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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  November 12, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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is one game really any more important than another during a 16 game season? that is where we are this weekend with the broncos. they are still 6-3. they are playing particularly well. certainly not improving as much as they would like. >> such an important game for both teams. it means everything for the broncos. the offense is struggling, no question about that. even defenses falling on hard times as well. on top of that, they get the league's number one -- >> every week is a tough
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an audible. [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] tough on the other side of the ball as well -- the saints, as they try to repair -- >> a rare combination of power and speed. i don't care if the record is. they are a very good football
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with an ailing back -- derek wolfe as he suffered a fractured elbow last week. broomfield up 3-0.
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[ inaudible ] on a day that clinton clemson, washington and michigan all lost. part of becoming a good team is finding ways to win when you
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them as being able to go on your road and compose your will while taking on a component.
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quick predictions for the broncos -- defensively, they are not -- the broncos haven't shown that they can run the ball consistently. those are three bad things going against them. [ inaudible ] is going to be a beautiful afternoon to borrow. it's going to be a beautiful
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thanks for staying with us tonight, i'm keagan harsha. and tammy vigil. it was filed this week in federal by a deaf woman who says they are violating the american with disabilities act. >> home to the nuggets, avalanche, mms and play host to a wide variety of shows a concert. for most the atmosphere inside downtown denver's pepsi center is both the electric in sight and sound. >> but imagine watching a game like this -- nothing. you can see but you can't hear anything was going on around
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the age of 22. but not her zest for the experiences of life. >> information says she and others who are deaf and hard of hearing shouldn't have to mess. >> the law is really clear that they need to make it accessible to deaf and hard of hearing. >> under the americans with disabilities act, kurlander says the pepsi center is required to provide but as failing to do so. >> we should have the same right to be able to go and enjoy the experience of the same way. >> civil rights attorney amy roberts as in 2013 the pepsi center installed one of the world largest jumbotron for captioning on the big screen is not their. >> the company that supplied the jumbotron advertises that it's very, very simple to provide captioning on the technology. >> she points to examples from around the country.
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captions white is being broadcast in the value. >> we've been talking to them for over a year to try to find a solution. we just don't seem to be able to come up with an agreed approach. >> so this week while person and kurlander filed a class action lawsuit. they say what they're asking a simple. >> i don't think we are asking for a lot pre- wood is one equal access. we did reach out to sports and entertainment. they did not return our calls. >> them or police investigating the death of a woman who was found burned to death last sunday. family says it was 25 -year-old alisha ulibarri who died. tonight a vigil was held for her. her family told us they don't believe her death was an accident. denver police are only saying this is a death investigation. they're waiting for further tests to determine exactly how she died. >> colorado state patrol needs your help to track down the driver and a hit and run crash
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please tell us they're looking for a 2,009 black or gray bmw sedan. most likely with damage to the front end, hud and windshield. they believe a man was driving. if you have any information, call c-s-p at 303-239-4501. >> them are police investigating a shooting range or three people. it happened late last night, police say none of the injuries or life-thre department for suspect information and have not heard back. >> a semi truck catches fire and shut down by 70 westbound near vail. >> here you can see the flames -- fire investigators say it was full of used clothing. that ignited with the brakes overheated. crews contained the fire and about 30 minutes. it took several hours to remove the cargo.
