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tv   DW News  PBS  November 24, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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♪ >> visit is news live from berlin. prices talks at nato, russia accusing turkey of stabbing it in the back. brussels, emergency meeting after turkish planes shoot down a russian fighter jet near the syrian border. turkey says that the airplane was in their airspace, russia's as they were not. and america backs france in the battle against the self-proclaimed islamic state. barack obama saying that the terrorist group must be destroyed. ♪
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>> it is good to have you with us. the russian president says there will be significant consequences for turkey. an angry warning after turkish warplanes shot down a russian military jet near the border with syria. the foreign minister of russia has already canceled a trip to turkey that was scheduled for next week and nato is trying to get clarity and prevent escalation in the first military clash of its kind between a nato member and russia since the end of the end -- of the cold war. >> the moment a russian military plane plunged from the sky, roughly 300 kilometers north of damascus. the fate of the pilot is unclear. a syrian rebel group produced
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this footage, showing the lifeless body of a man they say was one of the pilots. the video has not been confirmed. at the turkish government says both pilots are still alive. turkey says the russian pilot had been warned prior to the plane being shot down. >> we are feeling distressed in this incident, but the actions were in line with rules of engagement. turkey does not harbor any insult towards neighbors. russia says a rescue helicopter sent to look for a pilots was shot down and a crew member was killed. russia claims it never came into turkey territory. vladimir putin had strong words. our military is pursuing a heroic battle against terror. today's loss is a stab in the back by terrorist accomplices.
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>> it is more than likely, the plane launched from here, the russian military base. since the end of september, russia has conducted flights into syria from the space. they are trying to fight terrorism, targeting the islamic state. but many syrians and others say the attacks have mainly targeted non-isis rebels to strengthen their regime. >> we will talk to dorian jones, our correspondent who is covering this from istanbul. we are still getting conflicting reports about the two pilots. do we know anymore about their condition. dorian: not really. the turkish government official has been saying they believe both pilots are alive and in turkish intelligence are trying to extract the pilots from
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syria, but this has been contradicted by russia, they believe at least one pilot has been killed, possibly both. and the syrian rebel commander has claimed both have been killed. that they ascended with the parachutes. and they have a video showing forces shooting at the pilots. and apparently a lifeless of body -- lifeless body, so contradictory information at the moment. >> so tempers flaring, the russian president there will be consequences, what is turkey saying? dorian: the turkish president has been very tough, he says no country should doubt turkey's right to defend territory. similar words coming from the turkish prime minister, he again says that turkey is committed to defending their territory, so there is a very touh response
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coming from ankara. there will be concerns, considerably these threats made from russia. there are sanctions, those have already been called for, for russian tourist not to go to turkey. and also russia provides the majority of turkey's energy needs, and particular gas, they will be concerned about that, it could be interrupted. like russia with ukraine, that is a double-edged sword, they are dependent on revenue from turkey for the natural gas. so i think that there will be efforts on both sides to possibly deescalate the situation, because rising tensions could hurt both sides. the turkey stock market has fallen, following the news. >> maybe at the end of the day,
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this old -- this will be a lot to do about nothing. turkey says they shot down a plan was violating airspace, is it that simple? dorian: not at all, turkey has talked about russian airstrikes against syrian turkoman, who they consider ethnic kin. they say that is an acceptable and they have warned there will be consequences if it continues. now they have appeared to follow up on that threat, and turkey, there will be concerns on russia's part. will they continue the operation and take rules of engagement against turkish planes? that is a concern. there could be further escalation. >> ok, dorian thank you very much. now to the story that would have been the top story before the plane was shot down. the french president has held
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talks in washington dc with barack obama as he tries to build a stronger international campaign to fight the islamic state. as well as many in washington, he has spoken to the british prime minister, the russian president, vladimir putin is also on his schedule later this week. he wants to shuttle diplomacy, this in the wake of terrorist attacks earlier this month. here is what some of what the two leaders had to say in washington a couple of hours ago. >> this barbaric terrorist group, isil or dash, and their murderous ideology poses a threat to us, it must be destroyed and we must do it together. this is the unity, the purpose that brings us together. >> we will not allow those who want to destroy what we have built. we will not allow them to do it. to destroy what we have built
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generation after generation. they will not be able to damage of the world. we need a joint response against islamic state, collectively and relentlessly. >> that is the french and u.s. presidents talking about their united response to the paris attacks. we will bring in james jeffries -- jeffrey, he is in washington dc. he is a distinguished fellow with the washington institute of eastern policy. you are a former ambassador to iraq. also to turkey. you know about what is going on on the ground where a lot of these missiles may be falling. let me get your take on what was said today by the president of france and the president of the u.s.. are they doing enough? james: certainly presidents
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hollande wants the u.s. to do more, we do know now -- we do not know how much president barack obama promised him. what the french president wants a major -- is a major campaign to really take out isis. we have that capability, president obama admitted so lastly, but he gave reasons why he does not want to do that. the problem is, the refugee flow into europe, be it the incident today over turkish airspace, if we are not careful, the situation will spin out of control. at its core, the assad regime. >> a lot of people are saying what we saw in washington was these two presidents saying we are on the same team and we will drop more bombs, but that is more of the same.
