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tv   DW News  PBS  August 19, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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anchor: "dw news this is -- this is "dw news," coming to you from berlin. authorities released at this sketch of the prime suspect. investigators now say two possible accomplices were also caught on camera. also coming up in the show, germany says 800,000 refugees will arrive in the country this year. that is twice the previous estimate and a record number of asylum seekers. u.s. authorities approve a drug being called the female viagra. the pink pill is designed to boost sexual desire in women. how safe is it?
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] anchor: i'm sarah harmon. thank you for joining us. thai authorities say a network was behind the bangkok shrine killing the killed police 20 people. they still don't know the identity or the whereabouts of the chief suspect but described him as a foreigner. the police have published this detailed sketch of the man they suspect of carrying out the bombing. he was seen in a security video walking away. on wednesday the hindu shrine at the center of the blast reopened. reporter: flowers for the victims, two days after monday possible on attack in central bangkok, the flow of people coming to pay their respects is unabated. as the tide capital tries to return to normality, many are still shaken -- thai capital
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tries to return to normality, many are still shaken. >> i feel more aware of the danger. it has changed everything. before i never felt like i had to be on the lookout. from now on i have to be more careful, wherever i go, something might happen. >> i have decided to come here and pay my respects to brahma and those who lost their lives. i was in tears on the bus on the way, but i have to be strong and come here anyway. reporter: in the meantime the hunt for those responsible continues. the thai police has issued an arrest warrant for an unidentified foreigner pictured in this sketch. shortly before the blast he is believed to have left a backpack at the scene of the attack. police are also looking for two other suspects seen on this footage from closed circuit tv pictures.
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>> i believe this act was not carried out alone. it was probably carried out by multiple individuals with the support of a network. it was done by someone who knew the escape routes. this type of act cannot be executed alone. reporter: the shrine has now reopened after a swift cleanup operation. but though the police investigation is making some progress, the truth of what happened here remains shrouded in mystery. there are many theories about who could be behind this attack. so far there is no conclusive evidence that points clearly in the direction of any one single terrorist group. what makes the search for those responsible so difficult is the fact that this attack bears no characteristic hallmark. anchor: eight turkish soldiers have been killed in a suspected pkk bomb attack in the southeastern province of cirque.
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in a separate incidents and instant ball armed forces arrested two men after an attack on police guarding a palace. the building is a major tourist attraction. the governance office saw for says a terrorist group is behind the attack and the detainees were armed with hand grenades and automatic rifle. no casualties were reported. germany has released a new estimate of asylum seekers coming to the country this year and it is an unprecedented number. the government expects 800,000 people to arrive this year, more than twice the number previously estimated. with so many applications authorities are struggling with an enormous backlog and that means many people have little choice but to wait. reporter: a seemingly endless wait at this refugee center in berlin. up to 2000 people come here
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every day to apply for asylum. authorities here are struggling, and they are not the exception. germany now expects more than 800,000 new migrants to arrive this year, the country's interior minister says. that is more than doubled forecast at the start of the year. those numbers could rise further. >> migration along the belton route has increased genetically -- balkan route and there are few signs that conflict will decrease in the middle east or in africa or the horn of africa. germany currently receives just over 40% of all asylum applications in europe. calls for germany to accelerate its processing of asylum applications. opposition parties are demanding more money for asylum seekers. >> chancellor merkel must make
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this crisis a top priority and commit the necessary financial resources. reporter: germany's interior minister wants to seek concrete decisions at a summit a month from now, as germany tries to keep up with the challenges of an evolving crisis. anchor: our political correspondent joins us now. thomas, 800,000 asylum applications this year, that is 40% of all the refugees in europe. germany wants to see these people distributed more fairly throughout the eu. why hasn't that happen so far? reporter: it is not only germany that once a wider distribution. antonio gutierrez recently said more countries and not just mainly germany and sweden should take responsibility for this and the reason why this has not happened, the distribution is so unequal, is political. the eu has been struggling for years to harmonize its asylum policy and the country has
