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tv   Newsline  PBS  February 26, 2016 12:00am-12:31am PST

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for its recent nuclear test and rocket launch. draft comes after weeks of tough negotiations between washington and beijing, main ally. >> tabled a draft security resolution that if adopted, would break new ground and represent the strongest set of sanctions imposed by the security council in more than two decades.
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>> u.s. diplomatic sources say the measures include a ban on fuel supplies to north korea, and restrictions of mineral resources from the country. the draft resolution would prohibit trade of civilian goods which could be used for military purposes. it calls foreign hans-- for enhanced -- subject to asset freezes and travel bans. china expressed support for the plan. >> we certainly hope that the resolution will achieve the objective of de-nuclearization. >> the u.s. and china agreed to the sanctions on wednesday. the two big powers had different views on how to approach them. washington wanted a harsh punishment, while beijing preferred dialogue. the security council could vote as early as this week.
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the operator of the crippled nuclear plant says it is moving forward to contain radioactive water at the facility. tokyo electric power company says it will soon be able to stop the influx of contaminated water in some parts of the plant's reactor facility. they're still filled with highly radioactive water. contaminated water from three of the reactors is flowing into adjacent turbine buildings, filling their basements as well. tepco has been trying to reduce the amount of such water in the reactor buildings. it has been taking measures to stop ground water around the reactor buildings from flowing in. the utility has also been pumping up contaminated water from the facilities. tepco officials say the are loeg water levels in the reactor facilities, in the number one reactor, the water level will be
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lower than a channel to the adjacent turbine building by early march. that will stop the inflow of radioactive water into the turbine building. tepco plans to remove the contaminated water as soon as possible. officials say they hope to remove all the radioactive water within four years. the top american military commander in the pacific says the u.s. will assume a more active stance in the south china sea. admiral harry harris says more navigation from contested waters. >> the freedom itself is only a part of the broader policy approach. we'll be doing the more, we'll be doing it with greater complexity in the future. >> harris is speaking to u.s. lawmakers about china's military build-up in the spratly islands. recent activities includes the installation chinese radars on
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artificial reefs. submarines could be an important tool for u.s. forces in the asia pacific region. he said they could help deter additional chinese mill tarzation. hear ration said in the future, the military could consider dispatching additional nuclear submarines to guam, and asia pacific. as ystrals yeah says it wil boost defense spending. white paper, prime minister says his government is facing its most challenging peace time strategic environment. >> we would be concerned if the competition for influence and the growth and military capability were to lead to instability and threaten australia's interests, whether in the south china sea, the korean peninsula or further afield. we have a strong, vital vested
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interest in the maintenance of peace, stability, and respect for the rule of law. >> the new defense white paper revealed australia would increase its defense spending by more than $21 billion u.s. dollars over the next ten years. the announcement comes amid a broader presence in the south china sea. australia plans to double the size of its submarine fleet to 12. japan, germany and france are competing for the con trastract. the supplier will be announced later this year. china reacted sharply to the white paper. >> translator: we're paying serious attention to had document and we express our dissatisfacti dissatisfaction. china's development and strategstrategy intent, mutual trust. >> analysts say australia torn
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by conflicting demands. strengthening its aligns with the u.s. and one forth of chinese trade. >> regional and global security. >> the u.s. has sailed war ships close to disputed territories to demonstrate its support for the freedom of navigation. on thursday, he said his government supports the operation, but declined to say whether the australian defense force would take part. finance leaders from the group of 20 nations are gathering in shanghai, the two day meeting begins friday and participants have a lot to discuss. joining us now from the business desk, so tell us, what's the focus of this meeting. >> catherine, what people will be looking for as they follow the talks, if the participants can send out a strong enough
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message to help stabilize the financial market. from japan, finance minister and bank of japan governor will be attending. the global economy will be at the top of the agenda. participants expected to discuss the global risks behind the turmoil in the markets this year. they include volatility in stock and currency markets. china said to be the major risk factor and discussions may focus on the real estate of it's con me, along with structural problems, including excess capacity and bad loans. they're expected to talk about how the u.s. central bank will proceed with its key interest rate hikes, a major impact on the global financial market. likely to be discussions on the impact of low crude oil prices on each country's economy. china announced it will allocate 100 billion yen, or
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$153 billion to assist workers being laid off, the move comes as the government tries to tackle industry over capacity which is hurting the country's economy. >> translator: the government needs to support and encourage the reemployment of workers being laid off. otherwise, resolving excess production capacity would lead to a significant number of job losses. >> he said the fund will cover training and job placement. during china's boom years, many of its heavy industries underwent major expansions. but now, with a slow down in the economy, those same industries are facing less demand. many companies have been losing money, but are being kept open with help from local authorities and banks. china plans to restructure the companies as it starts handing out financial assistance to workers. a senior official india's
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railway government run corporation domestic railway project. india will adopt japan's bullet train technology. the ministry established the firm jointly with the governments of two western states, where the planned line will run. it will extend roughly 500 kilometers linking india's commercial city, and the industry city. the indian government says it has set aside about $27 million as the firm's capital in the budget plan for the next fiscal year. project plan, including the construction and operation schedule. japanese president abe agreed on the plan last december. both countries gbegan discussin it earlier this month. now let's check on markets.
