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tv   DW News  PBS  May 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> this is dw news live from her. australia has a new president but the bitter divide in this remains. he beat his right wing rivaled by the smallest of margins. we take you to bni to show you what happens next in this polarized country. keep up your end of the deal. germany's chancellor tells turkey visa free travel to europe will only come after he does what they promised. the usa says it will end a 50
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year embargo on weapons sales to vietnam, a move that could affect the balance of power in vietnam navy. anchor: tonight, austria has a new president. only after election that split the country into coup. in two. he was confirmed the winner of one of the closest ever election getting a huge percent of the vote. it was just enough for him to keep away his far right rival. [applause]
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a presidential walk across the lawn. >> there are not many austrians left unmoved from this election. with a razor thin margin, he won the vote with -- by just 6/10 of 1%. the 72-year-old economics professor is the former green party leader. his win comes largely from support from urban voters. it is important for him to stand the election as an independent. his rival run on an anti- migration platform. his goal was simple.
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>> in six years time, everyone in austria should be able to say i'm fine or i'm better than six years ago. freedom party candidate defeated -- conceded defeat on facebook. >> of course i'm sad but this campaign has not been for nothing. it is an investment in the future. many right-wingers see it as a result for it being the closest election in the history of the country. >> he has been covering that election for us today. good evening to you. what sort of president have the austrians elected? >> he said he wanted to be the president of all austrians.
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that was the be -- to be expected. they needed to change the political culture and figure out things with each other. his goal is that is six years time when we have a new presidential election, all austrians say that i look towards the future in an optimistic way. it shows you what kind of president he wants to be. he wants to be the president away we saw it in the last decade. he is going to be the figurehead and not be what his opponent wanted to be. maybe even dissolving government. that was what people were scared of. anchor: there was a high turnout, a 70% turnout on election day.
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there were more than 800,000 of those sent in. what does that tell us about the state of politics in austria? >> it just shows you there was no party from the middle. a lot of people who work concerned about who would be sitting in that building behind me. since he didn't have anyone from the middle, that mobilize people. people need to do something against the other candidate. that is why you have a high turnout and many people abroad saying i need to participate in this presidential election. austrians that maybe six years ago that did not feel like participating but this time it counted. that's why we have that high turnout.
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another reason was the crisis and how the country has or has not handle it. how will this election have on the policy moving forward? >> the president himself will not try to directly affect that piece of policy as directly as the government but the government which consists of the social democrats and the conservatives have now seen how close it came. the freedom party and they see they cannot continue as they had in the past. there was no clear strategy. wednesday he said this in the next day he said something else. they need to elaborate a clear strategy and it will probably not be an open door policy with refugees.
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anchor: what about the far right candidate? what is he going to do now? >> he said he was going to run for presidency again in six years. he will continue doing that. the ultimate goal is that they not only attempt to gain the presidency but that they be this strongest party in the government. they are the strongest party at the moment but we have another election coming up so that is what they want. that is the goal they are working towards anchor:. our man on the story in bni. thank you very much.
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newly elected presidents razor thin margin sending a message across europe. >> relieved to see austria reject populism and extremism. others are pointing out that every single vote counts. in france, the prominent lawmaker says that austria wins by only a few thousand votes. it is the defeat that heralds future victories.
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the head of italy wrote on facebook, "these european countries, the air of freedom is blowing. people want more work and less immigration. less euro bureaucrats. a series of bomb attacks along syria's coast has reportedly killed more than a hundred people. syrian observatory for human rights reports that it hit the quiet government held city. much of the coastal area had previously escaped conflict. at least one suicide bomber and a car bomb was detonated. further north was another series of blasts that hit busy areas.
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this footage was broadcast shortly after the attack. fighting is raging in falluja tonight as iraqi troops battle so-called militants to raise -- retake the city. the country's prime minister visited the falluja operation just hours after it was launched. in a televised address on sunday nights, he warned that estimated 100,000 residents to flee before military operations began. iraqi troops had been making gains but they still control significant areas including the second-largest city of mosul. the german chancellor angela
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merkel has warned turkey that it still has work to do if it wants to earn visa free travel to europe for its citizens. speaking in a symbol, she said that he must fulfill all the requirements. turkey is currently hosting the united nations humanitarian summit which is aimed at solving the migration crisis. >> that is what the representatives of 180 countries are aiming to work out in istanbul. it is hosted by secretary-general. >> 130 million need aid.
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germany will raise its emergency aid funding by 10 million euros. but there is tension among some helpers. on the summit sidelines, chancellor merkel met with turkish president to discuss the difference about sheltering refugees. extending visa free travel may not go into effect by july as planned. >> i am deeply concerned about the lifting of immunity for one quarter of the turkish parliament. we have discussed the subject openly with one another. the tension looks set to continue. when of his advisers says that turkey would make radical
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decisions if the eu did not change their position. anchor: germany is filing a rising crime that may be linked to migration. imesargetingmmrant themselves we re numer thvefore. >> this ready -- refugee center which was set on fire is just one of 23,000 crimes that is being blamed on right-wing extremists. politically motivated offenses searched to a record high last year. the attacks on refugee centers and refugees themselves have risen fivefold. we have never seen anything like it. the crimes include four cases of attempted murder. the minister also expressed concern about the rising numbers
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of break-ins. gains from one country in particular were carrying out a large proportion of them. people from the republic of georgia have been trying to take advantage of welfare benefits. while their claims are being processed, you are breaking into people's apartments. these groups from georgia are behind the greatest of abuse. the total number of criminal offenses rose by over 4% last year but this increase also includes the large number of migrants that entered without a valid visa. anchor: you're watching dw news live from berlin. u.s. president barack obama is
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issuing a new relations with vietnam. america is ready to sell arms to hanoi. we will have more on that with the latest business headlines.
