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tv   DW News  PBS  August 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] brent: this is dw news live from berlin. couple on high alert. multiple bomb blasts rocked the afghan capital. taliban claim responsibility for one attack on the city's police academy. at least 20 people were killed in that blast alone. in bangladesh, a mob hacks another activist to death with machetes. the fourth to be killed this year. and beating the heat. germany sees record temperatures and people across the country make the most of a hot summer day.
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i'm terry martin. thanks for joining us. coble has been shaken by a series of devastating bomb attacks. they struck in area north of the city's airport. it gunfire was also reported. the tell a ban claimed responsibility for an attack a few hours earlier. -- the taliban claimed responsibility for an attack a few hours earlier. a suicide bomber detonated an attack outside the police academy. a truck bombing killed 15 and wounded 240. a massive blast left a crater in the ground. let's get the latest now from kabul. our correspondent is standing
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by. what is the situation? >> the situation is still unclear in regards to the last attack. the gunfire has ceased and it seems like a car bomb detonated in the area north of kabul airport. we do not know the target or the casualties. the neighborhood is home to several u.s. -- they say there were close to 35 killed. terry: the taliban and has claimed responsibility for at least one of them. what are they trying to achieve? >> it's a good question. they are trying to show unity within the movement. as some of you might remember last week, one of the taliban
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leaders was pronounced dead and there has been disarray. this can both be assigned to government security forces that the taliban and is still able to do great damage. they can also be assigned foot soldiers. there is a power struggle going on within the taliban. terry: the president had been pursuing some peace efforts, at least some peace efforts with the taliban and. where does this leave those? >> we don't know yet. for now, the reconciler to -- reconciliation talks were supposed to take place on friday. they will probably wait in till
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the taliban and around a new leader. -- until the taliban and have a consensus around a new leader. so i think until we get a clear idea of who the taliban leader is, [indiscernible] but the president has proven in the past to seek reconciliation. terry: thank you very much. there for us in coupkabul. we apologize for the quality of our skype connection. we had to west africa where another terrorist attack is still ongoing. government troops have surrounded a hotel that was stormed by armed gunmen.
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government officials say at least eight people have been killed in the standoff. it includes attackers and government forces. the suspected islamists first assaulted the hotel and moved on to another nearby. in bangladesh, another secular blogger has been murdered by suspected extremists. it is the latest attempt by vigilantes to silence a dissenting voice. authorities in bangladesh have sometimes been accused of ignoring attacks on critical journalists. >> he was the fourth secular blogger to be killed in bangladesh this year. known under his blogger name, he was hacked to death by a machete wielding man in his own home.
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his wife was unharmed after the attack. they have been critical of fundamental religious movements including speaking out against islamists. an al-qaeda linked group claimed responsibility in a statement online. he was slaughtered. there are several marks of a sharp weapon on his throat and neck. all of our specialized units have been involved. we will try to find the people involved in the murder. demonstrators gathered to protest against the killing. he was on a list of 84 singled out by religious ticks are missed -- extremists. he is accused of committing what they call blasphemy. others have been killed and similar attacks. he told several people on different occasions about the death threats he had received. he informed his employer about
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the threats. he was posted outside of the car -- dakkar. he left the job after returning that even that could not save him. they say radical groups were by me attacks but failed to make any major progress -- behind the attacks but failed to make any major progress. terry: you have been in bangladesh covering the attacks. what can you tell us about this latest victim? >> i did not meet him but i can tell you what we obviously know. he was critical of religious fundamentalism. a are very well-connected. so we have this community of people. he was obviously a member of that community that was critical of islam. itmany of them included --they
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basically spoke for human rights and women's rights. that in itself may limit target for religious fundamentalists. >> we have seen numerous attacks on bloggers. what is doing to apprehend that perpetrators -- the perpetrators and protect the bloggers? >> i had a chance to talk to the police in dakar and ask why investigations had not moved forward. out of the four killings that have happened this year, there have not been any charges whatsoever. they have been investigating, but not much has come out. basically, making a lot of excuses. and the main reason behind that
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is that the government is not very interested. terry: thank you for those insights on this very disturbing story. the u.s. presidential election is still more than a year away but the suspense in the u.s. is already building. especially on the question of who the republican party will nominate. there is a crowded field of contenders. front-runner donald trump came under fire for opponents. in washington correspondent -- our washington correspondent. richard: for donald trump, there were tough questions. >> you've called women you don't like that pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals.
