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tv   DW News  PBS  May 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> this is dw news from berlin. only to be sentenced to five years in prison. a dramatic incident just hours before a court found him and a colleague guilty of revealing state secrets. also coming up, 85,000 hectors torched in 2000 homes destroyed. firefighters doing their best to try and gain the upper hand. evacuation efforts continue.
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north korea's strongman praises the country's first hydrogen bond test as a show of grandeur and power. his comments, at the start of his ruling party's first congress in four decades. ♪ >> i'm sarah kelly. welcome to the program. turkish journalist has been handed a sentence of five years and 10 months for revealing state secrets. the charges relate to a report that he wrote about alleged arms shipments. the verdict came just hours after he survived an attempt on his life by a government outside the courtroom. police arrested the assailant who shouted trader as he fired at least two shots.
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critics say that the trial is yet another attempt to stifle freedom of the press. let's bring in correspondent jones with reaction to all of this. dorian it is not just hand. his colleague also received a similar sentence. what is this mean for freight -- freedom of the press in the country? >> it is all but ending in the country. there has been a lot of condemnation. turkey is already rated very low for press freedom. it is the second worst jailer in the world for journalists. 33 are currently in jail as we speak.
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so there is a concern that it is under government control. >> with so many people there in jail, one might assume that these are not the last of these verdicts. remind us, what is the background to all of this? >> they were charged with a whole host of crimes. working for a terrorist organization. these were there are now by the judge but they were predicted of publishing state secrets. the turkish psident is at the forefront of demanding this prosecution. what they wrote is being
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published by another newspaper six months before. >> that was dorian jones joining us a little earlier. the president made waves of his own rejecting eu demands to reform terrorism loss. -- laws. this is just a day after the prime minister resigns after a growing round of dissent. >> here is a man who fiercely wants to change his country's constitution. his first goal is to establish a presidential system that would give him all the power he wants even though -- let me reiterate the new constitution. the executive presidency is not his personal.
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his comings come one day after the prime minister resigns over growing disagreements with the president. he was one of the main architects of the migration deal with the eu. his departure has triggered concerns that turkey will not uphold its end of the bargain. >> today, he rejected eu demands for the countries terrorism laws and made reference to protest. the eu provides opportunities from terrorists in the name of democracy. he says if you change this anti-terrorism legislation we will lift visa restrictions. sorry, we will go our way and you will go yours.
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a clear sign that the euu migration deal is on shaky ground. if it fails, it would only heighten the problems. they are often seen at odds. >> let's bring back dorian jones now. walk us through what prompted this announcement. >> he wants to focus on what europe is dealing with. until now he had been the front man on negotiations. now he is upstanding his
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authority on this agreement. it is what they can expect going forward. they believe they can do more with less. they want europe to return to the negotiation table because they need turkey to stop migrants from entering their countries area they will need turkey. he will expect a lot more from europe in exchange. if they are not prepared to do it, they are happy to walk away. they believe turkey will never become a member of the european union. >> dorian jones joining us from istanbul. we turn to other news now. the latest cease-fire is in tatters.
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more than 70 people have been killed and fears fighting. it comes after yesterday's alleged government airstrike. women and children who have fled the fighting are among the dead. and the ongoing fight has forced people to flee to the border with joy at -- jordan. they've taken in more than a million refugees since the fighting broke out. jordan has slowed its intake. thousands are now stranded in the no man's land. they are unable to enter jordan and unable to return to their homes. eight agencies are warning that the humanitarian crisis is increasing. >> a desperate situation in a desolate place. thousands of syrians are stuck
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in a makeshift camp. the presence of refugees is a huge challenge for us. it puts a lot of pressure on our borders. we continue our work. in a rare gesture, the jordanian military allowed access to the site. we cannot go any further than this point. on the other side of the world thousands -- 7000 syrians have been traded -- stranded for months. the situation here is very dire. in the middle of the desert in a very remote area. 300 refugees, mostly families with children were not allowed to leave the no man's land after
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a security check. the border guards are on the lookout for smuggled goods and possibly islamic state militants. across the border in syria. this carpenter and his family fled rock the --raqqa three months ago. he has just one which, to go somewhere that is safe. that is all that matters. on this day, they are boarding a bus. others were less lucky. they will have to hold on longer. they have no refugee status and are provided only with the bear necessities such as water. many prefer that to what they left behind. there is nowhere else for us to go.
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no place in syria is safe. i can only play to god that we will return some day. >> let's get a quick look now at some other stories. the italian navy says it's teams have rescued thousands of migrants. there been 30,000 migrants that have arrived this year. nigerian president has signed this year's budget after months of wrangling with lawmakers. the country's economy -- the budget includes spending measures and economic growth. myanmar's art in laos.
