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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  November 9, 2016 1:05am-1:35am MST

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thank you, everybody. congratulations. thank you. [chanting "usa"] ? ? ? ?
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>> and there you have it, donald trump's first address as the president-elect of the united states. is it possible he was returning to the microphone? it is not. some final thoughts from the panel that has been with us for hours. let's begin with john bussey, the associate editor of "the wall street journal" who has reported that markets around the world are collapsing. >> yes, markets are down. they are down substantially. to the wall street prism, you have to figure out what it means for an economy that accredits for a quarter of the global
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crease of against december, and perhaps not seeing them as chair when the term expires at the end of 2018. the country is asked to operating abroad. and shipping back to the united states. they get penalized. in the we weichert clinic weaker dollar might help, but there are so many question marks, is there a trade war with mexico and china? i don't thi language was of that sort during the campaign. so, a lot of uncertainty. a lot of things that we are going to have to see play out before we can be sure that the u.s. economy is under the new president. >> a.b. stoddard, of real >> endless questions, obviously. we started off on the right notes. it's very, very impressive measured speech about coming together. a very gracious for
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right note to strike. i don't know if he is going to be doing some interviews in the coming days, talking about people who weren't with him, but he definitely was on the mark tonight. >> josh letterman, the white house correspondent for associated press. >> about half of the country is watching this and thinking, they don't know the other half of the country. they are deeply concerned about the period of uncertainty that we are heading into. and to the ideals that trump went the campaign. comments on president-elect to unify the country, all of those people that they do have a place in the country that he is going to lead. that speaks tonight with a step in that direction. we will see if he can follow through. >> tom blevins, the founder. >> one of the craziest elections that we have ever seen culminates in one of the biggest upsets, if not the biggest upset in political history. in addition, i think the election will be looking at a
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the republican party just elected someone who is a perfectionist, in many ways he has changed the republican party. for better or worse, moving forward, and republicans are going to have to establish that. and democrats are going to have to grapple with what happened tonight and change the party as well. >> josh letterman, a.b. stoddard, and john busey, our executive producer is ken rosenberg. he has been with us throughout the night, the seio is john glenn, the vice president of the news here is jay wallace. are things to all of the researches in line who have put in countless, hundreds of hours to make this unbelievable night of possibility on the fox broadcast network. coverage continues now on fox news channel on satellite and cable, and will throughout the night. fox and friends will be on there in the morning. in morning news on this fox station will talk about the ramifications of this for you
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what your own legislation changes will mean for you and your family. if your new sentiment -- senators or congressmen, leader boards all to be covered on "good day in the morning" on this fox station. and i will see you here tomorrow. for shepard smith reporting, 3:00 eastern, noon pacific. it will be a whole new world. and we just witnessed the biggest upset in a modern american history. the vice president united states is a man named pence. and the president-elect is donald j. trump. not that long ago he was a character on howard stern's radio show, and then was saying, "you are fired" on the apprentice. and then struck a chord and said, we need change. i will be your voice. i will be your change. i will be this country back in your direction. and now we wait to see what that
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how all of us will be affected. we will be here to cover it for you fair and balanced, i am shepard smith.
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants --
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an executive assistant from burien, washington... and our returning champion, a homemaker from prescott, arizona... ...whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to our show. this is election day. hope you voted. i did. remember, you can't complain if you didn't vote. at least, you shouldn't complain if you didn't vote. stephanie and allon, welcome aboard. good luck. georjean, good to see you again. here we go. you get to pick first, georjean, from these categories in the jeopardy! round... it's a good month. a...
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[ laughter ] each correct response beginning with an s. georjean. palindromes, $200. allon. -what is madam? -yes. palindromes, $400. allon. -what is "elle"? -yes. palindromes, $600. georjean. what are aha moments? that's a palindrome. palindromes, $800. georjean.
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no. stephanie or allon? [ beep ] what are the sagas? s-a-g-a-s. georjean, back to you. palindromes, $1,000. stephanie. what is dennis sins? say that again. what is dennis sins? no. allon. -what is dennis sinned? -sinned, yes. remember, a palindrome. same frontwards and backwards. allon, you're the only one on the plus side. $200. [ laughter ] stephanie. what is chicken? no. allon. -what is duck? -duck canard, yes. cuisine, $400. stephanie. -what is chocolate cake? -good.
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georjean. what is november 11th? correct. you're out of the hole. yes to november, $400. stephanie. -what is a meteor shower? -good. yes to november, $600. it's the word for these special flowers for november. [ beep ] mums. back to you, stephanie. november, $800. the image seen here appeared on the november 21, 1908, cover of this magazine. allon. what is the "saturday evening post"? that's it. yes to november, $1,000. citrine and this gemstone, seen here, are birthstones for november. [ beep ] and that's a beautiful topaz. back to you, allon.
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georjean. -what is soil? -soil, yes. geo-glossary, $400. answer there -- a daily double. you're in second place with $200 only. you can risk up to $1,000. $1,000. okay, here is the clue for you... what is sodium? no. what is sodium chloride? salt. so that drops you into the red at -$800. but it takes us into our first commercial break. so we'll pause and then we'll come back.
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[ emilldy kawin ] when you stole the throne, witch, you took away my strongest ally -- my father. but you didn't know me. ? you never thought i'd fight back. you don't know me. but you will. ? so it begins ?
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welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. yesterday, we had a category about the olympics, but there was a wonderful story that came out of the paralympics about a young american runner with autism who performed very, very well. you work with autistic students, am i right? that's right. i work with autistic children -- or children with autism -- in an elementary school as an occupational therapist. yeah, it's very rewarding.
