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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  November 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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cared about everybody else. but herself. >> . she leaves behind her 3 year-old daughter. husband. and large extended family. >> . she was taken far too soon. we would have love to have her back. we can't. >> . family and friends mourning. and hoping for answers. >> justy for crystal. we don't know what happened. police aren't telling us. >> . returning to the home is recovery process will begin. >> to life. >> we belief something violent happened.
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there are no suspects in custody. at this time. >> . new developments tonight. concerning a denver officer. abgszed of stealing money from inside a suspects car. during an assault investigation. today the denver district attorney formally charged with tampering with physical evidence. theft and two koupb he stole 12 hundred dollars from a crime scene. october 7. he's been rel thousand dollar personal bond. new video from a water main break in boulder. sent a geyser shooting feet into the air.
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voters that are looking to make a decision. who have yet to make a decision. she thinks with an ad buy could swing her way. smart move. >> clinton also deploying her top surrogate president north carolina and ohio. democratic analyst says this could help improve her numbers out east. it could also bring focus to the
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we will touch on that. >> . chelsea clinton wrapping up a rally in aurora. speaking and supporting the issuing hilary built her flat form on. and showing gratitude for the crowd there. >> . followed up the she'll be in boulder tomorrow. before taking the campaign to wisconsin. her father former president bill clinton will be campaigning friday in pueblo. denver and fort collins. locations and times haven't been finalizeized. >> . mike pence is in love land tomorrow. just within the last hour. we learned trump jr. is going to be in fort collins. on thursday morning.
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information for you. you'll find a break down of the statewide amendments and proplgss. >> . new tonight. do you need somewhere to put your political yard sign. alpine did recycle 2.5 tons of yard signs. near the main office. that's at 7373 washington street. drop offs are welcome between 8 to 4 monday through friday. now until november 18. >> . >> hickenlooper releases his letter to the general assembly. here's a break down of how your money will be spent.
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>> . >> major insurers opted to leave a number of numr >> . premiums are expected to spike average 25 percent come next year.
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scott tipton ressman? or is he a real-estate agent for big-money campaign contributors? tipton sponsored a bill to give away our public lands to his out-of-state donors. over 30 colorado business leaders called tipton's plans, "a serious threat to the outdoor recreation industry and...thousands of jobs." gail schwartz will defend our public lands and won't put colorado's future up for sale. house majority pac is responsible
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>> i like this news. u.s. today rated it the best city to live in. in the country. broom field becoming more popular. and growing too. >> . shows us how big development is turning colorado's smallest county into kind of a big deal. >> it's busy inside this building. and not just because of the election. broom field is going to do what we say we're going to do.
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broom field is the youngest county in the u.s. but also one of the fastest growing. >> . the ninth fastest to be exact. skpwhr. >> that's because of a number of large developments. like this right here. which could be a new 2 hundred million dollar data and storage center. sometime in the next two years. >> . jp tphor began chase bought 106 acres here. >> . employees. when it's all said and done. a few miles away. this site. which is the target of a new ikea store. >> . i don't like the growth. it's not the small area that it used to be. ityou can see the mountains and you can't nil anymore. >> . she says it's changed too much for her taste. but it's hard to stop growth.
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there's nothing we can do. >> . we can probably have the same conversation in 6 months. and we'll have some projects coming. >> . >> it's an area that has grown quickly. outside right now. in the mile high city. it's quiet out there. i want to show you thize eisenhower none el a lot of this is making its way out across i 25.
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there are in the deeper green bands. as i zoom in here. yellow areas. that is actually some showers. that are making it to the ground. in denver i can't rule out a stray shower. by far for the next several hours. two o'clock in the morning. the area of rain it's nice to see. it will only fall across the northern part of the front range. >> to come awe
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they're at 55 degrees. across the rest of the northeast plains. 54 in fort collins. 52 greeley. if you are getting phoeus moisture. it's in the form of rain. colder temperatures across the mountain peeks. we had the wind. it was out of the south today.
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sunshine. and many -r clouds roll in late in the day. especially west of denver. up high maybe sop rain and snow showers. lows tonight chilly 30s. from the knot west plateau. through the central mountains. into the southern valley. alamosa below freezing. we will be in the chilly 30s. and 40s. highs tomorrow i mention that north flow. well. we were at 70 degrees today. we'll knock to tkoub ten. and take us to 60 tomorrow. 60s continue all the way to the southeast corner of the sta and a mix of 50s and 60s over the mountains and points west. forecast calls for a possible stray shower. here in denver. i showed you on live radar. better chances are north of the city. 39 degrees for the over night low. tomorrow 60 degrees. it is our coolest day. it's seasonal for this time of the year. right back to 70 on thursday. plenty of sunshine. down just a few degrees to end friday. heading swao into the weekend i can't rule out a stray shower on saturday. sunday looks great.
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and then a more better chance with a powerful storm coming in monday and tuesday. >> . best chance of rain is monday.
