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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  August 16, 2016 1:35am-2:01am MDT

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had a rally in pennsylvania with vice president joe biden hillary clinton says she has a very different vision for america and how to keep it safe. >> is talked about sending ground troops american ground troops well that is off the table trump made clear in his speech that he disagrees a. >> hillary clinton lacks of the judgment as said by bernie sanders stability and temperament in the moral character to lead our nation and the republican nominee hopes this speech is the first to step toward a more focused and unified campaign. >> but hillary clinton and donald conkling new york is their home state but a new poll shows clinton is cleaning up the latest empire state poll shows court with a 30-point lead in the state with numbers like that the wall street journal put out an editorial today urging the gop to dump trump if he doesn't have proved by labor day. >> a group of state lawmakers are standing is supportive of
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coup in turkey for multicultural foundation plus the movement which officials have called now a terrorist group supporters say it's not true of there being used as scapegoats rather concern for the tens of thousands of turkish citizens arrested in the crackdown since last month that the human tragedy right now which is going on in turkey espouses are here in colorado and family members come back and turkey were trying to reach out to our legislators to yet get these people out of turkey into colorado. >> turkey has asked the us to expedite the minute later who lives in pennsylvania it is considered one of the busiest meter stretch is in the entire metro area the south broadway corridor between bayonne and virginia street starting today six block to a protected bike lane by claim is in the testing phase city leaders of the bike with more ease traffic for vehicles bicycle thence takes four lanes of traffic down to three the closest (link to the curb is
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one win over the cells a lane dedicated the change means that drivers can only turn on a green arrow and intersections. >> some of the drivers needed to work a little concerned about in the beginning but i think it's fine so far the first day but i think diminish demonstrate a cup and it's a good idea that trial lane last until november of next year with an evaluation happening at three months see how willing to looking at the key there is to pay attention it's always busy there bikers everywhere if you've ever dropped your phone and water you know it never ends well it could be changing well good no good luck to tour droppers apple is working on a new
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>> twitter is twitter is making some friends in high
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light it looks like they are working on a waterproof will put your money tonight the
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pattern that highlights editing toolset used to make sure photos taken underwater debited the release of apple's next iphone model the iphone seven suspected next to mother hubbard i know you're on the wait list no word yet on whether a waterproof feature will be included in apple by the way may soon be joining forces with twitter massive admissions scandal the automaker selling 11 million cars equipped with software that helps them achieve emission tests next line a list for a specific diesel engine including some polo and the bees of models owners will be contacted to make appointments with their dealers and there's a new option on the menu at dominoes for delivery customers the pizza chain delivering free
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can choose from classic garden chicken caesar and chicken chicken apple pecan and there about $6 each when paired with other items on the company's mix-and-match menu that pizza chicken and pasta uses just to make you feel better after eating the pizza you had me i was thinking your work courses all the time at the office getting back your weight up and asked what one study says about the time spent at the cubicle and why you should try to get away from it more often we certainly have one place without picture is currently in the 70s but how about this at the end of the week highs might not make it out of the 70s talking about the be
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>> we have a little bit too much individually you how about that the american heart association says that is true even if you're otherwise active advisory purchased in the journal says people who exercise it regularly can still be at increased risk of heart disease even stroke if they've done lots of time sitting researchers at the
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are it is important to get up a regular breaks pregnant women who take acetaminophen are now mark likely to have more likely to have a hyperactive child according to a new study's authors expected mothers exposed to run a higher risk of having children with emotional or behavioral symptoms to study shows more than half of all pregnant women in the us and europe used acetaminophen the study's lead author says acetaminophen assay for pregnant women to use but should be taken only when necessary to minimize risks according to a study by women's health almost half of the employees say they put on weight of their current job women more likely to pack on the pounds and then men fear not though other culprits and in here is an easy solutions at first one third of guiding employees receive their colleagues urge them to eat more research is says you have to eat twice as much when food is sitting right in front of us they affects take a seat at the conference table as far away from those as possible second we eat 30 percent more when we eat with another
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and then going to the lunch room helps you to eat preset portions lastly there is a link between how much you weigh and how much exposure to natural light you get cisco jet to that window get outside just get away from your cubicle for more tips on staying away from the stent stone is a visit >> a beautiful day it was to get out maybe for a job to get some exercise and all temperatures took over again highs made it back in the low 90s this afternoon although cooling down nicely here tonight with just a some cloud cover a part of her passing to the sky showers are tried earlier on to move off the foothills that didn't work out to what the dry air was locked into place too much to let the way to get done with the surface and evaporated mostly before it came that might've been some very light rain and one or two spots that sit at least in the metro and the east of planes and has been a different story we have seen a
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the evening hours and continuing to see a few pockets out there especially in the southeastern plains just to the south of i70 and if you of this a couple of strikes of lightning stretch none down near trinidad upstream everything is quiet mounts a couple of policy or in their clouds here and there otherwise it is a dry night in the high country as we are in the city beautiful shot from a pinnacle cam the lights lit up nicely done 1074 dia at 69 with a nice little breeze of the road and on top of the coming in about five wind today highs back to 92 degrees with hit 90 or better in so far this month at 10 times already today was a tenth one of the fort collins at 91 greeley had 91 as well mid and upper 90s and parts of the southeastern plains of there with 80s ' country and one in grand junction today with a high of 942 thirds of the month so far above 90 degrees it marks and 44 days that we had 90 or better at the iaf has been a tuesday