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stephanie hubley is from burien, washington. now you got a very special birthday gift from your husband. and you got to interact with an animal that... to me, would be a lot of fun to interact with. it was. it was one of the best days of my life. my husband took me to an animal sanctuary for my birthday, and i got to hold and pet and feed a sloth. and it was amazing. i lost my mind when he told me that. g animals. and they just put it right in my lap. i was sitting down, and he wrapped his arms around me and kind of dug in his claws just a little bit. he thought you were a tree? a little bit. like a really soft tree, yeah. [ laughter ] yeah. okay. thank you so much. georjean mckeeman from prescott, arizona. she mentioned on yesterday's program that she's visited over 300 of our national park or national monument areas. any encounters with wild animals?
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i got chased by a bear. [ laughter ] what kind of bear are we talking about? a black bear. yeah? well, let me go back to allon, and we were talking about the olympics. i led into the conversation, i will make the assumption that you're a fast runner. [ laughter ] okay, you have command of the board right now, too. go ahead, georjean, and make a selection, please. geo-glossary, $600. stephanie. -what is a plume? -plume. good for you. "s" car go, $200. georjean. -what is saturn? -yes. "s" car go, $400. stephanie. -what is seville? -yeah.
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[ beep ] and that was the samurai. back to you, stephanie. "s" car go, $800. [ beep ] the "s" this time comes up in studebaker. stephanie. "s" car go, $1,000. in 1993, this swedish company stopped making its classic 900 hatchback. allon. -what is saab? -saab, that's good. french cuisine, $600. georjean. what is tomato? yep, you're out of the hole again. geo-glossary, $800. georjean. -what is a fault? -fault is right.
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here's jimmy. the edge of a plateau where multiple streams drop to a plain below is called this four-letter line for the cataracts that form there. [ beep ] it's called the fall line. and we have less than a minute to go now, georjean. the windy project, $200. allon. -what is twister? -that's it. french cuisine, $800. stephanie. what are crabs? no. georjean. what are clams? no. [ beep ] what are crayfish? back to you, allon. let's finish it up for $1,000. georjean. what is tuna? good. you're on the board with $1,000. windy project, $400.
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georjean. who is robert mitchum? yes. [ beep beep beep ] and with that, you wind up at $1,400. stephanie, you're going first in the double jeopardy! round. we'll set the board up during this break.
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closed captioning sponsored in part by... we have to get rid of that red number, stephanie. i want you on the plus side. these categories will help you. u-n-k coming up in each correct response.
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and finally, you'll be... where do we start? let's do rock of love for $400. stephanie. -who is buddy holly? -you're out of the hole. rock of love, $800. stephanie. -who is eminem? -correct. rock of love, $1,200. [ beep ] and that was sara bareilles. back to you, stephanie. rock of love, $1,600. allon. -who is stephen stills? -correct.
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stephanie. -who is homer? -homer is the one. rock of love, $2,000. allon. who is 50 cent? no. stephanie or georjean? [ beep ] talkin' about bob dylan. back to you, stephanie. cleveland, $400. georjean. what is the rock and roll hall of fame? yes. cleveland, $800. stephanie. -who is lebron james? -he's the one. cleveland, $1,200.
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be -- no. allon. what is daily plaza? no. stephanie. what is dealer plaza? plain dealer plaza? thank you, yes. "cleveland plain dealer." cleveland, $1,600. stephanie. -what is "the drew carey show"? -yeah. cleveland, $2,000. this university, formed by a 1967 merger, has a new frank gehry building for its management school. stephanie. what is case western reserve? you are correct again and you add to your lead. you're at $7,000. contemporaries, $400. allon. -who is da vinci? -correct.
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[ beep ] and that was the sons of liberty. allon. let's go back to ancient greek writers, $800. stephanie. -what is "apologies"? -yes. cry "unk" -- $400. georjean. cry "unk" -- $800. allon. -what is a bunker? -bunker, correct. cry "unk" -- $1,200. stephanie. -what is crunk? -crunk is right. cry "unk" -- $1,600.
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-what is a junket? -correct. cry "unk" for $2,000. georjean. -what is podunk? -podunk, right. contemporaries, $1,200. georjean. -who is bismarck? -that's it. contemporaries, $1,600. the answer there -- the other daily double. and before i ask you to make a wager, we have a correction, i believe, is going to affect stephanie. i, in error, accepted your response of "apologies" instead of the singular "apology" or "apologia" for the work of plato. so we have to deduct $1,600 from you. the scores are now correct, georjean, so make your wager. um, $2,000. $2,000 it is.
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who is da vinci? oh, you picked the wrong one. who is galileo? galileo. so you are now at $3,800, in second place. but you pick the next clue for us. contemporaries, $2,000. [ beep ] and his name is robert schumann. georjean. gone fishing, $400. georjean. -what is a net? -that's it. fishing, $800. it's the skill being demonstrated here. stephanie. what is fly fishing? no. allon.
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on. gone fishing, $1,200. stephanie. what is a lure? no. georjean. -what is a bobber? -bobber, that's it. gone fishing, $1,600. stephanie. -what is "field & stream"? -yes. ancient greek writers, $1,200. [ beep ] and the lady is sappho. stephanie. gone fishing, $2,000. georjean. -who is andrew? -andrew, right you are. [ beep beep beep ] and with that, you take the lead away from stephanie.
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