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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 11AM  FOX  November 3, 2016 11:00am-11:30am MDT

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cause he stood up for me. i'm mike coffman, and i approve this message. an update on an investigation shutting down a high school today. the gruesome discovery that has police closing the doors. if you think you're being treated unfairly at work a new tool that can help you make that pitch. the cubs are winners for the first time in over 100 years. some saw it coming long before we knew it was a reality. we'll take a look at that year he predictions including from colorado state university. one fan may be regretting his prediction after getting a little too confident about his team. pretty much forever. good morning to you 11:00 on your thursday. i'm kirk yuhnke. i'm meagan o'halloran. and not to get to.
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information just coming into the newsroom. a high school is closed today after an investigation into a body found inside the school. berthoud high school will not have classes today. larimer county sheriff's deputies were called out to a report of a missing person this morning. skyfox flying above the school. some parents said their teenage son left and they were worried about him. when deputies got to berthoud they found a door open and the body was found inside the school. as the investigation continues the school is closed today. if anyone has information into the death, they're asking to call the larimer county sheriff's office. police in brighton say, they're searching for a suspect in a stabbing. they think he is armed and possibly dangerous. they say a man was stabbed outside jerry's bar on north main street in brighton early this morning. the victim is in the hospital and expected to survive. but police haven't found the suspect yet.
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president obama is sending help to victims of hurricane matthew in virginia. the president signed a disaster declaration yesterday, giving federal aid funds to area of the state that were hit hard by the storm. it includes grants for temporary housing and home repairs, as well as low cost loans to cover uninsured property losses. here in colorado if you see smoke today it may be a controlled burn. adams county wants you to know crews are doing a controlled burn outside of brighton today. they say there aren't any winds today so there's nothing to be concerned about. something to be aware of if you're going to dia this weekend. a second of pena boulevard going towards the airport, where it splits towards the west terminal entrance is getting reduced to one lane from the current three. that's happened saturday night and it's expected to open back up sunday morning. so expect that things will be moving a little slower starting around 7 saturday night. today the presidential hopefuls pushing for votes here in colorado. donald trump junior is in fort
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with colorado youth outdoors. this is video of him holding an event in michigan yesterday. he's been all over the country. this comes after a visit from trump's running mate mike pence wednesday. he held an event in loveland. tomorrow hillary clinton's husband and former president bill clinton is making a few campaign stops in colorado. he'll be in pueblo, denver and fort collins. bernie sanders is coming to colorado springs, on saturday on behalf of hillary clinton. the two presidential candidates are neck in neck here in colorado. the new poll f of denver shows hillary clinton and donald trump are virtually tied here. right now clinton leads trump by one percentage point 42 to 41 that is among likely voters but in a four way race clinton and trump are tied at 39 percent. hillary clinton did take time for a little bit of celebrating about the outcome of the world series. clinton was born in chicago and raised in a suburb outside chicago. she says she grew up a cubs fan. but has become known as a
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she has said she has always been a fan of both teams. playing it safe there. i guess so. president obama is from chicago but he's white sox fan. still he got excited about last night win. he tweeted out it happened cubs win world series. that's change even this south sider can believe in. want to come to the white house before i leave? a little invite from the president there. that cubs win making a big impact in chicago today. people are already showing up at wrigley fiel the cubs came back to chicago early and a group of fans met them outside the stadium to welcome them back and cheer them on. after a dramatic end to game seven last night. look at that trophy. this is going to be a tough play. the cubs win the world series. that was it. that was the end in case you missed it.
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a 20 minute rain delay added to the suspense. tied in the 10th inning the cubs scored two runs. you'd think that was the end of it, but the indians scored again ultimately they weren't able to score another one to tie things up. a score of eight to seven. the chicago cubs won their first world series since 1908. the curse is broken. a great game. here in colorado we have a big sporting event of our own going on tonight. cu foo ucla. the bruins. it will be on national television. and it could mean a nightmare if you're heading out that we way could be stuck in traffic tonight. fox 31's jim hooley has more on what to expect if you're heading to the game. good morning. stay at home watching on tv might be your best bet that there will be a lot of people here and a lot of people coming up highway 36 denver to boulder big science eliminated along the
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traffic and parking could be a problem. out here you can see they've got the stands in barrier set in team store information some of the pizza and hot dog places. this place like those prices will be crazy here tonight. you see the problem is the will be taking the field at 7:00 p.m. this is an. fans will be rolling into boulder 50,000 fans at about the same time people people who work in town are trying to get out of town. and trying to get home. because it's a normal school day there's not going to be parking on campus unless you have a permit. if you're coming to pay cash you need to park exit from 36 onto foothills and onto colorado the parking is rather. $10 and a shadow at the campus. also keep in mind new back policy in place tonight in the
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like they have at sports authority field in mile high the first night of their using that here. an express lane over here if you have no bags whatsoever against her here quickly but best bet coming to the game tonight park audis take the shuttle in. it is for free the gametime tonight once again 7:00. go box. all right. go box. from my living room. as jim suggested. let's get outside talk about the weather for the game tonight when we got going on today the kids coming home from school greg feels like a pretty nice day were getting november chill we should have right now. we should it feels a little bit more like november and i have a forecast for that game because it's going to be so nice out of full some field great up there of course ucla bucks are playing and temperatures will be in the 50s for gametime. head on over to the graphics and check it out. 55 degrees will be the temperature right around 7:00 start time temperatures falling into about the upper
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game wraps up. guess what that's where we are now. bump up to a daytime high go back down to the high temperatures just shy of 70 degrees. cool yesterday not so much today. upper 60s on the way like i said upper 60s lower 70s for tomorrow. staying on the warm side and a few showers are possible on saturday with highs in the mid to lower 60s. the reason behind that increasing clouds. big question is do we get rain showers or not? i'll answer that track the storm the next week coming up. will talk to you then. thank you. if you're a little suspicious about what you're getting paid linkedin can help. the social media site, may be able to help you figure out how much your coworkers are getting paid, and whether your salary measures up. and later some spooky predictions that hit a little too close to home. some people were able to see into the future, of this year's world series.
