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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 11AM  FOX  August 5, 2016 11:00am-11:31am MDT

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>> and his cabinet from players off to list the possible female candidates and mention of bunker is a popular choice he didn't say what position she could or would service in said she had quote done very well so far he isn't naming any other women he's considering hillary clinton is today former cia director michael morel announced his pro- hillary he is pro- hillary and a new york times op-ed that was published today he said trump made" a threat to our national security morel says he is registered as neither a democrat or a republican and has always been private about his preference for president until now and a new fox news poll is out that shows how likable the presidential candidates are or
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both candidates are in trouble 55 percent of registered voters have an unfavorable opinion of hillary clinton and 63 percent have an unfavorable opinion of donald trump. >> the candidates are setting their sights on colorado both hillary clinton and donald trump is incompetent that they can win the state how both campaigns are focusing their attention on colorado. >> in the battleground state of colorado the ground war getting people registered to vote. >> picking a met with real and augmented retail politics the campaign workers at playing pok?mon go to register potential voters the mac and that using other attention-getting draws a cello cello you just have to be unique especially in a battleground states like colorado where the stakes are so high battleground colorado twice elected republican george w. bush that gave barack obama back-to-back victories of this year this
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leading democratic from recent polls gave hillary clinton a double-digit today another potential advantages since a 2012 the democrats are registered voters and republicans in the ranks of latino voters continues to grow up to 15.3 percent higher than the national average of 14 clinton campaign offices are up and running in the state hundreds of workers are on the payroll the operation expected to triple by early october the 5.6 million on colorado tv ads while trump supporters and spent the 232,000 the clinton camp now pulling tb tv as a thing trump isn't on the airwaves or frankly are you seeing the trump operation out there know i haven't the trump plan and colorado is a far different that you have said there are some workers knocking on doors but only a
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the trump campaign has just five offices relying instead on an extensive republican national state and local network and places of the 2013 the campaign not worried about being outgunned in the traditional ground game the same old tired word we've seen for years and years how would we be decided in large by a group of people in the middle of america and colad than one third of voters are registered independent like mark sabin he supports the trump. >> i will do as an independent i will contribute directly to donald trump i do not contribute to the gop. >> loyalty to trump not part a and x factor not lost on both the sides and with both candidates having high and favorability members is leading some independent voters uncertain of which way they will go in november am not sure when from the shore when either of them as president but how we're were
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lesser of two evils. >> and donald trump will be visiting colorado again next week or trump will reportedly hold a campaign event tuesday in grand junction no specific location has been announced yet the event will be free but you have to register in advance and also reportedly visit pueblo tuesday the source says it will be a southwest of motors event the center just and 70 details on a deadly crash we told you about in the day lakewood police say it may have been caused by an argument they say they were told a man was lying of the intersection late last night and found property damage there was in a vehicle on scene detectives upon the victim's wife she told of the two have been arguing and jumped out of the vehicle the woman says it she tried to control the vehicle that hit power poles and traffic signals they found the vehicle a few blocks away in a letter for parents this morning police and parker are looking
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will put a lot of parents on edge or happen at an apartment complex yesterday greatly at all has more on who you should be looking for josh hands is with the department as a spokesperson and you actually found that somebody get information or words of advice for a national organization parents and kids could use the national crime prevention council the messages they would like parents to teach their children is pretty simple to remember it's a no go approaches you say no really loudly go and the right to get out of the situation you are in it's important that you yell and make a lot of noise to draw attention to what's going on cost and mix with the stop sign we covered this type of story it seems like it's on a busy street or perhaps at a shopping center in this case it was in that apartment
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children were playing inside the park and they were walking home and that's when the individual approach to them like we talked about he lorded them into the area of the outdoor area of the apartment complex he doesn't want to do this behavior out where there's a lot of people the lord them into that area and the girls than the girls that they did do some things right when they realized they were in some trouble he never touched of them or anything like that with a will is a situation they were and they turn around and ran and so that was a great job by them they were using the buddy system they were out there together and is also a good tip speed maggie's 30 ?-dash 40 -year-old and authority and skinned man with dark spiky hair he's five eight ?-dash 510 he was wearing black gym shorts tennis shoes and a short sleeved the blue shirt and campus in the area we did find several people who also were able to describe this man would have an increased patrol
