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tv   DW News  PBS  July 31, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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africa's epidemic to an end. medical trials have shown a remarkable 100% success rate in combating the deadly disease. the world health organization calling it a game changer. also coming up, the palestinian baby kild in an arson attack is laid to rest in a west tank and jewish settlers are now the suspects. we will get the latest. beijing becomes the first city
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to stage both the summer and winter olympic games, but not everyone is chairing. -- is cheering. thank you for joining us. it is a breakthrough in the fight against ebola. preliminary results of a vaccine trial are more than promising. scientists have combined the ebola virus with a much safer virus, allowing them -- allowing the immune system to protect itself against the disease. within 11,000 people have died since late 2013. worst hit by the west african nations of guinea. 2520 people dead. sierra leone with nearly 4000. liberia worst hit with over
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5000. many of those lives could have been saved. >> across west africa over the past year and a half as epidemic devastated entire communities. the crisis has. a vaccine trial underway in guinea has had an astonishing success rate. >> the data so far is -- and the trial is going on. the data shows none of the 2014 persons vaccinated developed the ebola virus disease 10 days after vaccination.
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>> there is still no proven cure. the outbreak that began in late 23rd 18 -- in late 2013 claimed thousands of lives. >> if proven effective this is going to be a game changer. it'll change the management of the current ebola outbreak and future outbreaks. >> the vaccine is being tested in liberia and sierra leone. next would be the approval of regulators, that could still be months away. anchor: we going to pull in our correspondent. you just heard the head of that of uso say this is a game changer, if this vaccine does what we hope it does. are we talking about ebola being eradicated totally from west africa?
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adrian: we could see a drop in the number of new ebola cases over the last month and weeks. in the week of two junot death of to july 26 really had four new ebola cases. betty hope the vaccine has the potential to help fight the disease and eradicated in this area. we are curing off. we can still see how the vaccine gets it these countries. this vaccine can really help. more than 11,000 people died during this outbreak.
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anchor: how confident are you that the people who need the vaccine are going to get at? adrian: everybody is excited to see if it will be made available to them. everyone still remembers the day exactly one years ago when the diplomats traveled from liberia to nigeria. the authorities reacted very well. there was a huge awareness campaign. people are excited to see how this will continue. >> thank you very much. the palestinian president is calling it a warm -- calling it a war crime.
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and 18 your -- 18-month-old child burned to death. correspondent in jerusalem is standing. but first this report. reporter: hundreds gather for the toddlers funeral. there were scenes of sadness and anger as some called for retribution. the attack caused simmering tensions to boil over as hundreds of protesters clashed with israeli security forces. the house where the toddler lived was torched while the family was still sleeping. the attackers held firebombs inside the building. neighbors managed to save one child, but they couldn't reach the bedroom where the toddler slept.
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such crimes are nothing new. afterwards the israeli army always comes to the village and promises solutions, peace, and security. nothing ever changes. soldiers from the israeli defense force to the family and for treatment. israel's government was to blame for the tragedy. it is a war crime and a crime against humanity. we will not sit silent as long as the occupation exists. the office of henchmen netanyahu condemned the attack and vowed justice. >> it is unacceptable. we have defined it as terrorism. he will fight terrorism, we will defeat terrorism, we will bring
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the perpetrators of this atrocity to justice. >> police believe price tagged attacks are being carried out by militant jewish settlers in response to the settlement policies of the israeli government. the attack comes days after israel demolished tw structures and he evicted dozens from another. anchor: our correspondent is live on the line in jerusalem. we heard this described as a price tag attack. tell us more about what is behind that term. >> was radical settlers do torch churches.
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sometimes it goes against military vehicles. against illegal settlement activity. most of the time you've see those hate graffiti's and slogans. basically it implies anything against settlements, there is a price to pay. >> the israeli government has taken the unusual step of condemning this attack is terrorism. is there here that this attack could spark a new wave of palestinian israeli violence? >> these acts are acts of terror. condemning this attack from israeli of the shoals.
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it might have a backlash. it difficult to predict. during a protest across the west bank. it was not in such large numbers. they seem more than just strong condemnations. most palestinians would say there are strata by the fact. anchor: thank you very much. wreckage believed to be from the missing malaysia airlines plane is being flown into france for analysis. the part of an air lane wing
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washed up on the beach on wednesday. investigators will determine if this flight and made 70, which vanished in march of last year with 239 people on board. >> at the airport, final preparations in the search for answers. french police loading wooden crate possibly containing the first physical traces of the missing airliner. the piece of wreckage was found washed up on the island. project was believed to have crashed nearly 18 months ago. in that time of parents could have carried across the indian ocean. the beach cleanup crew that recover the wreckage say they made anoth tantaling discovery. >> this morning found this bottle.
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it was one meter into the degree where the wing was found. the bottle intrigues me because it says jakarta, indonesia. we don't have products from jakarta here. it could be a link to the missing plane. the wing and assorted other debris is on its way to france, where it will be analyzed in a miliry laboratory. results are expected by the end of the week. >> britain has offered chinese artists a full six months these are to visit the u.k.. it will attend -- he will attend a london exhibition of his work in september.