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you are saying that the french president probably left the white house, what, disappointed? james: again, it will take a few hours to sort things out, but if he did not get a commitment for a quantitatively and qualitatively different campaign with a serious ground element, bs american forces -- be it american forces or other people in the region, he will not get the destruction of isis in the near future and that is what he needs, not just out of revenge, but more importantly to basically stop new attacks coming from syria against paris. they have had two of them in the last year. >> would you say that the only way to stop the terrorist attacks from jumping out of syria to europe or the united states, is to put u.s. ground
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troops on the ground in syria, is that the only way to contain isis? >> there is a possibility, 20%, 30%, that over some time, and time is dangerous for us as victims of terrorism, obama's strategy could work, but it is not a sure thing. it is a sure thing that american troops leading a coalition, could militarily defeat isis, and most of the capability that isis has to launch terrorist attacks against aircrafts, against belgium and france, absolutely. >> we will have to wrap it up. we appreciate your time. thank you very much. james: thank you. >> tunisia has declared a state of emergency after a bomb explosion aboard a bus carrying members of the presidential guard rocked the capital.
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the interior ministry says at least 12 people are believed to have died. no claim of response ability so far. tunisia has been on high alert after an attack on a beach resort in june, that killed 38 people. the islamic state said it carried out that attack. we will turn onto to other stories making headlines around the world. a military court in thailand has charged two men believed to have carried out a deadly bombing on the shrine in bangkok in august. 20 people were killed in the attack and more than 120 injured . officials say that there was no political or religious motive behind the bombings. migrants stuck in macedonia have sown their lips together in a hunger strike, this against the country's decision to stop moving further into europe. macedonia and other nations on
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the so-called balkans route announced order controls next week, saying only refugees from conflict zones are allowed to cross their territories. among the migrants trying to reach western europe are hundreds of thousands of children and as winter sets in the face the danger of deadly weather. at the same time, in european countries, they are overwhelmed by the flow and closing borders. the humanitarian agencies say that this needs urgent attention and is calling for more to be done now. >> this refugee center in croatia is a stopping point for thousands of asylum-seekers. most are on their way to germany or sweden. and an increasing number of them are children. >> we have so many children, they are freezing because of cold. >> the united nations children's
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fund, unicef, says millions of children have been affected by the war in syria. it is difficult to provide for them, many are traumatized by the violence. >> after five years of conflict, most of these children have experienced violence, they have lived through bombings and gunfire, many fleeing their homes multiple times. by some estimates, around 300,000 children refugees arrived in germany in 2015, more than 50,000 without parents. unicef is demanding that the government invest more in their care. >> we have to ensure that they are safe and secure, giving them opportunities to learn and play, giving structure to their lives. children also need psychological counseling. unicef warns it needs an additional 250 million euros to
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help care for children on the so-called balkan route to europe this year alone. >> we will take a one minute break, when we come back, more news. and we will begin with business headlines. we will be right back. ♪
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>> welcome back. here are the top stories the turkish fighters have fought -- shot down a military jet near the stairs -- the plane was in their airspace, but russia says the plane never left syrian territory. the president of france and barack obama have met to build a coalition against the so-called islamic state, president hollande says he will work with russia if it focuses military action in syria on fighting is.
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>> we returned to our top story, nato members meeting in a special's russian -- session, after turkey shot down a russian jet. -- told the press conference at the russian airplane had one into turkish territory before it was shot down. he also called on russia to focus attacks on islamic state. of course, hoffman has been covering this for us. he has more. >> there were two basic message is coming out of the nato meeting, the first being that nato is fed up with the frequent violations of airspace by the russians, this is not the first time. it has happened a couple times over the last few months. and a show of solidarity with turkey, that is what you do when you are an alliance. the second message was more interesting, more complex, because the secretary general of nato said that the thing needed
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now was to de-escalate the situation, that is a message to russia and also turkey, because as we understand from a senato e meeting, the question was addressed why turkey shot down this fighter jet and why they did not try to solve the situation by other means first. >> lots of unanswered questions. we will stay in brussels, the european commission wants to push ahead with a deposit insurance scheme, making your savings deposit safer in europe, despite opposition from germany. we have the rising tensions story. >> the condition says that people who save money should be rewarded, as far as being protected, this was a joint insurance scheme to do that i'm in case major financial troubles
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come our way again. the european union is supposed to guarantee bank deposits, even tough times. german banks are worried that the funds will get deployed elsewhere and other experts say a joint system would only increase the risk of contagion. >> the european commission is tryig to ease concerns of the banking there, all banks will have to pay into a deposit air t scheme -- guaranteed scheme, but it will depend on the risk profiles pair less risky banks will pay lower contributions and riskier will pay more. the european deposit insurance scheme is set to be in place by 2024. the aim is to avoid situations like last summer in greece, when bank customers lined up to withdraw savings. it will guarantee deposits of up to 100,000 euros. until now, eu banks have had to pay into international funds to guarantee savings.
