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tv   RT News  PBS  May 7, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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i don't see how the is the singer. just two house committees offer some bad habits or restricting government surveillance the latest on that ahead. a loss to push his good looks less hands on an impostor google promises and its automatic scanning of students e mails for targeted advertisements. coming up the case. any us that have been a series of massive drug bust in a huge operation da targets producers of synthetic drugs more on that later the show. a new new
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what do they make life in her washington d c our friends are what you are timid at first things first a notice was written on my last book how well there's only one reason news anchors rt always wear one of these in the run up to me night and today russian reserves to commemorate the end of world war two. this reading is a symbol of victory. students have been given a reprieve from global spike last things took l for your loss it may have spurred the internet trying to kick it felt out of the classroom. at least where targeted advertising is concerned. the director of google apps for education has announced the permanent removal of the enable disable toggle for ads in the permanent removal of all e mail scanning in the program's g mail application. i exist in california court contending that the scanning of emails preaches for the family educational rights and privacy act course that peace is to listen to the court
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that the act governs access to student educational records angles automated scanning of emails for the purpose of displaying advertisements could reach that mark. find this i'm joined here by attorney bradley she or he first asked him to explain how this can even work. rome is very few people really understand and sound. the lawsuit in california as you mentioned and the issues that are noel sutton who really understands and they try to play mrs tried to have it come out of control his online for towing done everything they can to redacted information keep it from coming out the to the explanations in court will be barred from knowledge. michael that i didn't really want to keep that trend at exactly the way to keep it private so i guess what the wait and see what happens with the rest the last. well according to noble thirty million students teachers and administrators use this custom service. i what other behavioral advertising functions run by google you to youtube in a
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costume for instance targeted ads like that to me this isn't just about. advertising on the sidebar of the g network by correcting the problem is widely known in the oven. i've taken care of the privacy policies or privacy policies when the most egregious out there it basically allows them to collect as much data and information as is possible because the problem is that he had enjoyed the us approval so the question is qualities is golden and a changing of privacy policy that governs both those products and down and hopefully they will mean disagree first step but more needs to be gone. yet it is this the high gloss has been going on for quite awhile google has only just announced this change very recently. so according to the software information industry association prof educational sector is worth eight billion dollars. do you think that other tech companies on in order to fly through this time are going to change their practices as well. or is it something everyone's just going to keep pushing. as for scanning and
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the student information that's a good question and or speculate on what company will do however my hope is that to better protect children's privacy and to ensure that they're seeking security is number one the company will put privacy ahead of profits and my hope is that companies will say you know what. not only are we not understand these terms two mills and other data but we're also going to indicate that extra step and ensure privacy policy. fully protect her children to make sure that they're fully protected in future while the company has previously claimed the automated scanning of a mouse provides features beyond just advertising. so they're not going to stop scanning going to stop the targeted advertising as a byproduct of scanning. what are the possible at the features that you think that they could use in an argument to say what this is actually picking the students that were doing this. one thing it's baffling good first up. however much more needs to be done. this is
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something an ok this is great but now i have to also think about changing the privacy policy making sure they enjoyed crow books. they're on their policies are much more learned to better protect student so it's too great for stat that deftly a lot more needs to happen in order to protect kids like this with her by the family educational rights and privacy act which protects students education records that was written decades ago i did for the information age how do you update for today. i mean is this. really arguable in court to say that her to apply is the best you can dance can hold. but i think that the problems of her was enacted in the forty years ago to attend please to be updated or servile state out there actually a lot of things happened that tried to their houses and on better protecting privacy for simple kentucky recently enacted into law t on this type of activity so my hope is that the more states will follow suit and eventually maybe for going to be updated to better protect our kids
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why are there others to privacy issues that parents educators might not be aware of in technology in the classroom during the course of biometrics. on another the warnings were bulls for example. i'm sure that each of the order coming to class from any less cool glass or any other companies types of upcoming products and in paperback with the kids absent parent permission so i think we're just literally because of the iceberg on these issues anything to be watched watchdog being index i sort of. instead an increase in the classroom where applause as you mentioned you should be watching to make sure that these students rights are violated. it was all my hope is that companies would start that. and yes i now write a column that happen to a really nice he takes a village me to have the ftc has been part of education they need to have state attorney general ruled that parents and their parents help educate local school boards and he really comes down to andrew coming
