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tv   Newsline  PBS  July 24, 2014 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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>> welcome to "newsline." a passenger plane tried to land at an airport in taiwan has crashed. it got caught up in the tail end of a typhoon. 47 people were killed. 11 others were hurt. the turbo-prop plane took off from a city in the south with 58 people on board. it ran into stormy wealther.
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>> the plane got caught in bad weather, so the crew tried to make an emergency landing at a village near the airport. >> people across the netherlands have stopped to listen to the tolling of church bells. the dutch government has declared a national day of mourning for the killed the bodies were flown to the southern city of eindhoven and met by the prime minister mark rutte and the coun queen.
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met by the prime minister mark rutte and the countr queen. dutch government officials say they'll lead the int of the crash. but analysts say it remains >> dutch leaders say it will take a few more days for all the bodies to arrive in the country.
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two ukrainian fighter jets have been shot down in eastern ukraine. it occurred near whe malaysia air plane was br experts say the late may hamper the investigation into last . a spokesperson for the ukrainian military says pro-russian rebels shot down two jets. the aircraft were fired on near where malaysia airlines flight 17 was brought down. the area is controlled by pro-russian rebels. the jets were return base after a military operation. the pilots managed to eject from the planes bef. >> ministry spokesperson made the offer in a state he wrote that people on board the malaysia airlines plane fell victim to the civil war. he said the government refuses to listen to reason and rejects any proposals for a cease fire. he says the truth is critical to save the lives of children, women and the elderly. he said it would create the
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conditions for a thorough investigation into the tragedy. >> the israeli military has expanded its ground effects in the gaza strip. they've moved troops into an urban area in southern gaza following a fierce offensive in the north. more than 680 residents have been killed. israeli military leaders are aiming to destroy cross-border tunnels used by hamas militants to infiltrate their side. they say rocket launchers are also concentrated in the area. the troops are f resistance from hamas militants. u.s. secretary of state john kerry has arrived in tel aviv for talks with israe minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president mahmoud abbas. kerry and u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon are trying to broker a truce with the cooperation of leaders from egypt and other countries. the crisis in gaza is worsening, and many people are in need of medical care, including children.
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that's according to a doctor from msf. nhk world's jun yatsumoto has more. respect of the life to civilians, including children, should be a foremost consideration. not may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity. 29 council members voted in favor. the u.s. delegation voted against. 17 members, including several european countries and japan abstained. council members condemned. members of the security council are calling for an immediate cease fire.
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japan's trade balance is in the negative again. yi uchida joins us again. >> catherine, officials at the finance ministry have just released the latest trade data for june. it marks the 24th straight month of deficits and the gap widened for the first time in three months. officials just announced the preliminary trade figures showing a deficit of about $8.1 billion. the monthly trade balance has been in the red suns july, 2012. exports fell 2% in yen terms from a year earlier. imports rose 8.4%. let's see how investors are reacting. >> good morning, yi. yes, indeed, those trade balance numbers coming a little bit below market expecta and it looks like markets have pretty much slugged them off.
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investors will be focuses on a lot of corporate earnings, maybe shifting away their attention from the recent gee owe political events. let's look at how the markets are opening this morning, thursday, july 24th. a bit of a mixed picture there. barely in the positive and the broader topics just in the negative. now, the nikkei did end lower and the dollar yen is really stuck in a bit of a tight range given the lingering of concerns in the gaza and ukraine. now, that said, some foz positives can be taken from some of the corporate earnings out of the use. that will be a big focus on the
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share prices of this morning and early of reporting after the markets closed. a lot of attention of major exports here. a lot of analysts want to see if the major policies are fittering through. one of the key steps in prime minister's abe's policies have been weakening through the yen. >> speaking of exporters, ramin, currency level is always a focus here. particularly of dollar yen. where's the pair trading now? >> exactly. let's have a look at that key pairing right now. 101.53-55. i can tell you later today that the u.s. is going to be the weakly jobless claims data. that may be a bit of a guide. now, the euro fell to its lowest level against the dollar. so far, on wednesday, all eyes are going to be on the pmi data across euro zone.
