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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  November 11, 2015 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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across central iowa this afternoon.. bringing intense winds, rain and hail with it.. we'll look at the damage it left behind.. honoring our veterans.. it is a day to step back and honor the men and women who've sacrificed for our country.. how iowans observed the day. black and gold.. the hawkeyes are on a winning streak.. which means.. so are the folks who sell hawkeye gear.. the economic impact of going bowling.. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 rain heavy rain, tornado sirens, hail.... all part of a november storm that covered the state today.... our crew pulling over in albia...
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it was a similar scene about 100 miles to the north.. rain coming down in waves made visibility tough in woodward... the town hit by a tornado ten years ago tomorrow. good evening. i'm lynn melling. thanks for joining us... severe weather, as we know ...can hit anytime of the year... reports of at least seven tornadoes are coming in from all across iowa... in this unusual november outbreak... these are homes damaged from a possible tornado in knoxville. this is the southeast part of town... trees are laying on homes... and a 4x4 went through a windshield of a truck.... the knoxville walmart was also hit... the roof was damaged... with holes opening up into the store... no one was hurt at the storm... and injuries were minimal... the fire chief says the storm could have been much worse. 58:40-58:48 we're very lucky, we had some minor injuries, all were seen by our ambulance, no one transported to the hospital so we're very lucky a manufacturing plant in corning saw some pretty heavy damage from the storm. production at precision pulley and
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idler came to an abrupt halt when the storm hit..tearing up the roof, smashing out a window and damaging the warehouse. workers say the storm seemed to come out of nowhere. "we just were having some rain, it was calm. all of the sudden the wind kicked up. i mean it was a matter of three, four seconds. it was boom and it was over with just as quickly as it came in." the storm was very localized in corning. buildings just a few yards away from p- p-i saw no damage. there were no reports of injuries. a family north of minburn is cleaning up a mess tonight after the suspected tornado destroyed a storage shed on their property. mike dasilva has the story. 21:44:14--17 'it was just really windy and raining really hard.' the suspected tornado destroying this storage shed north of minburn..blowing the roof clean off, and leaving debris strewn everywhere. 21:45:38 'did it all happen pretty fast? yeah, yeah it did." 21:45:41--51 'i was watching the news and it looked like a storm was coming up and it was gonna be here in about 5-10 minutes, so i went in the basement and it probably lasted maybe ten minutes.' chad spellman says
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25-30 thousand dollars to replace the shed...and this isn't the first time something like this has happened on this property. 21:44:29--34 'we had some damage a few years ago and blew some sheds over and it just seems like it happens all the time anymore.' last time the damage was 80 thousand dollars... 21:46:46--48 'it gets old cleaning all this up.' chad's wife and kids weren't home at the time the strong winds came through today... 21:55:53 "we were just leaving downtown from work and school and had been talking to chad and he just said if you can't make it, stop at waukee at dad's house and so that's what we did and rode it out in waukee.. 21:56:15--26 'to think we could have been in the basement and this could have happened or it could have been the house, so its nice to know that we were safe where we were and that chad was safe when all is said and done.' and despite the damage the winds caused...erin spellman says she's thankful. 21:56:37--51 ' jay and i actually said a prayer when we were in waukee just to make sure that everybody would be safe so, its nice to see the sun shining after something like this happens and know that everybody
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that we love is safe and we dont have to be doing something different than cleaning up an old barn.' leave the nats of the kid. the good news is the family does have insurance. it appears a tornado briefly touched down at the des moines airport... the strong winds flipping a trailer at the iowa air guard... a fence around the guard post was also damaged and a skylight also fell down inside a hanger... nats and this is what passengers inside the airport witnessed... and this is what passengers inside the airport witnessed... a viewer sent us this video... of wind blowing some boarding stairs across the tarmac. it crashed into a parked airplane. the storm also hit winterset this afternoon, just before school let out... 12:08-12:19 we made the decision to hold all our students until the emergency was over it took about a half an hour before we felt it was safe to bring the buses on campus and load the this up and send them home for the day.
