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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 13, 2014 12:00am-12:31am PST

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-- captions by vitac -- welcome to "newsline." it's thursday, november 13th. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. the world health organization released an update on the ebola epidemic in west african countries and some other parts of the globe. it says the disease has claimed the lives of more than 5,000 people. the w.h.o. says 14,098 people have been infected with the virus or are suspected to have been infected so far. of them, 5,160 people have died. the report shows the number of new cases is decreasing in the hardest hit nations of liberia and guinea where the outbreak
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began, but the disease is further spreading in sierra leone. meanwhile, mali, the latest west african nation to be hit by ebola has confirmed but cases, bringing the total death toll to four. the trend prompted the w.h.o. to call on the international community for more aid. officials at the football governing body of africa have made an unusual decision. they will find another country to host the 2015 african cup after morocco refused to cover the event over fears of ebola. the tournament is scheduled between january 17th and february 8th of next year. moroccan officials asked the event be postponed for six months out of concern for ebola. staff at the confederation of african football refused the request. they said the delay would affect sponsors and players. the staff decided to disqualify them from the games and agreed to find another country that will commit to the current schedule.
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several countries have come forward to replace morocco. they'll decide on a new host within a few days. scientists with the european space agency have done something no one has ever done before. they've landed a spacecraft on a speeding comet. >> we are sitting on the surface. philae is talking to us. more data to come. [ cheers and applause ] >> the unmanned space probe rosetta was launched ten years ago. it was carrying a comet lander, philae. the craft traveled over 6.5 billion kilometers before it caught up with the comet 67-p in august. rosetta released the lander on wednesday. about seven hours later it touched down on the comet. the lander will gather and analyze samples from the comet's surface. scientists believe 67-p contains substances from the time the solar system came into existence more than 4.5 billion years ago. samples taken from the comet's surface could provide clues to the origin of comets, as well as
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the solar system and water and life on earth. managers at japanese companieses are reinvesting in businesseses. machinery orderses ru are up fo fourth straight month. we have more from the business desk. ai? they are buying new equipment, taking profits and putting them back into their companies. officials at the cabinet office say managers in september placed orders worth $7.2 billion. that's up 2.9% in yen terms from august. the numbers don't include orders for ships and from power utilities because they fluctuate too much. orders from manufacturers were up 12%, those from non-manufacturers rose 1.7%. those numbers came many much stronger than most analystses expected. they were forecasting a contraction but stock investors' initial reaction, not so
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positive. the benchmark nikkei opened lower, now trading in the positive by a touch. many are taking profits from the recent strong rallieses. let's take a look at currencieses. the dollar is moving in a narrow range against the yen. many traders are avoiding major moves waiting for japan's economic growth data due monday. the euro is trading lowerment factory output in the euro zone was lower than the market consensus. let's check on oh other marketses in the asia-pacific region. the opening of south korea's stock market was delayed due to university entrance cams. the kospi is in positive territory, up by a fifth of a percent. in australia, the pench mark index is lower by half a percent. financial regulators say six mayor banks in europe and the u.s. rigged a key foreign exchange market.
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the banks face fines totaling $4.3 billion. the banks are accused of manipulating a key benchmark on the london exchange, they include citibank of the u.s. and hsbc of britain. authorities in europe and the u.s. say that the irregularities took place from january 2008 to october 2013. major global banks were fined for manipulating the london interbank offered rate known as libor. time is money especially when talking about an ultra rare time piece, a vintage pocket watch fetched a record price at auction. [ applause ] >> congratulations. >> the watch went under the hammer in geneva. an anonymous buyer paid $24 million for it. that's a record for a time piece. back in the 1920s, a new york bankerer askeded a luxury watch
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maker to make the most complex watch in the world. the swiss firm took eight years to craft the time piece. it's seven centimeters in indictment, weighs 530 grams. it has 900 parts. the watch showses more than the time of day. it displays the date, the phases of the moon and when the sun riseses and sets. at the center of the dial for the starry night sky over new york. that's the latest in business for this hour. i will leave you with a check on markets.
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every morning investors turn our attention to asia. the tokyo market leads it is way. marketses around the world follow. >> from the decisions that could change the course of an economy. >> companieses at the forefront of change. >> up to the minute market repor reports. >> analysis from specialistses from around the world. >> get the latest business news every day here on "newsline."
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leaders of the soes association of southeast asia nations agreed to stick to diplomacy on disputes. they have gathered with other countrieses in myanmar and they are sitting down for a series of key summit meetings. the country's capital is under tight security. myanmar is the chair nation for the first time since it joineded in 1997. territorial disputes were a focus on wednesday. four member states, the philippines, vietnam, malaysia and brunai have competing claims to the south china sea . china says it has the right to control almost all of it. the asean leaders agreed to accelerate negotiations for a legally binding code of conduct with officials in beijing. shinzo abe stressed the importance of the rule of law over dispute miss the sea. he made the comment in a meeting with ashane leaderer leaderer.