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swings in oil surprises and currencies having an effect on stock prices. the key index rallying on higher crude and a retreat in the yen. friday trading up 1%. benchmark adding to the gains, now up more than 1.5%, 16,003 9d . on track to post a second straight week of gains. u.s. crude futures reversed earlier losses on thursday. touching $33 per barrel, that's on news that major oil producers will meet next month to discuss ways to stabilize the oil markets. these higher oil prices and equities driving trader away from haef haven currencies. yen 113 level, pulling away from the 111 level seen earlier this week. strong u.s. manufacturing data
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lending support to the greenback, too. the euro is hovering near three year low, european union. that's tracking down the common currency. the euro yen trading in the upper 124 level. checking markets across the asia pacific region this hour, a mixed picture, with seoul up, but australia, down. sharp officials are in final consultations with hon hai provision industry to sign a takeover deal by the taiwan firm. they want the documents before they seal the deal. sharp announced on thursday, that it's board members accepted the offer. it said to be worth almost $6 billion, $4.3 billion of that is for two thirds stake. they say they promised the
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management team and job security for staff. but hon hai said they need to receive the documents on wednesday, before signing the final agreement. the document contained information on possible losses for sharp. still, the taiwan firm expressed hope of clarifying the issue as soon as possible to finalize the deal. well, japanese companies used to be world leaders in electronics technology. sharp was one of them. we talked to an analyst about how this takeover will affect the industry both in japan and abroad. we have the details. >> the losing bidder was fighting to the end. chairman of the japanese bailout fund said his plan for sharp would jump start the electronics industry. >> translator: our plan is good for sharp's shareholders, as well as its employees and
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customers. it will also benefit japan's economic growth. >> in the 1990s, japanese makers dominated the global lcd market. then, south korea and lg arrived on the scene and competition heated up. by 2012, case of merge or die. cases of mid and small size displays banded together and set up a company called japan display. everyone except sharp. sharp l cds are state-of-the-art. energy saving and high resolution. by merging the company with japan display, the bail out fund was hoping set up a business that could compete on the global stage. analysts think that plan was flawed from the start. he said japan is losing its lead in lcd technology and not coming back. >> it's true, sharp has been leading in the lcd business, but makers in south korea, china and
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other asian countries can also produce lcds now. that's the global trend. does japan have an advantage. i don't think so. not really. >> another problem. lcds may be on the way out, at least for smartphone displays. apple working on electro lumnessing screens. the display technology wasn't the target after all. he says hon hai had its eye on another prize. it's called multifunctional technology or mfp. it's used to make sharp's all in one printers and scanners. that may not sound to exciting, but these devices require expert uses of censors and hardware. artificial intelligence. hon hai already makes humanoid
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pepper. nfp technology to take the robots to a whole new level. >> translator: the multifunction printer looks like a box, but in fact, it is already a robot. hon hai is producing pepper. i would call it a toy. but the mfp technology can be applied to humanoid and other types of robots. >> samsung tried to buy a few years back, but bought by other patent holders in japan. now in the hands of hon hai, another global giant, creating yet another challenge for japan's electronics industry. yuko
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yukofukushima. nhk world. i'll leave you with a check on markets. germany's parliament has passed stricter rules for the influx of refugees. 90,000 entered the nation last month alone. the measures got majority support on thursday. and they could be enforced within a few weeks. under the new regulations, refugees allowed to stay in germany will not be allowed to bring their relatives to the country for two years. the rules would also sharply reduce the screening period for
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people with little chance of winning asylum. in such cases, people will be deported immediately following the rejection of their applications. calls for tougher laws to punish migrants and refugees who commit crimes will also met. multiple women robbed and sexually assaulted on new year's eve. some of the accused are asylum seekers. they will allow authorities to deport convicted foreigners, regardless of whether their prison sentences are suspended or not. the german government wants to have the plan in place before spring. warmer weather around the mediterranean sea expected to bring more from the middle east and other regions. next month, marks five years since a massive earthquake and tsunami devastated northeastern japan.