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joy in downtown denver. as hundreds came to honor and celebrate colorado veterans. those who made the ultimate sacrifice and those who are wearing the uniform today. colorado on her belt, trolling for those who have given all. there is nothing more difficult than meeting with families of the fallen. >> my brother was killed in iraq in april of 2003. >> i searched but the ones they gave everything -- are the heroes. >> a prey to honor those heroes. and all who served. hundreds line denver streets around civic park. >> it's good to see that people
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>> we talk to veterans from over 70 years of war and they say with our own troops overseas, fighting -- is more important than ever that we remember veterans. when he was captured and forced to march 65 miles from the baton death march. >> many of his friends and family died during that march. >> he managed to escape and had a long military career. not all veterans have always been honored. >> they every name you could think of. >> hopefully we have come a long way since been on. as colorado honors those who observed, are serving now or who will serve in the future. tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m., there will be a five
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>> today the fox 31 team had a bit of time to spare this morning waiting for the play to begin. were challenged by the denver fire department to participate in the mannequin challenge. if you haven't heard of it -- is a social media craze that has been sweeping the online world where you stand motionless like mannequins. i say we nailed it. to the denver broncos now -- traveling to new orleans to take on the saints. the broncos points last week in oakland and where from first to third of the division. there are certainly a sense of urgency as the head to new orleans. superdome sight of so many offense of showdowns. no different this year for new orleans.
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attack. probably the biggest concern for the broncos team. the broncos struggling offense -- just trying to keep up. >> the key to going -- running plays. [ inaudible ] that's our focus. >> the broncos he of -- to stew on their mistakes this week. and hopefully make proper corrections. [ inaudible ] holding ourselves accountable. we are taking the next step. we're not going to let this happen again. it will not be easy in new
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they're getting it will top takeaways. getting their hands on the ball. really active. it will be at the challenge for us. kickoff tomorrow is at 11:00 a.m. go bongos. >> we think this is one demonstration in a lot of snow lovers can get behind. >> we will tell you about the unit weight one new company hopes to empower women. wickedly talking a few
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a consumer alert -- thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel times of beer. but there are some ways to save money if you plan ahead. the latest travel days are expected to be on thanksgiving day. the worst days -- the wednesday before the holiday and the sunday and monday after. if you can't depart on thanksgiving day and return on tuesday, you can say for the $200. >> the holiday shopping season is near. a new surveybo says that we like to give them more than receive them. more than half of all shoppers say some of their presence will beget crisis here. but keep in mind, only 27 percent of americans say they would actually like to get a gift card and set of actual gift. >> empowering women by teaching them how cars were. that's the goal of a company in pennsylvania. >> it's called the girl's auto clinic. the shop, which employs five
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to do it themselves. there is also a salon offers manicures and blowouts while you wait. >> hungry for pizza? still ahead -- the food holiday that celebrates the cheesy dish. but one topping is not invited to the party. >> mark the cello will have your
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a different type of protest at
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snow boarders, skiers of snow bunnies could support. >> topics that matter -- we need more snow in less hate in this world. >> shannon lukens from steamboas this video. these guys say they are purchasing what really is important -- the warm weather. they want more snow. look at their signs -- i think we can all agree. >> may colorado snow again, mark. >> we have some news that may delight a lot of folks. was been determined -- what has been determined -- since october 1 we have only had one day with a high in the 40s. one day it with highs in the
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23 straight days. it is unbelievable. needless to say -- it has been dry too. we haven't had any rainfall. no measurable precipitation since the beginning of october.
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we're struggling even to get cloud cover right now. otherwise starry skies this evening. let's jump into the future cast -- there is the morning snowfall across parts of the mountains. it doesn't look like a whole lot will come through. it won't last long.
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it will be another dry day. take a look at the warm-up that we will see over the next few days. watch what happens as we go through thursday. big storm system -- thursday afternoon. that will bring a change. on thursday that storm arrives. we are looking at mountain snow. a little bit of rain on thursday afternoon. thursday night --
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if that what whether from him enough it will transition into snow. that is where we can see measurable snow around the city. maybe 1 inch at best, if we get it. if we don't get it here -- i don't see us getting anything, any more opportunities. pepperoni, olives, sausage and peppers. are you getting hungry? if national pizza with the works. except anchovies day. load up on your pizza. just be sure to leave off the anchovies. if you have to have the fish on your pie, do it in secret. we won't tell. >> i don't know a lot of people who love anchovies on pizza. >> wonder why are they are discriminating against
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broncos on the road against the


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