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retained large amounts of sovereignty here. you have countries like germany and sweden willing to accept large amounts of refugees. you have countries like greece struggling to cope with the influx and you have countries like hungary that have announced they would build a border fence. that is mainly the reason. it is a political decision. anchor: what can berlin do to persuade its eu partners to adopt a different system? reporter: we have spoken here to politicians and they all say on the record and on background that this is the biggest issue that europe will have to face in the next few years, even chancellor angela merkel said on sunday in her summer interview that this will demand more from europe than for example the greek crisis in the next few years. in that interview she said she wanted a common european policy on this. she has spoken to the head of the european commission. she also wanted to speak to the french president francois hollande on this. it does seem that would be angela merkel's next big
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european challenge. anchor: thank you very much for your analysis. granting asylum takes time in germany. people wait months for their application to be processed. while they wait, german law does not permit them to work. it is a frustrating situation for refugees. more and more german politicians are beginning to realize that refugees are not a problem to be dealt with, but people with a huge potential to contribute to society. reporter: he is a doctor who has worked in hospitals and emergency wars -- boards in syria. in recent weeks he has repeatedly offered to assist the doctors here, but the authorities never responded. >> they said about the possibility of me work with them. or help them, yeah. i said ok, i'm willing to help. until now i'm waiting for their decision, yes. reporter: refugees whose papers
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have not been processed are not allowed to work in germany. even though doctors like him are urgently needed in the camp. 2000 people live here, partly intense. many -- tents. many get sick. in another camp in hamburg, scabies spread under solar circumstances. -- similar circumstances. the local politician wants refugees' professions to be recorded upon arrival. >> we hope a government initiative will enable refugee doctors and nurses to assist as quickly as possible after arriving at the camps. that is assistance that he could certainly use. reporter: his patient comes from syria and the translation
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program says, i have a hard drive in my throat. >> i suspect that means he has a metal plate in his neck. reporter: when he examines him he discovers it is a slipped disc. >> translator, here on monday. reporter: he could have continued immediately. he hopes he will be granted asylum in germany and able to work as a doctor again soon. anchor: germany's parliament has overwhelmingly approved a third bailout package for greece. the final vote was 453 in favor, 113 against, with 18 abstentions. angela merkel faced a major resistance to the deal from members of her own party. in the end, just over 1/5 of them voted against. reporter: germany's parliament
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has overwhelmingly approved a third bailout for greece. 63 lawmakers from chancellor angela merkel's own conservative pcoalition voted against. fewer than feared but a considerable number. >> i think it's against the legal framework we directed when we introduce the euro. we think it makes a lot of bad moods among the members of the eurozone. reporter: it was finance minister wolfgang schaeuble, not the chancellor, who opened the debate. his appeal marks a turn from one month ago when he was still calling for a temporary grexit. >> in light of the fact that the greek government has already passed a majority of the supposedly reforms they would be a responsible not to take advantage of the opportunity to give greece another chance. reporter: germany's left party
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refuse their support out of principle, saying the deal undermines the very foundations of democracy in greece. the real problem is that the greek government is now forced to consult with these european institutions before it can even discuss any new laws openly, let alone pass them in parliament. that destroys parliamentary democracy. we cannot support it. reporter: most members of germany's green party supported the rescue package but criticize the way the german government negotiated the deal. >> this isn't about having generous or severe reforms. it is about implementing reforms that help the greek government and help the greek people. reporter: in spite of all the critique, chancellor angela merkel can be satisfied with the result that stopped short of the much debated rebellion against her line on greece. anchor: now to some of the other
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stories making news around the world. islamic state militants have killed one of syria's leading antiquities scholars. the archaeologist was beheaded in the eighth and city -- in the ancient city of palmira reportedly for refusing to disclose the location of artifacts. people in the chinese city of tianjin have taken to the streets, demanding more government compensation for last week's chemical compensation. displaced residents say they have it offered a couple hundred euros. protests come after high levels of cyanide were detected in last week's chemical explosions. a russian court has sentenced an estonian policeman to have teen years in jail first buying. estonia says the officer was kidnapped at gunpoint by russian security forces while he was working or the border.