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our correspondent is on the story for us in london. good evening to you. a swift change of position by the u.k.. what is behind it? are they being magnanimous here or is there some humble pie to be eaten? >> the house secretary is amazed she hadn't been informed of the decision and only now had taken over this case personally. some speculate it is unlikely because it is such a hyper i'll case and the officer had to clarify with the british embassy in beijing. it is a tiny the embarrassment for the british authorities. >> how is germany's decision being reported in britain? >> in britain the relations
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between china and britain are defined by traits. just with regards to the u.k. and chinese relations. britain is the main country for chinese investment, even when the chinese doherty shows that prime minister cameron -- even then the investment was growing. possibly having this artist here , just before the chinese premier is coming for a state visit in october. this could have been a difficult time for british and chinese relations. anchor: some people think it is more than just a coincidence that it was set to run out just before the chinese president was to arrive.
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>> the bigs edition is in september. the visit that was granted to him originally was only 20 days long. he would have been able to come just in september for 20 days in order to attend the opening. he would have been here for -- >> a special report with an economic angle.
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anchor: good to have you back. the answer to ebola, a new vaccine could bring west africa's epidemic to an end. medical trials have shown a remarkable 100% success rate so far. and condemnation in the west bank. a palestinian child burned to death in an arson attack. jewish settlers are now the suspect.
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we are going to be talking about spain and -- we're going to do that with ben. >> look at the lenders now, whole bunch of them have pushed surprising searches in profit. >> one of spain's biggest banks and once the symbol of the country's economic crash. only three years ago -- more than half of what all spanish banks received in total. you have the banks posting profits. the banks are also managing to sell off a lot of their toxic assets. after spain's construction set -- construction sector collapsed in 2008, bad bounce shot up.
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they were forced to balance the debt with capital reserves. now that they are selling off the debt my cash is freedom to read the business. they have not yet repaid their debts. spain is making headway along with other debt stricken european countries. >> the area that is starting to turn the corner and we have more upbeat forecast that we had in a long time. there are countries that have graduated from the program's. spain with respect to the banking center. >> spain has to convert its economic recovery into real jobs for people. the country has the second-highest unemployment rate in europe.
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>> crude prices continue to fall and the corporate fallout is pretty awful. two companies reported sharply lower earnings. motorists aren't complaining. >> a tank of gas is cheap these days with exxon mobil. that is good news for motorists. low returns at the pump are the only reasons for its court is this software profits fall from $8 billion last year to only 2 billion this year. exxon mobil was the most valuable company in the world by market capitalize asian. it is still struggling with production revenues. the world's number three chevron has been hit hard. british oil company shell and bp
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have reported a drop in profits of 37 and 64% respectively. even though the oil giants are making money, they are all responding the same to the crisis. that is because the industry expects prices to remain low for a long time to come. >> there is bubbling under kenya's river valley. a huge drill it is having into a more sustainable energy source. geothermal energy only accounts for 17.5% of kenya's energy mix. when that happens diesel powered generators kick in.
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there are major economic consequences with the power going out all the time and electricity costing up to six times more in kenya and a lot fixing to that is where geothermal sources could help. kenya's president wants to make his nation a global leader in renewable energy sources. we asked a correspondent were kenya stands right now. >> it is successful to all the countries where the rift valley is. it's huge amount of energy there. djibouti could do it. they did not been six countries have the potential to tap into this power. kenya is leading the pack with regard to wind energy. it is going to be the largest wind energy farm on the continent, which is going to be
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in kenya. >> with these huge projects and huge amounts of money, are we going to see economies change? >> we talk power and education at if you don't have power at home you cannot study. you don't have access to the internet. it does drive certain industries and drives them seriously. generating employment, giving people spending capacity, and then that cycle bolsters the entire economy. >> it is all about making it sustainable. let's return to our loyal study
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-- our oil story. lots of ways out with big losses. what is the market reaction? >> big losses for all the oil companies. the profit is down about 50%. about a sixth of what it was last year. very interesting reaction. both stocks down 5%. that is only surprising because it was not really unexpected what would happen to those companies. we know those profits are directly tied to the oil price. not a big surprise in the number. still among the really big losers today. >> any surprises as far as the effect on the u.s. economy?
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>> it is an interesting question. consumers can still buy a cheaper gas. an old sector is a huge -- when they run out of money and make these losses and they have to start cutting costs, that has a direct impact on the investments. >> huge financial implications. >> have a good weekend. beijing is the international olympic committee's picked host the 2022 games create a they
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beat -- 2022 summer olympic games. >> beijing may have made history by hosting both summer and winter games. not everybody is happy with the decision. >> open your eyes. >> the decision through criticism from around the world. at the ioc headquarters in switzerland, these human rights activists voiced their outrage. >> we are devastated. beijing winning the olympic games sends the wrong message to the wrong people at the wrong time. >> activist's point to china's history of human rights violations and save the games will only worsen the situation. ahead of the 2008 olympics in beijing human righs watch documented forced evictions without compensation, migrant labor abuses, crushing of civil
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society and arrests of activists, and journalists being threatened and intimidated. the ioc should not want to see a replay of these egregious human rights violations. ioc president thinks differently, calling china a safe choice that can deliver based on their experience hosting the 2008 summer games. existing stadiums like stadiums -- like beijing's birds that -- beijing's first nest will be used. the beijing bid committee says sports and politics should be kept separate. for them at least the decision is a cause for celebration. anchor: a reminder of our top stories right now. a new ebola vaccine has a remarkable 100% success rate in combating the deadly virus.
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that trial in west africa. the world health organization says could be a game changer. a palestinian toddler is dead after an arson attack in the west bank via jewish settlers are accused of starting the blaze. israel has condemned it as an act of terrorism. you are watching dw news live from berlin. join me again at a top of the hour. thanks for the company. i will see you again very soon.
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