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the global come close to it again tomorrow just as warm we get to the 90-degree threshold between political temperatures mid- upper 60s low 70s in the plains of 40s and 50s into the high country as a future constitution as we go to the overnight tonight everything should stay relatively quite with just a few classes will wake up early tomorrow morning tomorrow afternoon a little bit more moisture not much but just enough to get the showers going in the high country and probably supporting them as they come eastern plains probably around the timeframe about six ?-dash 10:00 p.m. a little bit before that to the metro probably four ?-dash 6:87 o'clock. >> sews 60 overnight to nice guys will continue to clear out by morning leading us with just a breezy conditions here and there as the kids get off to the bust up early tomorrow morning should be a really nice start low 60s or so plenty of sunshine to get them off to school in your afternoon drive tomorrow is
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forecast it looks a little wet i think odds are you will get to dry 20 percent shot that you run wanted to a few of those raindrops those tonight in the 50s and low 60s tomorrow afternoon we are right back in the upper 80s i think will butt up against 90 degrees a few committees could get there around the metro there were looking at about 89 and during 88 in a world with mid and upper 80s on the west side of tanya 70 forecast shows a similar forecast every single day to thursday we finally get cooler air in here starting friday bring 40 percent chance for rain if you've been thinking about getting a dream home giveaway ticket we've got to tell you now is the chance to buy it if you buy a ticket by the end of the day this friday for $100 you have a chance to win this 2017 lincoln mkc it's a good looking car from landmark link in the car that car valued at $35,000 it's this years a bonus prize at the hundred dollar ticket also interesting for the chance to win third is the dream home
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neighborhood of aurora's not far in the great school district featuring 3400 square feet for bedrooms for best four bedrooms up for best valued at $550,000 so how do you get a ticket call (180)276-7695 or go ago online to jude just a limited number of tickets will be sold to be sure to get yours before they sell out and comes in the dream home for yourself it's open for tours on the weekend and if you come this saturday between noon and these two great people at weekend anchor team the house again at the corner of east and saratoga plaisance fb can and in the toll a toll gate crossing neighborhood of aurora i'm too good to go back up and get another luck did you like that refrigerator in the bedroom i'm telling you go to the house and see the refrigerator in the bedroom because that alone time yeah i figured out your christmas gift for your husband ahead and sports the national league player of the week strikes
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his hitting streak at coors field season over for the bronco's bands by the broncos defensive end it will miss the rest of the year and it a new scam alert for you online shoppers but one of her own encounter when trying to sell something herself online and hate to make sure it doesn't happen to you plus was some are calling cyber bullying in the usa gymnastics classes
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lets old saying to be the best you got to beat the best of the rockies take a chance to do exactly that all week long as they host not one but two first-place ballclubs the cuts come into town for a weekend series but before that the nationals in celtic if of a three-game set starting this evening the course field of a go of a lot of productive night at the ballpark hang with me here folks follow me there is charlie blackmon want him in a second third inning jason was also a big beard and also some bigwig power giddy up up and out of here to run short of the jorge della rizzo made it three ?-dash two rockies lead at that point now in the fourth blackmon the bearded charlie blackmon name today the national league player of
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>> eight home runs in seven games now for charlie blackmon he's on some kind of role four ?-dash two at that point with a solo home run at the rally though comes behind the bearded bryce harper an rbi single to right made it five ?-dash four washington at that point and at last check that's why this game sets into the eighth inning right now the nationals and clinging to that one run lead over the rockies five ?-dash four adequate spill the broncos cap headlines today birthday stiff competition battles resuming at quarterback and running back a season ending injury to talk about also some posted practice feel-good moments as well for more other day that was at a training camp here is approximately once per zero broncos owner pat bowman was one of 10 finalists announced today for two spots into the hall of fame for next year as a contributor obviously there is a lot there's a lot of sentiment for him around here as there was today for a group of wounded were years of
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know that's when you go and you put into it a half hours in and you can begin going at each other at the end of the day it's nice to do something like that you shake a few hands you appreciate everything that they do what they sow was a team that practiced well at least according to a gary kubiak told us then again it's not the message apparently the team got they were very happy today but it is what it is after emmanuel sanders a advance walker had to be carted off the field with a leg injury but sadly will cost him the rest of the season at the parent these guys are getting a little tired of playing against one another which is why it'll be nice to get the niners in here for joint practices starting wednesday i think the coaches and just want to see people compete they want to see the young guys can be they want to see who's going to grow stuff step out there and handle his own when foreigners, when
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chip kelly the 40 niners coach about the format for wednesday and thursday's practices are ongoing of course the two teams then that will play on saturday talk about a little bit too much togetherness at broncos headquarters and bruce hurdle fox 31 denver and bruce mentioned that the team has lost a better defense defensive bands walker the entire season the temperament wofford suffered a terror considered a 29 that it was competing for a possible starting job replaced busy day for the broncos after they got the 40 niners come to town for a couple of joint practices at the end of this week at wednesday and thursday friday off in and saturday first preseason home game as opposed
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judge lynn: this morning, i heard a wild case. you know, communication is the basis of every successful relationship. for all of the talking i heard from today's couple, they brought very little communication to "divorce court." catalano: divorce court is now in session. judge lynn: i'm here with ms. rogers and mr. hillman. the two of you have been together for 12 years. you don't want to be together anymore. ms. rogers, you want mr. hillman out of the house, and you also want him to pay for the six months of his half of the rent until the lease expires. rogers: yes. judge lynn: so we will talk about that momentarily. but before we do, why are you ready to call it quits after such a long period of time? rogers: exactly. you would say 12 years -- you would think someone has their stuff together and has everything going correctly, right? [ chuckles ] not in our case. mr. hillman -- he's a cheater.


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