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he said the territorial disputes are something countries in the region have in common. he asked the member nations to work with japan to resolve issues of north korea's nuclear and missile development as well as its abductions of japanese nationals. abe announced a plan to help train some 700 people in asean countries in order to improve maritime safety. the program would stand over the next three years. the leaders welcomed abe's proposals. they say they support the idea of japan playing a role in the political and security affairs of the region and helping maintain security. they adopted a joint statement calling for strength in cooperation against acts of terrorism and cross-border crime. prime minister abe says japan is ready to help with the development of myanmar and pledged more than $200 million in yen loans to help the country
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develop its industrial infrastructure. abe announced the deal in a meeting with myanmar's president thein sein. the loans will be used to build infrastructure in a special economic zone. a portion of the money will be invested in improving the country's power distribution network. abe said japan will support efforts to achieve reconciliation between myanmar's government and ethnic minorities. abe asked that myanmar cooperate in recovering remains of japanese who died in the country during world war ii. the president said his country will do all it can to cooperate from a humanitarian standpoint. demonstrators in hong kong remain defiant in the streets calling for democratic election reforms. they've been occupying the roads in three areas of hong kong. since late september. now the chief executive has suggested tearing down the barricades in line with the court order banning the occupations. hong kong high court judge earlier issued an order banning
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the occupation of certain areas including roads and entertainment districts. this came after bus and taxi operators lodged a complaint. on monday the judge went one step further and authorized police to arrest anyone who tried to obstruct the removal of barricades. li yn told reporters in beijing that police are responsible for enforcing the order. >> translator: it's clear that police will remove obstacles on the roads following the court order. >> he did not disclose when police will take action. media outlets report it's expected to happen soon. the court order does not include the street in front of the government office where the protesters are based. there are concerns that protesters could clash with police if they start dismantling the barricades. the leaders of the united states and china talked face-to-face in beijing. they discussed a wide range of issues. from emissions cuts to human
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rights issues. nhk world's takafumi tadui reports from beijing. ♪ >> reporter: u.s. president barack obama held talks with his chinese counterpart xi jinping in beijing on wednesday. obama was in the city to attend the asia-pacific economic cooperation forum. the talks were the fourth between the two leaders since xi took office. xi is eager to make china a world power equal to the u.s., so a meeting with obama is a golden opportunity for him to impress the world. on tuesday night, footage was released not only of the two leaders holding discussions, but also strolling side by side. in total they met for ten hours. obama has just suffered a
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crushing defeat in the mid term elections so for obama, too, this was a good opportunity to show his leadership and his influence. following the meeting the two leaders emphasized the cooperatn the two countries. >> translator: we should hold more dialogues to discuss issues facing the asia pacific region rather than trying to deny each other. >> the united states welcomes the continuing rise of the china that is peaceful, prosperous and stable and it plays a responsible role in the world. >> reporter: the two leaders also announced their targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. china and the u.s. are the world's largest polluters. by announcing their targets together they apparently wanted
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to show the world that they are willing to play a role in solving issues facing the international community. but it was not all harmonious. they were divided over china's increasing presence in the east and south china seas, and continued protesting in hong kong, calling for democratic elections. >> we are going to consistently speak out on the right of people to express themselves and encourage that the elections that take place in hong kong are transparent and fair. >> translator: it's illegal to occupy the streets in hong kong. what's going on there is solely a domestic issue, no foreign countries should meddle. >> reporter: the ten hours xi spent with the u.s. president is about the same amount of time he spent at all apex meetings and other events, but of course,
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more time than that is needed for the two leaders to overcome their differences. takafumi terui, nhk world, beijing. concerns over opium is growing over security as most of the multinational forces are scheduled to leave the war-torn country by the end of the yearment the u.n. office on drugs and crime unveiled the annual afghanistan opium survey in kabul on thursday. poppy cultivation expanded to 224,000 hectares in the southern and western provinces. the figure marks a rise of 7% from the year before. it is estimated increased cultivation will produce 6,400
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tonses e es of opium or 17% mon 2013. afghanistan's minister for counter narcotics blamed the confusion caused by the drawn out presidential election for the outcome. he said security forces were too busy with the election to crack down on poppy cultivation. people have long seen the kimono as an icon of japanese fashion and culture. one man is calling on artisans to design a garment for each of the 196 nations in time for the 2020 olympic games in tokyo. here's more. dozens of people in tokyo turn out for this exhibition of kimono.
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what they saw was a collection of designs inspired by culture and history of other countries. these pieces represent south africa, lithuania, brazil and qatar. ♪ he produced a show. his goal is to pass a kimono culture to many generations. many are old and will start retiring in a few years without handing down their know-how to younger people. >> translator: i think it is urgent we do something now otherwise we will lose this culture. >> reporter: he wanted to give veteran kimono makers a chance to show off their skills. he hopes the exhibition will inspire people to continue. he offers financial help to
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young people who are learning the craft. he invited the best kimono makers from around japan to join him. more than 50 agreed to contribute. this is the kimono dedicated for lithuania. the motives come from the world heritage church nearby the baltic sea. this sash is weaved by one of the most established textile makers near tokyo. among those who joined the project. he agreed to design a kimono garment for south africa. he specializes in a process that involves -- he is famous for skillful depiction of flowers. he applies several shades of purple to create flowers. for a very short time each year south africa's highland desert
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becomes fields of flowers. he dedicated an image of the scene to the spirit of the late president nelson mandela. he used a variety of techniques to achieve a sense of depth and dimension in the scene which includes the national flower. >> translator: i'm so moved. i have never seen a show like this. it was wonderful. i'm very satisfied with my work. >> reporter: the south african garment appeared at the beginning of the show. embassy officials were among those who watched the show. [ applause ] people loved it. >> this captures the beauty of south africa. the protea, our national flower.