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together and sing you know what their kids need to have their privacy protected but a slightly damp. they have my humble opinion. excuse me anyway attorney about the sheer joining me here instead of thank you very much thing to happen as kevin is closer to trying to gain control of cities in eastern ukraine protesters and donetsk say they plan to hold a breakaway referendum on sunday as they prepare for military intervention by the government local women volunteering themselves checkpoints are too closely or reports from donetsk lenovo and i'm ready to fight them with my bare hands with many one of the need for this team just to please his militancy toms. that is my fourth piano and fifty mil compatriots take up the positions. in short i knew what would have nothing in her hands. we are not afraid anymore this issue when you're old mother who she has known the whips and passion to protect it and i
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know i'm still going to your liking. we are as strong as our man flint strong as an enter of ninety and who will stand trial and forever the two teams and is known to his decision to make this decision is twenty six defeat she joins her husband on the streets each night. they only need two teenage sons two week notice the home. not knowing if the parents will attend. the right jack. ok presence will stop beyond me but the indonesians. my name printed in that domain under the tree hunting tv ordered to shoot as we understand that we can change. we don't spend it seems she likes even if they start shooting the docs have become as one of the ukrainian people don't people have died in defense of the sixties. i soaked it in squads say they'll stop with this from being smuggled in by pro government radicals this is exactly why this checkpoint is getting an awesome anything from the sky what what. workers who were
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among the jury would just go to person carrying a gun illegally. we're here to protect our people he doesn't need it. plus it is without permission. what is going to shoot children or maybe women the woman's yet on when to back down there will always back her man will stand by them. whatever the cost will always have their back. life will never be the same for peace woman and a mini has come all to protect. it is suffice. and if you check in if he's to give up on the us has agreed on sabbatical this is our lands and the little boy here to want to live during peak season that nobody will bother us. it's awkward. we see on t in its eastern ukraine. he also urged dialogue between kevin ukraine's happy suggesting the referendum on its independence should be postponed. art is not resurrect the details. during this press conference with the chairman of the oecd by dear prudence suggesting that the pro autonomy referendum
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in the donetsk region in the east of ukraine should still be held over he feels they should be postponed to later date. it was him. they did it. we asked representatives of south eastern ukraine to improve federal ice age. all this to postpone the referendum on the beach and so on. i didn't sit too long for the eleventh of may she might to push over the cotton says the west is blaming russia when the situation in ukraine is actually in the block where as it's the west to. he claims has been supporting and illegitimate two pm. last saturday when our colleagues in europe and the us rights situation in tibet. the shift responsibility on to moscow those who committed to it and those who supported these actions cost and responsibility for the situation and crying one minute to those who supported these actions financially politically and the media and other means of promoting a situation when tragedy took place in the video saying that the dialogue and diplomacy are the only things that can solve the situation
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this crisis between kiev and the eastern regions of the country in moscow was saying that it wants to resolve this crisis in the interests of all citizens of ukraine and that all of their points of view should be taken into account in salina resolution. accused of far right radical groups. i'm not laying down their arms and also saying that yet he's not doing enough in his opinion to instigate them to lay down their arms and cease their fighting in those parts of the country's greatest part was the chairman mr burke called her saying that he was the theme is emerging a halt to fighting and hostilities in ukraine and the cure organization is planning to introduce its own roadmap to peace in ukraine such a course on tyneside iraq is poised to legalize marriage between man and girls as young as nine years old. the washington post reports that the law was approved by iraq's council of ministers of february twenty fifth and sent to parliament for passage. that was tabled until a new parliament takes
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office following the recent elections. according to the population reference bureau in two thousand eleven twenty five percent of iraqi women between ages twenty to twenty four said they had been married before their eighteenth birthday and six percent before the age of fifteen. the young girl's older men for a favor or to some tribal disputes has long been a tradition in iraq the nineteen seventies rates of child marriage dropped because the practice was illegal under iraq's former president. not house on our back or when saddam hussein to power and after the us invasion in two thousand three poverty levels rose and one family sold off the curls now while millions of afghan women had their say last month in the country's presidential election. tribal rules of their licensing honor killings are still widely regarded as carrying greater validity in the country's actual loss bart's lizzie can not report on that. years ago. and
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getting people to see him he didn't include the link it's detail you lose the girls and bullied in school. twenty percent of the seats in parliament are reserved for women. a growing number of certain owned horses for the first time in her district in kabul has a female police chief warren than that. i tan swirl i e in the two hundred g meaty go on it for you. and when the brutality is still a part of everyday life the messy house in kabul. the team and injuries the moment with her newborn daughter. it's a great escape from that point she endured at the hands of her husband. now with grey is my life was full of sour and peace. i didn't want it anymore because most of it it is due to relative intervened and brought her to the shelter. the wheel chair and fed and given medical care and assigned attorneys who try to cope with the us imports. the speech came at a cost. the team was forced to
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leave her son behind. she gets a divorce or custody is usually given to the father and that means the team that is her daughter may never again see her son. he was such a sweet boy. i keep remembering how he use to run into my arms when he was hungry and beg me for food to not even breaking inside here is ben's take evan now i think my son my honda and nine cry. women's rights are protected in the constitution but in reality. even if she have gotten some places the lights don't enforce. so we need activity to the floor and into the city system child marriage is technically illegal the girls are often treated as barter goods sold family debts these images seven years old when her father married her off tune and sing the lines for each. i was too young to understand what was happening i thought he was my uncle