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continue for the foreseeable future now go yell tell. >> also information on our website at reporting from parker greatly at o box 31. >> it doesn't hurt to have the conversation with your kids if you already have something to be aware of if you're planning to visit with west campus it is closed today because of a power outage at campus other campuses at thornton colorado springs and dtc are still open today at 11 a new case of west nile found in colorado researchers say the first horse in colorado has been infected with a virus the horses in weld county last week while county health officials announced mosquitoes in all the zones tested positive for west nile as well as mosquitoes in boulder and larimer counties today and go find me account has been set
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and bad shape yesterday the problems owners of told you that the animal found in adams county am inflated abandoned and near death his rescuers and implement rascal but were hoping to find help at nursing him back to health and fighting to make it home we've received an outpouring of support from you at home to help rascal we are so glad to hear it into day ago from the me is available for people to donate if you want to give that that happens you can find on our website >> we have forces we can help connect us back you guys are awesome so the new jobs report is out this morning and it looks good that shows a positive news for our country in july hiring surge nationwide kick it to catch
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>> the sheriff's office is lowering the restriction from a stage to fire a bandit to stage one restriction is where all of unincorporated parts of jefferson county west to sleep for 70 colorado highway 93 in colorado highway 121 to the platte river and that means things electrical bbq grill is an certain fire pits are now okay but bonfires and fireworks are still banned officials say they made that conditions are better for wildfire prevention i would say so does get outside gate greg dutra watching a lot including those prior conditions it hasn't been dry so that's good. >> i would say it has is an understatement for the western slope they've been getting slammed it for the last week of this week and a half for us we get a scratch or during the it during the afternoon and we had some people now we've got the cloud cover in place of these clubs will hang around
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then it's back to remake in temperatures until it really feels more comfortable out now heightened the 72 liquid or current temperature is 72 like i said we hold steady than the ratio was right around the evening commute is partially pure living or working or driving off to the north of i70 tomorrow hi has 80 would get a little more sunshine about forecast a bit more sunshine still on sunday the storms they cap the high temperatures on the cool side but improvement is and that is a sight for sore eyes for kids wrapping up their summer break this week and we'll see how the first one looks for some kids. >> the president marked his 55th birthday yesterday with a magazine article that's getting a lot of buzz today why the article was a first for you as president and why everyone is talking about it and if you depend on google maps to help you get around it may soon be able to give you alerts about parking which you
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the navy is getting new uniforms for some of its members in the navy twitter posting this picture let's take a look shows the uniforms which are the normal green camouflage before members of the navy used to wear blue and white apparently they weren't super popular because they say they were too heavyweight the primary sure uniforms will be issued to new recruit october 1 of the 2017 they kind of look like army uniforms. >> and they do with the camera for sure but their dress uniforms at sharp if you use air pmb there's another for you today is about using wi-fi when you're in one of those rentals cyber security experts say when you log in to a private home at rentals wi-fi
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to infect the internet connection and spy on future guests meaning to if a previous wanted that they could possibly get access to your bank info or e-mail info everything really they suggest using a protective service like a bpm a virtual when you're staying at an air bmp if you get a smartphone for internet hotspot to get yourself the internet access so that thing as the person who owns the house is trying to spy on you but a previous guest may have infected the network shows is that donald trumps a presidential campaign could be hurting his business the data shows that the traffic to drum printed golf courses hotels and casinos has been going down since chubb entered the race and last month for traffic for trump branded product or produce killed 14 percent compared to the same time last year and the data says the biggest decline is among women the president getting a lot of attention for
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magazine glamour according to business insider president president obama published a lengthy impersonal article about feminism and the magazine and it makes him the first president to call himself a feminist in discusses the president's influences as such is his mother grandmother's force the way that there was we got a lot of buzz on social media with people posting things like the president of the us. >> he has a lot of really important t-mobile models in his life a powerful ones importantly he's not afraid to talk about it and be open about it which i think is the key thing here writing an article in glamour magazine. >> a company is cashing in on the pok?mon craze by doing extermination the ceo of the company is looking glasses as if they're not in the business of killing pok?mon basically they're being used to pull pok?mon of certain areas the companies have asked looking glass to alter the games codes of the creatures don't pop up