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the president is accompanied by nobel laureate who now oversees the government that took power last month. marco honaker has died at the age of 89. he was a fierce proponent of stalinist ideas. she fled to the soviet union. from there she made her way to chilly. north korea leader has hailed what he called us that cesspool nuclear test earlier this year. he describes the nuclear test as a show of strength that test prompted tighter sanctions from the u.n. and have strained ties.
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>> thousands of delegates have come to celebrate their dictator kim jong-un. the party congress is the historic opportunity and consoling -- consolidating and developing the great achievements of socialism. more than a hundred four in journalists were invited to come to the congress. so far they have been denied access to the event. >> i am happy that we are here and can stand on the front. this afternoon to be taken to a wire factory of all things that has nothing to do with the reason we're here. >> the only glimpse of daily
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life is through bus windows. north korea's minders are always at their side. the workers say they are satisfied and earn a lot. the manager explains where north korean products are found in world markets. >> we cannot export our products. >> or create is the most isolated factory in the world. with the exception of china, it conducts little foreign trade. during the congress there will be no critical voices or any discussion about government persecution or torture with the -- which the united nations say is common in north care. when we come back, ablaze 10
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times the size of manhattan. can anything stop canada's raging wildfires? we will also have an update from our business test -- desk. don't go away. we're back in a minute.
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>> welcome back. the assailant shouted traitor as he opened fire. he was unhurt but he and a colleague have been sentenced to five years in prison on espionage charges. wildfires in canada's western province in alberta has been raging out of control for days now. the state of emergency has been declared.
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the provinces government has now used emergency financing. it is at the center of campus world -- oilsands. peter 14 is one of the thousands who managed to escape. he joins us right now. have you seen anything like this before? >> we evacuated from the first neighborhood. eventually, we had to take a helicopter to safety.
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do you know the state of your home right now. ? >> everyone right now is focused on structures. i'm not certain until all of this passes. . where the other evacuees saying. could the damage have been prevented >> know this fire was unstoppable. everyone has accepted that. the government has done everything they can and we're all just thankful that there have been relatively few casualties caused by the fire. other than that, to evacuate
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80,000 people is a massive undertaking. to do it save three speaks volumes. would he of the services that are there? asked it is hard to imagine. everyone has been helping one another. the government has stepped up. they are doing what they can to help people. people are helping people. restaurants are providing free males. we thank you very much for shaking -- sharing your experience.
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>> we're going to head to britain now. the labour party politician is the first muslim mayor of the city. many have looked to thursday's election for next month referendum. in business days, u.s. president open -- barack obama is taking cues to secure his legacy. >> he has only months left in his term and during this time he wants to include shrinking unemployment and his stimulus program.
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the documents detailing the existence of thousands of shell companies. they have made it a priority before obama exits office. >> the white house is changing in january. there that are still hurting. we have to good -- do everything we can to strengthen the good trends. among these trends is highlighting companies. he pressed congress to pass legislation for companies to transparent. >> it will prevent terrorist
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financing. in america, no matter how wealthy your powerful, we should play by the same set of rules as everyone else. it faces challenges. congress is divided and show little appetite to do battle with the financial industry. let's cross over. with the obstacles that we just heard about, what can we expect from obama. >> there would be a couple of things to avoid. for once, u.s. president barack obama would like to force
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financial institutions to help others. one criticism has been for quite a while that he would need to change the tax codes to keep their tax dollars with them in the united states. he would need the majority in congress. he has said this is not going to happen before the election. he will probably not see this change is coming. he praised the recovery in the job market of the u.s.. the department issued fresh data. >> at a first klan's, they have lost some steam.
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only about a hundred 60,000 jobs got created. if you look at the details, the labor market is not in such bad shape. earnings are on the rise. these were jobs that were better paint. at this level, it is not easy to mention that. to europe now, you may have got the impression that it is over but the debt crisis is far from solved. lenders and creditors do not see either high -- i to live. they have now been paralyzed by antoher strike.
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that is ahead of the volk -- both by the green parliament. the ministry employees are rallying against the new austerity measures. >> while the green government is going on, it is also cutting down the pensions and adding new tax burdens. tourists are out of luck. the buses and trains are not moving either. journalists are striking two. the hospitals are only offering emergency services for now. everything the unions are doing
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now is to justify the existence. but it's greases international creditors who have demanded the austerity measures. the plans include pension cuts as well as tax increases. they are expected to save the state 3.6 billion euros. money that greece needs to stem from bankruptcy. that is all the business for now. >> we head to the world of soccer now. they have confirmed that the new english coach will be joining them at the beginning of next season. he has more than a year left and
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suggest that life state will have to dig deep. english doctrine already found a replacement. germany has been dealt a huge blow. he dislocated his kneecap on friday. the midfielder is expected to be out for weeks. see you next time. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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