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tv   Journal  PBS  November 24, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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world news. good to have you with us. them a welcome to the program. here is what is coming up. president barack obama announced the rancid -- the resignation of secretary chuck hagel. we had to washington to find out why he is leaving. >> iran's nuclear program has been extended. iranian world powers say they need more time. >> and a swiss museum will be the home for hundreds of artworks, even some suspected of being stolen by the not cease. -- by the nazis. ♪ >> president barack obama has
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announced the departure of u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel. the former republican senator has been in the job for less than two years. , he has chosen to oversee a shift for a peacetime military. with new challenges include using -- new challenges include using -- including the rise of an islamic state -- >> he joined obama the white house to confirm his departure. >> the white house is painting the resignation as a mutual decision. president obama had nothing but praise for the defense secretary , who has seen the americans pullout from afghanistan, as well as rick -- as well as internal reforms. >> he is the first enlisted combat veteran to serve in that position. he understands men and women like few others because he stood
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where they stood. he has been in the dirt and in the mud. 14 of years he has been an exemplary defense secretary. >> why now? u.s. media is suspecting hackel was forced out and obama wants to shake things up. henkel serves at the pleasure of the president. >> it is a team effort. that is the part of the front of it. >> hagel continue at the pentagon until a new secretary defend -- secretary of defense is in place. >> richard, we heard there is a lot of speculation.
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what is the back story on all of this? >> john -- josh earnest has been briefing the press about this. there is one expression he used. he said chuck hagel, "has been the right person for the job." it is hard to come away feeling that the application is he isn't the right job -- right person for the job anymore. it is not the same one that chuck hagel took on just teed of years ago. he started out with the responsibilities to oversee the winding down in afghanistan and internal reforms in the military. he was ideally suited to that because he was a veteran who understood the needs of those serving in the military. now with the islamic state on the rampage, with all of the
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strategic tensions in eastern europe, that job has become very to friend. the implication is the white house thinks that chuck hagel is no longer the right man for the job. >> it seems like the white house doesn't want somebody else. in terms of getting that through it is not going to be easy. >> whoever they pick to take on this job and a number of names are being floated around that person will have to be confirmed in the congress. the balance of power has changed in congress since those midterm elections we heard about. the senate is now controlled by the republican party. the incoming of the all-important armed services committee in the senate is john, perhaps obama's strongest critic
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on all things national security. he will have to face som>> than. >> plenty of positive signals in international talks with vienna. >> u.s. secretary of state john kerry mirrored that sentiment saying that real and substantial progress was also made. he called on american lawmakers not to impose their sanctions on tehran. >> wrapping up this talks, iran and six major powers has decided to extend them into june 30 of next year. >> one after another they departed. it was already clear this morning that the permanent members of the un security
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council would not achieve a breakthrough. but most were reasonably optimistic. >> progress has been made area that is why we also said we have to use the momentum that has been created here in vienna. we need to keep it up from today onwards in an equally consistent way in the coming days and weeks. >> western officials say they will now try to secure a political agreement by march. they do since a deadline for reaching a consensus. over the number of centrifuges, ira -- for instance, the number of center fuchsias iran can keep in operation. they want who use their uranium
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enrichment way and a clear way. iran says its nuclear program is on a peaceful purposes. another sticking point is tehran 's demand that the west rapidly remove economic sanctions gainst it. the west wants to lift them gradually. officials say a new round of negotiations will begin next month. >> what has been the sentiment among negotiators? let's go live to vienna. what is the thinking they're? could be see a deal next year? >> what was very interesting to witness was healthy ministers were emphasizing the good nature the progress had been made and even new ideas had been put to the table.
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those ideas actually had technical implications. that is the reason they had to extend the talks. of however -- however we'd have no idea what those ideas may be. i think the sentiments can be summed up by what john kerry said. he said the talks will not get easier with time and there are certainly no points in talking. it was not time to walk away. >> what are the possible risks in extending these talks? what is the possible downside? >> there are definitely risks involved. we will see the u.s. congress that is completely dominated by republicans.