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welcome back. this holiday season toy 'r' us is working on making their stores more suitable for children on the autism spectrum. loud noises and bright lights can sometimes be overwhelming for children on the spectrum. they are looking to possibly pair stores with local autism organizations, and make shopping at the stores a more enjoyable experience for those children as well. the company's uk organization has been offering quiet hours for children with autism since 2014. during those events the lights are dimmed and the holiday music is turned off. if you think you might be getting underpaid at your job linkedin might be able to help you prove it. the career based social media site is launching a new salary comparison tool. it will let users see how much other people doing the same job are earning. the data is anonymous and based on user input it includes details about base pay bonuses and other forms of compensation. but if you want to see the information, you might have to enter your information first.
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here's a problem what if you go in there you realize you're making too much. quietly walk away. go to the boss and say excuse me but i think i'm overpaid. who wants to have that conversation? nobody. it's released by the point's guide top worst o'hare chicago newark in new jersey. la guardia in new yorkea timeliness and amenities. dia hurt by the distance from the city center that make sense it's all the way out the. public transit options heard it and lack of lounges. we need more lounges. just thinking that. the airport is huge. walk and there were can i lounge. we have the biggest airport and one of the worst airports. i don't know. 11:12 the bishop of cleveland is going to have to ship out a whole bunch of food.
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whole bunch of grabbed today. find out if there's more fall weather on the way for this weekend that is up next the
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welcome back. we are just learning the chicago cubs have finally decided on a day to host the city parade. to honor the cubs chicago mayor
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series victory tomorrow. he said it would be held about noon he says the details are still being worked out. i judge a city early watching cleveland closely i judge a city by the parade in the festivities when your team goes to the championship and doesn't win. then what happens. there should still be a liberation because they made it so far growing up in buffalo when the bills lost the circle both you would not believe the welcome home parade and festival. welcome home like nice try kind of deal. 11:15 right now. now that the world series is over, it's time to collect on some bets. since this year's fan bases were so passionate about their teams there were a lot of unique bets placed. lebron james is going to have to find some cubs gear. he made a bet with friend and former teammate dwayne wade. now that the indians lost, lebron will have to dress up in a cubs uniforms, when the cavaliers come to chicago to play the bulls next month.
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and the employees at cedar point need to start warming up their singing voices. the park made a bet with six flags great america in gurnee, illinois. and now the employees have to make a video of themselves singing go cubs go. the six flags in illinois also gets to rename one of the cedar point rides on opening weekend 2017. and the catholic bishops from chicago and cleveland will also have to make good on their bets. but the two aren't calling it a bet, they're calling it a challenge. since the indians lost the cleveland bishop will send cleveland style food to feed 100 homeless people. that's cool. that's really nice. he'll send an array of different kind of foods. do you want me to read this? i am from cleveland. he's said he will send kielbasa, pierogis, sauerkraut, and green beans. you are like what? i think i can read green beans. i would love that.
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you probably have been hearing a lot about predictions of the world series and a lot of tweets a lot of people with the premonitions that kind of stuff. this got a lot of attention leading up to the series michael lee made a prediction in his 1993 yearbook. and his classmate sent out a picture of it, making it go viral. he wrote chicago cubs. 2016 world champions. you heard it here first. and there was this tweet from 2014, that predicted the cubs and indians would face off, there would be a game seven, and it would go to extra innings. but it did also predict the end of the world. okay. looks like and be seashell it looks like the nbc show parks and rec also predicted the cubs would win the world series in a scene from the show's final season. take a look. i'm really going to like it here, and obviously everyone's in a good mood now the cubs won the world series. that scene from the nbc show aired in 2015 but is supposed to take place in 2017. the show's co-creator spoke to the washington post about this
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he says when they decided to have the last season be set in 2017, they started thinking about what the world could be like. and he says he was tracking the cubs' minor league system, and thought this was a possibility. crunching the numbers. he was right. the cubs haven't won the world series since 1908 don't think a day goes by somebody at least over the past 100 something years hasn't predicted when the cubs were going to win it. after enough darts the board. one of them will hit the throwing that out the. there's a skeptic for your. just staying. apparently the colorado state university president also knew the cubs would win months ago. the csu twitter re-tweeted him this morning saying we'll just
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something years. he was onto something may be. once-in-a-lifetime thing happens the year the cubs win the series. become a thing. whole bunch of darts at the board that you're going to jab at me. some of these tweets are predicting the end of the world. there is that. they are. the world is still here. it is. although will get you up to the pace on the news at five in case of that happens. will come back. breaking news the world is ending. exactly. will be sure to bring you that first. as you head out it feels like it's a totally different world that we live in. temperatures have been weird worm still. wears this now? usually by this time of year where at least getting signs of snow may be some mixing that happened we had that one day remember that a while ago that one day we like thought about mixing for a hot second in the mile high city ended decided not to and made it to the foothills. some snow in the mountains that's a sign i guess of colder air somewhere.