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moscow has made a number of spying planes as tensions with the eu rise over the ukraine crisis. emergency kits have been distributed to people living close to ecuador's of volcano. it has been spewing smoke -- for several days, leading officials to close the surrounding national park. the volcano last erupted 75 years ago. south africa's justice ministry has overruled the decision to release oscar pistorius 10 months into his five year prison sentence for killing his girlfriend. the paralympic champion had been due to leave prison on friday after parole board official agreed to house arrest. he was convicted last year of the culpable homicide of a woman after shooting her to death. prosecutors are still seeking how the culpable homicide verdict overturned in favor of murder. you're watching "dw news."
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still to come, the little pink pill, the drug being called the female viagra is approved in the u.s. major breakthrough? the pros and cons after the break. don't go away. reporter: this is a 15-year-old girl being gang raped. here are toddlers being hit by
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his mother for breaking a glass. just because you can't see violence against children doesn't mean it's not there. make the invisible visible. hope us make violence against children disappear. anchor: you are watching "dw news" live from berlin. these are our top stories this hour. authorities in thailand have released a sketch of the main suspect in the bangkok bombing. they believe the still unidentified man is being backed by a network of people and they are searching for more suspects. 20 people were killed in the attack on monday. germany has revised upwards the number of asylum seekers expected this year. berlin says 800,000 people will calm, double the original estimate, and a new record.
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it is being called the female viagra. the u.s. fda has approved a bill designed to boost female sexual desire. it is supposed to help women suffering from a severe lack of sexual appetite, a condition known as hypoactive sexual desire disorder. supporters are hailing it as a breakthrough for women's sexual health. unlike viagra, this drug has to be taken every day. and it comes with a long list of health warnings. reporter: it's a little pink pill with a potentially powerful impact. the pharmaceutical company that developed it tells the test cases who felt the first ingalls. >> i felt that flutter down south. reporter: the drug's creators recognize there is a difference between the sexes when it comes to sex. while male drugs treat the plumbing, the drug targets and activates sexual impulses in the female brain.
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it is the brainchild of the pharmaceutical companies sprout. the fda turned down the product twice but it was a case of third time lucky. the ceo says it is high time such a drug were available. >> people say it is as simple as have a glass of wine, it will be ok. have some chocolate, he will be ok. get a different partner. reporter: the pink pill will first be available on the u.s. market. the drug was eventually also appear in europe. -- will eventually also appear in europe. >> i don't need it. it's not necessary. >> it's fun. >> if it helps a woman to get an orgasm, i'm for it. if it doesn't and it makes our work harder as men, i'm against it. >> i think a lot of people really do have this problem and it can create big challenges in relationships. reporter: there are serious side
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effects. the drug will come with strict warnings not to combine it with alcohol. the price tag, up to $75 per month. supporters hail the freedom of choice, calling it a women's writes issue. "dw news will be --addyi will be available in the u.s. in october. anchor: joining us now is the editor in chief of "missy" maga zine in berlin or it we saw in that report how some people in berlin feel about this pill. is there a demand for female viagra? reporter: i think there is a demand for talking about female sexuality, and i think that includes recognizing that some women are not sexally fulfilled, satisfied. it also might have to do with how much they know about their body or how much their partner know about their body.
