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tv   European Journal  PBS  September 20, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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corners of this fascinating continent to bring you some of the most colorful and urgent stories. here is what we have for you in this edition. priests exploited seasonal workers for asia. if france, why young europeans fight for islamist -- for islamist principles paid and germany where buying a sausage can get you into trouble. in many european countries seasonal workers are the weakest link in the chain of prosperity.
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they generally worked long hours under grueling conditions for little more than a pittance. those who do not have legal documents usually don't dare complain for fear of being deported. seasonal agricultural workers who worked on greek citations after being not paid for months, they stood up for their rights and demanded their wages at last. their european employers replied with gunfire created our reporter met some of the workers who say they have lost all illusions of europe because they are treated like slaves here. >> these immigrants have come to greece illegally. a farmer will stop at this corner and hire them to work in his fields. is 530 in the morning. >> we get two euros an hour but less is paid out.
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if we complain the boss says there are enough others to replace us. , a pickup truck rushes past them in the darkness. then another approaches. when a driver discovers the camera he turns around. hiring illegal immigrants is technically forbidden. disappointed, the men go their way. today they will not be getting any work. we drive out to the fields. the strawberry season is over. now potatoes are being harvested. only can he prevent it from destroying the camera.
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a district court trial demonstrated drastically how illegal immigrants are being exploited. more than 20 strawberry pickers were shot and wounded on a large farm this year. they complain because they had not been paid for six months. some still had shot pellets in their bodies. them and these people owe about 200 of us more than 150,000 euros. we want our money and we wanted justice. in the summer we slave away in green houses and temperatures up to 60 degrees celsius. >> two men were convicted of aggravated assault. the foreman were quitted. hundreds of illegal immigrants -- foreman was acquitted.
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the financial crisis has caused many greeks their jobs. of the hard work in the fields is left to migrants from asia. in the evening they set up a few market stores at the edge of the village. they sell familiar foods and wear gloves. they have to buy those themselves. a great pension air from a garden next door shouts, we need these people. they should stay. they are expected to live intense outside the village. nearly 100 men have made their homes under these sheets of plastic. he has been living illegally increase for five years. >> this is where we wash and back there are the latrines. >> they get nothing to eat at the farms. they have to make do for themselves. but they say it is still better
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than where they come from. >> we cannot go back to bangladesh. we do not have enough food or work there. here we have enough to survive. >> the hope of illegal migrants rest on this man. he was born in syria. he is the first immigrant to become a mayor in greece. he is a well respected citizen and completely integrated into ociety. he is different from the seasonal workers in bangladesh. >> i will take care of these people. one of my first official acts would be to set of the counseling center in the town hall for migrants. i suppose -- i expect support
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from the bungalow -- the industry. they can bring their complaints to this office. we also want to offer language courses. their living conditions have to improve. >> there is one thing they will not get in this town hall, documents giving them legal status. greece is called a halt to immigration after all their hard work. -- to immigration. after all their hard work -- >> we have no papers. we get picked up by the police all the time. the farmers think they do not have to pay us. because we live here illegally we have to run -- we have to live with no electricity or running water. , the immigrants in the fields will remain subject to the arbitrariness of their employers. >> over to an alarming trend. the number of young europeans
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who decided to become fighters for jihadist causes are on the rise. eventually they are sent off to fight in countries like syria. it is estimated thousands of young europeans have made the trip already. 700 of them from france alone. our reporter met you one young man -- met one young man who had second thoughts and managed to escape. he is unable to show his face because he is still in hiding. >> a young french man converted to islam years ago. he said it was not an easy decision and his search for truth let him down some wrong roads. >> in the moderate mosques they told me to approach it calmly and take my time. i am idealistic. a world is often unjust and i wanted to move forward faster.
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i started looking on the internet. one website leads to a next, so i ended up on the extremist pages ends -- pages and got on this bad trip. >> few people are willing to admit they had contact with extremist circles. the internet is the meeting place. one of the people on it is the islam agitator in france. >> more than 1.5 billion people -- we are a very special group. the chosen ones. they are like the foam on the sea. >> his rants have led seven hundred young people -- 700 young people to take part in a jihad a war in syria. most them come from atheistic families. jihadist c use the same method.
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on the internet they show young people shocking images that paint than that paint the western world aswestern world a. >> people are convinced there is a huge conspiracy among the jews, financial industry, and america. they develop paranoia and see evil everywhere. >> half a year ago his son killed himself in a suicide bombing. his mother is in shock. she regards him as the victim of an unscrupulous network. a text message arrived. >> i did not even receive his body. i want to go back to syria and bring back a handful of the soil in which he is buried. at least then i would have something enabling me to mourn him.
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>> these type papers are active in many european countries. -- these tight pipers are active in many european countries. the french government commissioned the sociologist to train officers to expose the perpetrators methods. since then she receives threats from islamists and is under police protection pit of her job entails passing on information to parents as well as investigators. >> they forbid people to eat western food and they give them a long list of foods to avoid. they tell them to throw away their parents out call and perfume, to tear any curtains bearing pictures and to not listen to music. >> this manipulation is used to isolate the people.
