is the world's economic health the challenges remain. there is hope. international cooperation and partnership and the right mix of economic policies to create the opportunity for sharks education and investment in the future. a family of nations each contributing to help with that. also on
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the way that makes the network's top award crisp crunchy and delicious too freaked symphony hall perhaps the best one hundred and twenty tonnes of rice consumption. it's a great ingredient of sem break is the staple for the japanese rice has traditionally been processed into mini concert such a small cheap rice cakes. recent exhibit continues to make bread somebody remind the most popular of old japanese pics
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this release is on its way to the rating system. we're still trying to see how it from sticking to make dough the redistricting says associate break to excel then give them a coaching session. he's consume huge amounts of seven. this factory load ships over two hundred thousand pieces. a japanese tourist destinations you can also find distinctive local poet sam. recently. in the seventeenth century simba a well made and sold
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the road sorry teacher. here is a misconception district still many shops making send it by hand in the traditional one. he says most awesome beach on the grill for two scores. once cooked with a tribute to the shop specials or so. never has exacted its inconsistency. so it's quite difficult to make this simply was to map the city. it's a mind trip to the timing how long my coat. how strong the heat is an insult. soy sauce flavored sampling of the most traditions. i'm still must go. this isn't a record of rights are so critical to my white tee from it is a less crunchy texture
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than sin. indeed only a sprinkling of salt to bring their kids to sleep. i was grouped sixties when snacks and raided a multitude of sizes shapes. this interesting nor was there are two techniques developed for different reasons to trust making the play depicts a whistle. recently consistency. in december that softness to the crunch. it's open source tools to get to be rich right just read the japanese abruptly crackers and snacks ready for once. they remained hugely popular. i am. it's
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just so. steve. when we. this
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program is brought you by critical. ways to waste mainstream crews were small size. the herd. exploring one thousand miles of norwegian coastal the report include counters and access to wilkinson. ah i. welcome to watch it swim jets coming up she insists ukraine will back its forces


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