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tv   DW News  PBS  August 18, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> is dw and from berlin. investigators and thailand have a clear lead in the hunt for the bangkok bomber. police a a young man seen in security camera footage is not just a suspect, he is a bomber. also coming up in the program, german police confirmed that a young woman kidnapped has been found dead. and macedonian authorities say that they are powerless to intervene as thousands of migrants transit through the country from grief into northern europe. -- greece into northern europe.
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i am and sarah kelly, thank you for joining us. the hunt is on for a suspect after monday's bomb blast in bangkok, in which 20 people were killed. closed-circuit television shows a man carrying a backpack into the area shortly before the explosion, and leaving without it. thailand's prime minister has called the bombing the worst ever attack on the country. >> paying their respects to the dead, dozens of well-wishers have been coming to the trying to leading floral tributes and lighting candles at the scene of monday's bomb attack. >> they should not do this to our country. people who are innocent should not be victims. nobody would want to come to thailand. >> please, do not create hate in our society, like with this group of people is trying to do.
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i want this to be a time to show love and care to each other. >> meanwhile, the hunt is on for those responsible. the police are now looking for the man in the yellow shirt and these closed-circuit tv pictures. initially he is seen with a backpack, and it shortly without it. the moment of the explosion is caught on a mobile phone. the authorities are keen to clear up the scene of the attack as soon as possible and the military led government believes that the bombing have a clear objective. >> they aim to take the lives of innocent people, what they want is to destroy our tourism and our economy for whatever reason. this is the worst incident of its kind, ever. >> indeed, many of the victims were terrific, most from asian countries. others are lucky to be alive. >> yesterday, and then the
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explosion last night, i was about 50 meters away. i saw there was screaming, and running. >> 37 messages asking me if everything was ok. i have ok, but it is very scary. something very dangerous happens to people, nobody knows who it was. it is scary. >> there was a small explosion on tuesday, no one was injured because the designated underwater. >> as diverse searched for the device, it was unclear whether this second explosive had any to do with yesterday's attack. investigators are sure of this, monday's bomb was not one of the small handmade devices used by muslim insurgents in the south of the country. the bangkok blast seems to have been a targeted attack on one of thailand's key sources of income, tourist.
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instead, it has brought them together, the people of bangkok together with their guests. side-by-side. sarah: in other news, the party of the private service won the parliamentary elections in sri lanka. their party failed to win an outright majority, but he should have enough support to create a coalition government. his victory smashes the hoax of the president for a speedy comeback. now we turn to bangladesh and the brutal murders of the secular or atheist bloggers. the assailants were arrested carrying me cleavers. the atheist blogger was
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hacked to death by watch romantic in may -- four men it n may. police have now seized another three suspects. they are members of the ollanta's list group that is fun to be behind these murders. >> police parade the three suspects. they are members of the now banned islamist group. authorities believe they all had a hand in the murders. >> we have interrogated all of them. they can invest the interrogation about their involvement in the murders. during the interrogation they described how the murders took place. >> seen here wearing white, the
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main player behind the two murders is the believed to be the 58-year-old. both victims were hacked to death with machetes, fates other bloggers have met as well. the latest victim was buried in early august. >> we do not even know the killer's motives. we demand justice or his soul will not rest in peace. >> like the other victims, he had published articles critical of islam. his death prompted calls for justice for victims targeted by militant islamist. bangladeshis into the streets to protest his killing. many want a thorough investigation. the authorities have arrested 14 islamists in connection with the murders. sarah: now to a kidnapping case
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that has turned into a major murder investigation. german police say a body found monday as that of a teenage girl abducted last week. her captors had demanded 1.2 million euros in ransom. two men have been arrested in connection with her killing. >> the young woman's body was found on monday night at this farm near mason in eastern germany. forensic teams have since been combing the scene for evidence. police had the sad task of confirming what many had hoped would not have been. >> all our hopes and prayers have come to nothing. after finding a corpse of a young woman yesterday evening, it is now clear that annalee is dead. >> the high school student was last seen on thursday out with her dog, but she never returned
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home. more than 1200 police spent days looking for her. her father received a phone call demanding a ransom of one point 2 million euros. while on the phone he heard his daughter screaming in the background. it was to be the last sign of her alive. the teenager's parents made a public appeal for her release on sunday. they told the kidnappers they would pay the ransom.+ they tried to transfer the money online, but some was too high to go through. police have arrested two male suspects aged 39 and 61. prosecutors believe one of the men knew aniline by sight and had possibly seen her walking the dog before. the kidnappers have said to use facebook to gather information on their victim. >> that is our correspondent who is now joining us from berlin. what do we know of a potential motive in the killing of honorably -- annalee?