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this is our sakura. >> translator: we are all different but by presenting all 196 kimonos together in harmony i want to set a message of world unity. >> reporter: he says he is just getting started. he has a long way to go to revitalize the profile of kimono before the world gathers in tokyo in 2020. nhk world, tokyo. members of an external panel appointed by a japanese newspaper found fault with a controversial articlement they say a front page story about the accident at the fukushima nuclear plant contained serious errors. editors ran an exclusive report in may based on the testimony from former plant chief. they took comments from interviews he gave in the months
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after the accident. the report said 90% of workers at the plant defieded orders as the crisis was unfolding and fled to a plant ten kilometers away. government officials released the full transcript of the interviews showing he came to believe going to the other plant was the right thing to do. editors retracted the report. they said it included mistakes and they set up an investigative panel. panel members released the results of the review on the website on wednesday. they said the report lacked impartiality and was inaccurate. they also said the paper's retraction was an appropriate response. editors released a statement saying they feel grave responsibility for making such serious errors. they apologized to the staff of the fukushima plant and the public. japanese weather researcherses say people in the country are seeing more rain and they say the reason is global warming.
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the research shows the maximum hourly rainfall has intensified in the past 35 years. they analyzed the rainfall across japan between 1978 and 2013. annual rain tends to intensify when both water and air temperatures are high. meteorological institute experts say last year's average was 0.3 degrees celsius above the norm. the maximum hourly rainfall was about 16% higher than the average. they went further into the past records. they found that 19 downpours had more than 80 millimeters of rain per hour in each of the past five years, that's 1.5 times higher than the average figure for the same period more than three decades ago. experts say over the long term temperatures in the areas surrounding japan will rise making the country more susceptible to heavy downpours. warning the warmer climate may
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prompt more intense rain resulting in potential disasters. people in colorado are seeing something different. temperature there is are plummeting. here's more in world weather. >> the temperatures are plummeting and we are seeing unseasonable snowfall. it's piling up here in boulder. some people experienced summer into winter in a few hours. people in boulder, colorado, winter was in full swing and after an intense cold front plowed across colorado it looked like this. denver's high reached only minus 9 degrees making it the lowest high on record for that date since 1916. in the boulder area, weather observers reported up to seven centimeters of snowfall as of wednesday evening. today residents are putting on snow boots and digging out after the early season snowstorm.
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it looks like snow will be continuing across the area up to 15 centimeters will be piling up across the pacific northwest. that's likely to pull into denver. take a look at this. this is what we saw on tuesday and wednesday. the high reached only minus 9 degrees. this is for a comparisonment this is what good image i can give you. in alaska, the high was 8 degrees. quite a story here. the temperatures, when it dips down, wind chill factors becomes about minus 30. that's likely to continue today. this weather is dangerous. wind chill advisorieses are in effect. there could be dangerous wind chills of about minus 30. hypothermia may occur if precautions aren't taken. wear a hat and gloves if you venture outdoors. this is like to happen again and we are likely to see 15
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centimeters of additional pile open up and 15 kilometers per hour gusts. toward the northwest gusts up to 97 kilometers per hour and 13 centimeters of additional snowfall in the higher elevations as well. more snow in ontario. about 50 centimeters. that's likely to pull away. behind that, colder air will bel coming from the north. new york, d.c. you are likely to see the dramatic drop in temperatures to shift towards that area. we are looking at these temperatures, but these are the highs. for the lows, look at the this. minus 22 is the actual low temperature in your overnight hours in denverment that combined with a strong gust, you are likely to see the wind chill factor down to 30 degrees. watch for that. here across japan, this is a typical winter pressure pattern. we are seeing rough weather in hokaido and northern locations down to kinazawa near the sea of japan. meanwhile we are experiencing radiational cooling.
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all the traffic disservices are happening because of this image coming out early this morning. this is due to cold winds from the northwest blowing over the warmer surface. that made this beautiful picture. certainly from above it looks very nice and incredible. but on the ground, traffic disservices are happening as we speak. toward the sea of oh japan side this is what's happening now. hokaido with gusts up to 120 kilometers per hour. that's likely to continue as the snow piles up to 40 centimeters. these are the highs for across the eastern continental asia. i leave you now for the extended forecast.
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that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. do stay with us. we'll be back with more at the top of the hour.
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today's asian voices comes to you from china. a focus is on the software industry. can it become a mainstay of the chinese economy? nu soft corporation is one of the newest software companies in china and has 80 offices worldwide. it offers a wide range of services from car navigation systems to software for cell phones to health care services in rural


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