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>> welcome back. the former green leader has been confirmed as austria's new president in a fiercely contested election. the dead heat with far right candidate was broken after counting postal votes. in a new chapter of relations between two former enemies, barack obama has announced the decades old arms embargo against vietnam will be lifted.
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president obama made the announcement in hanoi, his first stop in a weeklong visit to asia. especially in regards to disputed islands in the south china sea. >> 40 years after the vietnam war, the former enemies renegotiated a new alliance. it also included a series of new commercial deals. the key announcement from u.s. president barack obama was ending the arms embargo to the communist country with the caveat over human rights. >> the united states is officially releasing the ban that has been in place for 50 years. sales will need to meet strict requirements but this change
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will ensure that vietnam has access to arms that they need to defend itself. the move is seen as a street -- strategic rethink right washington as china continues to assert its territorial rights in the south china sea. the vietnamese people turned out in numbers. they showed their optimism about a new beginning with the united states. anchor: a police officer has been acquitted of all charges in the case of freddie gray which sparked a national debate over police violence. edward nero is one of six officers being charged. a judge today found him not guilty.
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freddie gray died in april 2015 a week after he was critically injured in police custody. his death led to more than a week of protests in baltimore followed by looting, writing and arson. >> time now for some business news. a huge takeover possibly for t german chemicals industry. it would be a huge chemical reaction as they get their hands on monsanto, the biggest seeds company. it would be the largest corporate takeover ever by a german company. the buyer is hoping to grow its business and it is hoping agriculture will be its ticket to blooming ticket growth. it would make the concerns the
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largest agrochemical company in the world. the deal would help cut research and development costs. the megadeal still hinges on the greenlight from regulators. the german chemicals giant did 22 million dollars in business last year. -- billion dollars not everyone is on board with monsanto's vision of the future. these protesters are concerned by month sanders reliance on genetically modified crops. it is used on about 40% of german field and some studies have indicated that it could be connected to higher cancer risks. it could hurt its worldwide reputation. >> let's get more on this are
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u.s. financial correspondent. >> for now, this is a pretty good deal. they also say that they are trying to reach a higher price as they have seen itself more than a target. the shares are up 5% on monday. they believe the shares will appreciate but only over the long run. a deal will definitely represent a certain outcome. is this a marriage made in heaven? check -- >> all marriages have some issues to iron out because
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buyers should be able to close the deal and let's not forget that their business is more focused on seeds. some experts think that maybe businesses need to be sold as part of the deal. i think this marriage will be a go but let's not forget that it will be high after the proposed marriage. >> the deal has not been sealed yet. we will have to wait and see. >> traveling on a shoestring budget is set to be even cheaper. they plan to cut fares by almost 12%.
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annual profits rose by 43% which is almost one and a quarter billion >> flying was once a luxury only a precious you could afford. now air travel is about as exclusive as a local visit. it has been flying into the germany for the last 17 years. they stay away from frankfurt international airports. anyone wanting more than just a ride faces a surcharge. of course checking and luggage also costs extra but that means
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ryanair can offer routes. passenger figures reflect the difference. the airline has a reputation for paying its crews badly and undermining labor laws, charges it denies. ryanair is improving its booking system and includes offering more comfort on board. it doesn't mean ryanair is going to become a five-star airline. >> european finance ministers are going to discuss greece's role tomorrow.
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a leaked copy of the ims latest report says it has so filled its requirements for their creditors. if the cash-strapped country ever hopes to see economic growth, it could become a major stumbling block. that's it for your business news. >> manchester united has fired their coach. assessment issued a statement confirming that he -- it had been an open secret for some time. attention now turns to his placement. >> the wheels have been in motion for weeks.
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managing only a fifth place finish was the final straw for the club. even their fa cup win was not enough to save him. >> we are still in the race. i am very proud that i am the first manager after the. he was criticized for choosing a boring style of play. while not confirmed, the task is likely to be given to the
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self-proclaimed special one. he has a proven track record of success. now can he were people that? -- repeat that? now after a short break, i will take you through the day. stay with us.
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♪ michelle: hello, and welcome to "focus on europe," where we take you behind the headlines to give you insight into the lives of the people that make up this great continent. i'm michelle henery. thank you for joining us. coming up on today's show: gearing up to close the austrian border, getting to grips with drugs in russia, singing your way to success in sweden. there is a picturesque mountain crossing that connects italy and austria called the brenner pass. there cows graze, famers raise crops and the austrians and


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