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they are generally much more critical than any torrents of concession. they even impose new sanctions that lead iran to walk away. it is also fueling accusations from israel. negotiators here obviously thought that the chances of reaching a new comer hands of agreement outweighed all the risks. >> still a long way to go. and vienna, thank you very much. >> the two front-runners are heading for a front for a -- for a runoff in december. in the lead with about 43% of the vote, that is still short of
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the 50% needed for an outright win. a likely face-off against the interim president months of -- interim president. georgia has condemned russia's treaty with the big way -- the breakaway region. >> vladimir putin signed a strategic partnership agreement, which puts moscow in control of foreign policy, and economy. they will remain stationed on the border with georgia. they broke away with georgia following a civil war, a conflict which displaced a quarter of a million people. a number of u.s. media outlets are reporting a grand jury decision will be released today guarding last december's deadly shooting of a teenager. >> that is coming in. the incident sparked mass to writing, looting, protest. more violence is feared if the
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grand jury decides not to prosecute the police officer. >> this baptist church in ferguson is praying for peace and bracing for the grand jury's decision. some schools have extended their thanksgiving holidays. the church plans to take in the children. >> we will bring all the children into this room. when they come in the front door they get registered. we will have teachers already here. then they will have other projects. >> eric caves outside the building. there are fears of fresh violence. there are also fears justice
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will not be done. these performance artists put nooses around their neck's, a reminder of the historical lynching of thousands of americans by white mobs. damon davis says he has no faith in the justice system. michael brown was said to have embraced both hands when -- braced both hands when the officer shot him. don't shoot has become a rallying cry against police brutality. >> different races, different ages, we show people they are not alone out here. budget people stand together. >> as the weight gets longer, most people are hoping to see their town get through this together. >> change of pace.
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heading into space is always a challenge. >> they had two long make to with tepid instant coffee. the international space station has got its first zero gravity coffee machine. >> it was a textbook launch as the spaceship lifted off from the cosmodrome. less than six hours later the ship docked at the international space station. the first female astronaut and american astronaut terry. chris to ferretti is only the second woman ever to take part on one of the stations long-term missions. she entered companions. nearly half a kilo of caviar and an espresso machine. >> the concept of this machine
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-- it was experiment to by nasa, who was interested in getting this machine and keeping this machine for a long time. >> the especially designed space espresso machine is dubbed ies spresso. it is meant to work at the same temperature and pressure as an espresso maker. residents of the iss will savor morning espresso while they enjoy a view that is truly out of this world. >> noun to the depths of the ocean. oceanographers from britain, the united states, and australia have created the first 3-d map of the underside of antarctic ice. >> the team used an underwater robot to measure the thickness of the ice by skinning from below. we are going to take a short break and we will be right back. >> we will see you in a minute.
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>> a swiss museum has accepted a collection of priceless paintings. >> the art museum said it thought long and hard about whether they exited the disputed collection. it is estimated to be worth about one billion euros. >> the paintings are whether to remain -- are to remain in germany until authorities can confirm whether or not they have been stolen from jewish owners. >> announcement came, a collection will be heading to switzerland. the decision was anything but easy for the foundation committee. and in no way didn't bring about any feelings of triumph. out of over 1000 paintings,
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hundreds are suspected of having been looted by the nazis. a task forces establishing which paintings were stolen. the plan is to return them to the heirs of their original owners. he imported the collection from his father, a nazi art dealer. he signed an agreement with germany's government to return any looted art. one month later he died, leaving the collection. generally no works that prove to be by the nazis come to the museum. the guido could be complicated further i and inheritance claim made by one of bir -- by one of his cousins. >> we are confident the last will of cornelius, which refers to the are museum, -- they have
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been examined. whether that is the case remains to be seen. what remains is the determination to return any stolen paintings to the families of their original owners. >> we are joined by journalists catherine higley. we surprised by the situation? >> i wasn't. it had been widely reported before hand. the museum decided six months to take what were not it would accept. it was a total surprise. it was obviously a mixed blessing. they had to think about how they were going to deal with a tainted collection. they took the time and said today that they had considered saying no. >> how about this lawsuit? whatsoever he percussions cannot have?
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>> it is hard to assess that at the moment. his cousin says he was not capable of making a will when he did it, he was not in a fit state of mind and he suffered from various dilutions prayed he believed the non-seas were trying to get to him at get his treasure. there will doubtless be council reports that are completely sane. who knows what the end result will be. kami we expect an avalanche of lawsuits now? >> that is what the jewish congress has warned about. they think that is an unlikely scenario. the museum is willing to return all the artworks in the shouldn't be any reason for that to go to court. there might be cases where as they come out of the work -- out of they come out -- as the come out of the woodwork it could lead to legal cases.