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25 cray temperatures upper 50s about 3 degrees warmer than it was yesterday at this time. earlier this morning running behind. but yesterday we had cloud cover didn't quite make it as is warm today we had 58 degrees right now we are at 50 at mile high city. the cool or error still kind of a place like i said it's also sunny. that will change temperatures quickly. 58 degrees at the airport 61 in cheyenne already. the mountains are warm in the teen's this morning now at 44 degrees and that is too warm to be making snow. have to shut down snow guns start get to the 40s to around 50 prior them back up again later on tonight. struggling to get rain open mother nature not helping out much. afternoon temperatures aren't helping out. keystone had to delay the opening. today we had 68 degrees it is another oddly warm day where high temperatures are about 10 degrees warmer than normal. that front is still off to the south just not getting enough cold air into the region and things will change again you see
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low-pressure system that's pushing into arizona and new mexico and that will cruise up towards us very very slowly. i would call it more of a mosey than a cruise as we get clouds other early saturday morning that will help hold temperatures warm early saturday. that the cloud cover in the weekend forecast we'll keep temperatures cool or. thinking about lower 60s because of those clouds which is actually about normal this time of year when we had sunshine. that'sow we are may get a mixing perhaps snow in the mountain saturday afternoon couple of rain showers possible along i 25 but i've got a pretty slim chance of that 20 percent we have cloudy skies 62. right back to the new normal high temperatures go back about 10 to 12 degrees above the upper 50s where we should be a lot of 70s on the board more 70s and 60s which is like i said pretty surprising. guys. all right. coming up if you love steak. are you done? you're done.
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thanks for that. i was lucky enough to see when the indians will win is got to be spot on. if you love steak this is the spot denver has the best steak houses in the whole country according to a brand-new list. we will break down which restaurants are ranking among
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cubs fans are trying to spread their spirit all over the place. even on one of cleveland's most famous landmarks. a diehard cubs fan put a w flag on the rock and roll hall of fame. joe trost managed to get onto an upper deck of the building after the cubs won game six. and took some video to mark the occasion. a man had to drink some pretty disgusting beer when the cubs won last night.
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ago he would drink that beer, when the cubs won the world series. there it is. it's been sitting in the fridge ever since until last night. they brought that back. look at the top that's the original that's how long this guy has had it. cubs fan or not at least he's drinking course. there you go. one diehard indians fan is sticking by his team no matter what. he doesn't have a choice because his support for his team is permanently on his body. look at this. mike neero tweeted out this picture of his tattoo that depicts the indians as 2016 world champions. he wrote some call it bold but i call it faith in kluber. he's the indian's pitcher how made things very difficult for the cubs throughout the series. 50 percent right. top story to tell when people are like your tattoo. have to write better half wrong. one of those things.
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100 steakhouses in the nation. the list was put together by open table. the company that does reservations. and it includes elway's cherry creek, guard and grace and shanahan's. all fancy fancy. open table chose the top 100 out 20 thousand steakhouses and based their decision on customer reviews. not too shabby. pretty good. crazy video people are talking about looks like something out of a cartoon. happened at eight beach in saint a jumbo jet came a little too close. the runway is right there next to the beach people always post pictures. looks like nice exfoliation. hundreds of dollars for that spa treatment. they got it for free.
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ever land on the runway there after airline officials announced they would be switching to the smaller airbus a330. that means sights like this could be a thing of the past. a lot of beachgoers although if you're popping a squat on the beach. and you decide like that's going to be your spot that behind the runway you've had it coming. not like the pilot was being a jerk they need that much runway to take off had to go to the and. doing his job. just doing what he's got to anyhow. here we are november finally rearing its head. for like a day. and it's already over. cool this morning. that was my. executive. 67 high temperature today lower 70s on friday. one kind of november day on saturday. not really. normal high temperature will be like 57 or 56 degrees by saturday and that back to 70s again. i'll take it for as long as it wants to hang around.
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- a nuclear power plant inspector from mauldin, south carolina... a cashier and writer from medford, massachusetts... and our returning champion -- a hospital pediatrician from wilmington, delaware... whose 1-day cash winnings total...


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