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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  November 21, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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joe's. more on the initiative making it all possible. >> get ready for more metro area snow. how the dot is preparing for tonight storm making sure your safe on the roads tomorrow. >> let's get right to our storm watch tonight. we're fox 31 team covering covering everything you need to know. greg nieto is on the road. dave fraser is keeping a close eye on the forecast and the latest on >> i'm deborah takahara. let's start with my blog at 25 with the latest on tonight see. check. >> mykel. >> so far the conditions just fine. of course, we're expecting snow in the early morning hours. one hundred snow plows are scheduled throughout the metro ready for that snowfall. the priority the interstate as you see. here, the interstate throughout the denver area in the busy city
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to make sure we have a smooth morning commute. >> it's been a year since cruise saw this wintry mix and they say they are ready for it again not taking any chances with forecast calling for snow. see. says at the good time to remind drivers to take it slow. >> we can't be everywhere at once or they have to make sure that they know what the surface temperature is and what the road conditions are. crews started early this morning clearing debris and trash and across the roads and hour before predicted snowfall is when they will start treating the roads with a mixture that the state says is more environmentally friendly. the crews have plenty of stock
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salt broncos in the back of this class. the dot is planning for a mixture of snow and rain tonight and even more snow in the early morning hours. advice for drivers when you see one of these huge files, use caution. we kick everything up. tires, chains. if you drive through it it could go through your window. it's a dangerous job the pickins more dangerous one plow truck crews have to deal with impatient drivers. we try to pay attention to what's in front of us, but people trying to pass us and go in between as it takes our attention off of what those the front of us and we're trying to focus on the backside to make sure we keep everybody safe. >> the conditions here in the metro just fine right now. the mountains typically can be a different story. coverage let's send it out to greg nieto in the box 31 whether beast. >> you're talking about see. snowplows seen a lot of that activity up your closer to the tunnel. we're heading eastbound on i 70 just approaching, idaho, springs. you talk about the moisture. we saw a little bit of the snow closer to veil. now more of the moisture and a lot more of the splash back.
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eisenhower tunnel, again the passenger vehicle traction lot is in effect. vehicles required to have pseudo- tires or chains. it's a good reminder for ski traffic appear happy with the impending storm that's about to drop hopefully old lot of snow for folks appear in the high country. dave fraser, the big lester is some of the moisture we saw on the west side now some of the rain on the east side of the tunnel, this is the stuff i'm guessing we wake up to tomorrow morning in the morning commute. you can see it on our satellite and radar picture tomorrow. here are the storms is talking about. the scene if you rain showers, but it will take all night for the storm to cross cut across the state of colorado. snow showers out there is body
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west of vail pass. no are starting to see a push of rain showers on the eastern plains. the heavy snow in magenta here and into the south was mountains. at the winter storm warning. the wind will be blurring it around. a little closer to us, right here on the continental divide as you climb up, go through the eisenhower tunnel and out the other side toward silverthorne, you looking a poor road conditions with the winter weather advisory. problem with the wind and cold out there. as far as denver goes, look to the north it had rain showers as we gone through the evening. we will concede to you to see the spotty rain showers, but it will be tomorrow morning when we start to see this now. accumulating snow is what you looking at right here. in the mountains two, four, 5 inches and in this area here, maybe more than six or 8 inches. as you come into denver you wake up tomorrow morning if your up early, four or five am, nothings happening.
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changes over to snow and the stowe starts to stick and add that. it could be looking at as much as 1-4 inches. when you wake up in the morning give yourself a few extra minutes. it will wrap up quickly were looking at a brisk and much cooler day coming tomorrow. we will talk about what you can expect into the specific accumulation numbers in your pinpoint forecast. >> right now, as tsunami warning in japan has been reduced to a magnitude earthquake hit off the northern coast the country today. the largest wave recorded so far was 4.6 feet, no deaths or major damage reported and we are hearing the click that was felt all the way in tokyo about 150 miles away. six children dead more than a dozen others injured after a school bus crashed into a train in chattanooga. the bus was carrying 35 elementary kids. their ages ranging from kindergarten to fifth-grade.
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the bus will help them understand how the crash happened the bus driver did survive and is cooperating at this time. no arrests have been made. in other news across america police in texas a.b. arrested the man he killed a san antonio police officer. investigators say 31 -year-old otis mccain shot marconi while he was in his cruiser riding a traffic ticket. they say mccain was on video at police headquarters just before the incident where he reportedly asked the clerk a question and left. he was pulled over and arrested this afternoon. >> they said don't worry about it. he says were making good money. i believed him. i have no excuses. i'm totally in the wrong. and over a woman scammed for $300,000 and the fired coworker who admits he took advantage of her retirement fund. investigative reporter rob lowe joins us more on the high dollar case for a police are now investigating.
