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tv   Journal  PBS  February 9, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> welcome to the journal coming to you live from berlin. no lethal u.s. weapons for the ukraine. that is the word from president obama as he discussed the conflict with the german chancellor. and james franco tells us how he came to make a film about an and gay man who rejects his homosexuality. -- an ex-gay man that rejects his homosexuality. welcome to the show. president obama and angela merkel have made a show of unity on the ukraine. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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>> president obama said for now there will be no lethal aid for key have -- for kiev. >> they will be joining chocks -- talks with the ukrainian ministers to de-escalate the conflict. >> sanctions against russia were taking their toll and exerting pressure on president vladimir putin. he suggested there were others that can see the damage being done to the russian economy. ukraine could never defeat russia militarily, even with american help. he stuck to his guns on keeping open the option of sending military aid. >> one of those options are being examined. >> and then, they went to see russian president vladimir putin to try to get them to talk pace
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-- to talk peace. she is looking forward to the meeting with france hollande. we have to put all her efforts into a diplomatic effort to solve the situation. she is still devoted to seeking a diplomatic solution to the conflict but said the principal of territorial integrity is crucial in europe. she said that no matter what obama might decide to do, the most important message to send to russia was the united states of the u.s. and europe. >> richard walker has been following the press conference. richard, what is your take? have both sides agreed to disagree on weapons for the ukraine? >> you can certainly see it that way but obama was at pains to say that he hasn't made a decision.
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and it probably would've been wrong to expect that. it would've been rather strange for him to stand right next to on the low merkel just as she is preparing to head to minsk for talks with vladimir putin and jump the gun and send things in. what he did say very clearly is that his people were considering it and said some of the arguments that he would make if he took such a step saying that these would purely be defensive weapons and not some kind of attempt to provide them. the report primarily trying to put on a show of unity. >> the president reminded everyone that the option very much does remain on the table.
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>> there is certainly plenty on the agenda today. greece was one issue. it is some sort of action that will shut down the risk of greece leaving the eurozone. but for now it was a press conference and a day of meetings primarily looking at the ukraine. and for the differences we do have it does appear to be a decisive moment in that crisis. >> talks expected later this week in minsk. we're happy to have with us from the german council of foreign relations. first off, what about the deep differences over the ukraine?
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what is behind that. >> the ukraine is a bit detached from america. one of the would be powers america cannot be relaxed about the ukraine pit they are problem solvers. they want to apply that measure even if it is military. we would rather have a stable somewhat frozen condition. >> chancellor merkel is having a constructive rolled up late?
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>> it is accepted she is the political heavyweight in europe. it is accepted that europe has some leverages in terms of economic ties and interdependence with russia that can be brought into play. they talk to each other very often. she is in the forefront with this discussion. america has pressed a bit in one agreement that merkel supported stronger sanctions. i think a read in this press conference a bit, that germany has been urged by the americans to do so again. >> germany has categorically been against american plans to
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possibly supply ukraine with weapons. do you think it will continue to be the case? >> i think she will not change her mind quickly because the argument is strong and germans mines but putin can put on new weapons to the secessionists if you like. he is more willing to escalate this conflict. this is what merkel sees and this is why she sees it as a last chance attempts to win putin for a peace agreement. weapons now would be a problem. >> it is a move to de-escalate. thanks so much for being with us. >> the european union foreign ministers are giving diplomacy another chance. postponing more sanctions on russia and the ukrainian separatist.
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>> they have also been displaying unity on not supplying kiev with any lethal aid saying the sanctions we have been talking about need to begin more time to work. >> holding back in hopes of a breakthrough. hoping to keep pressure on russia they give the peace plans a chance. that means no new sanctions. at least not right now. >> in principle, the sanctions are still in place. how they are implemented will depend on the situation on the ground. >> eu states are hoping towards brokering up progress with cease-fire. otherwise it will go into effect early next week. >> we will be able to see if there will be another meeting in minsk. there will have been talks and we will be able to see by next monday if a potential cease-fire
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has been agreed upon and is being respected. >> the ministers want to put an end to fighting in the ukraine. most a clear -- agree they will not agree to sending weapons to the region. >> arms sales are not the answer. >> some are still skeptical the talks will take place at all. >> i hope the outstanding issues can be clarified step-by-step. we are doing everything to ensure this conversation which has been hoped for by many will actually take place and bring us towards defusing the conflict. >> they think they have played their part today. they will make clear if they will have to apply new sanctions.
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the question of individual member states will come up for discussion again. >> nigeria's decision to postpone presidential elections has been drawing criticism at both home and abroad. officials claim they need more time to fight book boko haram. >> the islamist group has been waging an increasingly brutal insurgency. they have failed to stop the militants advance. our reporters found one soldier that was. they made some damning accusations. there are checkpoints every few hundred meters. we have to film in secret. members are unwilling to explain why they have been unable to
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stop the advance of book boko haram. one soldier agrees to speak with us. but we agree to protect his anonymity. he could be jailed or executed. government troops are poorly equipped against book boko haram . >> carrying a browning machine gun, a heavy antiaircraft weapon. you can't compare. you can't withstand the fire. >> book boko haram boasts about its military superiority. numerous videos show officers being humiliated in front of the camera and beheaded. our informant tells us one was greatly wounded during a fight and has not yet undergone surgery.