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does that sound like the temperament of a man we should elect as president? trump: i don't have time for total political correctness. honestly, if you don't like it, i'm sorry. i have been very nice to you. i could base it on how you have treated me, but -- >> the most heated exchange was about nsa spying between new jersey governor chris christie and the anti-snooping senator rand paul. >> i want to collect more records from terrorists, and morless from americans. >> when you are blowing hot air like this, you can say that. when you are responsible for the american people, you need to make sure -- richard: but perhaps the most important moment involved trump.
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he confirmed that he might run as an independent candidate. if he fails to win the republican nomination. the boos drowned out the cheers. trump running as an independent could doom the republican chances next year. what did republican and independent voters make of it all? >> it did not bother me. if you want to win the vote of the american people, you have to respect all people. 50% of them are women. i think it was not a good, smart, political move. >> i understand some of his tactics behind how he presented himself. what i like most about him is that he's not a politician. >> what he says appeals to people who look to him to be outrageous. >> i do like him in general.
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i just am i want him to be the president. -- i just don't think i want him to be the president. richard: we will find out in the next few days if last night's debate has finally burst the trump bubble. terry: richard walker in washington. athens has appealed for urgent help to handle tens of thousands of migrants pouring into greece from syria and afghanistan. in july, nearly 50,000 migrants arrived in the mediterranean country. the same number that entered greece in last year. during the first six months, the flow of migrants has risen 750% compared to 2014. they say there is total chaos on the greek island shown on this map as authorities struggle to cope with the massive influx.
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the u.n. describes the conditions as shameful. thousands of people are living without water, sanitation, and adequate accommodation. >> new migrants arrive on shores every day. the country is ill-equipped to handle the situation. housing centers are filled to capacity long ago. the prime minister is asking europe for help. greece is a country in economic crisis facing a humanitarian crisis. the government cannot accommodate all the migrants. we need help. greece has built housing for 1100 asylum-seekers. those migrants are forced to live in tents. the u.n. is calling the situation shameful. >> the level of suffering is
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unbearable. people arrive in the european union. we have not seen anything that is acceptable and standard of treatment. there is absolutely nothing waiting for them. >> volunteers try to provide support wherever they can. speaking to the press, tsipras spoke to those distributing evenly. this is not a greek problem. it sits on europe's border and receives a huge number of refugees. this will prove whether we can become a europe of solidarity or a europe will be a place where everyone is only concerned with protecting their own country and their own borders. the united nations has also criticized the eu for not doing more to support greece. almost all of the migrants eventually move further north to
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eu member states. terry: we look ahead to sunday when the island state of singapore represents 50 years of independence and the transition to an economic powerhouse. all that and more coming up in just 60 seconds. stay with us.
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terry: welcome back. kabul on high alert after a series of palm blast. the taliban claimed responsibility after an attack on the capital's police academy. and to people were killed in that blast. another blogger has been hacked to death in bangladesh. it is the fourth such attack in the country this year. those that promote secular views are being targeted by radical islamists. business news now with ben and
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the world's biggest economy is creating more jobs. ben: do you know what that means? it means the u.s. economy looks healthier and an interest rate hike could be around the corner. that is why wall street's main index down. >> it was not too solid. we had 215,000 new jobs that was slightly less than expected. about 5000 jobs less, but still was the third consecutive month in the u.s. we created more than 200,000 jobs. to put it plain and simple, it was a solid job report. ben: it could really mean that there is a rate hike around the corner? it has been a long time, hasn't it? >> definitely. the probability that we will see
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the first interest rate increase after nine years -- the next meeting on september 16 and 17, the bets on wall street are increasing that on september 17 we will see the first interest rate increase in about nine years. it's not a guarantee but it will become more likely. ben: historically low interest rates for such a long time. what are the implications if it does suddenly kick in? >> we will see minimal steps. 25 basis points in september and maybe 25 in december. it's not a lot. but the financial market changed quite a bit over the last nine years. trading became much more important. it is tough to tell what is going to happen.