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dollars over four years ago trysting his words that he was investing all of it to grow her retirement. it wasn't until she that she learned cheap and hat and he admits to a lot for a man under police investigation. >> martin steele had as a record year in sales this year and for a while for you employees were collecting more commissions than the he used to occupy this office. >> everybody here thought that everything he touched turned to gold and that i actually thought he was a multimillionaire. in 2012, when joanne murphys has been passed away, she thought a coworker was looking out for her and he offered to start investing her nest egg. they said how much are you charging me he said nothing because your real nice person, i want to help you out. it began with this promissory note after john gave mark
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it grew to $300,000 in four years marks plan to invest in a different steel company even real estate deals. first this house and thornton, followed by these apartment buildings in denver. he said he invested an apple and it split, he congratulated me. >> whenever joanne would ask for proof of her returns mark was a smooth talker putting off and then when he landed with liver failure, she says he convinced he loan him another $20,000. he said he would take care of me, he would make sure that i would have the retirement that i hoped for. but it was while mark was at the hospital unable to do payroll but the bosses at brackins jules a play decided to take a look close look at his commissions and they settled the problem solvers where they discovered was massive payroll fraud, the listless and how mark describes
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financial structure that i don't understand how it would happen the counting is definitely not my background. >> what you call my calculations are in call stuff. >> as they do. they say that you overpaid yourself and commissions by $68,000 in a year and half. >> okay. >> is that accurate clicks and don't know. he said when pressed. >> bottom line did you pay yourself in the last 18 months? >> if they say i did, yes i did. brian steele has chose file criminal charges against mark, but with management support, joanne murphy out $300,000 has spread. >> we consider and treat each other as if we were family we support one another, and i thought that's how he was treating me. >> is about the money is at? >> no it's not where it joins retirement is gone, and so is her ability to address. >> what became of all that
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>> this list are a lot of it just got burned through. mark says he played a fellow money to his first ex-wife, but this truck, and it mortgage payment on his house he put the home up first cell promising any profits for joanne. he's taken the house off the market since joanne put a lease lien on the property. >> i absolutely know that money and everything in my period to make sure she gets paid. do you get when he told me before was lies, i don't they can believe him now. former coworkers describe you as a pathological liar. are they right? >> i don't believe so. but. >> but what? would you admit you died before? >> is.
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of marx mouth after visiting him at the hospital is that he does, indeed, suffer from liver failure. he also needs a liver transplant within five years and by then he admits he could be in jail. and it's county prosecutors are expecting to consider fraud charges. >> certainly feel for that woman for the denver broncos helping local service members hit pause on their day to day. and join some fun and games literally. today
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the denver broncos reaching out to those sacrificing their time to protect the country. the team holding a gaming in a run to help the military relax erika gonzalez was there for the special event helping continue our special series serving those who serve. >> oh my gosh. i need a third down. third and ten. you give up why an xbox controller vote up madden, and it's on. but it's a whole different battle ballgame when you're playing one of the pros on the screen. in this corner of the room it was sam chavas versus dakota watson.
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>> they were part of a special group invited to the microsoft store in park meadows mall monday night for the pros versus g.i. joseph and. twenty members of the national guard in denver and their kids went one-on-one with some of the super bowl champs. at was really surprising. for them to come out and play with us. >> he said that we were going to go play some video games with bronco players and i thought he was just messing with me. >> when of the best villines i could feel as a dad, being able to give him that opportunity. first and one. in opportunity made possible by a man with a passion to serve those who serve. >> they're going home with an experience that they're going to talk about forever. >> he said to pros versus g.i. joe's nine years ago that works with nfl teams across the league to give that's a one-of-a-kind video game experience.
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players, but it's the players, is he the sense of gratitude in the players. you just see it in their eyes. >> i want to thank you for your service. >> i have a lot of respect for them. i appreciate them coming out. >> i told you, perfect. even if the competition was tough. i honestly thought i was going to win. or at least, feeling like one. >> that i go differently in the season. >> they didn't let the kids when? they are competitors. they are. they don't go easy on them. if you are like many playing football this holiday week, you've got more to choose from. today eldora mountain just resort fired up its lift for the first time this season. the resorts already open include keystone, copper, breckenridge
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>> data this week beaver creek, wolf creek, steamboat, aspen, snowmass, fail, and mark martin as well. >> opening at just the right time. >> mother nature, people were in a little bit of a panic up there. a lot of people coming to town and want to go skiing over thanksgiving weekend. the snow couldn't come at a better time. here is what they're watching. radar, just like the rest of us. corners of colorado. for seeing the snow coming into play. up and down the front range, snow rain showers at times continuing up toward for comment, briefly. but in the mountains, i like this now i'm seeing here. it's lifting to the north, but there is more moisture to come. everything will come together. most of the metric if you sprinkles here and there. you can see that led the
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overall, relatively quiet. more moisture, it's kind of dry as you make your way over vail pass, but then you slide down toward into grand junction. it got rain and snow mixture. again on lots of this moisture will swirl up at around and come into play. as far is accumulation overnight tonight 2-4 inches in the central and southern mountains getting stronger here closer to the continental divide right there as you go west out towards places like winter park. you continue all the way out west 4-6 inches of snow. accumulation for as in the north and east in just a second. 6070 degrees, just to warm, but it's the one before the storm. southwestern winds coming up ahead of the storm ahead of the northerly winds behind it and the southwesterly winds ahead. '50s, '60s 70s with cooler 40s and 50s to the south and west print dumper 65 way up over we should be which is 49 heading to the 40s tomorrow.