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>> imagine somebody shot him. there has been no time to operate on him. what kind of country are we running? >> the soldiers are disillusioned and afraid. the informant claims most of the budget disappears into their pockets. the generals are profiting from the conflict. >> the nigerian army is not ready to fight. they are still organizing. it is making them richer than anybody in the country and none of the children are affected. >> week attempted -- we attempted to confront them. >> the military leadership blamed the media for campaigning against him when the issue of corruption within the army was discussed.
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>> all interview requests were declined. >> he considers informant allegations to be plausible. everyone is aware of corruption in the military. >> you cannot persecute someone when it is the duty of the offense. >> they continue to enjoy a life of luxury in the capital. the fight against book boko haram is little more than an empty promise. >> they will continue to follow the story. cheating the tax man. why hsbc is mired in a huge controversy over its swiss banking operation. >> our correspondent gives us the scoop on what to watch.
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>> welcome back. arms dealers, drug traffickers international outlaws. that is what the client is accused of protecting. >> that large list comes from a huge cache of files over the weekend. it shows a just be using switzerland's very secretive banking system to help its wealthiest clients in a number of countries dodge millions in taxes. >> they made their british trade minister in 2010 under special scrutiny. >> now add in the open, including the identities of its customers.
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the international consortium of investigative journalist obtained files on more than 100,000 clients in their accounts. the reporters spent months evaluating new material. for example, the cousin of the syrian dictator bashar al-assad who is under sanctions for corruption. >> it is unacceptable and with the help of swiss banks. >> venezuela, u.s., and france
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follow. they denied he customers were evading taxes and says it completely changes the way it operates. >> the statistics office released a final talley of export figures for 2014. traders in frankfurt were listening up. >> they argue well for the future. the economic engine for the eurozone.
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also for all the big industrial shares. not only here in frankfurt there are big worries over greece. after the note to austerity they worried they may go bankrupt. it is resurfacing here in the financial markets. a very -- very big worry for the people here. >> in germany the dax did close down more than 1.5%. they took a somewhat smaller head. over in new york, the dow is
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currently down as well by more than .5%. it is climbing slightly against the dollar. >> we have been reporting on the press conference and one of the other issues was the controversial free-trade agreement between the u.s. and the eu. >> they say it lacks transparency. >> one of the small business owners is a cheese maker in canada. they say the european tree -- free-trade agreement would mean that people like her would have to shut their doors. >> a cheese maker in the small town. her cheeses popular and has won
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awards. she is worried about the future of her company. >> the cheese maker and farmer from europe, they receive lots of subsidized. we received nothing for our government. >> their own government has let them down. shoppers in quebec maybe patriotic but he is still worried. >> i hope people will buy cheese from quebec.
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it is hard. >> a country that programs industrial robots. they have high hopes. the engineer is in charge of the international contracts. >> to meet european standards it's a significant cross. if we can get to the point. >> one of this thinking goes the rest of the world sooner or later will adopt them. he is urging politicians to sign off on the treaty.
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>> the most important thing is for this bill to go forward and for this to be put in place. it's what going to help us grow the business not only here in north america, but also in europe. its import and for the growth in the future of our company. >> it will have to be patient. the treaty has been negotiated but is still meeting ratification by the parliaments of all eu members. >> the legendary film festival is well underway with dozens of entries competing for the coveted golden bear. let's go to the red carpet for an update from sarah who joins us. you have been at a number of screenings today. >> this morning, we saw the
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debut. michael glass was a gay-rights activist and editor of a magazine for lgbt youth who then converted the fundamentalist christianity and began attacking the very movements he once spearheaded. this is a true story. it is played by james franco. his lover is played by zachary quinto and demerol the play's woman that he eventually marries. and the triumph of this film is that it gives a very evenhanded treatment to what is, on the surface, and incredibly controversial subject. the so-called conversion therapy of gay people. my colleague had a chance to sit down with james franco and talk about some of the challenges this story poseses >> gus van zandt wrote to me and
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said i think it would make a good movie and i did not understand how. i thought, people are going to be like, what? that's not what i expect -- is this a pro-gay to straight kind of film? what is this? once justin got on board and it will search i think it will only work if it is balanced. it shows everything the character did but does it in such a way that he is not vilified.
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they can still engage with him every step of the way even if he is doing things that i don't necessarily agree with. if we are able to go all the way through with him and not be completely repelled, it will allow us to examine these issues of identity. >> there has been a number of screenings today. what do you think of it? >> we saw a competition film as we were dreaming. this is a take on the novel by clements meyer who is very popular here in germany. it tells the story of four young boys in east germany in the early 90's after the fall of the berlin wall.
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they are struggling to adapt stealing cars, getting into fights with right-wing hooligans. the film owes a lot to movies like this is england or trainspotting. it feels like a cheap german version. i wasn't impressed and i don't think international audiences will be either. >> will have to see if that is true. sarah harmon at the red carpet. thank you for joining us.
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>> hello and welcome to focus on europe. thanks so much for joining us. we've got a great show lined up for you today taking all the main themes are europeans are
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talking about. belgium's fight against extremism integrating muslims. germany's anti-islam much is ruining the image. charlie chap plan's home in switzerland opening up for visitors. but first to belgium where three men have just been arrested suspected of having links to islamist militants. reportedly they provide more jihadist fighters to syria than any oth
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