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to keep our communities safe, we need a district attorney like jake lilly -- tough, smart, and determined to keep us safe. and iraq war veteran, jake lilly is an experienced prosecutor who will be tough on violent crime, including murder and domestic abuse. and he has a smart plan to provide treatment for non-violent offenders, including veterans suffering from mental illness or addiction. jake lilly for district attorney --
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a new review suggests many diet reu supplements can harm the liver. the
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million dollars on last year. the herb contributed to liver damage. in 24 of the 130 cases. linked to dietary supplements. >> also. staying out late. maybe you playing online games. it's keeping your kids awake at night. researchers found a strong and consistent connection between media device use at bedtime. and poor sleep in children. the light from use d delay the release of mel toe anyone. >> national sleep foundation recommends at least 30 minutes of what they call tkpwapblt free tran transition time. before you go to bed. >> . gadget free transition time. >> . denver rescue mission asking for help to collect turkeys for those in need this thanksgiving. hoping to collect 15 thousand this year. the birds will be served the a the great thanksgiving banquet on the 25.
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distributed to needy families. if you can't get them a turkey. they need canned food. yams. boxed stuffing. all the fixings. >> . butter ball turkey hot line getting ready for all of your questions for the first time ever you will be able to text in your questions. you can ask by twitter. you can start calling texting and tweeting november 17. the most common question. how long does it take to thaw a turkey. >> . >> red holiday cups from star bucks last year. many customers didn't like how play they were. they haven't revealed this years yet. but one took a sneak peek. and says it has a classic holiday design. >> . debuting these cups. it's more than a hundred people drawn in a single stroke. isn't that cool. he wanted to create a symbol of
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>> . my wife is addicted to these >> . woman: after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig... you can do anything. i moved on her like a b***h! woman: trump's just so disgusting and degrading.
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president! and congressman mike coffman said he didn't know if donald trump's a sexual predator. come on. look, we just can't vote for coffman or trump. house majority pac is responsible
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this man says he's had enough. trash in his yards piling up for a month. >> praoeted phone calls to waste management. the couple says they're not tkpw*eting pwha they called the problem solvers. >> .
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once a week most of us take this for granted. but for 6 weeks it has been a battle. at a mystery as to why. >> bag after bag. stacked behind their home. a violation of the city code. >> i don't know what to do anymore. >> up to date on bills say they're paid through november. waste management has been neglects them since september. >> the third week. i called in. and they said we'll make this a code red. and it will be out of here by friday. >> every week jerry calls. >> aepg always a new person. saying they're not sure why it hasn't been removed. promising next we week the job l get done. >> i'm kind of being made fun of in a way. just handed off one office to another. >> . skwrer jerry says this isn't the first time they have been over looked. eventually the trash disappears in a week or two.
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>> when customer service failing the problem solvers got to work. >> i don't know what to do next. i hope you can solve it. >> one hour after our call. those bags causing so much frustration. were gone. >> . when you called. and said the trash is. you have to be kidding. >> . >> waste management tells the problem solvers it regrets the issue. saying it was caused by internal errors and they promise they will receive a refund for the services they paid for. but didn't receive. >> . no explanation they why they wouldn't help until we called. >> . glad to help.
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a developing story tonight. gas prices in the east coast had soared to their highest level in 8 years. after a major gas line explosion in alabama. prompted a state of emergency. authorities say a worker accidently hit the line. while doing excavation work. on the pipeline last night. the blast kill -td one man. hospitalized 4 others. the fire that followed prompted officials to shut down the pipeline. that reupbs from houston. to new york. threatening gas shortages in the east for weeks to come. >> . 6 people dead. ten others injured after a school bus and commuter bus crash. head on in baltimore.
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calling it catastrophically damaged. none of the children are among the victims. >> . the school bus rear ended a car. sideswiped a pillar. before crashing into the bus. the driver of the car managed to escape. the school bus driver and five people on the commuter bus were killed. >> . bill cosby rao*eufing in a pennsylvania courthouse. this morning. for a key pretrial hearing. assault case. >> cosby attorneys asking the judge today. to dismiss the charges. >> continuing coverage of the fatal hit and run. that happened early sunday
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in custody. asking for the publics help to identify the driver. responsible for killing 28 year-old. >> >> shaul turner has the new details. >> . 13 and broad way. normally a busy intersection this weekend. was shut down sunday morning. at first responders rush to help. >> . denver police tell us a white truck barreled through the spw*erbgs. striking her. they later found the truck near the intersection of eighth. the two people inside ran away and disappeared. >> she graduated from law school in and worked as an associate at the law firm. which issued this statement. >> just a very sad.
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>> senseless. >> . new tonight colorado parks and wildlife asking for help identifying the person who poached a bull moose. over the weekend. earlier today the department tweeted bull moose found dead on county road 3. it happened saturday. northwest of the town of divide. if you know anything call parks and wildlife. or stay anonymous you can operation game safe on the number on your screen. you can earn a reward of two thousand dollars. if your information leads to arrest. >> . beautiful animal.
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scott tipton -- our congressman? or is he a real-estate agent for big-money campaign contributors? tipton sponsored a bill to give away our public lands over 30 colorado business leaders called tipton's plans, "a serious threat to the outdoor recreation industry and...thousands of jobs." gail schwartz will defend our public lands and won't put colorado's future up for sale. house majority pac is responsible
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