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and no other central bank is doing anything similar that could actually drive the dollar higher on the other side. it could have an implication for emerging markets. we will see, first of all, if we see the increase in september and what happens next. ben: if it does happen, we will get in touch with you? . thank you for covering the story for us. industrial production fell unexpectedly in june. the construction and engineering sectors were weaker. it dropped on a monthly basis but not on a yearly basis. you can't call this slippage, they say, it is more of a hick up -- hiccup. german exporters say that they are in for a record 2015. and profiting from a low foreign rate for europe and industrial auditors. singapore is celebrating its
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50th anniversary this weekend. the former british colony became an independent state after separating from malaysia. it has been and still is a small dot on most maps. no bigger than germany's port city of hamburg. people have ridiculed singapore for its size, the neighbors look on today with envy. it can accumulate so much wealth. >> a tiny state that deserves its lion mascot. at age 50, singapore is a global financial hub boasting the highest density of millionaires. when singapore separated from malaysia, it was widely expected to fail. but it's founding father recently passed away and transformed the city a from a backwater ton economic powerhouse.
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>> over the past 10 and 15 years, consider that there was a time when a group in the financial crisis [indiscernible] -- [indiscernible] >> the second largest harbor in the world. hundreds of tankers into the straight, one of the busiest water routes. efficiency, discipline, and leanliness have paved the way to the top. unlike neighbors, singapore fights fiercely against corruption. people work 46 hours a week. singapore is renowned for its cleanliness, even banning chewing gum. the road to success is brought problems. one of the world's most expensive countries to live in and income inequality is high.
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>> i admit that the country has improved a lot but the face of development has been too fast. we get left behind. how do we catch up? >> inhabitants have trouble finding affordable accommodation. ethnic diversity has characterized the city from its inception. three quarters of the population are ethnically chinese while the rest mostly have roots in malaysia. as anniversary festivities are underway, they are united in celebrating their countries remarkable success story. ben: pretty hard this weekend. i am out of here. it, over to you. -- terry, over to you. terry: have a good weekend. the london club, chelsea, just
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in time for the new season. a new four-year contract with the reigning league champions. the 52-year-old led the blues to their first premier league title in five years. he also won the capital one cup. this is the second stint at chelsea after returning in 2013. the world anti-doping agency has condemned the manner in which the drug test of nearly 12,000 athletes were obtained and leaked to the media. the scandal has rocked the international associations of athletics federations. one commented on the allegations. >> his initial reaction was defensive, but iaaf president has taken a proactive stance to doping and athletics.
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>> we need to make sure that we have systems in place and a culture that remains absolutely nonnegotiable. about the importance of keeping our sport clean for the athletes. >> he called the british sunday times'allegations a declaration of war. a reaction that surprised doping experts. >> i was really shocked. if you talk about doping allegations, i think they should try to clean up their own organization instead of criticizing or blaming journalists. >> athletics is facing another hurdle. best known for his nine gold medals, he says the sport popularity is also down. >> the sport has been on a steady decline since 1997.
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no one has been able to stop that decline. it is a problem. >> a double whammy for athletics. the sport must regain its really be tatian and restore the trust of the public. -- its reputation and restore the trust of the public. terry: it is hot in germany. a setting a new record temperature. 40.3 degrees celsius, almost 105 degrees fahrenheit. if your body gets that hot, you officially have a fever and that is what the people were subjected to today. the second time that the mercury has set a sizzling record. other areas in germany are also experiencing extreme temperatures. some may welcome the saharan whether, but it -- saharan weather, but it causes health problems for the young and old. >> in berlin today, almost 40
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degrees. under the tv tower, people are looking for ways to cool down. as for the beach bars, they are filling up quickly. they offer refreshment and a refuge from the sahara like temperatures. it's so hot, you can only stand it with a cold drink. we are trying to stay hydrated. cheers. the best is going swimming or drinking something cold. >> we prefer the weather. >> a cold shower in front of the chancellor's office. angela merkel has the right idea. she's not even in berlin today. she's on vacation in italy. for these tourists from taiwan, the heat is not that bad. they find it a pity they can't go into the buildings. they close some to the public during heat waves. the locals looking to cool off,
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you might want to take a dip in many lakes -- in one of berlin's many lakes. terry: kabul on high alert after a series of bomb blasts rocked the city. the taliban claim responsibility for an attack on the police academy. at least 20 people were killed in that blast. and another secular blogger has been brutally murdered in bangladesh. it is the fourth in a string of attacks in the country this year. bloggers that promote secular views are being targeted by radical islamists. you are watching "dw news" from berlin. it joined me at the top of the hour for a news bulletin and check us out online -- join me at the top of the hour for a news bulletin, and check us out online at
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