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all the students were in the tornado shelter during that time... when it was all over, school leaders found that their nearly year- old scoreboard was gone. the winds knocking it to the ground... the roof of a softball dugout was also ripped off. superintendent susie meade also says a few items are also missing. the end of the day was also delayed in waukee... students were let out but then the tornado sirens went off. they had to go back inside for shelter. one student tells us they were there for about 50-minutes... and the fear of a possible tornado went away with the question of when they could get out. 54:32-54:43 i wasn't worried, well i was worried about when we would be let out, it was hot in there i just wanted to get out and get some fresh air west des moines.. ankeny.. and several other school districts did the same. thousands are in the dark this evening, after storm took down power lines... about five thousand midamerican energy customers without power across the state... most of those are now out east... 15-hundred are in des moines... mid-american says crews will be
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out until all power is restored... things have finally calmed down here in central iowa.. along with the damage.. the storms left cooler weather behind.. meteorologist brett mcintyre has details.. brett.. a wild afternoon.. storms are moving east... now strong winds with gusts of 50 mph possible through the overnight. high wind warning in effect through the morning. today is a day set aside to honor our veterans.. and
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today is a day set aside to
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today is a day set aside to honor our veterans.. and ceremonies took place across the state to do just that.. coming up... honoring our veterans.. how state and national leaders.. and veterans themselves.. observed veterans day.. from who h-d iowa's high definition're watching the
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plans to develop mercy medical center's downtown campus are forcing hundreds of people from their homes. the mercy park apartments are home to about 200 residents... the hospital announced today that the complex is closing in september 20-16. officials say they're giving residents ten months notice and will be helping them find a new
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live. still, residents say they don't want to leave.. 13:18:58 im saddened for the people that live here. im saddened for myself because we really enjoy living here. we have a lot people have become close friends 10 mercy says the closure is part of the hospital's development and facility improvements, but doesn't know the specific plans for the land. a child was rushed to the hospital after falling out of a third story window this morning des moines police were called to an apartment complex on twana drive. a three year old girl fell from a third story window and landed in a flower bed. witnesses tell us she was crying and talking to paramedics before being taken to the hospital. her condition is not known. more than 200 people are scheduled to speak tomorrow about a proposed oil pipeline across iowa. the iowa utilities board says each person will get two minutes to give their opinions about the bakken pipeline it would connect oil fields in north dakota with refineries in illinois by cutting across the state. the texas company behind the
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plan would have to rely on eminent domain to claim the land it needs. 105 will speak in favor of the project and 105 will speak against it. the public hearing starts at nine at the boone county fairgrounds. the hawkeye football team is now nine and oh ... and that makes more than fans smile.. last night, the latest play-off rankings pushed the hawks up 4 spots to number 5. that means iowa is just one spot out of the college football playoffs. fans and business owners are loving it. hawkeye gear is flying off the shelves at stores like the strawberry patch in ankeny. 2224-2243 "probably since the 4th or 5th game ... so they're heavy duty on board now." no matter what bowl game the hawkeyes make it to ... the strawberry patch will start printing shirts durinthe game to have them available
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thornton drive was blocked by downed limbs and branches... several power poles in the neighborhood were also snapped. some wrap around rain will swing through central iowa tonight. it is now going to become very windy. a high wind warning will go into effect by 9 pm and last through thursday morning. wind gusts may be as high as 55 mph. a wind advisory will stay in effect through the day on thursday. highs will be in the 40s by friday. the metro should drop below 32 degrees by friday morning.
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coming up -- the teen heart throb coming to des moines this
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but first -- ve join the fight to make college affordable. join the fight for alexis.
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a salute to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the nation... president barack obama laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national part of a national veterans day observance ceremony to honor all who have served in the united states armed forces.
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president barack obama also delivered an address today.. thanking vets. he highlighted the administration's efforts to better help those veterans. but the president admitted there are still challenges following the 2014 scandal involving extended wait times and lack of access to healthcare at veteran's affairs facilities across the country. veteran unemployment is one area that's improved, according to the white house, and obama ended his remarks by encouraging americans to hire veterans. : "if tomorrow after the parades and the ceremonies we roll up the banners and sweep the veterans halls and go back to our daily lives forgetting the bond between the service of our veterans and our obligations as citizens then we will be doing a profound disservice to our veterans and to the very cause for which they served. this day is not only about gratitude for what they have done for us, it is also a reminder of all that they still have to give to our nation
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veterans were honored here at home as well. reid chandler caught up with people at several ceremonies and shows us how iowans thanked and remembered those who've made sacrifices for our freedom. chuck grassley - :21-:26 john sposeto - vietnam vet - :41-:47 gov. branstad :59-1:07 ends at 1:30 on nats of kids singing "red,
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today.. governor branstad was also at k-i-o-a's "vets of valor" radio-thon at prairie meadows casino.. last year.. the radio station raised 20-thousand dollars for the american legion. it's goal this year is to raise fifty thousand dollars. a local high school was part of the national veterans day ceremonies today. the ankeny centennial marching
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band took part in the "americas parade" through downtown new york city today. there's still much more to come in the next half-hour... just ahead -- winning iowa..