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germany has plenty of funds available to withstand banking crisis, but it is a different picture and other countries. half of the eu do not have a functioning deposit insurance system. the european commission is concerned it wants international protection with the portion of national guaranteed funds put into a larger european fund. germany's leader in -- leading banks fear that their country could take on the role of paymaster. >> this is about the transfer of liability, the transfer of assets from stocks and the german system to other countries . we are opposed, it lowers the ability of our system to cover liabilities. our funds are full, so we are joining the government and finance ministry to oppose what we feel are excessive and incorrect plans from brussels. germany's financial institutions enjoy government support, but many in the eu welcome efforts
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to create a joint european deposit insurance system. and it will eventually replace the current national system. >> left in the dark, the president of crimea spending a fourth night without electricity, this is after ukraine blew up massive violence -- pylons. russia accuses kyiv of denying trying to rebuild them. they are cutting off energy to crimea in response. >> many in crimea remain without power, temperatures are dropping, forcing local authorities to hand out hot water and food. but they warn the situation will only get worse until the power is restored. crimea depended on these power pylons for electricity, that life i was cut after unknown
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assailants destroyed them on saturday. russia accuses cuba of not working quickly enough to restore power to the crimean peninsula, in return, they have threatened to cut off supplies of natural gas, which ukraine depends on. it is the latest in a conflict that is playing out on the economic battlefield. with just a month left before kyiv has a trade agreement with the eu take effect, russia is pressuring ukraine over their support of western sanctions. and kyiv has fired economic shot of its own. >> i want to state clearly, that russian threats against ukraine will receive a response by ukrainian authorities. there will be a unanimous ukrainian decision to announce an embargo against russia, for
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every russian embargo against ukraine. the conflict continues to spill over into the economic world. the suffering on the ground continues. >> the world robot conference in beijing is attracting global leaders. does that include china, is hosting the event -- who is hosting the event, but how innovative are the ones that china produces? the president of china wants robots to drive the economy and organizers say that china is way behind innovation. >> this young lady is the highlight of the world robot conference, from a difference, it is hard to tell she is a robot. but that is what she is, she was developed in japan, not china. >> in the future, we will create
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a system by using this technology. >> creating humans or something humanlike is not just a japanese dream, a robot for every home to help with chores, some could take care of the elderly, that is the dream of engineers. the new industry could be worth billions of euros, but china is lacking behind foreign rivals according to the international robotics and intelligent equipment organization. not a single chinese company has a distinct competitive advantage. >> robotics will gradually become more popular, then robots will take their places in businesses and families, great changes in manufacturing and robots. let's wait and see what happens. that is why china wants to catch up, robotics is regarded as a
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growth industry and the country has already passed japan as the biggest market for robotics. 420 chinese companies are focusing on developing the next generation of robots and beijing hopes that some homegrown factories will be successful on the international market and possibly even hollywood. >> the more humanlike those robots become, the scarier. right? >> thank you. europe's soccer -- michel platini could face a lifelong band, after he received a payment for consultancy work nine years after the fact. the ethics committee is deciding whether to punish the duo that
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were suspended for 90 days. a decision is due in december, but the lawyer of michel platini said that investigators want a lifetime ban. he had been in the running to succeed blatter. and the stuttgart football team has decided to part ways with her coach after a dreadful -- thier coach after a careful start to the season. they have managed only three wins in the league games. on saturday, stuttgart was hammered at home by the last-place team. the temporary replacement will be the club under 23 coach. bringing in somewhat young blood. and japanese rockets have
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launched a satellite into space. this took off from a space center on japan's southernmost island. now, the rocket is carrying a satellite that will improve telecommunications in the americas. the debt -- japan launched their first satellite in 1970. and a reminder of top stories, nato has held an emergency meeting after turkish fighters shot down a russian military jet near the syrian border. ♪ >> thank you for watching, goodbye. ♪
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