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mediators with airline tickets to syria contact them when they soften up. up once the young people have reached this point it is almost impossible for them to change course. >> the girls often go to syria believing they will be doing humanitarian work there. then they worry it -- then they learn about people being slaughtered. they never get over the shock. >> once they arrive most of these young people are already lost. the mother gave up on trying to persuade him to leave for the islamist group. her son had its -- her son was already living in another world. >> i was lost. i was all alone. >> an old friend showed them he was no longer thinking for himself. he managed to leave the sect that wrote man when he was still
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in france, just in time. >> i realized that my radical views were not worthy of any religion. neither islam nor judaism nor christianity. ultimately my islamic faith rescued me. the koran says the -- koran says seek peace within yourself. >> now he wants to serve in the struggle against jihad. brown bears, wolves, and lynxes, most large predators are confined to zoos. some can still be found in south eastern europe deep in the heart of romanians kapadia and mountains. the range is home to one of the
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largest untouched forests. it is an ecological treasure on a continent that has been populated for thousands of years now. who knows how much longer the woods will be there. blogging is a lucrative business in one of the poorest countries in the european union. authorities often turn a blind eye to illegal activities. >> some of the last reigning forests are to be found in romanians carpathian mountains, but not much longer. intensive logging is underway. trees more than a century old are technically protected by law. the legal operations are destroying the virgin forest green -- forest. he inspects the mountains natural park.
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>> here on site we can clearly verify that it was caused by logging. >> deforestation? >> exactly. it will take 100 years before anything like the primeval forest grows back there. >> the deforestation continues. it's an area twice as big as greater london. the older trees are sought after because of their hardwood and their size. >> 20, 30, 40, 50, 60. over 100 years. >> a steady stream of lumber trucks rolls by. it has become the biggest supplier of timber.
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european countries have been producing 100,000 cuban meters of timber. the bucharest headquarters has many of its products made in romania. the international forest stewardship council monitors logging operations but only a small percentage of them. >> only 12% of the supply from romania is certified. there's is another 8% that is controlled. m a 80% of the process has no seal. it is no secret that logging is rampant. he has some hard-hitting criticism of the authorities. he can personally testify to the
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deforestation of an entire mountain ridge. >> at the time it was my duty to report to the police. they were in cahoots with the timber thieves. the police were never able to catch the guilty parties. they must have had some incentive to sit on their hands. the only way we can get anywhere his act on our own. acting on their own became dangerous. we had to arm ourselves with rifles and pistols. the thieves carried arms. we were out to bring down their operation. under pressure from criminal gangs he had to quit his job as a forrester but he is still working to save the forest.
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her young romanian colleague has an idea how powerful the games -- powerful the gains can be. >> we have very inefficient cost procedures. they show that for over 8000 cases. they find a way to enter the political lifeline. then they are working with some relationship. when corruption entered the political level it is more related with the financing political parties.
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>> the big companies are not interested in the conditions of the country. >> it is a question of confidence and respect for your own business partners. it is also a question of having the right resources. we have specialists that deal precisely with that. >> in satellite images intensive logging was going on in this area. suddenly a vehicle appears, carrying 24 street officials. they demand to see a permit to film. our team produces one from the agricultural ministry in bucharest. they say that is not enough. we are not allowed to shoot here.
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we ignore them and after an hour they give up. images like this are not appreciated. the shepherd reveals that right in the middle of the national park illegal logging is underway on a message scale. >> this all used to be forest. the destruction of the forest has far-reaching consequences area -- consequences. the water runs off into the valleys much faster. there is no vegetation to serve as a buffer and we see devastating effects in the villages where whole streets and houses are destroyed. >> and intact natural
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environment is a moneymaker. they carry nature and vintage railroad rubbers on tracks into the mountains. it is a showcase environmental project that has had generous support from the european union and the u.n.. >> you can make up the valley we are traveling from very quickly in the satellite images. the deforestation is happening in the neighboring valleys. >> just a few kilometers away trains carry timber to the milstein night. just to the mills day and night. -- to the mills day and night. they canceled interviews that had already been arranged. europe's last primeval forest keeps on trying -- keeps on
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shrinking. >> it is true that german bureaucracy at times helps promote that myth. our next report is about a typically german concept that will win you a lot of points in scrabble. it means the german motorway. individual regulations help to ensure that all there is maintained of the country's highways -- but on one motorway in the state that law has been causing quite a bit of confusion. >> this is where people take a turn for the worst. it is on the exit of the out upon 89. the rest. has a unique -- the rest area has a unique ordering system.
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>> to bratwursts -- two bratwursts. >> in 2009 the walker family. restaurant here. it came with the fenced -- with the fence but at first the authorities took a blind eye to the sausage business. now things are about to change. >> it is a violation to sell over the fence to. >> it is the a normal service area. drum is allowed in german rest areas. peddling sausages is now punishable with a fine of 2000 euros. brahma rocked worst, one.
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-- >> brought worst, one. >> a driver would have to drive connector 4.7 kilometers. that is six minutes on local roads. today this is a normal country diner. it started out in 19 36 as germany's first ut of bounds service area. at that time brought worst -- brought first -- bratwurst cost just $0.06. >> only people from the west were allowed in here. not from the east. >> even after a reification eastern germans are still virtually locked out. -- reunification, eastern germans are still virtually
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locked out. >> there are plenty of other things like this. they treat us like monkeys anyway. they say we used to be caged and so we shouldn't have any problem eating behind a fence either. >> the authorities have consistently turned out any applications for permits. there will be no exceptions now or in the future. >> they need a concession and they cannot get one. frank and bert -- the regulation specs of eyes -- specifies service areas. everything else is inadmissible. >> they're brought worst is cheaper than what the big chains offer.
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-- their bratwurst is cheaper than what the big chains offer. >> it is time to break the filling station monopoly. ok how expensive everything -- look at however -- at how expensive everything is. >> demand is high for the reasonably priced brought worst -- priced bratwurst. >> one with milk and sugar. lots of sugar. >> selling milk and sugar is also prohibited. forbidden fruit is the spice of life. >> that report wraps up this addition of european journal. for me and the whole crew here, thank you very much for washing. -- for watching. bye for now. captioned by the national captioning institute
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i would like to thank him for inspiring me. >> i just respect for the first japanese guy ever in the u.s. finals. kei nishikori is the first japanese man to reach a grand slams final. i.t. is it. bangladesh growing its future in technology and its young


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