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other major currencies, i have to say, here, the reserve bank of new zealand occurs to a five-year high. the bank also said that the level of the new zealand dollars unjustified. and there's potential for a significant fall as a cue and promptly sold the currency which felt a six-week low this morning. i'll also track factory data, flash data, that is. later this morning, we'll see how that affects japanese shares and asian indexes. that's all from me. >> we'll touch bass with you in a few hours. raminmelingard there. wendy cutler says conditions are right for completing talks with japan on a free trade act. >> and the most difficult issues are generally dealt with at the final stages.
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we feel confident that there was a shared commitment. >> american and japanese negotiators made some progress last week on pork tariffs. they discussed implementing safeguards which would allow the japanese to raise tariffs temporarily. cutler said talks on agricultural tariffs resume early next month in washington. i'll have more business headlines for you next hour. for now, i'll leave you with a check on markets.
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>> police in shanghai have had a scare over food safety. employees accused of selling expired meat to mechanic donlds, kfc and other chains. a tv station exposed the scandal on sunday. it recorded that workers re-packaged old beef and chicken. police say it was part of an organized effort.
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people have avoided a default and kaunled fears about instablt spreading through the market. executives at the road and bridge group faced a bond payment of tens of billions of dollars and they managed to raise enough money at the last minute. nhk reports. it's businesses include coal mining, roads and bridges and
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the contraction for the housing markts. $65 million at 7.3% interest. but the price of coal dropped sharply and the st domestic sales dealt the company's bottom line. the repayment deadline was wednesday. employees arrived at the head office this morning. but inside they say it doesn't feel like an ordinary day. >> translator: i like working here, so i'm worried about what will happen to our company. >> reporter: the company admitted there was a possibility of default on july 16th, a week before the bond was due to mature. it announced to the shanghai clearinghouse that it was not sure if it c including the principa this sparked concern about the strength of defaults. the local government realized that this would have a huge effect on the local economy. analysts say that the firm managed to avoid default on wednesday because it received
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aid from local government. the local government realized that this would have a huge effect on the local economy. analysts say that the firm managed to avoid default on wednesday because it received aid from local government. >> i think that shanxi provincial government just want to rescue the company because they want to overcome the problem of unemployment. the unemployment importance is very serious, just damage the stability of the society. >> reporter: continuing to bail out companies to avoid defaults poses a moral hazard to the economy. the chinese premier li keqiang noted in march that he would allow a certain number of
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defaults to go ahead. >> translator: it's unavoidable that some financial instruments are going to suffer defaults. the government needs to strengthen its monitoring and avoid systemic financial risks. >> reporter: the expert says it's more important for the government to change the market system to stabilize the nation's economy. >> the problem here is not how to rescue one company. the problem is how to reform the institution and the system to reform a market structure. >> reporter: more companies may default, causing concern about the economy, which will surely lead to financial instability. the government faces a difficult future as it works out whether it can stabilize the financial system while controlling defaults.
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daisuke azuma, nhk world. populous. prosperous. pushing ahead. china's rise brought it wealth, power, and problems. an income gap divides its people. pollution threatens their health. and differences over territory strain relations with its neighbors. find out the challenges china faces on "newsline." joko widodo has been named indonesia's next president. the can-do-style leader has vowed to boost the economy, the largest in southeast asia.
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but his rival is not ready to give up. patchari raksawong in bangkok is following the story. >> joko's opponent prabowo subianto alleges voting fraud and plans to officially challenge the result. the election was the closest in the country's history and has left a deep political rift in its wake. nhk world's fransiska renatta reports from jakarta. >> reporter: the election results were announced tuesday evening. the following morning, this newsstand in jakarta was filled with headlines expressing hope for joko's management of the country. >> translator: i think joko is a good man for the job.