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>> the main motive does seem to be the money. the two kidnappers spoke to the family and demanded the 1.2 million euros, even want is no easy task when you're talking about one .2 million euros. but then it seems that the kidnappers that they could be easily identified if they released the girl because they were not wearing masks at the time of the abduction. that is hearing that the prosecutors are working on because the initial indication is also that there was no sexual assault in this. sarah: where did they find these men and what led to their arrest? >> the girl was walking wth the dog at the time of her abduction, and that. was found with her bike. her bike had to dna traces that matched the two men.
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they also found a second man, a 61-year-old. that is how they found the two men who they want to capture. sarah: when we put this case into context, this is just coming months after another very high profile of duction here in germany. how common are cases like these? >> germany has a long history of kidnapping for ransom cases that go back to the 1950's. but more easily 19 96, a wealthy businessman was abducted and killed, even after paying the ransom of 4 million marks. there was a case of wealthy bankers, as the case that your mentioning, the son of one of germany's wealthiest man, whose net worth is close to $7 billion according to forbes. the case of this teenager is by no means unique in germany in recent years.
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sarah: thank you. we turn to europe's ongoing migrant crisis now. a new figure shows that more than 100,000 migrants entered the european union in the last two months. that is almost half of what happened a year ago. the eu's border agency requires a total of 340 migrants through july of this year. that is a sharp increase compared to 2014. and the numbers look set to continue rising. germany now expects three quarters of a million people to seek refuge status in the country in 2015. that is a threefolmany enter thd then crossing to neighboring macedonia, trying to reach wealthier companies -- countries in northern europe. >> every time the train comes into the macedonian border town,
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thousands tried to push their pway into the already overcrowdd railway cars and the people here have made it out of reese, but now they have been stuck in the heat four days, without access to food or medical he lp. >> look at this phase. she is sick from the situation. >> nobody feels responsible for him and his family. methadone is one of the poorest countries in the balkans. it feels overburdened and it places the blame squarely on its neighbor, greece. >> unfortunately, there is no effective lease horse -- police force from that side that is at least trying to prevent this illegal immigrant. >> without registration+ community migrants start their journey here. the latest estimates stand at
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750,000 people, more than tripling last year's figure. the high numbers are causing problems. they need more facilities to accommodate life for personnel -- to accommodate everyone and more staff. they are confident they will use the burden. >> i think germany faces a challenge at the moment. but, as europe's strongest economy, i think germany will find the right way to deal with this challenge. >> the new facilities amen streamlining the bureaucracy behind the assailant applications and in record numbers they are intended to make migrants feel welcome. sarah: time for a look at some of our other stories around the world. turkey's prime minister is
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formally ended attempts to form the country's next government after weeks of correlation talks failed. they lost their parliamentary majority back in june, leaving an unable to govern alone. it now seems likely that the president will call a new election in autumn. search teams have now recovered the bodies of all 54 passengers of a plane that crashed in poplar province over the weekend. they located the aircraft flight recorders and some of the half-million dollars in cash that was on board. it is believed that the playing crashed due to bad weather. still to come, a flagship of the global online economy, or a soulless corporation that precious of the employees -- forces its employees to work around the clock? all that and low in a minute's time.
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sarah: you watching dw news from berlin. the hunt is on for a man suspected of involvement in monday's bomb blasts in bangkok. he was spotted on video depositing a backpack at the site where the ball went off shortly thereafter. at least 20 people were killed. in the united states, flamboyant republican candidate donald trump took a break from the campaign trail on monday after being called up for jury duty in new york and the billionaire tycoon was given no special treatment, forced to wait for hours at the court just like everybody else, before being dismissed. the rams was long overdue.