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i doubt that a pill would help anyone in. -- any woman. anchor: the reaction to this pill is mixed. feminists are saying finally women's sexual desire is being taken seriously. other feminists say this is one more thing for women to worry about. where do you come down? reporter: it's important to see that this one women's rights organization in the u.s. who strongly supports it, the telecom is actually sponsored. it is sprout was delivering the pills. it's important to see that. it's lobbyism. for may, i think it's good to talk about it but taking the pill for four weeks every day, maybe having a half or one sexually fulfilling experience more a month, a thing for me it would not be worth it. -- i think for me it would not
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be worth it. anchor: thank you. daniel has some of the latest business news. let's go over to him now to get up-to-date. reporter: that's right. shares of the world's biggest energy companies are tumbling to multiyear lows. that as u.s. oil inventories continue to rise in prices extend their downward spiral. west texas intermediate, a benchmark of global prices, fell almost 5%. one barrel now costs just over 40 u.s. dollars. energy companies are suffering. they invested heavily in drilling when the price of oil was generally over $100 per barrel. our man on wall street has more. jose, what is behind this sharp decline? reporter: let's say that the main catalyst was the completely
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unexpected search, basically analysts were expecting a decline, and it's also impressive, the surge in imports that approach at levels not seen since last april. for now it seems that producers are maintaining output, so that will keep pushing prices lower. according to citigroup, crude oil could go as low as $32 in the next coming months on these persisting global surplus. reporter: i think investors should be worried trade moving onto a different topic, the minutes from the federal reserve 's latest meetings were released today. any surprises there? reporter: not many surprises. neither we could find new signs on when the fed will be ready to increase the rates. most officials said conditions for this to happen have not yet been achieved. but they noted were approached
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and said inflation was under 2%, july reading was lowest of the past three months, and also as low down in china could hurt u.s. growth on top of that, the divergence between u.s. monetary policy and the rest of the world could appreciate dollar even further and bring down commodity prices veeven lower. reporter: we seem to be on track for an interest rate hike in september. what is the market reaction to that? reporter: as for now the probability of increasing rates for the first time since 2006 is still too close to call. around 45% of the traders here in wall street expect this to happen by september's meeting but let's not forget that members of the fed's comedy did not have in mind at the time of july in meeting the latest oil decline, or last week's u.n. devaluation. it is still a close call it that will happen on september. reporter: thank you.
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anchor: thailand's economy was undergoing a shaky recovery after political turmoil in the past few years. economic growth stood at 2.8%. the country relies on tourism, and two days after the bomb attack which struck bangkok, business owners are asking how long it will take to get tourists back again. reporter: the grand palace in bangkok is one of thailand's most popular tourist attractions. two days after a bomb attack in the shrine killed 20, visitors are still coming here. but many feel uneasy. >> my family was also concerned about whether we should come to thailand after the explosion. we were actually worried for a while. we heard the news before we left from china. we could try to avoid places with large crowds. these kinds of attacks are not
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targeted at individuals. i believe the thai government can solve issues like this. after such incidents security is usually at an all-time high. i'm still pretty optimistic. reporter: visitors from china have boosted the thai tourist industry. last year alone, 4.6 million chinese acme. -- came. it is unclear whether many will choose other destinations in the future. if they do stay away, he will weigh heavily on thailand's economy. last year tourism accounted for 20% of gdp. the tourism sector is hoping for a quick response to the crisis. >> it really depends on the events of the next few days, whether the impact will be short-term or long-term. i do expect things will get back to normality. it is also dependent on the political stability in the country and the events in the next couple of weeks. reporter: in the past political unrest was the main reason tourists decided to avoid
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thailand. after a military coup in may last year, tourist arrivals also fell sharply. it took several months for visitor numbers to return to normal. anchor: that's all the business for now. back over to sarah, who has the rest of your news. anchor: from business to a get rich quick scheme that did not quite worked out. two thieves in the u.s. city of pittsburgh got a lot more than they bargained for when they tried to rob a store. they held up the shop with a machete but there plan went wrong when the cashier pulled out an even bigger blade. he chased the thieves out of the shop, sword in hand, sending a pretty sharp message to any other would-be burglars in the area. can't make that stuff up. a reminder of our top story before we go. authorities in thailand have released a sketch of the main
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suspect in the bangkok bombing. they believe the unidentified male is being backed by a network of people, and they say they are still searching for more suspects. 20 people were killed in the attack on monday. in germany has revised upwards the number of asylum seekers they expect this year. berlin says 800,000 will come. that's double the original estimate and a new record. you are watching "dw news" from berlin. we will have more for you at the top of the hour. in the meantime, visit our website, i'm sarah harmon. thanks for watching. x
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