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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  November 27, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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>> if you are looking for something fun to do with the whole family this holiday season, why not experience a european christmas. the 16th annual denver christkindl market is now underway at skyline park
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tour the european christmas village print you can enjoy some beer, with warm spiced wine, sausages, schnitzel and more. >> i'm from austria -- it's like vienna or frankfurt or wherever you go -- all these nice little towards a nice little presence you can buy and christmas cookies, and smoked salmon of course. a lot of good stuff. >> if you did a good chance to check out the christkindl market market, this weekend -- continues through december 23. get ready to nerd out. tickets for "rogue one: a star wars story" go on sale tomorrow. the ticket sales announced on twitter with this tweet -- darth vader of course making a brief appearance in the rogue one trailer. fans have been eagerly waiting for this movie to come out. both a spinoff of star wars and
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>> i figured you had your star wars costume lined up. [ inaudible ] serving food with no strings attached. >> most people are fair and honest and want to contribute. >> how one restaurant hopes to inspire others to pay it forward with this unique business model. >> and an eight -month-old is
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>> here is a live look at mile high stadium were bronco fans are counting down to the game. thank you for staying with us at
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i'm ready. tonight the broncos will face the kansas city chiefs. that is where we find fox 31 michael columbus that we are all bundled up and they are so excited. this is going to be a very good game. both teams number two right now. let's take a look at all of the fans here gathered -- they are talking about the broncos. [ inaudible ] they will be gathering here at the stadium 6:30 p.m. is when the game starts. you see a lot of chiefs fans here too. we are not really that far from chiefs country. were altogether, right? [ inaudible ]
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[ inaudible ] 29-26 prediction [ cheers and applause ] we will have fun out here. we will have much more coming up at 9:00 o'clock. descendents of native americans killed at the sand creek massacre crossed the finish line at the state capitol this morning. completing a four day spiritual healing run, totaling over 170 miles as they honor their ancestors. the young runners and tribal elders marked the 150 second anniversary of the attack. they started the journey on thursday after a ceremony at the sand creek massacre. the run isn't a competition,
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history. >> we always try to keep our history alive. the saying goes -- if you don't learn your history, it will eventually repeat itself. so we try to teach about our ways in the sacrifices our people made from the beginning of time to the point we are today. >> participants of the annual spiritual healing run represent the delegates of many american indian nation. >> developing story out of new orleans. violence breaks out historic french quarter. new orleans police at least one person is dead and nine others injured after a shooting this morning. the victims range in age from 20-37, no word on the condition of the survivors. investigators say the shooting
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friends and family said goodbye -- her funeral was held yesterday. and incredible story out of arkansas. in a -month-old is found alive and unharmed after she was ejected from a car. firefighters say is a call the baby w crash. the car flipped over after it was hit by a truck. they found the little girl 35 feet away on top of a drainage grate in the high and weighs a covered median. emts check the baby and only found a scratch on her forehead. >> there has to be some kind of divine intervention for her to be okay. >> for other people were in the car. they were not seriously hurt. police said the driver of an 18 wheeler caused the crash and was
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change that's a restaurant in new mexico is serving up good food and good fortune called karma caf?. the owner says he doesn't want you to feel obligated to pay for your food. just pay what you feel. the caf? started three years ago at a downtown growers market. since then, it has grown from a food stand to a food truck in just this pack will an official store. there are no prices on the menu. the cost is left in the hands of the customers. the owner says running karma caf? has confirmed his belief that people want to do good. >> even if people are homeless or struggling, they still want to contribute or pay what they can. >> he says sunday's arlene. but it says the reason why he continues to do is to give people a safe place where they can eat a warm meal and not feel intimidated by the little things like the cost of. i've heard of a taxicab driver actually doing that.
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for both lost. >> still ahead tonight -- y tonight's broncos game versus the chiefs means so much for denver's playoff aspirations. >> plus, the cu football team is going to the past 12 championship game. how the team is reacting after winning the tenth game of the
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for the week ahead --
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a lot of snow will be following in the high country. just what they need for the ski industry. not what they need to travel to get back home. loveland pass is now closed. they are worried about an avalanche threat. they'll pass is pretty bad. they'll pass is pretty bad. vail pass is open for travel big storm system over the east. will keep us unsettle throughout the next week. fifty-two was the high today endeavor.
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that breeze will be back tomorrow. high of 45 tomorrow. low temperatures tonight. the icy conditions will remain in the mountains. cloud cover will continue to dance around them area. primal we are looking at middle 40s
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i will put this on facebook and twitter right after. it will be slick and slow going up in the mountains. if you want to delay your travel, it is probably a good idea. will have a decent amount of snow and in and around fort
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look at your week -- much different than we have had in a very long time. on and off chances of snow this week. typical for this time of year. >> it is been a while since we haven't seen that many 30s. [ inaudible ] we would have to go back to march. besides tonight broncos and sheepskin, we will go around the afc west.
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>> game on. broncos and cheese a little over half hour away from kickoff. always a big game. especially this year where with just six games to go in the regular season. every win means so much to both of these playoff aspiring teams. the raiders at home versus carolina -- 9-2. they get a three-point win. the chargers -- 5-6.
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he threw three interceptions. the buffs in unprecedented may have a date with washington next saturday. students and fans did not wait to rush the field as the buffs clinch their first ever pack 12 south title. spastic and i put into words how great it feels.
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sixteen hours from home. it was well worth it. we drove all the purchase to see this happen. i'm so excited. [ inaudible ] these young men are special. you saw the fight in them. these guys have been with me the whole time and had it the whole time. the people came to see them. they have built the mystique of the field back. >> up our defense continued to make big stops. after winning just two conference games in the last three years --
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our young men did that. now we have one more to do. that is our ultimate goal. >> of the great feeling. she put in all this hard work with these guys. and to finally get something out of it. we have been working really hard -- and we don't have much to show for it. but this year we do. lets go to the nba now. the nuggets on the road in down the stretch -- look at denver run the offense. 120-114. worst plays of the day -- that the backward pass.
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for the touchdown. saints win 49-21. always a high-scoring game when you're talking about the saints. [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] the roads are pretty bad up in the high country. loveland pass is now close because of an avalanche threat. >> be safe out there.
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(gasps) (sighing happily) (gasps) (grunting) (exclaims) (groans) (grunts) okay, ellie, i got her.


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