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have already warned people to stop playing the game in certain parks and monuments of religious institutions and private properties up until now no one is figured out how to get rid of the pok?mon from certain locations. >> paraben homeowners who say they have trespassers and the businesses get rid of this fictional digital characters you can't go to the home depot out get given extermination spray for that. >> researchers have found another artist aggregate costs they found that using new powerful x-ray technology or a longtime historians that there was a hidden portrait under the painting portrait of a woman and they were finally able to get a glimpse at it using this new technology they think the portrait underneath is one of his favorite models and from that they can tell he decided to paint a completely new portrait on top of it beautiful work i kind of like
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ever and one for the cool physical thing is i think a lot of people always realize it as it was is it was expensive especially back in the day and so they would just many paintings have a little treasure a man is taking his parking problems to the next level more on his crazy invention that is saving him a lot of space plus you probably noticed the difference in the weather overnight just a smidgen we are in on the forecast for the weekend to see if this rainy
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>> i can't wait to hear your it's so friday in a feature could be coming to google that will help you plan how much time you needed to get that coveted parking spot places like little doll for certain spots those spots of this idea makes a ton of sense of the feature will add up how long it will take you to find parking and according to end the gadget google maps it could soon give you alerts that there isn't a lot of parking at your destination and will account not just for traffic but fighting for a spot once you get there google cannot track him any spaces are open exactly but it hasn't data and how many people are usually in an area during a given time a day and whether that is in this in a dent going on him by andy you can do that for a
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busiest time of the day based on traffic. >> @google is getting google is getting kind of scary. >> scary good talk about a creative way to solve your parking problems of this text is he uses a conveyor belt to get his little tiny car backwards and a slide set right under the stairs to get that get that it's like a drawer for his car that is so smart i need one of those. >> a look at tt roll i know the google thing is genius because he think that 17 minutes you like cool how long will it take me to park 79 minutes you guys probably not that i have too
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tanager headed downtown tonight there will be arraigned in public if a lot of people out the street traffic but you're right still is though is probably the best way to put it because 72 degrees in denver right now definitely not gross there in the mid- 80s even pushing 90 den some of our warmer days as of late what am i looking at here you can see some other showers that passed through this morning off to a northeast to nebraska this is a batch of showers i've been watching all morning long if you're watching today colorado what does we are talking about these i know were in southwestern colorado's in central and eastern colorado as we get what hot you talk to new mexico to portions of arizona has led to at least at the last week that's what all the areas you see in greener
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to buy later on but the scraps that they haven't quite made it across the continental divide in the big batches that is changing the system showers on my radar right now like i said afternoon hours within a start getting back into that rain fall on rainfall on midmorning break some light rain highlands ranch to castle rock down to south to the palmer divide and onto the onto the west african carol morrison up by 70 sales activities we will continue to the af hits from light rain another bigger one for consistent rain that will be on the wafer commit or dinner cap market to that and i second the first forecast high temperatures exactly where we are) the regarding the number 72 at the bottom of a warm-up to the west of not dealing with those early afternoon showers likely will hear in the mile high city break in the bigger batches and start living off during the second half of the afternoon and into the evening here is around dinner time or the tail and you will see the
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south of denver then we recharge the atmosphere i have an edge between today and tomorrow at to an inch for areas to see the heavier rainfall that we get another quarter to half an inch on sunday before things finally dry out. ninetys for tuesday and wednesday next week as kids had back-to-school coming up and we are meeting a furry friend and that needs a new home and what a cutie will be joined by the dumb friends league this
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>> a furry friend is in need of a good home and that you can help but you you need a good home. >> from dumb friends league is she joins us live this morning. >> what we got here.
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brown tabby and she is very sweet she's falling asleep right now she's been a been around children in the past she's just ready to find a home to curl up in. >> she's quite old for a cat in terms of the ones you're adopting out. >> she is a she's a little bit older but she still could live several more good years were excited to find her a new home she is currently her adoption fee is $10 and we had $25 off adult dogs as well. >> she's at hoh to its a little easier. >> chill our hangout in your house she has beautiful whiskers she's a very sweet. >> good luck to find a really good home if you would like to adopt or you can go to the qu?bec street shelter 2080 south qu?bec or give them a call (303)751-5772 i sure hope she finds a great home and. >> i know she seems like such a sweet cap incorporated is a much more at 11:00 o'clock and we got an extra newscast
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this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are -- a quality improvement specialist originally from port orange, florida... an i.t. applications director from cheverly, maryland... and our returning champion, an operations analyst from malden, massachusetts... whose 4-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ]


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