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downtown, 46 at the airport and humidity coming up. you can see that number increased more and more moisture in the air as the storm gets closer to us to reduce the rain and snow. commerce city 45 lakewood, in the lead down towards the littleton area, 36 for the rest of the northeast we run up by 70 starting to chill a little bit. there does hear down toward akron and overdue at 47. painte in the 40s. the winds as i should do there their up and out of the south. the best moisture up and down the front range. it will be for most of us until
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i'm thinking from denver to the tech center, castle rock. less as you go north. here's a wider view across this here is the target for the morning commute. by the afternoon it's starting to wane and by late me up to man is dirt into. here's my pinpoint weather forecast for it were looking at 34 overnight tonight with the
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friday and saturday in the warmer 50s. another chance of rain. more and more storms showing up on the horizon. the next one coming in on bronco sunday. >> if you're hitting the road or skies this holiday weekend, don't forget to take that to pinpoint weather team with you. you get your travel forecast to and from your destination. throughout the country right in the palm of your hand, if you don't have it it's in the apple or google place tour. >> good news if you're driving to your thanksgiving destination. gas prices in the dust denver area keep going down. guess buddies is prices have dropped four sons are in the past week to an average of 201 a gallon. that is later than the national average of $2.13. >> we want to let you know as well fox's one proud to be at 11:30 a.m. this wednesday. members of the fox 31 news team will be out there ringing bells as part of the salvation army
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>> the toy drive in partnership with the salvation army, and see issue global now through december 16, you drop off in a new unwrapped toy at denver area gordon's locations the toys will be distributed to prequalified families through the holiday page can also stop by the littleton store on december 9 between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. to donate toys and meet members of the fox island news team and enjoy >> how the avs are reaction to the roadways in columbus. >> we miss you guys. >> missing football. the broncos returned to practice
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?? i'm waaaiting... ?? don't wait to bring a little kiss of blue bunny to your holiday favorites.
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tonight getting it done. in columbus and inviting jered b?te noire they find some of them. he came back from confession tonight. more on him in a second. >> johnson scores. eric johnson with abb. >> johnson of bp, a laser, a dark, however, you want to describe it. it gives them the lead. this time a beautiful pass to the shape. again, concussion protocol. i would say he's been at the avs center. they take the win in overtime. >> i try to bring confidence, energy, passion, i love the game. tonight just trying to get mike
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hopefullth coming forward. >> the broncos we go to denver. back from the bye week and also back to work. you see here getting ready for the important divisional game this sunday night at home versus kansas city. >> during the season, you're going, going, going. you're trying to keep up with that on a weekly basis and gives you a chance to stop and hopefully do a little better job before heading into weeks. >> talk about what a difference a week makes, especially when he had off. >> met a lot of guys with little nagging injuries that have been seven extra days to rest definitely helps. we got those seven extra days of rest so a lot of guys are back on the field ready to go. >> oakland and the patriots in denver and jacksonville and tennessee on the road. it certainly won't be here. >> we have a chance to win it.
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it's been like that every year since i've been here. it's always been a tight race so >> assists a question of finding a way to get better. >> we can get better although it around. nobody's perfect in any area or aspect. you can improve in every aspect. a big game on sunday the broncos will open rallies. 14- feet in the fourth quarter. monday night football that game played in mexico city. the raiders outlast.
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we're talking football. >> still.
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oh, are we supposed about whether? >> is now in the morning give
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? bah dup 'n' bah dup up aah! ? georgie's moving out! get out. i'm out! fantastic apartment right across from mine. i can't wait for you to see it. is it better than mine? oh, yeah. so it's a 2-bedroom, 1-bath, make-your-friends-hate-you. better than elaine's, too. i got to give her a call. she's out. oh, right. the blind date. i guess the blind people don't like being associated with all those losers. come check out my new place. take you 2 minutes. i can't. i'm meeting kramer at my mini storage. hey, you got any extra furniture down there? i need some more stuff to fill that extra bedroom with the walk-in closet. oh, this is really annoying. [chuckles] it's working already! [coughing] what is with that? it's coughing, jerry.


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