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he is been summoned five times before, but never turned up. still, the man who has never had a loss for words was full of praise for the courts. >> provisional men, the donald stepped out of a stretch limousine for his stint in one of the most egalitarian asian services of american democracy. but the media provided another circus. >> we did not expect donald trump at our wedding. >> definitely memorable. >> by early afternoon he got the all clear to return to his presidential campaign right but with high praise for the new york city courts. >> i met some really lovely potential jurors. it was an honor to see how it worked. >> trunk is having so much early
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success in his newest undertaking as presidential candidate. aside from giving kids rides in his private helicopter, he continues to have or hold the immigration problem. he will deny citizenship to those for your current -- foreign here. but thanks to his numbers, his competitors are begin getting to talk tough on immigration as well. sarah: the very latest in business news and we have some good news in the fight against ebola. >> that there is still a lot to do for sierra loan -- leon. this raises hopes that the country could soon be free of the deadly virus and era leon
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will have to vote with cap -- will have to catch up. the country's economy has been shattered. in the already impoverished nation has had to contend with travel restrictions, curfews and quarantine rules and outbreak. a great yellow farmland has been left fallow, and factories have shut down. if sierra leone has indeed managed to stay about the disease, is economy could start cap as early as next year. returning to normality will be easy. -- not be easy. >> many hungry people pointed desperately for food deliveries, but the sachsen price and cooking oil were not sufficient everybody. farmers were not able to take care of their fields for month after the authorities imposed a temporary quarantine on our
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animals. in 2013, their economy grew by more than 20%. last year it limited -- plummeted. this year' is expected to contract 12%. in order to to return to sustained growth, they have to become free of ebola. because the on currently look good right\. in the first two weeks of this month, only three cases were recorded. since then, there have not been any new will affec -- ebola infections. the western world hopes africa will be free of the disease or the end of this year. >> over to america now.
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supermarket giant walmart lowered its full-year forecast. joining us is our correspondent. what happens to walmart? >> it is a very interesting story. not only are we and currency situation with the stronger dollar that squeeze out walmart's pocket, for have the winning your reasons for lowering their lawyer forecast -- for your forcast. for now walmart is betting on back-to-school season, and it will be crucial. >> so what is in the cards for that? >> is scenes we could see an
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increase of around 3.5%. a much lower than previously estimated. not a good sign. if we have the huge discounts that some of these retailers are offering, even if sales go up, these kind of discounts end up hurting merchants year in the u.s., all of the u.s. consumers are very addicted to these accounts. we have to apply it to survive. >> they have positive news on us home construction. what is this news? >> a very bright spot. great news for the housing starts. in july, the highest level since 2011. this seems to be the main reason they have a very successful second quarter. with the u.s. housing market
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approaching pre-financial crisis levels we can say that helping retailers like home depot or also wall street. >> staying in the u.s., one of walmart's key competitors is amazon. the new york times called publishing work hours performance factor designed to follow her weekly. over 100 have described the conditions. >> a $200 billion and fire. that is what the online retailer amazon has grown to into decade. but employees over to the bone and spent a few years.
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seriously ill employees are those suffering from crises are edged out. but the top brass argues that the newspaper conditions are inaccurate. he brought him him onto his employees saying that the amazon i know carry amazonian work with every day . many do not seem to stay. they put the one-yea adjustment at just one year. amazon seems to be bucking the trend. other u.s. companies have been enticing potential recruits with more work and life benefits. while amazon ignores the changes, it will has not suffered./
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amazon's working conditions are really as her orders, they may have little incentive to change them. >> it is an icon of german culture, renowned worldwide. the oktoberfest begins in one month. over 6 million visitors are expected and they will drink a massive 6 million liters of beer. some of those leaders will be served and traditional stoneware mugs. they have become soft after collectors items that sought after collectors mugs -- sought after collectors items. >> they got together to introduce this year's official mug. >> these are fresh, cheerful
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colors, and i'm sure since a lot of them. in the past we had a few slow sellers, especially the dark colored ones. but colorful ones always sell well, especially because they have become collectibles. >> a leader you go over 10 euros this year. something that is too much. >> we have discussed it many times. i think price is right for what we provide. if the price goes up slightly every year, the pacing seem from the last few years, i think we can live with it. >> despite some loans and runs about the prices, they won't gladly say cheers. >> now back to sarah. sarah: thank you. in soccer, passing a medical exam, meaning that the german 22
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international won't be playing online the rest of the season. the central defender could find himself in the italian capital for much longer. you will have the option of paying another mind million dollars summer to keep rising star until 2020. just a reminder of our top stories we're following for your this hour. he had designed for a man suspected of involvement in monday's bomb blast in bangkok. he was spotted on video depositing a backpack at the site where the bomb went off shortly thereafter at least 20 people were killed. you're watching gwb news. thank you for tuning in.
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>> "euromaxx highlights." and here is your host, meggin leigh. meggin: hello and welcome to "euromaxx highlights." we're bringing you the best picks of the week. here's a look at what we've got in store. an exhibition about dogs in the arts opens in berlin. exploring london from the river thames. and memorable master, german renaissance artist lucas cranach was born 500 years ago. art is going to the dogs, and it's been that way for hundreds of years. when you walk through any major museum in europe, you'll find numerous examples of our four-legged friends, painted by all the great masters. dogs have always been and continue to be a valuable source of inspiration for many artists.


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