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that it might help you get to the limit. brayden. she suffered daily beatings torture and abuse. i wish i was born in rio. i was blind oh did i hear it when the mets into the atlantic ten title i played this month on how to suffer this much. i don't know. there are few and twenty shelters like this in a little against the hungarian not in a country where almost no real human and it physically or sexually abused. this is also dangerous. i got it on the s max and he will kill me when i get home. if it's me i'm your father and no one will put in prison for that. under sharia law have a feeling he'll be many would never be able to return to their homes women have suffered immense pain and tragedy they found refuge at the shelter but in families. they are the lucky ones across afghanistan thousands of women just like that simply have no way it
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worked and nowhere to go afghanistan's human rights commission says violence against women he recognizes last year. unfortunately the tickets like change. and there to teach the society we never had before the same kind of violence that right now we are facing this here once the new troops withdrawn breaks to do exist can be lost which could mean that the men and women and two more groups greenpeace who seek to improve our team. drug producers and distributors have their businesses busted out by the drug enforcement agents. this i actually just recently today when hundreds of search and arrest warrants were served had crossed the u s d a officials have confirmed this is part of a wider operation targeting the synthetic drug market she's making love has discovered synthetic drug rings across the country extensively. she joined me earlier and i first asked her to give us some details and
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background to beds. send entries are broken into three major parts for somalia somali better known as mdma although in reality an indian is kind of phenomenon. after his ten dna is most needed pure form of in reality molly these days is made in labs and is not anything blinding him a hundred other harness and panic now the noise otherwise known as spice to the cabin noise have to be mimicking effect of thc so it's suppose to be like marijuana and in the other one is synthetic and i can't pronounce better known as the salt and there's less and mimic the effects of the net or accomplishments. so essentially what happens is the chemicals commune there next time you created in asia as what the da is saying tying up a conman and our mis labeled as pain or as cleaner is nail polish remover things like that. they are sprayed on dried herbs and in the package and things like this and sold in everything from convenience stores gas stations and data like this and that packet of second avenue insists that i get
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back on him for about thirty two dollars thirty two dollars usually wait that's on sale to get things from so i do. i don't get it to mrs told that the gas station right in the typical korean on the back of the common consumption but at the same time that's exactly. that's exactly what it's for comment the reason that i can buy this at a gas station is the kind. i can think locals are so easily manipulated that they can manipulate the molecular structure to make it thematically well. to me. it's freaking out now what are these crackdowns obviously something's gonna happen here so that i am today and call projects energy is part two projects and cheaper one happen in december two thousand to twelve and that resulted in two hundred twenty seven arrests new projects energy incur to happen in twenty nine states overall one hundred and fifty people or eleven over that were rested state mediator of the agents are forty five arrest warrants and two hundred on the searches were actually
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kind of did. now they seized hundreds of thousands of individual packets like that when you're holding. all's well as on hundreds of kilograms of raw material and also seized twenty million dollars worth of cash and assets now the largest operation happened in alabama but it spread. i've been across the country when the more notable rest of her not sure that was directly linked to projects energy plant the nfl buffalo bills defensive tackle marcel dairy as i was actually arrested while he was speeding and he was counted to have synthetic substances in his car. only next time when we got to look up punishment do people get this crime. unfortunately the punishment is a very white and added that the mormons and the problem is that right now the drone analog lines don't really kena punish these these particular cases sold from the florida insurance perspective the people that were arrested were talking typing infected the synthetic as this might serve a maximum of five years in jail
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the people of the highlighted in my series were the owners of a company called mr nice guy was telling puritan john she'll eat. they served one year in prison. so it obviously lobby to catch up to the speed of the strugglers hadn't been putting up the store products the asians are certainly hoping for a saddle on to catch up. at the same time though as many times as the da and state and local introduce trial and unregulated the chemical manufacturers just which one part of the compound and all the sudden it becomes legal again. now one of them really interesting issues dealing with the synthetic drugs is that a lot people saved and then once you specifically tells me to not show up on drug tests your analysis of what not so for instance in colorado they are still a lot of people that are using synthetic nap and went and what not because unless they are specifically tested for employers and when i wanna catch the fact that the employees here is a
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commune in the second round so is this why did it so difficult to regulate them it's part of the tracing and that they can change the molecular structure they can change this but find it so quickly is that with every difficulty regulating its compound at preventing another part of it is that on line to on marijuana for instance or cocaine or there are field test kits on the field test kits for anything like this they have to go through a chemical analysis back in a lab which takes weeks in order to be able to accomplish before they can say ok this is the legal and then go back to arrest the person by the time that morning change the chemical molecular structure so that we will again so it's really big tents like or what goes on and really interesting part about all this is that the money. add egg and the chemical are coming from china and the money is said to go to place it in the least liked him and like leaven on like jordan and like syria. i just plow shocking seventy business as usual goes on as science speed it up and away from our freshman. very scary artic responded make him up and