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the german government has said it will cover any legal costs that arise from this legacy. >> people do say they have claim for this artwork. what sort of scenario are they looking at? >> there are three families who say they will get them back. they filed the claim with the task force. the task force evaluated the claim. one is david teran, who waited 70 years for his great uncles painting pit he has to wait in other six months while this is in a legal limbo. we hope it happens as quickly as possible and as smoothly as possible. he is 89. >> we will be watching that story. catherine higley wrote a book about the collection expert.
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>> a surprising turn for the better. according to a closely watched survey -- >> after some gloomy forecast, the institute says business confidence has risen in germany. it came to that conclusion after surveying several thousand business leaders. >> german companies are optimistic about the coming months paid germany's most important business survey, the ifo index, shows business confidence is still low. the decline has stopped. of one possible reason for the increase in confidence is surely the weaker euro. the industry is anticipating and ended -- an increase in exports. >> lower oil prices is also contributed to the more stable economy. economic growth in germany remained shaky. a lot depends on the coming months. in the run-up tohristmas, increased consumer demand could
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give a crucial boost to the economy. it needs to go to 2015 diff sustaining economic recovery. -- the 15 to sustain an economic recovery. >> we have a look at the stock market reaction in frankfurt. >> the eco-index has taken -- the ifo index is taken very seriously. 7000 copies are polled. the shared prices shot up on news from munich and they continue to be high throughout the day. at some point it was even over 9800 points. the backup behind that is people are hoping this is not just a one-off event that the mood of the situation of the german economy will now improve. interestingly some are thinking the market is a little bit hot.
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it is at over 1000 points. >> let's get a look at the spectacular numbers. it was more than half a percent higher extending recent games. the stocks also got a bump. the dow jones industrial average come a little changed on the day. as for the dollars, currently trending higher. one euro nets you $1.24. >> what should a better future look like and how do we get there? >> the future has been delivered . thousands of hours by people who are passionate about making our planet a better place. >> thousands of german's summit at suggestions on how their country could create a better world. the book includes a mandate for
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the chancellor, who admitted that several millennium development goals have yet to be achieved. >> we will not be able to achieve our goals regarding the health of mothers and their fight against infinite mortality -- against infant mortality. we still have to strive for this goal even after 2015. >> the charter is the result of six months of war. scientists, church representatives, organizations, and people from different countries contracted to the project. -- can treated to the project. -- country beat it to the project. efforts to fight hunger, implement fair working conditions, and sustainable economic development. germany wants to promote organic farming and developing countries, which could also play a key role in improving opportunities for women.
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but there were no binding targets. >> it is a responsibility. we have a global conscience today in the world community where international commitments are being respected better than they did in the past. >> the authors hope germany can convince the international community sue support their ideas for new developmental targets in the coming years. >> hamburg has moved up out of the relegation zone after defeating their north german rival. >> the goals were a long time coming. they gave hamburg a desperately needed boost. hamburg's coach, players, and fan so great after beating their archrival and picking up three valuable points needed in the relegation zone. feel a fireworks were briefly the visitor section of the stands. both sides waged a hard-fought battle but lacked precision.
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and he made some costly mistakes. in the 84th minute a substitute took advantage of a defensive mistake and slotted the ball home he received help from a defender who headed into the danger zone. bremen captain was shown a second yellow card, reducing his side to 10 men. his effort hits the post. the blunder sealed hamburg's 2-0 victory. >> and coach -- has resigned after their loss on sunday. >> a 53-year-old said it was a hard decision to make but it was the right one for the club. the game against alex berg was a
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bitter pill for the coach. an unjustified red card and a questionable penalty for handball in the box. currently at the bottom of the table in the league. that's all we have time for. recapping our top story, white house has announced the resignation of u.s. defense secretary john -- secretary chuck hagel. >> satan for complete analysis here on dw. -- stay tuned for complete analysis here on dw. ♪
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♪ >> hello and welcome to "focus on europe." we're showing you what is going on across the continent and the personal stories behind the headlines. i'm damien mcguinness. thanks very much for joining us. on today's program -- the belgians who want to tackle islamic extremism. ukrainians who want to join russia. and the french who want their own, rather small, kingdom. the conflict in the middle east are having an impact on the europe in many ways. one of them being that young european muslims are being recruited to gond


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