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3,600 trainees from china were working in the region, following the disaster, almost all of them returned home, but forge between the chinese and japanese continue. reporting from beijing. >> has arrived at beijing airport to do some business in china. he runs a seafood processing plant. the city has long been welcoming chinese, and the recruitment system that brings in overseas workers, trainees. but since the disaster, fears about another are keeping the workers away. his main goal is to convince local employment agencies to dispatch what they need to japan. >> translator: japan has labor
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shortages, but potential trainees are avoiding the areas. i want to ask you to improve the situation. >> the number of applicants has fallen significantly. >> couldn't get a positive response. the other aim of his trip is to reconnect with former trainees. they experienced the tsunami while working at his processing plant. he runs a restaurant with her family. >> translator: this is my son. he is in junior high already. >> five years ago, the tsunami destroyed all three of the factories, closing $8 million in
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losses. chinese trainees were a big help during the disaster and in the aftermath. this was one of them. she returned to china soon after the tsunami, but five months later, despite her family's opposition, she came back. she helped build the farm the following year. >> translator: after the quake, i felt a strong attachment to my former colleagues, because we worked together for a long time. i know he needed us to rebuild his business, and i wanted to offer as much help as i could. >> jan's mother and thanked her for allowing her to come back and help him. >> sai'm sorry for giving you sh
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hardship. jan's former boss, the restaurant specialty, remembers that she also made dumplings at the plant in japan and they used to eat them togethduring the rebuilding period. >> translator: delicious. they taste the same as the ones you served in japan. >> the two now separated by an ocean. encouraged each other to do their best in their respective countries. >> five former trainees during
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his trip. >> translator: everyone is doing well. i was relieved and happy to see their cheerful faces. this journey has made me realize that it's more important to nurture person to person ties than it is to just secure enough human resources. >> parts of northeastern japan still have a long way to go through a full recovery. but he is being supported by human bond, that have strengthened through the disaster. nhk world, beijing. china's rise brought wealth, power and problems. an income gap divides its people, pollution threatens their health and differences over territory strains relations with its neighbors. find out the challenges on
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newsline. it is time now for a check of the weather. people in southern and eastern u.s. states are trying to recover after a severe winter storm hit, leaving widespread damage. robert speta joins us with more. >> tracking this storm system for several days now. it start started bringing it on tuesday night into wednesday, down towards louisiana, extending to mississippi. wednesday, tornadoes in western florida. recently here, heading into thursday morning, people waking up, seeing the devastation left behind by the storm system. now actually back towards the northeast now, pushing into parts of nova scotia, 90 kilometers per hour, even snow for those of you in parts of quebec. what i want to show you is some video coming out of pennsylvania. just north of washington, d.c. and about south of harrisburg,
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where a tornado rolled through this area, destroying numerous buildings, including a school. no injuries or deaths reported in this specific tornado. this occurred in the overnight hours. quite remarkable. but overall, what this storm system, about eight people have been killed. extending a rocross the u.s. th. it wasn't just the toerprnados,t the heavy rainfall, causing severe flooding. as far as the forecast, still the water, closing down of the road ways here, heading into your friday. but things are going to be improving. we still have some of that lake-effect snowfall continuing, one of the great lakes, that's improving as well. weather will get back to what it should look like. in fact, february normally, this is the quietest month of the year as far as tornados are
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concerned. it is the middle of winter. this is quite unusual. you have to wait until may or june, typically what we call tornado season out here. temperatures, staying chilly off the in order. rolling in from the south winds. things should be warming up out there. let's take a look at south africa now. i do want to mention this, because we have been talking about a very severe drought that has been ongoing across northern areas of the country. and the big issue has been when is the rain going to be coming. it does look like we have a storm system with this area of high pressure, going to bring scattered showers. a front even pushing down there around cape town, this is really some good news with this moving through here over the next several days. temperatures also warming up. middle of summer here, and it does look like it's going to be lingering there into the high
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20s to low 30s for most of you over the next several days. let's tack a look here at eastern asia. high pressure dominating northeastern locations, extending towards russia. overnight lows in these locations, minus 40 to minus 50 by the way. that's chilly. the northerly winds, japan, not tokyo, but interacting with the trop pic trop tropics. good news with this. going to interact with the inter tropic tropical, also el niño impacting this area, causing severe drought. so you definitely want the rainfall. all right, leave you with the extended outlook.
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and that's all for this edition of newsline. thanks very much for joining us.
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