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thinking that's my thinking a bill intended to reform the nsa surveillance program parents in the house judiciary committee today to lawmakers spent the afternoon revising the bell down to something they can all agree on. usa freedom act passed thirty one to zero making it the first surveillance bill to clear committee sent faxes a hill with more. i knew the house judiciary committee lawmakers hammered out the final details of the usa freedom act. one of many proposals working their way through congress to reform them said. the usa freedom act was the preferred choice for civil libertarians. when sal passing out of the committee and a much different form than when it was introduced in the committee that's because a manager's amendment was adopted. that essentially gutted the bill and replace it with the new language regarding whole collection back door searches transparency and buys a court performance. and in many ways this new language we use many of the reforms first laid out in the original usa freedom act. for one it brought in
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some recall records can be collected by the government from the telecoms by codified due to proper role. also water chalet which preventing a save from conducting back door searches of americans treated patients. its massive foreign intelligence databases. an effort by congressman still offering to restore the prohibition of back door searches was rejected by the committee. as was her attempt to raise the bar by which the government to compel third parties to hand over data reporting probable cause before requesting records that was rejected too this new and usa freedom act also use requirements on the government to hand over data showing how many people are subject to surveillance that could further complicate oversight efforts. but some transparency measures were restored. when an amendment by congresswoman del being too loud tech companies to disclose information about government requests for data was adopted by the committee sweet usa freedom act now we're out of committee in search of a showdown with the competing at this a
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reform bill. the schedule the past and the house intelligence committee tomorrow. the building has been criticized as a giveaway to the intelligence community with usa freedom act thoroughly watered down today these two reform bills now look more alike than ever before. some dimension of defenders of them as they please and civil libertarians feeling ignored. on capitol hill in washington d c said stocks are too. may her to find rows but having heard playing trucks. say hello to the new multi copped are named the black knights transformer developed with funding from the us military it's designed to carry supplies and a hostile environment a actually injured soldiers from the battlefield is also capable of flying at much higher altitudes and discount with payloads of more than four thousand pounds after landing it folds up its propellers and transformed it into a supply truck to navigate over rough terrain the club and the intense
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part can be attached to a bolt hole making it private commissions on land and seek surrogate if you find yourself in a no man's land somewhere in you might see the black knight buzzing over to pick you up pronounce speaking of military spending by the pentagon to forget the next instalment our special series tomorrow nothing has been done in this complex by the military this is quite rightly in historical terms. berlin airlift in reverse. port has won seven of the bottom of the ship. i got caught you're talking really billions of dollars to boot billions of dollars worth of at what point is to portugal doctor working for us. now its effects. i i i i i i was
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spring. the protesters and demonstrated self organizing the right thing. against injustice in the arab world wondering if i can never wait we got to the injustice going on in its own borders to me that they have to remove free from our own to
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radical federal government well now that the group is trying to make that happen planng a ptestn than whinith a wheelie ambitious goal to overt t u government entirely the group would actually cause without operation americans for me. the head to dc and fifteen that i can lock. there until president obama and other top officials resign. i have retired army colonel being carried by me that movie's big hero for the demands of mild but ultimately he wants to begin at the constitutional restoration of the resignation of leadership he's hoping the protest book i've read this i can get the bow out this is the loser of the us military it's how i ninety. natalie is that the crooks in office when he called just flat out alot leh i have between one point two
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one point eight million people are mobilizing to fly to washington on the eighth of march. that's probably a stretch for ahile because most americans are still to come tumbling down. they had the tv if the opponent. she closed the entire day. so this does lead to the fact that the country and their future. if the wind right out from under them. our politicians bankers and corporations are all only detail that comes my way in their never ending quest for more million. somemore the americans are bound to get more and more accountable in fact that i have had the activism of the grass roots movement in the nba does the lake from america and are starting to wait at the tender cornbread future if your ideal weight and angry and sin that leads had an operation american friends when i only had twenty fourteen that. for
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information on how to get enough. it might not be as huge as the colonel wanted to be just now. we know americans trying to come talk about that i bothering me and for their ads with it ch. we need. i think what i'm after. we didn't want to just like yesterday. now this is what's done is genocide. the tree line. for
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some eight hundred thousand you will know who will . i know. once at the witness on this edition of nice line in fifth or staining eighth and captain comanche and tokyo. a top official with in vietnam's maritime police has been found to protect the country's sovereignty in the south china sea the matter once the comments by the police's deputy chief fallen series of collisions last week and a parasol islands involves several chinese ships and the enemy's maritime police vessels


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