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ahead in polls in the final phase of the campaign. many politicians, bureaucrats and wealthy families support prabowo. they don't want to lose their vested interests. >> translator: this is a vic for all indo we should forget who came first or who came second. let's unite once again. >> reporter: even if the constitutional court acknowledge fraud, the finding would not overturn the election result. among the challenges when joko takes office in october will be how to resolve the political
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rift that has only grown wider following the election. fransiska renatta, nhk world, jakarta. officials with japan's environment ministry a to save some tiny creatu they are worried about insects indigenous to islands that have been named a natural world heritage sight. lizards are driving the th the au to try to protect them. >> reporter: there are s species that are unique to these islands that it has been called the ga lap gous of they evolved into an ecosystem
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through the ages. there are almost 600 species of animals and plants here that can't be found anywhere else in the world. snails are a striking example. a few varieties that arrived in the islands adapted to the local conditions and hav over 100 species the original ecosystem has been preserved on a small uninhabited island close to the main islands. this man works for the ministry of the environment. its his job to project the nature here. burt he is face gs a formidable enemy. green lizards are gobbling up the indigenous insects. they arrived in the 1960s and spread on the two main islands. there are thought to be several million of them now. they have had a catastrophic impact. then in march last year, they were sighted for the first time here. this island's ecosystem has been untouched up to now. they are doing all they can to
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keep it that way. these red boxes are lizard traps. more than 40,000 have been installed here. the reptiles get stuck on strong adhesive sheets. some 8,000 are being caught this way. but there are many more left on the island. another device the team is trying is a special fence to confine the lizards in specific areas. >> translator: we place a smooth sheet here so they slip down. then they are unable to climb back up. every small delay increases the risk of lizards spreading. so we're working as fast as we can. >> reporter: those measures are
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still not enough. the lizards are being spread through the air. these buzzards that feed on them carry them alive to their nests. some escape and go on to breed. >> translator: if we don't do something, they will spread and damage the island's natural heritage. we need to do whatever we can to prevent that. >> reporter: with victory against the lizards far from assured, the heritage is at a critical phas time for a check of the weather. good morning. we reported a bit earlier on the storm that hit taiwan. what's the latest? >> good morning. the storm that hit taiwan could have been the impact for the plane crash is now over towards southern china. it has done its damage. we have a video coming from
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taiwan to show you the conditions there. residents are still recovering today following typhoon matmo on wednesday. the storm is being blamed for at least one death on main land taiwan. it brought down trees and electric lines in eastern taiwan causing over 30,000 homes to go dark. nearly 2,000 people rr ee vac amented ahead of the storm. the storm swept through southwest china, no casu reported there. it is located over s china heading it will be decreasing intensit becoming a tropical depressi but still packing gusts of 90 kilometers. not too fast so the rain will accumulate. not only the stormy conditions but also the impact with the real heavy staggering amounts of rainfall. we had 550 millimeters of rainfall from the system in and around eastern taiwan. it's likely to impact southern locations. this area has been accumulated and the land is very well
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soaked. any additional amount of rainfall could cause mudslides and further landslides. the western areas of the philippines will be impacted with this torrents of rainfall due to the monsoonal flow being active. across japan, the topic is one of it being the rain across, heavy rain warning in place in the morning. more towards the heat in the western and central locations. heat advisories are posted. yesterday it was really hot. kyoto 35. this is the first time it hit 35 this summer. tokyo saw temperatures rising in the low 30s. this is likely to continue throughout the weekend. tokyo into the weekend all the way through from 35 and 34. it's going to be really difficult for us to have a really good night sleep. try to have your ac on at night and drink plenty of water to avoid heatstroke. it's surging a lot of that moisture from this typhoon.
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this area is looking at real heat as well and a seasonal front is being active. so they will see 120 millimeters of rainfall and also they will see more heavy rain. that system from the storm will be in and around shanghai bringing wet weather. 33 with wet weather and forecast on your thursday and lots of these locations looking at mid to low 30s. a quick look here in europe. this is another area where heat is the huge topic. look at oslo. these are coming from our friend from nhk world. people are trying to cool down in fountains. they are getting out in the sun trying to get a tan. remember, these locations, people don't own ac in their houses. this doesn't get that hot.
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high pressure dominates the north and the temperatures will be on the high note. oslo, 36 for you on your friday. i will leave you now for your extended forecast.
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that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us.
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today's ""asian voices"" comes to you from tokyo. our guest this time is japanese-american actor, george takei. now 77, he is still at the top of his game as a performer. takei rose to stardom in the '60s as the helmsman, mr. sulu, on the popular tv series, "star trek." during world war ii, tai


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