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the presidential candidates inwhat stevwinning iowa.. the countdown to caucus night continues.. the presidential candidates in our state this week... trying to win over iowa voters.. racial tension.. it isn't over on the campus of the university of missouri.. why some students are now not coming to class.. super brain.. the potential breakthrough new research could lead to.. how monkeys could help some humans move again. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 fresh off last night's debate, republican candidates are visiting iowa... hoping to secure some more votes.
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that included jeb bush, who this morning thanked veterans by pouring coffee. dozens of veterans enjoyed their free hy-vee breakfast and talked with bush in johnston. he spoke for nearly an hour with the veterans and others who came to see him. afterwards, he briefly talked to reporters about his debate performance last night and said he thought was fine. bush...3817 i have the leadership skills to fix these complex things to help people rise up again. that's what i want to focus on." bush said he wants his party to focus on which candidate can beat democrat hillary clinton in the race for president. two fellow republican candidates, were in eastern iowa. marco rubio and chris christie made stops within a few hours of each other. john david shows how they're trying to stand out from the crowd. senator marco rubio embraces the american dream during a stop in davenport. "the private sector creates jobs." for a country at the crossroads, he says vocational education can rebuild american manufacturing. "when they graduate at 18 years of age, they will be ready to work
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fixing airplanes and cars and welding on machines." fresh from the gop debate in milwaukee, rubio's campaign is picking up steam in iowa. this packed house reflects his rise to third place in caucus polling. "i like one thing that he said. we have to make stuff again instead of doing stuff again." "he actually has some of the problems a lot of the rest of us have, and i think that helps his message resonate even better." new jersey governor chris christie represents the underdog for iowa republicans. "we can make a difference in people's lives. we can change the world." with support struggling in the low single digits, christie is searching to stand out. he calls for treatment instead of prison time for drug offenders. he says treatment costs less and produces better results. "i want us to reach out and help each other. that's what a compassionate america does. that's what a pro-life conservate america does." both candidates want to be part of a new republican party. it's rubio's challenge to save the american dream.
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"now is the time for this generation to make it's choice, and we are all called to the task." a task for two republicans this veterans day. marco rubio is off to a campaign stop in south carolina. chris christie will be in iowa through friday. tensions are still high at the university of missouri... after racial unrest has disrupted the campus... 19 year old hunter pa is faing chges ah mda teo threat. police belieonous commts saying "i'm goingt columbfor the past few week
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ste llba sysutf the storms today. action started this morning in cedar rapids. we pick it up with the 3a quarterfinals. eerne crthaseea bffut othros. aimiee adams, not the actress, drops the hammer. a t kgh. ts s female knights, advance to the semifinals 3 games to one. lbufacot,eva ar court, and the cubs erin francis spikes down the line. nevada fans who made e ipan eye t rdo otlo the 3-1 win. des moines christian lost tonight to tpo. ny letters of intent signed today, and that includes dowling's becca hittner. hittner will stay close to home. she's headed to drake. hittn's
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5-gud therusam steve prohm can't wait to get it going at iowa state. cyclone fans feel the sa. the starts the regular season friday. prohm wants more from his uy thnaebl. iowa state plays colorado in sioux falls friday afternoon at 4 p.m. all of that information is correct. last year the iowa energy made a
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o n ailti: e mphis grizzlies. that was much confusing than the previous five teams. ergprtingod agrd euniversity. iowa will play its home games all season at wells fargo arena. hard to believe, but this is the nba d- league team's 8th yer rele otcld up to the nba. the energy season starts saturday. first home game at wells fargo arena,
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on ice, wild lose at grand rapids, 5-2 griffins. and now that the college football playoff committee moved iowa to #5 in the rankings, the hawks win it all odds improve. vegas now has iowa at 25 to 1 to win the national championship. if that still seems long odds to you, keep in mind, at the start of the season, iowa was 500 to 1. minnesota will try to stop iowa from the best start in school
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il and supporting six thousand jobs. i'm tom steyer. with bold leadership and an endless supply of wind and sun, we can do that across america. the goal is 50% clean energy by 2030.
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before we go, a pop mega star is heading to back to the metro... and hopefully this show will go a little smoother than his last. justin bieber is returning to wells fargo arena for a june 22nd show. it's part of his 20-16 'purpose' world tour. tickets go on sale november 20th at ten a-m. beiber was last in des moines back in 20-13... but not everyone was happy... he went on stage more than an hour and a half after his opening act ended... but most people say he did deliver a good performance.
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speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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